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1:29 AM
Howdy, anyone got feedback for Codington Crescent v2?
2:01 AM
Is there any reason cryptographic functions in CnR challenges wasn't a standard loophole?
I added it for people to vote on, since it seems like a fairly sensible rule
2:22 AM
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

Redwolf ProgramsUsing cryptographic functions in a cops and robbers challenge Almost every cops and robbers challenge will have the following requirement: Using cryptographic functions such as hashes or PRNGs is disallowed ...and for good reason. A trivial answer such as if (hash(input) == "[ example_hash ]") ...

@RedwolfPrograms I'm pretty sure I saw something similar somewhere on meta. Surprised it's not on the list of standard loopholes...
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4:44 AM
@Lyxal Very good, post it.
3 hours later…
8:08 AM
Any last feedback for this and this?
(Yes, staircases are isosceles right triangles, but not in a rigorously geometric sense)
@Lyxal I'll try reading back from the original and see if I have something to say
also maybe I'll play my turn
8:27 AM
@Razetime that'd be very epic if you did!
8:42 AM
Introducing ReScript, a functional language whose primary compile target is JS. Possibly useful for writing online interpreters for languages with nontrivial syntax, as handling syntax trees is much cleaner with an ADT than in vanilla JS.
8:57 AM
@null Aha, so someone is hijacking you.
9:57 AM
Q: Number of domino tilings

orlpWrite a program or function that given positive n and m calculates the number of valid distinct domino tilings you can fit in a n by m rectangle. This is sequence A099390 in the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. You may take input in as function argument(s), CLA or on stdin, in any reason...

Q: Calculate the nth term of Golomb's self-describing sequence

beary605Inspired by the previous question. Golomb's self-describing sequence g(n) is a sequence where any natural number n is repeated within the sequence g(n) times. The first few numbers in the sequence are: n 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 g(n) 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4...

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11:00 AM
@hi. @hi. Wdym
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12:11 PM
@null Could it be that someone else got ahold of your credentials? I doubt it was you that vandalized the language of the month nominations, so that might be what's happening
12:53 PM
Q: Please remove the horizontal whitespace in the left part of code blocks

Luis MendoThere's extra white space at the left of code blocks: Before the new post formatting: Now: I don't know if the extra space is intentional, but it is annoying. I keep thinking "there's unwanted space there, let's fix that code block". It is also confusing, at least in some sites, notably Code Go...

@NewMetaPosts Man, it should be interesting to see how this goes
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5:15 PM
Q: Approximate when you are going to die

Giuseppe A mortality table (or life table) is an actuarial tool that gives the probability that a person aged \$A\$ years will die in the next year, and is used to help calculate the premiums for life insurance (among other things). The mortality probability also allows you to estimate life expectancies ...

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7:09 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Sumner18Double Prime Words Consider a word/string of length n, only including the letters A-Z, a-z. A word/string is a double prime word if and only if x is prime and the sum of the letters, s, is also prime, using their numeric position in the alphabet (a=1, B=2, c=3, etc.). Input can be any combination...

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9:01 PM
Q: Double Prime Words

Sumner18Consider a word/string of length n, only including the letters A-Z, a-z. A word/string is a double prime word if and only if n is prime and the sum of the letters, s, is also prime, using their numeric position in the alphabet (a=1, B=2, c=3, etc.). Input can be any combination of upper or lower ...

Loving all the Jimmy challenges... I almost wanna make a subreddit for him, how does r/codegolfjimmy sound?
9:21 PM
Coming back with a deleted challenge, does anyone with 10k+ have any feedback on this old challenge of mine? It did well in the Sandbox, but IIRC I deleted it because of the comment on it
Sorry for users with <10k who might want to be helpful, it's just that it's an old, deleted challenge, not a Sandbox proposal
A: Things to avoid when writing challenges

Luis MendoFormulating the challenge as something and then including a twist that completely changes the task Don't hide information from the reader. Don't enounce the challenge as something that later on it will turn out not to be. To ellaborate, consider the following formulation: Do < task A, usually ea...

@Adám Yeah, I'm planning on rewording it if there are no fundamental flaws
My writing style's evolved over the past 2 years :P
Weird, I have 50+ challenges under my belt, but I don't think I've ever really read through the Things to Avoid thread, only specific answers when linked :/
Whoa, I have 820 answers and 89 questions. Crazy. How many hours have I used on code golf‽
@Adám Damn! Not sure about hours, but your profile should show:
> Visited 998 days, 117 consecutive
@cairdcoinheringaahing Why? It says "Visited 1544 days, 10 consecutive".
9:29 PM
Might have a little celebration on the 10th for 1000 days :P Y'all invited, it's here in TNB at whatever time you want to show up :P
@Adám I was just showing mine as an example
I'd be bloody impressed if you and I have the exact same stats :P
Oh. I didn't realise until now that one cannot see others' stats.
@Adám Some you can, some you can't. I do admit that I thought days visited was public though
I probably have one of the highest visited:consecutive ratios among active users. It is very difficult for orthodox Jews to visit on consecutive days:
Q: The Fanatic Badge

TzviHere on Mi Yodeya, one can earn the "Fanatic" badge for visiting the site for 100 consecutive days. Is it halachically possible to earn the fanatic badge in the Diaspora?

Nope: I have "Visited 803 days, 2 consecutive"
(although whether I meet your definition of active is unclear)
@Adám I went the other way, at one point, I think I had around 500:450
@pppery I always see you in review, you're definitely active :P
9:34 PM
@pppery Well, obviously one has a small number right after a missed day.
Maybe a better measure would be Visited vs maximum ever Consecutive.
@Adám Don't think they store max consecutive aside from Fanatic
@cairdcoinheringaahing They do (just click on "Visited X days, Y consecutive"), but it is hard to access as a number.
CMP: On what percentage of days did you visit since you joined?
@Adám Oh, now I'm wondering which month did I spend the least time on PPCG since I joined, and how many times have I gone "full month"?
I visited on 84% of days.
According to the calendar, I visited every day from May 22 to August 1
9:39 PM
Hmm, from the day I joined, I'd visited everyday between 12/03/17 to 19/04/18
I think I deliberately missed August 2 because I didn't want to realize how much time I was spending here.
@Adám 78.2% here
(although I then missed August 20 without any shenanigans)
CMC: Given a date in the past (any reasonable format) and a number of days, compute the ratio (any reasonable format) of that number to the number of days from the given date and today (at running time).
E.g. 2015-08-26 and 1544 gives 0.8387
@cairdcoinheringaahing 2 days in May 2019, and 20 months where every day I visited
9:42 PM
@pppery I'm probably the only one here getting paid to golf code…
@Adám Out of interest, how does code golf help Dyalog?
@cairdcoinheringaahing It exposes APL to programmers that are willing to think out of the box, and it turns out that they are the most likely to get hooked by APL. In fact, we've hired, or taken as interns, several people from here, and are likely to try to hire more.
@Adám So its more recruitment rather than code development?
@Adám TBF I think you've met more PPCGers IRL than any other user
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yeah, Dyalog doesn't need golfed solutions to silly problems. When I write production code (that's what I do most of the time) I don't golf. Rather, I tend to write rather spread out code with meaningful names. Well, APL can afford to be "verbose"…
@Adám I was thinking more that code golf is probably likely to find bugs/undefined behaviour than most production code, and so by golfing in APL you'd be more likely to find them
I've seen "verbose" APL before, it's much more readable :P
9:49 PM
I have poor statistics on the "x% of days" because, even though I spend long periods active, I also spend long periods inactive. EX: I visited only 9 days from November 2018 to March 2019
@cairdcoinheringaahing You might think so, but code golfs tend to stay within a rather limited area of the language, and with small(ish) arguments. I can't even recall finding bugs, though other golfers have reported some.
@pppery A low percentage might be "good" rather than "poor", when it comes to general productivity and participation IRL.
@Adám I was basing that off my experience with my own languages, but that might just be my poor code-writing :P
@Adám No, I just spend all that time editing Wikipedia instead.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Also, we have extensive (but not extensive enough, apparently) nightly QAs, monthly shuffle QAs, a fuzz tester, and now comparison of results between versions.
@Adám Personally, I keep the review tabs open while working, so I'm working while technically being "active" on PPCG
@Adám Perks of being a software company vs a kid with a computer :P
9:54 PM
Heh, I'm pretty sure Dyalog is the biggest user of Dyalog APL, when counting in CPU cycles, and maybe even memory consumption.
@Adám Idk, the number of APL answers on PPCG might give Dyalog a run for it's money :P
We've got IBM Power systems running… Our handy little 96GB RAM machine is getting a bit old in the tooth, so we're replacing it with a more appropriately sized 128GB RAM one…
10:27 PM
I dunno, I keep downloading a bunch of RAM from shady russian sites, and all it's doing is slowing my computer down more. Thankfully, a really nice guy from Microsoft called me and remote accessed my computer and fixed it for only $35,000
"only" $35k? hm
@RedwolfPrograms Man, if you needed your computer fixed, I'd have done it for half the price :P My expert trick: "Turn it off, then turn it back on again". 60% of the time, it works every time :P
10:44 PM
so wait, does it work 6% of the time, or all the time?
@matt It's a reference to this :P
haha yes
This conversation has gotten to the point that I can't tell who's being sarcastic/making a joke
@RedwolfPrograms I'm never sarcastic, and I'm always half-joking :P
CMP: Is anyone planning on running for moderator in the upcoming elections?
I thought (mostly) everyone agreed not to elect any more?
10:59 PM
TBH that's my main concern with the election: we might not get enough (or even any) genuine candidates
But we went through the period of 0.5 mods for several months
0.5 mods?
does Doorknob not count fully for some reason?
Personally, I'm not opposed to having a couple of new mods, but I don't want Dennis', Mego's or DJ's protests to be meaningless
> the site currently has around 100 unhandled flags
Doorknob's doing the best they can, but this is (still) a busy site, and one person cannot moderate it alone
they've had their 8 to 12 months of impact already
@pppery How do you mean? Doorknob's been a mod for ~5 years IIRC
11:04 PM
"they" is referring to "Dennis', Mego's [and] DJ's protests", not Doorknob
I'm interested in being a mod, though it's mostly for clearing up the mod flags (and handling future ones)
@pppery Oh right. IMO they resigned for a specific reason, and SE is working on fixing the issue (see the new mod agreement), but until they themselves have said so, I'm not too comfortable with just going "Ah well, that was in the past, it doesn't matter anymore"
@Bubbler TBH Same. I don't have a massive amount of rep, but I really enjoy the mod side that we users can do, and would like to do more of that, despite the cons against me, and my reluctance to "replace" the old mods :P
IMHO the community is doing surprisingly well with handling new users, spam, etc without mod intervention.
@Bubbler On the other hand, there's a lot that we as regular users can't see
For example, I didn't realise that there were 100+ unhandled flags until JNat's post on Meta
I actually thought it was worse.
11:09 PM
@pppery You do raise a lot of flags, don't you?
I stopped raising flags regularly because they stopped getting handled within a reasonable amount of time
but yes, I used to
Pretty sure the last flag I raised would've been for the vandalism on the LotM nominations
@pppery I get that, it can be difficult to justify "kicking the can up the road" if no-one's there to pick it up
I currently have 23 pending post flags, the oldest of which dates to October 2019, and 12 pending comment flags, the oldest of which dates to June 17.
I've also considered mod-status, but I also am reluctant, as I don't truly believe SE has changed ways. They've promised to communicate with the community before taking major steps, but they've now broken that promise a couple of times.
So I guess I'm responsible for 1/3 (!) of all pending flags right now.
11:12 PM
Wow, the requirement(s) to be nominated for moderator are surprisingly low
I'm mostly interested in being a mod for selfish purposes: granting low-rep users access to chat, and maybe "write-only" fixing mistakes.
@Adám If it weren't for the fact that I don't really want anyone to replace the old mods until its fully fixed, I'd support you as a mod
One can't vote against a new moderator being elected. One will be, provided at least two candidates nominate.
Though, I'm also concerned that I can't be as objective as a mod needs to be, since I'm here with an agenda.
@pppery Not if they're not serious contenders.
I think you have a great understanding of both the community and the spirit of the site, and I have no doubts that you wouldn't abuse the power @Adám :P
11:14 PM
Actually, the election apparently has 3 moderator positions available, so I have no idea what will happen.
Maybe I'll run in case only unqualified users would otherwise win.
@pppery In the last interest check, two people said they'd stand for election but would reject the position. That's also a possibility
I don't think the CMs would let them run.
As far as I can see, we have a number of possibilities: 1) At least 1 serious contender who would accept the position 2) No serious contenders 3) A serious contender who would reject the position
I'd certainly rather have a somewhat qualified moderator than not vote in protest and let some 301 rep person who'd mess everything up
11:16 PM
@pppery They don't get involved after setting the thresholds until the final choices are selected IIRC
IIRC, I've also stated in the past that I'd not become a mod if Monica wasn't given a real apology and officially offered reinstatement (even though I'm pretty sure she'd reject it). I feel bad about "burning" her.
@RedwolfPrograms There are a few users who wouldn't surprise me if they made joke nominations and, because of low participation, actually won
I'm against replacing the old mods, but if we do, I'd want actually good mods
I could have sworn I had seen the exact thing (a "I will step down" candidate being forcibly removed) somewhere, but I can't find it right now.
Nov 15 '19 at 13:55, by Adám
@DJMcMayhem Will Mego's content also be deleted? Has SE ever deleted a user's content before? Anyway, if SE doesn't fix its Monica debacle, then I'm not going to run.
@cairdcoinheringaahing I do think it would good to have an option that is in effect "no new mod" to prevent something like that from happening.
11:18 PM
Also, I'd be interested in seeing if @PhiNotPi runs again, having lost both previous elections
@xnor That's why I commented on the meta post, I 100% believe that they should have established that they'd get at least one serious candidate before going ahead with an election
@Adám As of now, Mego's chat content has been disassociated, but not their main or meta content
Being a mod would probably make it even more difficult to do so
@cairdcoinheringaahing Well, if (and that's a big if) I run, I'll make sure to be up front about all y concerns about me becoming a mod.
@Adám That alone is a good quality to have :P
I am genuinely 100% torn between "wanting mods to help improve the site" and "wanting to continue supporting the old mods' message" :/
↑ 100%
How much of a problem are the unhandled flags?
One thing I'd like clarified before becoming a mod, is how to handle requests for gender neutral language in languages that are inherently gendered. I've heard that a moderator got fired for asking for this clarification, so I'd better get it clarified before becoming a mod…
11:24 PM
@xnor The system has enough safeguards and builtin functionality to remove most of the worst offenders, but it'd be nice to have someone dealing with them
And there could be some uncaught spam/VLQ posts in the mod flags
Sep 4 at 3:02, by Lyxal
Bruh. This was locked as non-competing by a mod even though it is.
On the one hand, their protest needs to have an impact or it's useless. On the other hand, what's the point of protesting for a better site if we can make the site better by adding more moderators but don't.
Here's one example of a problem that could probably have been avoided by having more active moderators
^ Exactly.
@pppery That was locked by an employee, not a mod. But really, on a site this active, it should've been unlocked by now
11:25 PM
@pppery By an employee, actually!
If there had been more moderators, the problem would have been handled locally and Catija wouldn't have had to step in.
And I hate saying stuff like that, because I know how much Doorknob loves this site, and it feels mean to even suggest that they couldn't handle the workload :(
I mean, one person can't be expected to handle an entire site's issues, regardless of how good they are.
With all respect to Doorknob, they aren't even pingable here, so I consider them unavailable.
I usually go to Superuser to hunt for a mod.
@RedwolfPrograms Of course, but I still dislike being disparaging about any users, let alone someone like Doorknob
11:28 PM
I wonder how SE would take a mod candidate who will categorically refuse to engage with their policy on gender-neutral language.
And one person can't decide on every single possible issue (and one shouldn't)
@xnor I've been considering that.
@Adám Doorknob is still active on the main site, so they aren't entirely AFK
@xnor It seems that, by their new mod agreement, they simply won't instate any mods that don't accept the agreement
Which will include engaging in their CoC
@cairdcoinheringaahing Does the mod agreement require them to take actions?
11:30 PM
@xnor I don't know (haven't fully read it yet), but my guess is that it'd call for mods to take action against anyone engaging in "rude/offensive language"
@cairdcoinheringaahing Last comment: Jul 31. Last edit: Mar 29.
hmm ok "I will abide by the current Code of Conduct (which is a part of this agreement), and enforce it to the best of my ability."
that does seem to require taking actions
@Adám Yeah, they could be more engaged :/
The last time I complained about how inactive a mod was, Alex resigned :/
Man, I don't think any of the users who stood for election in 2016 would either want to or get enough votes to be a mod now
This one concerns me. Smells ripe for abuse:
> I will accept additional guidance given by members of the Stack Exchange, Inc. Community Team and Senior Leadership Team, whether in response to questions, concerns or discussions regarding existing network-wide policies.
Ugh, reading that makes me cringe
"Additional guidance"
11:33 PM
Maybe it's worth putting in a question for mods that makes sure they know what they would be getting themselves into with the agreement.
@Adám It's not the best, but I guess that, as a mod on SE, you have to abide by SE's rules
That'd be a question you'd have to ask yourself: "Are you willing to do so?"
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'd vote for a mod that can easily beat me in Minecraft duals ;p
Am I given to option to resign in protest without notice?
> Allow you to resign your position for any reason without penalty or repercussions. As a volunteer, Stack Exchange, Inc. respects your time and will release you from duty should you ask.
(Under "Stack Exchange, Inc. agrees that it will:")
OK. Another one:
> Whenever possible, moderator removal will follow Stack Exchange, Inc.’s moderator removal processes.
11:36 PM
@Adám Actually, that might be a good question to post to the Q&A. Do you guys mind if I post that?
Whenever possible‽ And I assume SE solely and unchallengably determines when it isn't, right?
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'm drafting one now
Not sure if it's what you're looking to be posted, but i'll run it by here shortly
@cairdcoinheringaahing What do you want to ask?
@xnor You're much more experienced when it comes to meta, I'll let you do it :P
I feel like SE is drifting way too far from the community driven aspect that made the site so different
11:37 PM
@Adám Something along the lines of "The CoC has changed. How would you reconcile your beliefs/ideals with the rules imposed on you by SE and the CoC?"
But I'll see what xnor posts before I draft anything
@RedwolfPrograms It kinda has been since Jeff and Joel left :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing So one answer is that "I have no conflicts between my beliefs/ideals, and the SE CoC". Not true for me, though. My answer would be: I'll follow my beliefs/ideals, and deal with the fallout.
I will strictly adhere to my personal ethics, including "be nice" ― something that is neither mandated nor supported by SE, and maybe isn't even allowed.
@Adám If anyone's answer was "I have no conflicts between my beliefs/ideals, and the SE CoC" without any clarifications, I'd have a lot of followup. As a member of the SE network, we should follow their rules, but very few of their rules are universally agreed upon
@Adám Even with the new CoC, I think SE does still operate on a "be nice" policy
@Adám Isn't "be nice" part of the CoC?
It just chose to define a few things that, in their view, "aren't nice" in the CoC
> Get your explicit written permission before commenting to any media (including media outlets controlled by Stack Exchange Inc.) or independent reporters about you or your moderator actions as per our Press Policy.
@RedwolfPrograms Says "Be inclusive and respectful." Doesn't mention being nice.
11:42 PM
Here's my draft, not very happy with it:

Moderators must sign an [agreement](https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/legal/moderator-agreement) that includes:
> i. I will abide by the current Code of Conduct (which is a part of
> this agreement), and enforce it to the best of my ability.
> ...
> iv. I will abide by all other officially announced moderator and user
> policies made available to me.
> v. I will accept additional guidance
> given by members of the Stack Exchange, Inc. Community Team and Senior
IMO That's a massive step forward for SE. There was a whole lot of shit with Monica, but by far the worst was talking to the press without talking to Monica first
Who's to say they won't figure out some other horrible way to treat people then go say "sorry, won't happen again" afterward
I agree it's very good that they said that, but after what they did (seemingly without batting an eye), I'm not very trusting of them
@xnor Personally, I'd add at the end "How would you reconcile your beliefs/ideals with the rules imposed on you by SE and the CoC?" or something similar, as I'd like to see candidates's beliefs before voting for/against them
@RedwolfPrograms I'm not trusting them, but I think it's a good acknowledgement of wrong-doing in that "We did this last time, it was a bad thing to do, and we accept that and won't do it in the future"
@cairdcoinheringaahing The language isn't very clear. Doesn't it allow them to publish slander about me, as long as they are not commenting on pre-existing material?
You have to give people/companies/whatever the chance to grow and learn from their mistakes. That doesn't mean blindly trust whatever they say, but it does mean keeping an open mind
11:46 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing But then they went ahead and did it anyway. And then they said "honest mistake", won't happen again. And then they did it again. How many times do you want to get burnt before you stop trusting?
@Adám I don't know, and I'd ask an employee about that
54 secs ago, by caird coinheringaahing
You have to give people/companies/whatever the chance to grow and learn from their mistakes. That doesn't mean blindly trust whatever they say, but it does mean keeping an open mind
@cairdcoinheringaahing I like that, how about this? "What would you do if you think a policy or company directive (current or future) is in conflict with your beliefs and ideals?"
> We don’t tolerate any language likely to offend or alienate people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion — and those are just a few examples. Use stated pronouns (when known). When in doubt, don't use language that might offend or alienate.
@xnor Yes, I like that. Maybe "What would you do and how would you react if ..."?
I have severe problems with this one. ^^
11:48 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing What's the difference between those two?
@Adám I guess that's something you have to decide before going for a mod position
Part of me entirely agrees that we need to give people/companies another chance when they do something wrong, but there will always be the nagging feeling that if it managed
to have happened once, what else might they do?
@xnor I say "react" because I don't have a word at hand that means "how would you react at your computer? Not doing anything yet, but would you be shocked, in disapproval, etc.? How would you the human react before you the moderator user?"
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh, I see. I kind-of want to ask "how would you feel", but that feels kind-of intrusive.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Well, me personally? I've already been slandered in public. Searching for my name shows serious accusations against me. I don't care. I know I've done the right thing, and I sleep well at night.
11:50 PM
@xnor Yeah, that's my thinking as well
@RedwolfPrograms thrice. ftfy.
@Adám I did mean "you" in a more general sense, but if you're willing to answer that dilemma now, I've got no objections :P
@Adám Also, I think I remember giving you a google and seeing the "grin in the snow" picture (pretty badass IMO) :P
@RedwolfPrograms @Adám Personally, I don't have a set limit on "how many times a company can betray your trust before you leave it", I go by gut. I can't speak for others, but if people are more tolerant of SE's more authoritative behaviour, that isn't, to me, either a pro or a con. It's only when a mod starts acting out against users who haven't violated my personal code of ethics that I have an issue
I get that's super subjective, but that's how I roll
Q: Safe bidirectional array index navigation

Philipp MolitorIntroduction Arrays are usually used with for-loops or iterators. One different task might be the use as a cheap way to rotate through a set of items, so after reaching the last index, the next item would be the first item of the array. This is useful for cases like menus and physical controls. C...

@cairdcoinheringaahing Subjective isn't bad, imo. I'm a moral relativist at heart, but a moral absolutist in practice.
Yeah, I tend to side on subjectivity for most things. The more objective you try to make things, the easier it is to exploit. There's a reason we draw pictures in shades and not black and white.

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