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8:00 PM
So yea, attention to blacks. It was my first thought when the idea for this came up in chat.
It really depends on what you want in the pic I guess - some bits look more natural, but you lose details like the thigh-highs in the window
btw this is Java, I'm guessing?
Yea, java. But yea, you have to pick something to work on. I'm hoping this will work well with most "natural" pictures. Still testing.
I wonder if there's a way to choose automatically which of several approaches would best suit a given image
I tried bumping blacks up and whites down, but it didn't work out nearly as well.
8:03 PM
@randomra same bytes, but it allows me to move the # removal back into the squaring which saves one
I'm curious about the Mount Shasta pic - that seems to be the hardest to stuff up on
Possibly, if you get a histogram and find a "closest match" to a set of them you've pre-tested.
@Geobits What about near blacks down and near whites up?
I thought about that, hadn't tested. The main problem I found with whites is that it's just too noticeable. A small change in black is less readily seen (at least to me).
I know for me the colour scale looks less distinguishable at the lower end. I wonder how much variation there is in display gamma nowadays.
8:06 PM
Dunno, but that would probably make a big difference :)
I guess I should take a look at these on my other monitor and mobile, too, just to see.
You could always go diving in data to work out what the best changes are :P
Yeah - you might end up with an approach that looks near perfect on most monitors but awful on others. I think Apple and Windows used to use a significantly different gamma but I don't know if that's still the case
@MartinBüttner nice!, codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/53642/… could use the fixed match count too:
this is a bit ugly and I don't think it should go into Retina, but defining start&end of a loop at the same line would save 1 char for loops: like (3`regex instead of (`regex ... 3 regex later )`regex2
@randomra Somehow, I really like that piece of code..
@randomra wow, that's hacky :D
@Optimizer ;)
8:13 PM
@MartinBüttner btw +?` sometimes acts weirdly, I have to add : too to get some output, but I guess you know about that
yeah, output and loops is a bit broken at the moment
I think it's related to this issue: github.com/mbuettner/retina/issues/21
Hmm, interesting for 40,40,40:
Definitely washes out the detail, but I kinda like it.
Looks like it could be an Instagram filter
Some colours don't seem to change much
@Vioz- Sweet, I'm gonna make sooooo much money selling this.
Yea, I purposely try to leave lighter colors alone (within each channel).
8:22 PM
It's nice :)
Surprising amount of colour left - 40,40,40 is quite a dark grey, right?
Yea, flat scaling like in the baseline answer looks like this: i.stack.imgur.com/hTtoL.png
I wonder if it would help to choose the pixels that are not just darker, but significantly darker than their neighbours, to keep the contrast up.
^^ If you don't zoom in too much it looks okay-ish :/
8:24 PM
Oooh, I like the dither look.
Another instagram filter!
Keep pumping these out, you'll be loaded
What is that one's average?
Like rain on a window
We should sell these to instagram.
(75, 91, 110), Starry Night
I had to downscale because my current algorithm takes hours (I need a new algorithm... and maybe a new language)
8:25 PM
Cool, I'll have to run mine that way in a bit to see.
Mine takes 10-15 minutes if the average is far off, but pretty quick if close.
That's not too bad :) considering you're doing full-size pics
I think the pics have to be smaller though, I hit the 2MB limit easily for some
@Sp3000 did you get optimal cycles for the multiplexer yet?
Is that the upload limit? There was a rumour than anything above 1MB gets compressed, lossily if necessary, which could cause problems with the validator
No, unfortunately - have you?
I just had a really neat idea, but I ended up with two cycles more than before (still in the main spike)
8:28 PM
This code produces different things on the stack each time O.o o-lang.herokuapp.com/link/…
:/ damn - I tried to ADD 1 then check > 0 and later NEG 2 and check < 0 to hopefully cover two cases at once
But I ran out of lines in a node (and it would probably have been worse)
I tried setting A to 0 when JGZ and B to 0 when JLZ and then just add them together at the end
takes 274 cycles though
Oh, that's a lot simpler
8:51 PM
@MartinBüttner managed to add a couple magnitude of runtime even for the simplest inputs... you can consume the separator in the unary converter with \w, giving 10 times larger values for every number not changing the result
this was primarily in effort to replace `[^.]` with `\W` but I got the same length at the end
@Geobits You probably want to try keeping the saturation fairly constant, especially with greys.
9:03 PM
True. I wanted to start with the simplest basis and iterate from that. Trying to find a balance between quality and complexity.
9:15 PM
@Sp3000 sweet, you can do stuff like MOV RIGHT,RIGHT
is this the "golf cpu"?
no, TIS-100
what challenge, then?
Hi, Martin. Good holiday?
@PeterTaylor yep, thanks for asking :)
@PhiNotPi do you mean what TIS-100 level? because this has nothing to do with PPCG
9:25 PM
yo are we talking tis-100
i love tis-100 but i'm not good at it
@undergroundmonorail that's how I feel about spacechem. so far I'm doing a bit better with tis-100
I only have two people on my friends list with the game, one of them hasn't started the postgame yet and the other holds at least one wr in (I believe) low cycles, so there's tough competition in my stats :P
I do have this on him, though:
the preview was wrong and now there's no preview
oh, the ?1 is because i edited it after uploading, so posting it without that gives you the original, i see
I was working on Sequence Gap Interpolator and I thought I found a math solution, but that was a coincidence for the first case that I checked so I'm back to having no idea :P
I'm only at Sequence Counter right now
9:51 PM
I've gotten to the point where I think "I have no idea how to do any of these problems and I still need like 2 more before I unlock the next set" about 10 times, and I don't think I've gotten any better at the game. I just luck into horrible things that happen to work.
Voting badges seem to be broken. I've reached the 40 vote limit for the first time today, but my profile insists on 39/40.
are you sure you've had all 40 votes?
Oh, that happens. It has something to do with question vs answer votes and which came first or something like that. There's a meta post on it somewhere...
you can only cast 30 or so on answers... so if you've only voted on 9 questions you would cap at 39
Oh, I didn't know that.
I'll look for a question that deserves a vote then.
9:58 PM
I think once you hit the answer cap you can't vote on questions either or something weird like that
IIRC, once you hit the "cap" like that, it won't let you vote on questions anymore either.
ninja'd... and yea, it's dumb.
Yup, can't vote on questions anymore either.
For ref (not that it helps much): meta.stackexchange.com/a/90256/212780
That's intentional?!
It was a fix, apparently :(
10:02 PM
All that Q/A vote ratio is dumb anyway. At least on this site.
10:15 PM
Q: Calculate average characters of string

Hannes KarppilaTask Your task is to produce string that contains average characters of string. First character of result would be average character of first character (which is first character) and second character average of two first characters and so on. What is average character? Strings are arrays of by...

10:31 PM
Q: A Kingdom Hearts VGM challenge

kirbyfan64sosI'm a huge video game music fan. One of my favorite OSTs is that from Kingdom Hearts, by Yoko Shimomura. The challenge Create a program or function that takes two arguments in any format: an abbreviated Kingdom Hearts game and a boss in that game. It must return the name of the song that plays ...

Does anybody else think this question has waaay too many trolling/low-effort answers?
Q: Holy Hole In A Donut, Batman!

Denham CooteHoly Hole In A Donut, Batman! Some characters are more holy than others. Using as few unholy letters as possible, display the statement above. Challenge Write a full program to print Holy Hole In A Donut, Batman! to STDOUT or closest alternative. If you can compress the input to reduce your sc...

Seriously, the two topvoted answers are results of pasting the desired output in copy.sh/brainfuck/text.html and converting that answer to Unary.
I imagine that's the process behind every Unary answer I see. Ever.
But it wasn't his BF answer.
Also, I don't mind Unary if it's used to actually win a challenge (scored by number of different characters or something). But for a code golf derivate? That's just trolling.
Oh I wasn't saying it like it's a good thing. I'm not a big fan of Unary in general. If it is used to win some sort of challenge, it's usually because of some unclosed loophole or spec without enough thought put into it.
I'm sure there are exceptions, but IMO it's just a joke language. You can't even store the program, much less actually run it.
In other news: prelim results (I think I need to tweak it a bit. shasta is tough, but escher comes out great for basically any color you throw at it):
10:48 PM
I wish that question had strict rules about which outputs you have to include in your post.
A popularity contest where everybody just posts the image his algorithm handles well is rather pointless.
Yea, I used the averages from each given image, plus a couple hard ones to stress-test. (0,0,150) is rough.
@MartinBüttner Ahaha yeah it's a funny way to copy a value... talk about playing with esolangs
@Dennis If you flag for deletion every answer that scores higher than the score of the hardcoded string, you'll be left with just your two answers. Low effort doesn't even describe it: people have gone to more effort than the hardcoded string to get worse answers (admittedly not much more)
OK there's one other - I judged too harshly...
@Sp3000 To be fair, I think all of your answers are cool.
Ahaha thanks
10:56 PM
@trichoplax Hey, if you use a verbose language to print a short sentence, that's bound to happen. I don't mind that at all. But three versions of the same 4 versions of the same code in HeadSecks, BrainFuck, Ook! and (worst of all) Unary are a bit too much, especially since they're just products of one-step code generators. The HeadSecks answer is kinda nice (and I'll upvote it once it's corrects its score), but the others are simply noise in my opinion.
Meanwhile, the PHP answer that actually managed the second lowest score so far sits pretty much at the bottom.
@Dennis Agree
Yet, people actually upvote this:
A: Holy Hole In A Donut, Batman!

Mr Myster GuestJavascript, 2434 points Holy Hole In A Donut, Batman! Encrypt B for each character code number, delimited with spaces in Javascript gets you the worst score of 2434 var batEncryption = "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB...

@Dennis Not that it makes much difference, but the PHP one is one vote higher now...
Screw it. I've never protected a question before, and this one seems like a good fit.
Go for it
11:01 PM
@Geobits I've protected a lot of questions, but only one of the bad answer came from a new user...
I didn't even realise I had access to protect until I just checked now. I assumed that was a much higher rep thing.
I saw two at least, the Ook and JS one.
@trichoplax 15k on graduated sites, 3.5k on betas.
@trichoplax The rep threshold for things are lower on most sites than on Stack Overflow.
It's not nearly as bad as some of the others, but it's clearly not trying to win.
11:02 PM
TIL I have protect power.
@Geobits Right, the association bonus doesn't count towards the rep limit for protected questions.
Can the score be correct on this one??
A: Holy Hole In A Donut, Batman!

rink.attendant.6HTML, 169 points Holy Hole In A Donut&#44 Batman! That's the only character that had a decimal numeric entity with only holed numbers. (In the HTML specification, entities must be followed by a semicolon but it still works in major browsers without one.)

@MartinBüttner What's the best for cycles you've gotten for multiplexer?
@PhiNotPi "TIL"?
today I learned
11:03 PM
Oh, @Dennis, congrats on Epic! But I think we all already knew that you're epic. :)
@trichoplax It is. The penalty for unholy characters is huge. &#44 is seven points, , is ten.
Oh it is correct - just noticed the comma. Thanks @Dennis
@PhiNotPi Today I learned what "TIL" means.
@AlexA. Thanks. :)
Seems like if answers start to lean into code trolling, it is hard to stop. At least I can downvote some, I barely do otherwise.
11:05 PM
@AlexA. You mean "TIL TIL"?
@Geobits Got my badge. Somebody deleted an answer I downvoted, so I could vote again. Voting rules are weird.
No argument from me there ;)
@Geobits OK, I'll bite. What??
11:07 PM
lol got it
@xnor TLA==?
11:09 PM
IDGAF (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
As an aside, I enjoy hearing people pronounce "LMAO" as a word.
I'm not sure I've ever really heard that one out loud. roflmao, yes, unfortunately.
@Geobits Wouldn't IDGAF be more like \_(**/)_/
11:11 PM
"roflolmao" doesn't even make sense as an acronym
Depends on how pissed you are when you say it. It can be used in a wide variety of situations :P
@MartinBüttner 204 achieved, setting A to 0 when JGZ and B to 0 when JLZ is correct (if you haven't got it already)
@xnor LOL THX.
TLA is the greatest of all acronyms
11:13 PM
@PhiNotPi rolling on floor laughing out loud may alter opinions?
Only others' opinions of your sanity
That was the gist of it, yea.
:/ people really hate Unary
@Geobits Flipping tables is, IMO, evidence that one GALF.
@Dennis That's really meta.
11:15 PM
@AlexA. I agree, but people often don't make sense when they're angry.
@AlexA. I'm so meta, even this acronym.
You might even say you G2+Fs.
@trichoplax TLA == Trichoplax Loves Acronyms
Well that's one way to get my name on the starboard...
Make that two ways.
11:17 PM
I never cease to be amazed by the number of ways
I'm not sure why the double equals, though. I assumed you were assigning it, but this is just a conditional. So is it true or false?
It's funny because the starboard is on the right, or else we'd have to call it port
Or sherry, for that matter.
Q: Through the bases

phaseThrough the bases In this challenge, you will be taking a number through all the bases of the rainbow Given an input, n, you will output n in every base from 9 to 2, and back up to 9. That's 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Example: >>> 16 17 20 22 24 31 100 121 10000 121 100 31 24 22 20 17 ...

@Sp3000 I've called it that ever since someone pointed that out a few months back - I can't remember who
11:18 PM
@Geobits Just don't call it Shirley.
Surely you jest.
@trichoplax Found it Phi.
@Sp3000 Just followed that link - I'd forgotten about the fake swirlies...
The old chat transcript doesn't show my old avatar. That gives me a weird sense of Deja Vu
@trichoplax I miss your old avatar. ;_;
@AlexA. My nice turtle one or my horrible jarring flashy one?
11:25 PM
The horrible jarring flashy one. It didn't flash or do anything weird for me.
My new one still glitches a little (on those browsers that show avatar bar glitching), and it's still enough for Optimiser to berate me
Optimizer berates everyone at one point or another though.
That doesn't take much. Llamas are notoriously grumpy.
Yes I don't really mind I just hadn't realised this one was particularly noticeable
@Geobits Are you part llama?
11:27 PM
Nope! Not grumpy, either :P
@Geobits No it was only in reply to that single word...
Although I assume the real grumpy word is damnit, dammit being more constructive
Dam it
Better than Llamabits. Sounds like the worst cereal in the world.
11:30 PM
Frosted llamabits
Honey bunches of llama?
Grumpy bunches of llama
Well damn. Some of these averaged out pictures end up looking better than the originals ><
Snake at 40,40,40:
I need a better post-processing workflow.
11:38 PM
Process: 1. Outsource to PPCG. 2. Sell for profit.
I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there stole one of the image popcon codes for their own business
I'm pretty sure that Lembik is actually a research mathematician who outsources his work to PPCG.
11:51 PM
Q: Probability to clear the board or win

orlpIn the game Hearthstone there is a playing board containing up to 7 friendly and enemy minions, and two heroes - yours and the enemies. To generalize and simplify, we will assume it's your turn, the opponent has any given amount of minions (potentially exceeding the original game's maximum of 7)...

@NewMainPosts Let's be friends
This is one of those times I wish I could chat as the feedbot. He really should be responding. It's quite rude to just ignore you like that.
It is rude :(
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