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12:00 AM
@user Sounds like letter-wise max to me.
@user admittedly that doesn't seem useful
@Lyxal Distribute letters of one to the entire other: "abc" * "defg" gives ["adefg","bdefg","cdefg"]
(this one works for strings of mismatched lengths, while the capitalisation things doesn't)
@Adám That sounds like a better idea. The transfer of capitalisation could be good for two byte multiplication
This also makes sense in the sense that a 1D string times a 1D string gives a 2D string.
12:03 AM
* even looks like the multiplication symbol. Unfortunately, it is again not very useful.
@user How does * look like the multiplication symbol‽
@Adám I meant the multiplication symbol in "practical" languages
@Adám it's the closest to a vertically centred "."
12:06 AM
@ngn I'd argue ' is, but whatever.
that's too high
@Lyxal Have you thought up character-character multiplication? If so, you could do a vector product or something
IIRC the asterisk was centered vertically on original TTYs
@Adám thank you for the suggestion. I've pushed that functionality to main
You can still see it on fonts like IBM Plex Mono
12:16 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I'm not sure how much you can infer from that. Surely, the early screen-based terminals simply emulated the typewriter-based ones, then they in turn emulated type-setting, where the asterisk was high to denote footnotes.
3 hours later…
2:46 AM
Every once and a while I'll decide to post something in a non-SE forum and immediately realize why I don't do that
3:33 AM
@Lyxal interleave them
@Razetime do you have is the limited brain function?
Are you incapable of sentence comprehension
very likely
Because I literally said that I don't want Interleaving done with multiplication
Because there's a built in for that
I know lmao
@Lyxal does vyxal have regex?
it might be cool if multiplication distributes over addition
addition i assume being ocncatenation
3:42 AM
wouldn't that just be cartesian product
2 hours later…
5:20 AM
@Razetime not yet
5:52 AM
@Lyxal indices of regex matches then
3 hours later…
8:49 AM
(anyone know what is the technique in codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/204896/69850 (prime checker with C preprocessor)?)
(need 10k to view)
It's really impossible to search for it. Perhaps there's some Chinese blog post about it but...
5 hours later…
1:49 PM
05AB1E's .c really is a clutch builtin for challenges
2 hours later…
3:38 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Kevin CruijssenBinary Boxes code-golfintegernumberbinary Challenge: Given a list of integers, determine by how much you should increase each item to create a binary box with the resulting integer-list. What is a binary box? A binary box is where the first and last rows consists of 1-bits; the first and last col...

4:00 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing is the the centering one?
definitely helps a lot
in stax it's |C
2 hours later…
5:57 PM
Could anyone give me some feedback on this sandbox post? It's got a downvote, but I can't tell why.
6:10 PM
@user Don't usually solve these questions, but some people might dislike the "compile-time" restriction, (which don't really get)
@Razetime I mean, that's the interesting part - doing it at runtime is kinda boring. Maybe I should extend it to languages other than Scala?
I'm not sure how doing stuff at compile time works
if you have an explanation handy that would be cool
For the example I gave?
Gimme a minute to add an explanation in
@Razetime I added some Java to it
nah in general, like maybe some links pointing to how to do things at compile time
or so
Basically, Scala allows type members just as Java has fields and methods. The type member Plus is like a method taking one argument. The argument it takes is another type that extends Num (the base class for Peano numbers)
6:17 PM
@user cool
Oh ok
Alright, I've added some links now. This article is probably the most useful if anyone wants to try it out.
3 hours later…
9:06 PM
Heck it's morning
Wus popping with everyone?
Math class
And I'm almost done planning my esolang's codepage and commands
it's 4 pm here but it's so cloudy that it feels like 7
@UnrelatedString Same. It appears we live in the same timezone.
Y'all are an hour ahead of me
uh, 3 hours to midnight here.
9:12 PM
@user shocking
16 o'clock here too
Hmm, that's odd, why is everyone here from time zones where it's afternoon/evening right now? What happened to everyone for whom it's night?
they're sleeping
Sleeping? We're programmers! :p
@Wezl I know, I was kidding.
9:17 PM
@RedwolfPrograms not me
purely amateur, but maybe the spirit is the same even if unemployed
I mean it's not like I have a job in programming either I'm fifteen
my age remains undisclosed but I'll admit I joined SE without reading the full terms and conditions
@Wezl There were important terms and conditions?
nothing atypical for something that asks for an email
Oh, alright, I thought I sold my soul or something.
9:42 PM
@user you did but not to se remember.
You belong to the redwolf hivemind
How do you forget this?
We literally gave you tasty cookies and decent health care remember
I thought that was just my mind, not my soul too.
100% or nothing
Because I've already put my soul as collateral for a loan from a certain shady figure.
You are belong to us
I can't give it to you guys too.
9:43 PM
@user let me guess... Razetime?
@Lyxal Not unless Razetime's account is operated by Satan.
@user you'd be surprised
TIL Satan is a programmer from India.
(for legal reasons thats a joke)
I think Razetime would understand.
No offence @Razetime, by the way, we were just kidding. But if you really are the Devil, that's cool too.
10:14 PM
@user how much was the loan? how much is your soul worth?
@Wezl I'm not allowed to say that.
1 hour later…
11:19 PM
@Lyxal remember how you said I should make left square bracket the inverse of right square bracket
I just thought of an oddly funny consequence of one way I could go about that
actually no it's not that funny because I thought of it wrong
actually no still one way that could
so [] could essentially end up being a cast to boolean if we ignore the fact that there is no such thing as a boolean
@UnrelatedString wdym there's no boolean
there literally is no concept of a boolean value
or truthy/falsy values
except for the like 30 builtins I'm going to lift from Jelly that use them anyways
booleans are a waste, especially in a glfing language
now someone has to make a "glfing" language and call it glf because that's short
11:35 PM
Sounds glfy
I'm adding booleans to my golfing language, since it means I can overload the functions even more
@Bubbler snds glfy, bblr
@RedwolfPrograms I see a potential: let one built-in do two things based on the true/false-ness of an input. The two things should be carefully chosen though
(Such thing is often said as a bad thing in software design, but who cares here)
Not as much that, more like having other (less used) boolean operators like NAND without using up a whole code point
Everything is based on truthiness/falsiness still, so booleans are just like a free way to add a few operators
Just make sure they mesh with other types
11:43 PM
As in?
and that you actually have use cases lined up
@RedwolfPrograms True + "abc"
True + False
6 + True
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5] / True
Type cohesion is where it's at.
@Lyxal All of that should work fine, I've set aside certain operators like basic arithmetic and concatenation to not be overloaded so that you don't end up with weird issues
@Bubbler essentially a 2-byte operator
@RedwolfPrograms have you decided how types interact together?
11:46 PM
Yes, I'm nearly done planning it
@Lyxal Except that the left sides vectorize too
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerFibonacci trees code-golf binary-tree fibonacci sequence Background Fibonacci trees \$T_n\$ are a sequence of rooted binary trees of height \$n-1\$. They are defined as follows: \$T_0\$ has no nodes. \$T_1\$ has a single node (the root). The root node of \$T_{n+2}\$ has \$T_{n+1}\$ as its left s...

For arrays of numbers, I'm currently just concatting them (i.e., [1, 24, 3, 4] becomes 12434), do y'all think sum would be a better idea?
@RedwolfPrograms yee
@RedwolfPrograms wait smashing them when
11:58 PM
For casting to numbers
Another option: Length
so when/why would an array be cast to a number
When the function to cast to a number is used on it, or it's used as an argument to a basic arithmetic function (addition, multiplication, etc.)

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