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12:06 AM
(We do have a Sandbox bot, if you've just posted this)
@ATaco pls click link, you'll see that he did just post it
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

micsthepickPartitions by size Your task is to return the amount of unique partitions of of any integer n (n < 1000) into any positive integer s groups. Input may be in any form and the program must normally output the single integer answer and stop, without running into any errors. Shortest code in bytes w...

CMP: What is a chat phrase that is (subjectively) mostly used by you?
@ATaco (silently crying here over how much better Funky is than Proton lol)
Funky isn't good, it's terrible. But it's good enough good things that it doesn't look terrible.
@HyperNeutrino IMO proton > funky
12:14 AM
I mean Proton is really slow and weird too :P
I'm sure Funky still has 10000000000000 bugs though
I just haven't tried to abuse it yet :P
I feel like I should try to make Proton stringify functions properly
Ascii-Only breaking my code has been a pretty good method of bug testing.
PPCG challenges are a great way to try to break your language and fix bugs
It was really easy to do it with the new version of my tokenizer.
12:17 AM
ah I see
my tokenizer kills all whitespace rip
so unless I rewrite my whole thing, I can't tell where whitespace goes
I can auto-prettify that way though lol
Mine kills a lot of whitespace, but it remembers it.
hm interesting
my tokenizer ignores all whitespace, though actually by changing a -1 to a 0 I could make it not ignore it
then the parser would get confused though lol
(actually now that I think of it, it might actually work...)
@HyperNeutrino ... you just have to save original code, start and end indices
which is what sane languages do
12:20 AM
Nah, just regex it until it's in the correct chunks.
@ATaco what.
That's basically how the Funky one works.
@ATaco In {_meta={_call=f}}, f seems to be receiving itself as its first argument; is that the expected behaviour?
The plus side of this method is that it's rather easy for me to write syntax, the downside is that it's much harder to detect where syntax errors are.
@HyperNeutrino f should be receiving the object as the first argument.
@ATaco well it isn't...
12:24 AM
that's weird; {_meta={_call=print}}() is printing [internal function]
@HyperNeutrino yes because what you described is correct
for some reason taco didn't notice when i told him (indirectly) earlier >_>
@ATaco oh wait nvm
@Pavel ewwwwwwwww...... that looks like something I'd make given my horrible graphics desgin skills lol
that's odd
12:26 AM
Send me your exact code.
cache maybe? I swear it was not working earlier
@ATaco that was my exact code lol
wait no
I'm just extremely extremely stupid
I can't imagine it being Cache, I'm sure there was some difference.
nope you're right
sigh; watches the stars roll in for my self-declaration of intellectual incompetence
But, what was the issue?
12:30 AM
I thought there was an error in that it was showing the called function in the outputted object but then I realized that that's because I put the function inside of the outputted object
Also 10/10 automatic expression separation
@DJMcMayhem Use Cheddar it's both :D
oh wait someone already made that joke
@Downgoat Poorly designed and hard to work with? Sounds about right.
that was joke
@ATaco string interpolation
Nvm, google is my solution.
12:35 AM
You Can format it right now, at the very least. string.format("this %s is %s text!","hink","honk")
A: Add a language to a polyglot

Potato44150. K-on F*ck, 6882 bytes #16 "?63(o+?50;+'51;'# #@"/*"r"{\D-v e-'[af2.q]PkPPX)\(9 9'#CO"14"^*/ #/*0|7//```"` [>.>.])[-'][( >77*,68*,@'_ )(22)S/ \\7aa*+42@n;EEEEEδΘΔΔΔΘΔΘλiiipsddpsdoh k zzzzkf kf k zzzzzd kf k zzzzza kf bfz(coding=utf8 1P''53'S^'????!?!??!??!!!!???!?...

150 languages in the polyglot now
@ATaco you could already do this with %...
% only works with a single value, (And it's just sugar for format)
@ATaco .........................
why does it not accept chairs tables
12:40 AM
Because I never thought to make it take tables.
This language is actually starting to feel a little powerful.
@ATaco Isn't it great when you're working on a language and all seems to just be a pain and suddenly it all works? :P
ooh :: what does that mean in Funky
@HyperNeutrino curry i think?
Curry Index. Returns the function at the index with the first argument substituted with the object.
what hold on i'm confused now
@ATaco no wait this is bind right
12:45 AM
so what does a::b(c) translate to in normal people speak
b::apply = function.apply(b, ...args) right
what is function though
So if you have an object o={f=s=>print(s)}, then calling o::f() will call f with the argument o.
that makes sense
@HyperNeutrino type of b
12:46 AM
cool I should add that to Proton
@ATaco So it is bind, JS has same thing
@ASCII-only ah ok
wait that's what it means? oh ok nvm then I can't add it to Proton yet lol
wait it's bind?
then that's just (o&f)() in Proton isn't it... hm
wait no it isn't, nvm.
because o::f(...) is effectively o.f(o, ...)
@HyperNeutrino yeah no it's (o.f&o)(...) ninja'd
12:47 AM
Note that the argument to :: is a string, much like . would be.
wait I think I could still make this work in Proton
except I'm not sure if operators are able to precede function calling yet in Proton because it's coded into the system
wait no nvm i'm dumb I think
yeah nvm . precedes () precedes + so it has to work
oh yeah I just need to make it a special token like =, ., @, !!, ??, and %%.
I can't even remember what half of those mean anymore ._.
@ATaco wait a string? shouldn't it be an identifier?
like the way . is matched is <expression> . <identifier>
anyway gtg take a shower brb in ~10 minutes
If anyone wants one of these, now's probably the cheapest times :P
1:12 AM
@ATaco this is wonderfully hacky, just like Ruby and lua
once Proton gets internal types completed I wouldn't doubt that it would end up looking really similar to this lol
probably something like:
string.__mod__ = (s, f) => f::apply(s::format)
so wait does that essentially mean dict.apply(f, s::format) which is dict.apply(f, x => string.format(s, x))?
@ASCII-only That was one of the intentions.
@HyperNeutrino yep
I mean a constructor would probably look like (a, b, c) => {"__add__": x => a + x, "__sub__": x => b - x} or something like that
or in true Proton spirit, (a,b,c)=>{"__add__":a&(+),"__sub__":b&(-))}
@ASCII-only ah ok cool thanks
mod = function(a,b)return String.format(a, table.unpack(b))end is the lua equivalent.
1:17 AM
what does dict.apply mean
also the best thing about proton is sometimes I'm testing out some Python stuff to figure out how Proton should behave on TIO and then I realize I forgot to switch from Proton to Python because most simple Python programs work in Proton :P
@HyperNeutrino wait what no function.apply...
well, bind
Funky doesn't have this, which is why i keep passing things as the first argument to other things.
And why :: exists in the first place.
@ATaco :|
@ATaco Can you declare arguments in a function, or does it just pass whatever was passed on the call?
It just passes whatever was passed.
Also @ATaco I caused a JavaScript error: tio.run/##JYpLCoAgFAD3nuIRhArhDewG7drHs7SkL/…
I'm not very surprised. Funky has essentially no error handling.
How do you get the type of an object
1:30 AM
(I forgot to add a global for that)
Wait... there are programming languages that don't have declared arguments? I feel like I've been lied to my whole life... (does JavaScript do that?)
@ATaco in my language, objects don't even have types!
I'm sure they do, just not meaningful types :P
@SocraticPhoenix don't have declared arguments? as in no arguments variable? yes... basically every argument
@SocraticPhoenix which language
@SocraticPhoenix Well the only language I can think of without declared arguments is Positron but almost all languages support declared arguments, just that some support extra arguments like that of JavaScript
1:32 AM
@SocraticPhoenix Wait, I probably phrased that wrong, yes you can declare arguments like function(a,b){}
@Geobits you hyped for November 1st?
but does the function have to check argument count?
@quartata wait what's happening
@SocraticPhoenix wat.
@ASCII-only design silly
I'm confused -_-
1:33 AM
@quartata oh yeah forgot about that >_>
you jest
@SocraticPhoenix Nope.
but then on november 1st we'll see who's laughing
mark my words
@ATaco then how does that link earlier work?
1:33 AM
(watch design come out november 2nd just to troll quartata)
@HyperNeutrino at exactly 12am
@SocraticPhoenix it has all the arguments in a variable... just like JS. If you add arguments you can access them with that too
(Return is handled via the last expression)
1:35 AM
@SocraticPhoenix arguments is a variable containing all of the arguments no matter what. named
But... is it not declared with no arguments?
well yes
@SocraticPhoenix yes?
You can just add extra arguments on call?
but you can have extra arguments and the overflow is just in arguments and not named
1:35 AM
@SocraticPhoenix yes
javascript doesn't care at all lol
my mind is blown
@HyperNeutrino they're all in arguments...
1:35 AM
I think that's more my fault :P
well not just the overflow but the overflow does show up there
I wonder what happens for proton if you do that
-_- i took a really long time writing the arg-count checker for my language... and JS & Co don't even use that kind of thing...
@ATaco :| no named args
and same thing for me too‌​... I could've sworn I made sure you couldn't have duplicate argument names...
1:41 AM
Wow... no one seems to have implemented duplicate param name checking... xD
are we talking about js still
Funky, Proton, and Shnap... all of which just let you use duplicate parameter names (and maybe JS, I'm not sure)
and Cheddar...
@ASCII-only I'm issuing a hotfix to scale the title/mine count on higher resolutions
@EricTressler okay
1:51 AM
I should fix that
@SocraticPhoenix nope
@ConorO'Brien :P wow even stacked
well that's because stacked is monkey-taped together
I guess its just something you gloss over when implementing stuff...
1:52 AM
@ConorO'Brien Funky even more so
link to funky? sounds... funky
@ConorO'Brien didn't you rewrite Stacked in C
@ConorO'Brien tio.run/#funky
@quartata ok so back then I was lazy and didn't want to implement list types for each primitive and I didn't know how to reference not-yet-defined classes so I wrote most of it in C but wrapped it in C++. unsurprisingly I judiciously burned it to the ground
1:56 AM
@ConorO'Brien ...
you know about forward declarations now though right
ok so I can't seem to connect to golang.org (isup.me says it's working)
i need to install go
I can connect... Maybe if you go to a better website?
socratic which website can i install go from
dunno xD just did it for the punz
the real question is why can't you connect to golang...
2:03 AM
I feel like all languages made by PPCG users have a bunch of supposed nonsense things that work
I'm gonna try the wayback machine site
@HyperNeutrino yep
also a lot of languages we make seem to allow placing two expressions right next to each other which looks weird sometimes but technically still makes sense
I think most languages disallow that to prevent programmers from making mistakes :P
@DestructibleLemon what OS do you have? I can try and give you the direct download link from the website...
2:04 AM
wayback is not letting me download it
I have mac
@HyperNeutrino True... but still, if we didn't let you put expressions next to each other it wouldn't be golfy...
exactly :P
Some of the languages I've made are just really weird though... the first one I ever made was really terrible... it was like ADD 1 AND 2 AND PRINT...
ok so i downloaded it and used the package but how do i use go now
dunno... guess the documentation from the website would be useful huh...
2:07 AM
@SocraticPhoenix and every line ends with CHA CHA CHA?
@EricTressler actually every line ends with a semi-colon... for some reason
i mean typing "go" in terminal doesn't access it
why can't languages just make really good guesses about what statements go where...
how do i view my path variable again?
I use windows so i dunno :(
@EricTressler Behold the horror:
2:10 AM
it was just a big long string of if statements...
My first language actually was a lot worse than that
I wouldn't really even consider a language though, and besides, most of the specs weren't my idea :P
I fail to see how it is possible to be "worse"
I don't think it was TC and I don't think I have the code anymore
ok so i found where go is but how do i use it
2:12 AM
@SocraticPhoenix what about Shakespeare
lol, I think the one above is technically TC because I think it can do recursion & it has if statements... but it doesn't have loops or anything
I haven't even implemented a language (except SK combinator, ///, Lisp (incomplete, gave up already)) so at least having implemented a language is better than do nothing.
I think my first serious attempt at a programming language was PostL.
That would make sense because it's the only language I made in Java, and I learned Java before Python.
Yeah, I've never written a language
all hail java
2:13 AM
I've written way too many :P
define "way too many"
I have like 7
I do all of my work in Java. I don't mind it at all, I think it's fine
Enough for Dennis to tell me to stop making new ones and instead make one actually good :P
@SocraticPhoenix >30
2:13 AM
@HyperNeutrino *too few
I guess
\o/ i did it
i am computer genious
@SocraticPhoenix See Tux and Conor for examples
@DestructibleLemon congratulations on whatever
2:14 AM
I'm pretty comfortable with the one I've got now... but I really want to make a statically typed one...
I mean making a practical lang is like 50x effort of a simple golflang
not a dynamic one though... they're pretty fine
gotta brb
ok so it turns out I'm not gonna be able to get this thing because it needs golang.org to download 😭
@SocraticPhoenix Mine was even worse
@DestructibleLemon use a glype proxy
2:16 AM
@DestructibleLemon are you trying to install Go?
no, I'm trying to get a go package thingy now
go get -u github.com/fogleman/primitive
how to do this without golang.org working
go get -a --job
@DestructibleLemon this doesn't work?
no u
@ASCII-only I already have go
I'm trying to get a thing with go now
@DestructibleLemon wait why does go get need to connect to golang
2:18 AM
i have no idea
package golang.org/x/image/math/fixed: unrecognized import path "golang.org/x/image/math/fixed" (https fetch: Get golang.org/x/image/math/fixed?go-get=1: net/http: TLS handshake timeout)
a bunch of things like that
@DestructibleLemon oh dependencies
why is it broken anyway
i have no idea
especially since isup.me says it's up
Try using rm -rf / to clear your cache and then :(){ :|:& };: to restart your connection and try again (p.s. don't) (disclaimer: if your computer breaks it's your fault)
^ alien meh face
@HyperNeutrino delet this
2:23 AM
nah fam
@quartata yes
@HyperNeutrino did you just say fam
yes I did
😤 we do not use that word
@DestructibleLemon he did fam
2:24 AM
@DestructibleLemon wait why?
because it is dumb
also how are you making emojis?
@DestructibleLemon true
the emoji button
what emoji button...
2:24 AM
the secret one
oh that one!
that one
why do you still have that
@ATaco plz add docs for funky it seems like a nice language
that is the embodiment of evil
ahhh i switched to mobile and can't leave
2:25 AM
request desktop
also add docs because then you don't forget what all of your features are (cough me with Proton)
better now :)
@HyperNeutrino I added docs to Shnap but now they're all outdated and don't reflect the current features xD
I suck at writing docs tho
CMC: given a number between -100 and 100, determine if it's hexadecimal representation is found anywhere within your code.
well only you can write the docs since no one else knows how it works yet...
2:27 AM
I attempted Proton docs but they're outdated as well
I think eventually I'll just re-do all the docs...
@ConorO'Brien RProgN 2, 1 byte -
@ConorO'Brien Jelly, 0 bytes: TIO
Gives no value (Falsey) for any input.
Proton: print(False)
I feel like it's too easy in almost all languages because of this lol
2:29 AM
@HyperNeutrino but e...
@HyperNeutrino and 'a'.
I'm dumb
print(r!=r) I think
or if None is valid falsy then print(r)
What's that Collaborative text editor we occasionally use..?
2:31 AM
C++: int f(){int x;return x!=x;}
@ATaco HackMD?
That's the one.
@user202729 what about e in return
Funky, 7 bytes x=>x!=x
f too.
2:32 AM
@ATaco oh right polyglot with Proton then :P
and with JS? lol
@ConorO'Brien Shnap, 11 bytes: print(null), or $n=>n!=n using @ATaco's technique
Java: x->x!=x (nearly polyglot with Funky/Proton/JS, but not quite)
C++ 27 int e(int x){return x!='<put literal character 0x0e here>'}
also Proton, longer but no lambda: (x=>x,x=>x)+*(!=)
when u have to write an essay for school but you would really rather chat on TNB...
wait nvm
it has two lambdas
2:34 AM
CMC: given two integers, determine whether or not they share any digits in their hexadecimal representations
why am I so stupid
@HyperNeutrino lol
@HyperNeutrino 1!=1 wait i didn't see CMC
is confuz
anyway gtg o/
Jelly, 5 bytes TIO - [] for falsy, else for truthy.
@user202729 else?
2:44 AM
C++, 101 TIO
@ConorO'Brien Java: (a,b)->{for(String c:Integer.toString(a,16).split(""))if(Integer.toString(b,16).contains(c))return true;return false;} (I'm not sure I can get it much shorter...)
oh true... xD
I'm tired
@HyperNeutrino 'z'<'y'
2:57 AM
Anyone want to help me write the Docs for funky..?
3:14 AM
I would but now I must rest
2 hours later…
5:05 AM
Woot! I fixed Function scoping!
Which is why f=n=>n?f(n-1)+n*n:0 didn't work.
1 hour later…
6:16 AM
Q: Stern-Brocot Tree using c language

user75391In number theory, the Stern-Brocot tree is a method of listing all non-negative rational numbers as well as a point representing infinity (here represented formally as 1/0). The tree may be created by an iterative process. It is easiest to describe as a list. Beginning with the list {0/1, 1/0} re...

1 hour later…
7:43 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Kevin CruijssenHighest or Lowest Occurrences? code-golfstring Challenge: Inputs: A string containing printable-ASCII (excluding spaces, tabs and new-lines) A boolean † Output: The parts of the String are divided into four groups: Lowercase letters Uppercase letters Digits Other Based on the boolean,...

8:03 AM
@ConorO'Brien Dyalog APL, 12 bytes: ∨/=/16⊥⍣¯1⊢⎕
8:59 AM
@ATaco ... comparisons are supposed to return booleans
Just because they should, doesn't mean they are forced to.
Some bugfixes not on TIO yet make this better.
(Like how the _call metavalue couldn't return anythng)
Q: Plz solve this and give me the answer

ViswanathThere are N cities in Byteland numbered 1 to N with city 1 as the capital. The road network of Byteland has a tree structure. All the roads are bi-directional. Alice and Bob are secret agents working for the Bytelandian Security Agency (BSA). Each secret agent is assigned a random city each month...

@NewMainPosts Not even trying..?

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