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3:12 AM
When someone says they like your shirt but you're not sure if they like you or if they noticed you staring at a wall thinking about esolangs for fifteen minutes and thought you were depressed
3:42 AM
Me: Hey Python, so I've got this function in a string, I've called exec on that string, and I'd like to call that function.
Python: Sure man, go right ahead.
Me: Okay cool. Now do the same thing when I do the same thing inside a function.
Python: Bruh, what do you think I am, some sort of slave? I ain't doing it. **Errors**
Me: What. Why not?
Python: Because I don't want to.
Me: Maybe you're having difficulties finding it...**checks local variables using locals()**... nope, it's definitely there. Just run the function python.
Story of my life rn
Me: What if I passed you the globals of the program? Would that make you happy?
Python: **Instantly runs program like I wanted it to in the first place**
Hang on, where'd everyone go?
locals()['under']() works, but it definitely isn't pretty
3:57 AM
I just used exec(f, globals())
The joys of transpiled esolangs
@Razetime why does 3 3×οΏ½βŠ—οΏ½ not do anything in Limn?
@Bubbler for what I'm doing, that seems like it might induce less errors
so thats kinda good for me this time
Fine then I guess
We don't care too much about coding best practices after all
this is esolang development after all too
@Lyxal what are the question marks supposed to be?
@Lyxal 3 3×¿βŠ— shows that 9 is on the stack
4:07 AM
@Razetime the result of adding the write button
I click the pencil and it inserts the question marks
smh need to change that one as well
probably cause it's a 2 byte char
or I need to Array.from it
@Lyxal just make a newline and then click the pencil
seems to work
I'll change it's symbol next commit
why does unicode have few pencils
if anyone has a suggestion for a good symbol pls tell
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined"
found that in the consol
3 3×πŸ–‰βŠ—
Try String(data) instead of data.toString()
and that's why I use jinja templates + flask
I only get Uncaught TypeError: stack.pop() is undefined
4:16 AM
Mine's the "I don't care why I'm getting an empty value here just break things downstream if it works at the moment" approach, which I highly recommend
anyway I am taking recommendations for a less annoying symbol for drawng
@Razetime I feel like I've seen the limn interpreter design somewhere before
I don't know where though
the theme?
I ripped it off my editor scheme
VSCode material
4:19 AM
@Razetime I mean the layout
It's awfully familiar
idk why
it's a cookie cutter container template
@Razetime i figured that much. You literally used it for vyxal
do you not remember what you design?
your template has different proportions
it still has keyboard box
with crosshair
yeah it's good design, I might as well use it
4:21 AM
@Lyxal pencil takes 2 args
you need a value to print
and an arrow string
I generally disagree with the viewpoint that math classes are useless, but can anyone tell me a single use case for being able to solve 2cos(x^2)+cos(x)=1?
I feel like if at any point in a real world situation you're solving for the roots of a quadratic with trig functions as x something's gone horrifically wrong
Are you sure it is cos(x^2) and not cos^2(x)?
4:26 AM
Oh, cos^2(x) yeah
Well, there is always one use case: brag to you that I can solve it
The worst part is I've already taken this class but they didn't accept the credit so I have to redo it
That makes it even less worthy
@Lyxal Try: 3 3×"1→"πŸ–‰ ¿βŠ—
5:02 AM
i found a bug in that
Hello, @AmithKK
ok, fixed it
2 hours later…
7:02 AM
Q: Allocating memory of a variable with size of 2D vector

Abhijit UtkarshHere s the code int main() { vector<vector<char>>a; int n= a.size(); int m = a[0].size(); bool vertices= new bool [n][m]; } Error it's throwing > Line 5: Char 33: error: array size is not a constant expression > bool vertices= new bool [n][m]; > ...

3 hours later…
10:07 AM
Calling it a day. The syntax analysis is giving me a headache.
(BTW how do you parse operator precedence from a stream of lexical items?)
Actually, no. I need to do much more than this before plunging into syntax analysis.
Such as adding comments, string parsing, etc...
10:27 AM
should a better version of "Largest number in ten bytes of code" be created? (currently the question "Largest number in ten bytes of code" has three restrictions I don't like: "You can not print a string, nor can you print the same digit thousands of times.", "You may use any features of your language, except built-in exponentiation functions" and "The program must actually succeed in the output. If it takes longer than an hour to run on the fastest computer in the world, it's invalid.")
(I'm worried it'd be a duplicate of the other large number questions)
@thedefault. The restrictions are the exact things that makes this challenge unique.
@thedefault. well we managed to have an unrestricted factorial
Ask on meta
That's what bubbler did
largest number challenges are boring anyway
10:55 AM
CMQ: How much charge does the device you are using to see this message have?
Mines 74%
11:28 AM
@Lyxal 89%
1 hour later…
12:41 PM
@Lyxal 100%
@Lyxal 100%
I always forget I even can open SE chat on mobile
I'm constantly charging my laptop, so it's always 100%.
my phone's usually in the ballpark of 80%
and yeah I haven't used my laptop on battery power in like 2 years
So, if one day, the battery exploded while charging... I could only say 'uh-oh'...
2 hours later…
2:13 PM
Q: Print a conversion table for (un)signed bytes

Redwolf ProgramsYour task: Print or return a conversion table with every byte from 00 to ff's value as an unsigned integer, to its value as a signed one (using two's complement). For example: 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 ...

2:34 PM
@thedefault. The winning answer would be one that just prints 9 forever until it terminates at some point in the distant future e.g. while(year < 10 ** 100 ** 100) print(9)
2:46 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing the output of while(year < 10 ** 100 ** 100) print(9) is smaller than something like the output of print(10**10**10**100**100)
3:05 PM
@thedefault. But you could just make that print statement β€œlarger” by wrapping it in a loop which basically never terminates
3:20 PM
still longer than adding another layer of exponentiation to my brilliant code (and it is probably possible to implement tetration or something even better in most golfing languages)
3 hours later…
6:33 PM
> Of course, you can't use any standard functions.
Does that seriously mean you can't use anything in the language's standard library?
Q: highest common factor-fewest iterations

user80551Find the highest common factor of two(positive integer) input numbers (not greater than 5000) in the minimum number of iterations. If you use a loop, it should increment a counter, starting at 0 for the first run. The counter should be the first statement in the loop. If you use more than one lo...

Also this question includes sample code which has a class called Succ (short for successor apparently) and I think that's hilarious
Succ is a pretty common name
Wait really?
yeah, it's a builtin in haskell
I can't be bothered digging through papers but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the name used for the successor function in lambda calculus
I always did think Haskell succed
1 hour later…
8:09 PM
@RedwolfPrograms wikipedia's screenshot of coq mentions succ too
8:30 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I think it succs
It has 8 upvotes and 8 downvotes, interestingly
That gives it a score of 8 on my controversy rating, which is very high
@thedefault. which begs the question, what's the point of theoretically being able to calculate a larger number if you can't actually output it?
2 hours later…
10:15 PM
Morning y'all
Anybody home?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

someonecode-golf quine The Changing Quine the goal here is to make a quine that outputs its source code, then changes it to another quine that does the same thing. after n runs, the source code must return to its starting quine. it is allowed to work only if the source code file has a certain name. here...

10:32 PM
@rak1507 oh
so you're not talking in the nineteenth byte?
no I'm not
oh okay
cool cool
sorry for disturbing
Well I am now literally home as of five minutes ago :p
10:37 PM
Redwolf, how'd you forget the admin password to the database?
like seriously it was the one thing I was trusting you not to do
and what do you go and do?
do the one thing I didn't want
I mean I guess not remembering something is the default option
I need to do the weekly update of my chat bio
Subtle reference to All Star, I like it
10:39 PM
There we go
I change it weekly
new meme every week in 2021
I finished my computer science class yesterday
All I have to do is the AP test for the college credit in May
Half the class was just a subtle "hey, ya know data? Amazon would be great for that!"
11:15 PM
@RedwolfPrograms what even is the AP?
Advanced Placement, basically lets you take an expensive test to skip a college class sometimes maybe
So you're doing a college speedrun with course-skip strats?
Make sure to constantly play "Trance Music for Racing Game" by Bobby Cole while doing college then
@RedwolfPrograms ah nice, I wish the UK had stuff like that
No you don't. College Board (the company who runs most of our standardized testing) sucks
well, exam boards suck in the UK too
I'd still rather have options for going beyond the regular curriculum
11:21 PM
A bunch of people last year never got any credit for the AP tests because they did it online and the server got overwhelmed and accused tons of people of cheating
oh, maybe they suck more than the UK...
Wow imagine having a complicated education system
Made by Australia gang
The questions on the AP tests are worded specifically to confuse the student. It's like the education system is against you.
And I go to a really good school. I'd hate to be somewhere rural or in the center of a big city where they can't afford any advanced classes
@RedwolfPrograms is AP mandatory?
But then you're either taking the little kid classes or suffering through the advanced curriculum for no college credit
11:28 PM
I'm just trying to figure out a comparison to the Australian education system
Because down under, we have two "phases" of school: Primary school (K-6), and secondary (7-12). However you can drop out after year 10 and do apprenticeships. The other option is to continue through 11 and 12 and complete a thing called the Hsc which determines how quickly you get into university
I'm not sure what I'm going to do after this year
@RedwolfPrograms does what I described sound similar
It's very different to ours
Ours is managed at the state level, so it varies a bit, but it's typically like this:
1. Preschool: Figure it out yourself unless your income is below a certain level
2. Kindergarten: Part of elementary school
3. Elementary school: 1st through 5th grade (~6 yrs to ~11 yrs)
4. Middle school: 6th through 8th grade
5. High school: 9th (freshman) through 12th (senior)
You can skip some, but it's annoying. I skipped ahead in a lot of classes, but going a whole grade ahead isn't really worth it imo
Do y'all have any 7-12 schools?
It varies a lot, but I don't think there are any public ones.
11:35 PM
I think I'd rather go ahead by a whole year than just ahead in some classes, I'm doing a maths exam a year early, but that means next year when applying for uni, there's a chance they won't even consider it because they care about doing them all in one sitting
There's a town an hour or so from here that has it divided up into five schools
So even if I got an A in the maths, if I got AAB next year and needed AAA for example, I wouldn't get in
@rak1507 imagine not being enrolled in uni
ok boomer
Made by first year software engineering gang
11:37 PM
I skipped three years ahead in math, would've been four or five but they didn't accept some of my credit
Does that cause any issues or is it better in the US?
It shouldn't, although I've heard that if I run out of math classes to take some colleges wouldn't accept me for not taking math all four years of high school
right yeah that's similar I guess, that's so dumb
Would've been funny to take calculus in middle school but I guess it would probably have messed things up for me
Wait calculus in 6-8th grade?
They didn't teach us that until 11/12
Our syllabus doesn't do that until later
11:40 PM
If you skip a year ahead (pretty normal) it's 12th grade here
I mean that might have something to do with the fact that we don't chose our subjects until 11/12
They teach us so inefficiently, when you get rid of all the standardized test prep and stuff it goes quick. I finished the 10th grade math class (geometry) in 4 days.
@Lyxal I did calculus in what I think was 5th grade (could be wrong with my translation) but they wouldn't let me actually do it properly until 5 years later when I was doing it for the exam, because otherwise I would've had nothing to do
so they kinda taught some stuff, but then deliberately didn't teach me anything else so there was 'new stuff' by the time the exams came
@rak1507 do you term grades according to how many years you've been in school, or some other system?
i.e. total years
well, we have a different system in Scotland, we have primary 1 to 7, and then secondary 1 to 6
but I think P1 = 1st grade
11:46 PM
What age would P1 be?
1st grade here is usually 5-6 yrs
most commonly 5 but sometimes 4 depending on when you're born
well if it's year 1 like we have, it's 6-7 yrs
I think
We index our year groups starting with 0 down under
except 0 = K
Same here
11:47 PM
I think P1 must be that then
but I'm not 100% sure
In 7th grade we take a Texas History class, one of the topics is the history of education in Texas. It's kind of meta if you don't think about it too much.
@RedwolfPrograms wow imagine there being different history classes for each and every state in your country
No, we're the only one
@RedwolfPrograms oh sorry my bad
Every state takes Texas history
We do have a really interesting history though
11:50 PM
@RedwolfPrograms do you learn gambling in that history class?
> Texas is one of the strictest states when it comes to gambling and its laws can cover a wide variety of activities.
well duh, y'all invented texas holdem
of course y'all know how to regulate gamgling
We've been a part of six countries, which is kind of cool
@rak1507 I remember the guy at one of my uni interviews (in fact the one I eventually ended up in) got confused because I'd taken maths a year early
@RedwolfPrograms how? How can you physically pick up the land mass and move it somewhere else?
11:54 PM
More like "how can you be so bad at not rebelling"
it wouldn't have affected my application because they only wanted 3 A-levels and maths was one of 4 I took
@RedwolfPrograms i don't know much about american history lol. The most I remember is vague parts of the civil war and the civil right movement
those are what we learnt about america in the modern history class
What do y'all learn about the civil war?
@RedwolfPrograms I can only remember the most key parts because it was two years ago: North V South, States rights, military tactics and issues over slavery
the south wanted to retain slavery and the north wanted to end it
Q: The Changing Quine

someonethe goal here is to make a quine that outputs its source code, then changes it to another quine that does the same thing. after n runs, the source code must return to its starting quine. it is allowed to work only if the source code file has a certain name. here is an example in python: a="import...

11:57 PM
Yeah both sides were absolutely awful
@NewMainPosts that needed to be in the box of sand for longer
It was only there for 1 hour
Part of the south's thing was defending slavery, but both sides used tactics which were...questionable
At least the modern history course was updated
Be glad you didn't have to do the software course from 2001

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