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5:24 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WantInternal Truth Machine code-golf It's a normal truth machine but instead of taking input, it uses the first character of the program. Thus, internal. Example: 0abcd prints 0 and halts, and 1abcd prints 1 infinitely.

6:07 AM
Hey @xnor (and anyone else who golfs in python): have you ever used the matrix multiplication infix operator (@) in an answer?
I think I did at least once with a numpy/scipy answer
Q: Selfish Programs

MasonThe Challenge Write two programs P and Q such that: P and Q are written in the same language The output of P is Q The output of Q is P. Simple enough. Surely that's been done here before. Where this gets interesting is the scoring. Scoring P and Q are selfish, they don't want to sheir the...

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9:50 AM
4 hours later…
1:54 PM
Should I read a new contributor's username like "(hand-waving) new contributor?"
Q: Internal Truth Machine

WantIt's a normal truth machine but instead of taking input, it uses the first character of the program. Thus, internal. Example: 0abcd prints 0 and halts, and 1abcd prints 1 infinitely. Of course, you're not allowed to look inside the file itself.

2:11 PM
@a'_' "waving hand new contributor"
5 hours later…
7:17 PM
Been away for a few weeks; is "Post Rock Garf Hunter" Wheat Wizard?
I have no idea but with a name like that, probably?
Hardest thing about coming back to PPCG after a break: figuring out who Wheat Wizard is :P
@El'endiaStarman It's bizarre seeing your name in italic
@DJMcMayhem And not blue. :(
Well yeah, when it's blue it isn't italic
2 hours later…
9:09 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Glad to see you still have your hat, it is getting colder here.
9:25 PM
@flawr At this point, it seems the hat is the only thing not going crazy with SE :(
Very true:/
@cairdcoinheringaahing but other than that, how are you?
Shh, don't give them any ideas (à la the French ban on wearing conspicuous religious symbols).
9:46 PM
@DJMcMayhem how do names become italic?
@Jono2906 Chat room owners.
The room owners are listed here, and sadly only 3 of them are still active
@flawr Alright, all things considered. Just took a break from PPCG over the holidays. How about you?
@DJMcMayhem You and El'endiaStarman. Who's the third active room owner?
Xnor is still around
9:51 PM
Sure doesn't look like it :-(
So are Doorknob and trichiplax, a bit
I haven't seen trichoplax in ages
I haven’t seen Dennis in a while, I’m a little worried :/
The TIO room has been piling up with requests, and they haven’t been online for a week
I more than a little worries about Dennis.
Tbh it does seem as tho PPCG is slowly dying
9:56 PM
I mean, just the fact that TNB is averaging a little over 70 messages a day is pretty good evidence of that.
Didn't it reach ~4000 at some point in 2016?
Huh, I would have never expected the APL chat room to pass TNB in traffic.
I mean, back when I posted this, it was averaging 1785 messages a day.
So basically TNB activity is now 4% of what it used to be.
@DJMcMayhem probably because everyone's moved to discord
I know Mego and Doorknob (tckm) are active there
@Jono2906 No, I think there's been a decrease in overall site activity as well
SE are behind a lot of that
9:59 PM
I mean... There are 79 users on the discord server. It's not that active
It's definitely a lot more active than it used to be
> 16 users in this room
@Jono2906 Nah, Discord is quiet too.
And 51 on the gaming server
I remember when it would never drop below 30 :/
@Adám what do you mean?
10:01 PM
This has to be the first time I've been in TNB in 3 years when aditsu wasn't here
@Jono2906 There were 9 messages posted in the discord TNB today. This room is still more active than that
@DJMcMayhem true.
@cairdcoinheringaahing I think Discord doesn't make inactive people drop out.
@Adám It does count the number of users that are currently online though
Although that's not 100% accurate because some users are set to invisible but are still online, and it counts do not disturb and idle as online
@DJMcMayhem Sure, but if one's computer is on, but one is not actually doing anything there, it isn't comparable to SE Chat.
10:06 PM
I'm just glad I experienced a time when everyone was here.
@Jono2906 The time when everyone was here was 2016 unfortunately
Check the chat logs, there were over 4000 messages a day multiple times
@cairdcoinheringaahing mostly everyone then
I got to see Dennis and Mego while they were still here
10:34 PM
if we have T(1) = T(0) = 1

T(n) = 2T(n-1) + T(n-2)
how can we solve this for T(n)?
its the running time of some code I am writing
10:46 PM
@Anush first step: check oeis
11:01 PM
@Anush If you can get away with floating-point numbers, use the closed-form formula a(n) = ((1-sqrt(2))^n + (1+sqrt(2))^n)/2; if you're restricted to integers (e.g. large term modulo some number), use matrix exponentiation by squaring.
11:20 PM
Thank you!
1-sort(2) is a negative number
@Bubbler is the 1-sqrt(2) definitely right?
CMC: Given a real number, answer its real cube root. E.g. 27 → 3; -8 → -2; 15.625 → 2.5
@Anush Yes. Even the closed-form Fibonacci has a power of a negative number.
@Adám Julia: :)
@H.PWiz Really? Even for -8? Cool.
11:43 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing slowly? :P
The chain seems to have begun with Martin and Alex, then a lot of users gradually reduced activity/disappeared.
Although some were gone long before that, I mean, just look at the first 50-ish users by all time reputation and see how many are still active. The result is depressing.
But unfortunately we don't have a good alternative to this site yet.
Axtell is still under development, and chatrooms definitely won't work.

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