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12:56 AM
what are the functions that we require languages to be able to do? primality test and some others? do we have a challenge to polyglot all of them in different languages with the same code?
Add two numbers, right?
Add two numbers and primality test, that's all.
And "add two numbers" has a massive 1-byte polyglot
1 hour later…
2:19 AM
Any feedback for these input/output methods for cellular automata? I think they make sense, but since they're so different from normal languages there isn't much precedent for them.
5 hours later…
7:32 AM
Q: Simulate my keyboard wave light!

Dion(The word second in the following text does not mean an actual second, it is used as a placeholder for an undefined time unit) The task Imagine you have a keyboard layout with only letters like so: q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n m Whenever you press a key, for example f, th...

7:57 AM
Q: Naïve compression

Galen Ivanovusing Prefixed Length Code We are going to implement a compression of text (string, array/list of characters/bytes) by simple substitution of each character by a binary code, based on the frequency of that character in the text. The characters that occur more frequently will be replaced by shorte...

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10:01 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I have a good deal to say about that but I can't right now. Give me a reminder later if I haven't said anything.
2 hours later…
12:28 PM
posted on October 28, 2020 by Victor VosMottor

Let's skip the history section (it would be too, too long) and jump right into the Task part! Task Implement function or program that takes as input (any input: e.g. an argument of a function or something else) id of a question on CodeGolf.StackExchange and flags it as spam! More detailed: Your program is allowed to use anything you want from Selenium to StackApi. If the langu

Did oneboxes change?
The post got deleted between NMP getting the post and NMP posting it here
Oh, does that make it render differently? Might need to add that to my userscript.
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1:40 PM
> Submit a video of your program running
> Video must be under 1 minute
> Program is written in python
> Involves manipulating a 4k resolution image
AP Comp Sci Principles has an optimistic understanding of python's speed
nobody said it cannot be sped up or contain both the start and end of the computation
but then again just transcoding it to greyscale and perhaps even a simple linear-time filter should be fast enough as is
They make us implement it ourselves in a bunch of stupid ways, so I'll definitely have to speed it up or cut it
I'm curious about those stupid ways
Implementing all sorts of stuff ourselves that would be way faster using a pre-existing library. We also have to do it 4 times.
four times?
1:48 PM
Here's a fun way to make bonuses even worse: say "Bonus for doing X, Y or Z", but don't specify what effect the bonus has ಠ_ಠ
think of it as a pat on the back from the asker
> Bonus:

If you highlight pairs where both words are valid English words (or some permutation of the letters is), using a word list of some kind. (This could be done by placing an asterisk next to each or some other method, but make it clear.)
100% doing that for a pat on the back :P
...how did cutting 30 seconds of my video duration triple the file size
2:04 PM
it got transcoded to higher quality ig
Dang it, I specifically wanted a lower quality. AP Comp Sci doesn't deserve lossless.
Because it's too evil?
no they just dont deserve it thats it
2:52 PM
best way to reduce the quality and storage space of a video
play it on your computer, and record it with a low quality camera
TV-rip. In 2020 it's still very much a thing.
ah. i was mostly memeing but actually yeah it would work especially if you might not be able to get the source file itself
It would. But I do think one wouldn't leave the teacher too happy about it though >:)
@HyperNeutrino Nah, upload it to youtube, then play it on your computer and record it by taking a polaroid of each frame and turning them into a flipbook
hand-draw each frame
3:04 PM
Transcode it into ASCII with ANSI escape sequences. Or HTML. With a separate span for each chaxel even though they share the same color. And no classes, and use background-color: instead of background: because you might accidentally set different aspects of the background as well.
3:25 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Even worse: Shortest most unorthodox code wins (this)
wait why is this still open lmao
I mean, Peter Taylor's comment below, stating that it needs an objective winning criteria is +16, and yet it was never closed
yeah. kinda odd lol
It's not even like a vtc failed either.
Caird was the first person to vtc it.
3:30 PM
my first guess was it got reopened and it wasn't active enough for people to notice but nobody ever VTCd it in the first place which is really weird
Wait, can mods see expired VTCs?
We see all.
4:23 PM
@WheatWizard very ominous
5:21 PM
@mods Is there any way we can get this fixed? The latest poster to main just said
> Thank you! I did not post in the sandbox because of the rep requirement, and I could not see a convenient way to get around it.
Luckily, this was a well specified challenge, but it's clearly an issue
Q: Which side should I serve on?

EphraimRuttenbergIntroduction In Tennis, the server alternates serving on the left side or the right side of the court every point, starting on the right. It is possible to figure out which side to serve on for that point just based on the score; if there have been an even number of points you serve on the right,...

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6:38 PM
Q: Ping-pong bot for StackExchange

Victor VosMottorHistory There's a room on StackOverflow in Russian where you can see such an interesting discussion: Just because there are not enough real discussing in that room, @Grundy "plays ping-pong" to keep it unfrozen. Task Implement a bot for StackExchange that posts "ping!" to the 22474 room if the...

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7:51 PM
I'd recommend posting the messages to room 1 (sandbox). You can put bots and do basically whatever you want there because it's just the place for anyone to test anything (that isn't spam/R/A of course) — HyperNeutrino ♦ 10 mins ago
@HyperNeutrino Also, room 1 has (one of) the golfiest room IDs :P
8:07 PM
@WheatWizard (Reminder)
Yeah thanks.
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's true :P if I wrote a challenge like this, beyond not spamming important rooms, i'd pick 1 because otherwise having a long number is just kinda a feels bad unless you can somehow compress it in-line really well
8:35 PM
Morning y'all

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