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12:09 AM
@Bubbler on SO I happened to get Unsung Hero as the badge before I got Fanatic, but on PPCG I managed to get Fanatic two days before getting .
@Deadcode I'm not used to languages with a built-in dictionary, so I don't know how that is exposed to the code. Maybe the only way to truly find out would be to port your answer in such a language?
@Neil There's no such language I'm aware of. Jelly doesn't, and 05AB1E doesn't. What I'm wondering is if a language provided access to its dictionary, how it likely would. But maybe I'll end up being the one to add that functionality to a language, in which case I'd be choosing anyway.
12:32 AM
@Bubbler I don't know how I'd check that
Oh wait, does recent sort all badges by time achieved?
In that case, fanatic was my first gold badge.
12:47 AM
@Bubbler it's my first and only of that kind
1:39 AM
@Bubbler guilty as charged. It's my only gold badge xD
2:05 AM
On CG&CC, yeah, Fanatic was my first gold. On Christianity.SE however, I got Electorate and Constable before Fanatic.
2:34 AM
@Bubbler I got Fanatic almost a full year before my next gold badge
Oh wait, nvm, it was only about 5 months, I didn't see the one
I mean, that badge is nice and all, but I kinda regret that it gave me that annoying dupe hammer
@JoKing out of curiosity, what's bad about having a dupe hammer?
@Bubbler I was surprised you didn't have the gold badge, but then I realised was mixing you up with the other kirby avatar, mbomb007
@Jono2906 Too much power... I prefer when closing is done by multiple people, since I know that I've been wrong before
@JoKing ah, I see. But then don't other people reopen it?
I mean, if they disagree wouldn't they VTR?
2:44 AM
It's much harder to get a question reopened than it is to close it
How so?
Often I just end up commenting "Possible dupe" instead of voting, and then checking later to see if the comment gets enough upvotes to close it on my own
Well, less people are looking at closed questions than recently created ones, plus the author has to prove that the question is sufficiently different
I see. I'm still relatively new to this whole entire "3k" rep thing
The dupe hammer makes far more sense on Stack Overflow and other Q&A sites where there are far more questions, and having a gold tag badge means you're actually an expert in that subject, rather than just a site where the vast majority of questions are , so almost every active user will eventually get it
@JoKing makes sense. Should we just remove the dupe hammer from CGCC gold badge users all together?
2:51 AM
@Jono2906 hahaha, I wish SE would let us change things on a site by site basis
@JoKing nvm, I just remembered that SE doesn't care for its users anymore!
3:17 AM
Always keep an ! near by
3:34 AM
Everyone will eventually be a master of . Isn't that a great thing to be?
4:08 AM
Consider this: There were only two gold badges awarded last year, compared to 15 in 2018 and 24 each in 2017 and 2016. That's a rather serious drop in activity/newly retained users
Q: Abuse Python's Classes

ScoopGracieJust make the best Python program you can that totally abuses OOP. It can do anything, but not nothing. Hint word for something interesting: pseudostatic

Not quite as drastic, but there were 23 Fanatic badges awarded in 2019 vs 43 in 2018 vs 51 in 2017
@ngn Are we trying to get the highest score? Because the lower track would result in an infinite amount of people killed before the upper track can even kill one
4:27 AM
@Theoneandonly-TomMinor I'm not sure why you think that is on-topic for this room. You should be careful, since you've already been suspended from this site once
2 hours later…
6:14 AM
@JoKing lowest is best unless you are serial killer or work in the "defense" industry :)
@JoKing "before" implies time. i don't think the time of the first kill matters in the mathematical sense. for instance the same reasoning could be applied for the natural vs rational numbers, but they are actually the same amount
@a'_' That attitude seems really strange to me. I feel like I may never even reach 3K. People seem dead set against upvoting anything I do unless it's truly extraordinary and unique. I put tons of work into things just to have them languish at 0, and I never know why, because people never comment on why they didn't upvote.
And I have no interest in just grinding tons of problems the very day or hour they come out, which seems the only thing that reliably gets upvotes; something has to actually catch my interest, which means I won't generally be doing it on the day it came out.
And the degree of difference between the upvotes an answer gets if it's done on the same hour the question was posted, and if it's even a day late, seems insanely huge, as if people are intentionally voting to reward people who are fast, rather than just rewarding answers that are good, or even just voting much more on answers to questions they're working on answering themselves.
So anyway, the frequency with which I want to give people bounties, and that with which my own score is increasing, doesn't seem like it will exceed breaking even; I really doubt I'll ever reach even 3K, let alone the 10K that's now needed to view deleted questions (which I used to be able to do at 2K).
I got to 2K mainly by doing a type of answer which was really unique, but I feel that if I posted some more of the same now, it'd get far fewer upvotes, because people are now "used to" that kind of answer... not that it'd even be at all easy to post more like that; it'd be very hard, especially because I feel I've dried up the well of really iconic problems that were especially well suited for that type of answer.
Not to mention that when @Grimmy and @H.PWiz for a brief time started to post answers of this type themselves, and golfing it much better than I was, their answers languished with next to no upvotes.
6:47 AM
@Deadcode here's an idea: put links to some of the good stuff you've done in your profile
7:04 AM
@ngn I don't understand how that would help... people can just look at my profile to see my highest-voted answers. I feel that for the most part, that's my best work. Unless you mean the good stuff I've done off-site? I agree it'd make sense to to put something about that in my profile, just haven't gotten around to that yet. But that's probably not what you meant because it wouldn't address what I said? Unless you're suggesting that people upvote the person, not the answer?
But the thing troubling me is that the non-extraordinary answers languish at 0, whereas people who do them within hours of the question being posted get a decent amount of upvotes.
@Deadcode Y'know, posting challenges helps get rep up
I mean, how else do y'all think I'm on 3.8k?
Ah, good point. I haven't yet posted a single question
I mean, 1060 of my rep comes from questions
@Deadcode they can but they don't. it takes too many clicks, and it's not clear where to look for undervalued answers - the ones that should have been upvoted
@Deadcode also, you've only got 45 answers. 45 answers to 2.2k rep is a pretty good ratio!
Your rep:post ratio is 50 while mine is 38.07
calculated by rep/total posts
@Deadcode and hol' up, y'all used to be able to view deleted stuff at 3K?!?
7:15 AM
@Jono2906 At 2K!
Gah! I feel ripped off! (╯•益•)╯︵ ┻━┻
@Deadcode "people upvote the person" - there's probably some of that going on, but i think there are more substantial biases. for instance, people tend to vote a lot more for the language(s) they are already familiar with.
@ngn Would it make sense to post some things I think deserve more attention, on my profile? Even if they aren't extraordinary, just deserving of more attention than they've got? i.e. a rotating list that I'd update frequently? This wouldn't be considered to be gaming to voting system?
@Deadcode i don't see anything wrong with that
7:28 AM
@Deadcode watch and learn from Jono 2906 - posting links to your answers in chat can get you a few extra upvotes :)
@ngn Actually, we should all watch and learn from Deadcode... they seemed to have gained 100 rep today after talking about rep in chat... ;P
Hehe, yep, it's very encouraging. Now I am trying to go and upvote some things myself as a way of saying thanks. It's hard work! I always try to understand / verify, an answer before upvoting it.
@ngn I admit to being guilty of this, though a good explanation can make up for it :)
@Deadcode y'know, that's very respectable trying to understand a program before upvoting
I know I can sometimes be a serial blind upvoter of different people
No prizes for guessing who that is
Now, on a more serious note: can anyone care to explain why terrorist-profiling is a synonym of fairing?
CMQ: ^^
@Jono2906 I.... would have to guess that that was an accident. There doesn't seem to be any similarity between those concepts.
@Deadcode I know. Especially as the word I really wanted other words for was faring.
But somehow... SOMEHOW... it has 3 votes saying it's helpful
7:43 AM
8:06 AM
Actually it's now the single highest upvoted answer of mine.
8:18 AM
@Jono2906 Your 4 byte answer seems to be broken but an earlier version works!
@Deadcode which earlier version?
7 byte works, I think
Then the 4 byter should work
Well the 4 answers truthy to everything, I think
Is it a malfunction of TIO? Does it work locally for you?
@Deadcode how are you giving the inputs?
8:31 AM
On the TIO you provided...
In the input box or in the footer box?
The input box. tio.run/##y05N/@@QZlSj/F83IcH2/… - the default test case you provided is giving the wrong answer for that input (truthy instead of falsey)
@Deadcode it's a function, not a full program. Y'all need to pass the arguments in the footer
Heh, I was worried for a second there!
@Jono2906 Ahhhhh you should fix the TIO, then! Delete the Input box's contents
@Deadcode i probably should. I'll do it later as I'm currently on mobile
And editing like that ain't something I enjoy doing on a phone keyboard
8:37 AM
@Jono2906 Both your 4 and 7 byte versions are failing with "abcccdee", "decbbbaa" which should be Truthy
@Jono2906 Mind if I do the edit for you?
A simpler case of just "a" "aa" also fails, giving Falsey. Same happens with "aa" aaa". Think it has something to do with the second string having more copies of a certain character than the first one
@Deadcode go for it
@Deadcode or probably the inputs are in the wrong order
Nope, "aa" "a" and "a" "aa" should both return Truthy
@Deadcode ah.
Do you know the cause of the bug?
@Deadcode not really. That's a problem for tommorow's me.
8:49 AM
Okay :)
@Deadcode Posting answers in Keg will always ensure at least 1 upvote to your answer, because Jono 2906 tried to upvote every Keg answer when posted.
Maybe I'll give it a look. Just learned Pyth, and hungry for even more code compression.
@Jono2906 You know, even if I upvoted all of Deadcode's answers, they still will not be able to make it to 3k.
@a'_' what if we both did?
I mean, I can only vote for 5 more today, because I'm almost out of votes.
I also once created a Scratch answer on my phone
That was a bad idea
@a'_' *tries
@a'_' I also upvote every answer to my challenges too
9:05 AM
Unless it blatantly doesn't answer the question I upvote it
Also, we have to be careful giving up votes to @Deadcode
Because if we give too many, the system will think we're sockpuppeting
When we aren't
We're just supporting a fellow cgccer
But the automated system begs to differ
How do I know?
Because I once got a bunch of ups on SO
But then the votes were reversed
If I were designing such a system, it would take more than 1 day of upvotes to one person to trigger it, after months/years of normal upvoting patterns. But of course I have no idea how they designed it
And I got a message from the SO mods saying "don't sockpuppet or you're banned"
9:08 AM
42 mins ago upvote Do you make me up?
42 mins ago upvote Is it a pangram?
I always suspected it was you
the two latest ones don't have a +10 next to them, like the ones below do
@a'_' don't worry, I didn't get banned.
And I kinda felt bad because I thought you might have gotten banned for being the "sock puppet"
42 mins ago upvote Is it a Cyclops number? “Nobody” knows!
43 mins ago upvote Is this a consecutive-prime/constant-exponent number?
What the stuff is happening with my phone?
9:10 AM
those ones, though older, also are missing the +10
(just from earlier tonight)
Eh don't worry, it's fixed now
er, oh, same relative timestamp actually. But sorted differently
Oh, maybe there's a +200 limit per day and it's queueing those upvoted points for the next day?
@Deadcode I guess the points are just discarded.
Because there is indeed a limit
@Deadcode ah you must have hit the daily cap
(You got +300 for once and then got +200 every day after that. You'd never get the +100.)
9:12 AM
You will probably also receive a bronze badge if this is the first time
I know this because I've done that once
The day I posted my irreducible hello world
I had the bronze code-golf badge
and decision-problem
The one I'm talking about is Mortarboard
Given for reaching the daily limit
Anyway, thank you so much :) a lot of the upvotes I did get, and it's very motivating.
(I think I need to make a golfing language dedicated to decision problems.)
9:14 AM
@Deadcode no problems. I know I don't like it when the ups dry up
@a'_' what, "dec"?
Like res?
Is there any further logic SO uses to prevent sockpuppeting? e.g. should I refrain from upvoting the ones who upvoted me for a couple days?
@Deadcode I don't really know
You aren't supposed to know who voted for you...
@JohnDvorak but what if the voter gives out that info?
not even mods know that information; just aggregates
in any case, you should vote based on content, not based on user. And by corollary, if you're going through a person's post list, refrain from voting altogether - regardless of whether they voted for you previously or not.
9:20 AM
@JohnDvorak Right, of course. I was specifically trying not to ask for upvotes in my diatribe above. I was trying to just ask for advice on how to deal with it, because the situation was very discouraging.
In general it feels like stepping on eggshells, because I know talking directly about voting must be considered bad form, but it would be so helpful to have a better understanding of why specific posts did not get them.
And as my way of saying thank you for what just occurred, I'm trying to just pay it forward, not back.
@Deadcode I would say a good way to pay it forward would be to go through some answers and see if you can try and golf their answers.
I know I'd consider that helpful!
Also, giving feedback to sandboxed challenges helps pay it forward as well.
@a'_' Have any specific ideas on what that'd involve? Currently, my idea of a decision-problem specific language is regex :) But of course that's an exercise in esoteric programming for things regex wasn't intended to be good for.
(very much side note) TIL about Python's @ infix operator
@Deadcode Never mind. I have nothing in my mind other than Regex. (The only possible path is to make an extended version of regex. If you have any other ideas feel free to mention them.)
I do have many regex ideas, which I plan on adding to my regex engine after I fix its bugs
Something like (^(n)...) to enter a backref and do matches against it
where (^(0)...) would reenter the main string itself - equivalent to (?<=(?=...)^.*) with variable-length lookbehind
And capturing quantifers (the actual number of repetitions matched)
(I know that balanced groups are similarly powerful to what that would do, but quantifier capturing would be easier to use and probably much more efficient in memory use / execution speed)
Sort order operators, so you don't have to do things like a*b*c*d*e*...x*y*z*... ASCII would be a default, but provide a way to define custom orders (and maybe provide other common defaults)
Oops, I meant (?^(n)...)
But all of those ideas are about making regex mainly more useful for what it's designed to do... work with text. Making it more useful as a general purpose decision-problem language is much more open-ended. Most things I can think of would make it no longer much resemble regex anymore
9:42 AM
Maybe make it an SQL like query language? Some stuff are selected as output, whereas others aren't.
What do you mean by "output"? If this is for decision-problems, the only output is one bit, right?
The output is the difference between the input table and the output table, and the result should be one bit ...
difference, as in, if the two tables are an exact match, it's 1, otherwise it's 0?
I guess you are right, if there is only one input.
Er... well I was just trying to understand your idea. Could you give an example?
9:53 AM
SELECT * FROM Input WHERE Value IN Output
Q: Maximum number of quizzes that can be formed with given conditions

Arun GowdaThere are a total of n questions available. The objective is to find and generate as many quizzes as possible with the following conditions. INPUT : Each question belongs to any one of the 3 categories. namely JAVA ,PYTHON and MYSQL Each question belongs to any one of the 2 difficulty level. E...

@a'_' I mean an example problem, and where this functionality would come in handy
@Deadcode It works with any challenge with multiple inputs. Other than that I guess it isn't very handy.
On another note. I know that on PPCG, restricting questions to a subset of languages is frowned upon. So a question like this one, for example, which says "Any valid unicode string could be an input"... should that restriction be ignored for languages like, apparently, GolfScript, which appears not to be able to parse UTF-8?
I can't find any Meta post on the subject, except this one which was downvoted for some reason; I have no idea why – it seems to be a good question
@Deadcode GolfScript can parse UTF-8 (because it's general purpose). except that you need to waste a lot of bytes to implement that. I don't know what is UTF-8 in the first place, therefore I gave up on implementing it.
9:59 AM
@a'_' Oh, yes indeed. That's something regex currently can't do at all, take multiple inputs with no character set aside as a delimiter.
Actually I think my (?^(n)...) idea could be adapted to this.
@a'_' What do you mean by "what is UTF-8 in the first place"?
@Deadcode *how UTF-8 is parsed in the first place.
Are you basically saying that in GolfScript, to handle UTF-8, you'd have to implement a UTF-8 parser from the ground up?
Yes. (A GolfScript answer to that challenge will probably gain upvotes if anyone implemented a UTF-8 parser in GolfScript.)
Alternatively, just take input as UCS-4 ;)
The challenge just says it needs to accept input in Unicode, not UTF-8
@Deadcode this may be a bit late, but I've kinda experienced the discouragingness of not having hard work recognised
10:08 AM
@Jono2906 I chose easy work over hard work because I know they will be recognized.
@a'_' true
But I realised I needed to do what I enjoyed : keg answers
Stupid phone keyboard putting spaces between colons
An esolang that mandates spaces surrounding the colons!
How do you even enter programs in that character set on a phone? Did you make a custom keyboard for it?
(At least Keg only uses keys on the phone keyboard...)
@Deadcode i put the codepage in a text file
10:13 AM
Whoa, I just noticed the site was renamed from PPCG to CGCC. What was wrong with the old name? :-(
@Deadcode The old name references off-topic challenges.
Programming puzzles are off-topic now?
Right, because they don't have an objective scoring criterion.
Welll... I admit that's true, but I still like the initialism PPCG a lot more.
But (people say) the "PP" drew a lot of homework questions to the site, which was really bad.
10:18 AM
Yeah, good point.
10:42 AM
FWIW, added this dissenting answer to the Meta post about ASCII/Unicode
1 hour later…
11:48 AM
Q: Gauss to Eisenstein

flawrGiven a Gaussian integer \$a+bi\$ where \$a\$,\$b\$ are integers and \$i = \exp\left(\pi i/2\right)\$ is the imaginary unit, return the closest (w.r.t to the Euclidean distance) Eisenstein integer \$k+l\omega\$ where \$k\$,\$l\$ are integers and \$\omega = \exp(2\pi i/3) = (-1+i\sqrt{3})/2\$. Ba...

12:36 PM
Q: Is everything in order?

Kevin CruijssenChallenge: Input: a string, consisting of only printable ASCII characters Output: a truthy/falsey value whether its characters are in alphabetical order (based on their UTF-8 unicode values), from any starting point inside the string including wrap-around by going left-to-right For example: xyz...

3 hours later…
3:39 PM
Q: Bootstrap your language

ScoopGracieImplement language X in language X with as little code as possible. Your implementation of language X must be able to run on your implementation of language X.

2 hours later…
5:20 PM
Q: What's my telephone number?

mabelIntroduction The telephone numbers or involution numbers are a sequence of integers that count the ways \$n\$ telephone lines can be connected to each other, where each line can be connected to at most one other line. These were first studied by Heinrich August Rothe in 1800, when he gave a recu...

3 hours later…
8:10 PM
hi all
2 hours later…
10:04 PM
Q: What is the shortest brainfuck quine?

2080(Apart from the empty program of course) The shortest I could find was this 410 byte beauty: ->++>+++>+>+>++>>+>+>+++>>+>+>++>+++>+++>+>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+>+>++>>>+++>>>>>+++>+>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+++>>>>>>>++>+++>+++>+>>+++>>>+++>+>+++>+>++>+++>>>+>+>+>+>++>+++>+>+>>+++>>>>>>>+>+>>


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