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12:00 AM
so you don't want it to vectorize then?
or are there separate builtins for vectorizing arithmetic
ah neat
A lot of my commands are heavily overloaded, so there aren't even any functions that work on numbers but aren't overloaded to do something with arrays.
@RedwolfPrograms ^
I mean a byte saved is a byte saved
I only have a few built-ins for square numbers anyway
That aren't there for other reasons like being convenient powers of two
I did delete 49 though because that one is useless
12:05 AM
are you trying to mimic mathgolf or something?
Never heard of it :p
wait the gist you linked has the most recent info yeah?
No, I've done a huge amount of work since then
It's also now spread across four markdown files and a spreadsheet
12:07 AM
see i'm working off old info
@RedwolfPrograms using a spreadsheet is your first mistake
this is why i'm just using a github wiki as a brainstorming/design doc lmao
@Lyxal It's actually really useful for codepages
Last time I used a spreadsheet I ended up ditching the language
i can just delete my ramblings as i write more actual reference
Alright then Anonymous Blobfish
he's showing up as panda on my end
Oh, I guess you're blobfish then
I'm kind of thinking I might design mine with no dotted letters lmao
12:39 AM
I once thought of using combining characters to define a character set
or using combining characters as one byte each on their own, for 2-byte built-ins
@Bubbler you should also allow NFC versions for questions based on unicode character count
2 hours later…
3:10 AM
If anyone's interested in KoTHs, or wants to try one, Bot Factory is unanswered as of now and there's going to be a +200 bounty to the winner
3:30 AM
@user hah!
4:05 AM
Why did I just get a bunch of badges all at once?
Chat syntax highlighting breaks when there's a user with username equal to a prefix of mine.
19 hours ago, by user202729
(anyone know what is the technique in https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/204896/69850 (prime checker with C preprocessor)?)
On an unrelated note, is there anything I can do to get this answer undeleted? It's pretty interesting (see, I can't find the technique explained anywhere else)
(this chat room is surprisingly active lately, isn't it?)
just ask a mod and see if they agree
... who are the mods nowadays?
Huh, okay.
HyperNeutrino, Jo King, Wheat Wizard
and Doorknob
4:09 AM
@Lyxal Well, at least I have 10k on this site.
oh lol
didn't see that
The main objection seems to be the lack of explanation.
Yeah, lack of explanation is problematic in that specific challenge
though I think I can make up the argument: if it is not Turing-complete but can express four arithmetic operations presented by xnor, it is a valid answer to the challenge.
It's much more powerful than that, but 2^n can be expressed like this.
@Razetime I know you said for multiplication but what if I did it for exponentiation instead
4:19 AM
One more problem is that they didn't prove that it can take input, or it doesn't have any kind of nondeterminism (both of which are requirements in the challenge)
For nondeterminism: (TODO search for "C++ reproducible build")
NB: cpp there is not c++, it's c preprocessor
I mean, it's used in C++ compilation, therefore if the whole build is deterministic then the preprocessing step must be deterministic too
For taking input: Most other submissions are a lambda. For this program appending (()()()...()()()) to the program would probably count as input too (take both the program and the input on stdin?)
I wish python would allow list(None) to just return an empty list
It'd make my life easier rn
only for code golf...
4:28 AM
@Lyxal Factor overloads f as all kinds of empty containers
@user202729 *code-golf language interpreters
Oh hey @2x-1 is here!
@Lyxal Hey don't expose my whereabouts
that's also good (It's your language after all)
if you want ideas for obscure stack based builtins stax has many, many, many of them
5 hours later…
@cairdcoinheringaahing looks really simple, and it's specified that the two arrays will be of the same length consisting of positive integers
I think there's no holes
looks good
1 hour later…
10:22 AM
Q: What's the function signature of a binary function that inputs two ints and outputs one int?
int -> int -> int?
@cairdcoinheringaahing if it's curried, yes
@RedwolfPrograms A better builtin: an infinite list of square numbers
10:41 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing suggestion: have a cw answer for trivial built in answers
That way, every other answer is pretty much guaranteed to be nontrivial
@Lyxal Good point, I forgot that we sometimes do that
Q: Are two numbers equals?

GuestThe goal is to return a boolean after checking if two numbers are equal. Let's give some samples : If I give 10 and 2 then it will return True as 10 in binary is 2 in base 10. The most would be to give the base used. Input : (10, 2) Output : True Optionnal : (2, 10) Input : (64, 400) Output : T...

11:15 AM
Q: Implement a zipwith function

caird coinheringaahingzipwith is a functional construct that takes three arguments: one binary function and two lists of the same length, and returns a single list where each element is constructed by applying the binary function to each pair of elements from the two lists: zipwith (a+b) [1,2,3] [4,5,6] = [5,7,9] You...

1 hour later…
12:27 PM
@Razetime + in Jelly isn't a valid answer to ^ as that only does addition
12:46 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I deleted the wrong character -_-
@Razetime assuming the one you meant to keep was ", you still can't really pass something to it
unless concatenation is a valid input method in the absence of first class functions
I think ç" is the shortest in Jelly
yeah that sounds about right
i guess you could also say that you pass in a """function pointer""" for ŀ but that just makes things not nice
1:06 PM
@UnrelatedString maybe an evalable string can also be allowed
1:33 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

John ZhauIntroduction This challenge was originally the "Among Us" challenge in the "Misc" category of YASCON CTF 2020. (The link includes an answer to that challenge. Click at your own risk.) You're given a lot of files, only 1 of which is different from every other files. Your job is to find that 1 diff...

@cairdcoinheringaahing Why's that a good builtin? You could just square the index.
@RedwolfPrograms I'd rather have an infinite list of numbers meeting a certain condition than builtins for some of those numbers
I wouldn't, because it saves a byte for some cases and is still just two bytes for others
Plus my language doesn't have infinite lists, so you'd just end up with an Nth square number builtin, which is just the square builtin
2:05 PM
Infinite lists are pretty useful, though. Have you considered at least generators?
5 hours later…
6:56 PM
I found two really cool characters to use for an operator, but I don't have room on my code page :/
1 hour later…
8:06 PM
Q: Coordinate Connecting

qazwsxInput: 10 random, unique, integer coordinates between (0,0) and (100,100) given in a random order. Output: The coordinates arranged in the order/an order such that a line drawn between the coordinates in that order is the shortest line possible. This is code golf so the shortest code wins!

Any name suggestions for my half-finished golfing language?
(I'm pretty much done designing it but I haven't started on the interpreter yet)
Okay I decided on a name, not sure why I thought of it but I like it
8:36 PM
@RedwolfPrograms What's the name?
@RedwolfPrograms Nice! What's the reasoning behind it?
Can't remember :p
But it's short and I think I can do some wordplay with it
There's a programming language called Ash already out there. It's unlikely they'll sue you or anything like that, but I'm just letting you know.
Dang it, I even checked esolangs first to try and find one :/
I'll probably pick a new name, to prevent confusion
9:05 PM
I mean, it isn't a famous language, and it looks dead, so it probably won't be a big deal.
Maybe something to do with sheep to complement your username?
Maybe. I'll have to think about it, it'll still probably be a few days before it's usable anyway since I have to write an interpreter
Well what languages inspired this golfing language?
9:26 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Court
The because is that Court supposedly is French for short
Bonus: the name is available on eso
Not really sure if I like it though
9:41 PM
So apparently the word for "small" in Esperanto is "malgranda", or "not big."
I think Esperanto does that a lot
I'm trying to find languages where the word for "small" or "short" is really long.
How does "neredektuble" (irreducible) sound?
Q: Stock Bots KoTH

someoneThere is a company that has a stock price of $100,000. Each bot starts with $500. Each round, your bot will be updated on the stock price. your bot will then output a whole number. If the number is positive, that number corresponds to how much money worth of stocks your bot is buying. If is it ne...

Google translate being useful as always
"where is the double" - Java trying to use floating points
9:50 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Why Java?
@user epigrammatic
Hang on while I look up what that means.
@user Idk, it's a language that uses doubles
@Neil Oh wait, it means short. I thought it had something to do with Java. Nice find!
In that vein, there's also compendious.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Well, that phrasing sounds very offensive.
It implies Java is not good at doubles.
@user I reckon it implies Java isn't good at floating points, but also, it's a programming language. You can't offend it
9:54 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing As a Java user, I feel offended.
@user as someone who used java once and thinks its actually kinda cool, I support your opinion
@Lyxal I really only use Java because I have to (I'm trying to get the people I work with to switch Scala or at least Kotlin), but I think I have Stockholm Syndrome by now.
If you don't use Jelly at your job, you aren't a real programmer :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I use Jelly to satisfy my hunger, but that's about it.
I don't consume Java, though, I prefer tea.
And if I lived in Poland, I might also use Kotlin for flavor.
@user good on ya lad
Tea is the poggest drink
10:03 PM
@Lyxal Well, cold coffee isn't that bad, but Java beans are so horrid that they make me want to puke.
I've never been able to tell the difference between different types of coffee bean
@cairdcoinheringaahing Tsk, tsk, that's because all you appreciate is Jelly.
Spaghetti esolang + Kotlin = juicy programming meal
Cooked with the help of Chef
CMQ: Which languages do you use outside of CGCC?
10:18 PM
@user null
At least right now
Previously, Python, Java and VB. NET
@user Python for miscellaneous projects, Java and GDScript when my friends want to do something
@user Python for random stuff, VBA for my old job
10:59 PM
@user JavaScript, and purely JavaScript
I once used APL at work to do some quick complex calculation, then I had to port it to Python to make it more accessible to others
@user APL, JavaScript, Bash, Batch, Excel.
@user mainly C and Python at work, Python, JS, APL, some Dockerfile (because I like to use cloud environment to code anything for hobby), and practicing Factor and Rust right now
I actually think I'll keep the name Ash, the other language isn't exactly well known (three watchers on GitHub), it's entirely unrelated to mine, and it doesn't appear to be under very heavy development
I just realized that's a whole lot of languages
11:10 PM
Also TIL some Chromebooks can connect to mobile data. Definitely upgrading to one of those as soon as I get the chance.
All of the usefulness of a laptop plus the speed and security of a chromebook minus the slowness and lack of privacy of school wifi
11:48 PM
@Bubbler Indeed, I don't know how you managed to learn all those!
@Lyxal You should turn that null into a Some("Scala").
@user or a Just Haskell
@UnrelatedString pure "Haskell" (with a type)
@user good thinking, cover all the Applicative a => a [Char]
@user Java, Scala, Kotlin, and often Python.
@user the cmq asked for languages outside of code golf
I've not been doing much outside of code golf for the last few months
11:56 PM
@user And some languages that I've lied about knowing: Groovy, C#, Haskell, JavaScript, C, C++, R, Prolog, TypeScript, STELLA, F#
So kinda hard to turn that null into something
@Lyxal I also use it outside of Code Golf
when there isn't an outside of code golf
not for me at least
not until march
That's too bad
@Lyxal What happens in March?
university starts
11:57 PM
Oh ok
and then I start not dedicating 100% of time to code golf
@Lyxal Not true. I observed you use Vyxal outside CGCC.
but rn, code golf is life
I have used Jelly on Codidact
11:58 PM
I mean, you can also contribute to open source projects until then
@Adám I used it to test problems I volunteered to after seeing the call out on code golf
that's still kinda related to cg in my books
And if you land a job you heard about here?
code golf related
because that'd be cool

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