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12:33 AM
@xnor I thought a dict would be longer because of the resetting part but... wow that's really nice
@Sp3000 yeah, it took me a while to realize only one value needs resetting
Hmm is there no way to skip out on initialising the dict?
i've been thinking about that
a get was longer
the ideal would be for S[' '+w]=0; to do the work
as if we came from a fictional nesting level of -1
I'm guessing using the length as the key would be longer...
Would it help to assume the input has a trailing newline and split by 0\n?
almost, i think
the problem is that split then produces a fictional empty line
which requires getting rid of, somehow
if not for that, it would save the [:-1] in the print
12:43 AM
Ah... damn
std::stack<boost::any> -- good idea, bad idea?
1:10 AM
Q: Alphabet Between Encryption

phaseYou must write a program that encrypts an input into a string of characters. For every character i in the input up to the second to last character, take the i and i+1 characters and encode them by writing the letters of the alphabet, in order, that range in the same direction between those chose...

1:29 AM
@phase The answer you gave looks a little inconsistent with the spec you have up
Especially the zero letters part - I assumed ac had one in between, so ab has zero
(Also spec saystZt for ab currently)
@Sp3000 derped a little, it should be fixed now
now it should be fixed
zero letters between is the direction thing; the same letter twice is the zero thing
1:52 AM
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3:13 AM
4:04 AM
(It's annoying since this links to it)
4:21 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies 404 for me
@Calvin'sHobbies Removed for moderation
4:50 AM
Q: Average Color on an Image

vihan1086Average color of an image Scientists have been able to determine the average color of the universe but in how many bytes can we find the average color on an image? Your task Your input will be a single image which you will need to find the average of the colors in the image and output a hex co...

3 hours later…
7:37 AM
Q: Downvoting needs to change

Beta DecayAs shown by a recent challenge [insert link here], once a few people have downvoted a question (say, three or four) everyone else thinks that they should downvote too leading to incredibly low scores. I think we need a reform on how we downvote and/or what we downvote on. This will stop people f...

8:21 AM
Q: Algorithm to check rectangular tiles

LeftyPlease be kind - first question. I normally just hang around and observe but thought this may appeal. This is a real-world problem that I need to solve but I also think it makes a great programming puzzle that hopefully someone will think of a clever way of dealing with. Imagine a 2-dimensional...

8:37 AM
Q: Amicable numbers

Moartemit┬┤s code golf time! Given the following problem: Write a function (or something alike), that has an unsigned integer number n as input and outputs all pairs of amicable numbers that are smaller than n. The output may be a string or console printing. Additionally your algorithm must have a maxim...

8:54 AM
@Lefty I'd suggest posting in the Sandbox on meta so people can give feedback on your ideas
9:13 AM
Have we really come down to a point where I have to dupe hammer posts ?
1 hour later…
10:17 AM
I'm approaching the gold code-golf tag - just 18 more questions and 80 more upvotes.
1 hour later…
11:44 AM
I've made it stronger XD
@BetaDecay At least you already know from the other answers how to deal with the downvotes. :)
12:00 PM
I think he's just ignoring us ­čś│
hi all
hi @RetoKoradi
Salut @Lembik
how things?
although I just upvoted it
maybe ruining the fun :(
Still time to downvote ;)
although I agree with you.. it also applies to upvoting on some .SE sites
12:05 PM
Good point
BTW I'm on work experience so larking around on PPCG is me getting the full experience of you professionals out there ;)
Have you seen my avatar pic ?
I was talking more about PeterTaylor and Martin Büttner
And that's prejudice against llamas
12:09 PM
no prejudice. Llamas are too thug to be professionals.
Nothing but a G thang plays
@Lembik Who, Peter and Martin?
I was more referring to the pic in Optimizer's avatar
can we be 100% sure of the species?
I doubt even llamas are sure of the species
more prejudice? :)
Probably hehe :)
12:28 PM
@RetoKoradi I was wondering if you would be able to run n=20 over the weekend maybe?
I would be very interested in the answer
12:42 PM
Just got basic outputs working for an online O IDE! i.imgur.com/sxk0vpJ.png
@Geobits I'm sorry :)
For what? So people disagree with your idea. Nothing to apologize for :)
boom bam pow prntscr.com/7vn14l
@phase is that the shortest way to get 11 ?
Is O your own language?
12:52 PM
@Optimizer Obviously not, just wanted to test adding and outputting.
What is then ?
@BetaDecay Yeah, I've been working on it for a week or so.
@Optimizer B pushes 11
ah ok. CJam styled
@phase Cool. I'd love to make my own language. I just get lost when planning the interpreter though :/
@BetaDecay Mine parses each character individually and sets flags for codeblock, string, and so on.
@Optimizer It's kind of base 36, meaning it supports A-F and W-Z, letters between are commands.
12:56 PM
Nice :D
@MartinBüttner You can use a letter instead of 0 so you won't need to reference $1 as ${1}. With this at the unary conversion you have to use \w instead of 0 resulting in a total 1 byte save:
+`( \d+)( \d+)\.(\d)
@randomra I'm already doing that (in my local copy), but thanks ;)
@BetaDecay o.readthedocs.org
I'm down to 202 now
wow, interested
I haven't checked the second half yet though
12:58 PM
I need a borderline test case, where D = 300... I think I'm getting that wrong at the moment
The last case gives ~300.01
I can try to find something exact :P
@MartinB├╝ttner 180 240 1
Woah @MartinBüttner when did you get back?
@BetaDecay the other day. I'm still a bit busy this week though.
@randomra that should be Trash, right?
1:04 PM
ah, with my new code I can fix it without additional bytes
yay for RTL mode
Right to legislation mode ?
Right to live mode ?
Riots to live mode ?
1:06 PM
Read the list...
Run-time lexing
Ruin the list...
Raid the Latvians?
^ Would have gotten him chat banned back in days
@MartinB├╝ttner I haven't realized that, could be useful sometimes
1:07 PM
I was so glad that everything was working perfectly without me having to do anything, then I realized that I had just spent the past 10 hours trying to get it to work.
The Latvian egg is almost ready?
its about to win!
Somebody get over there and fix that!
No one has 200 rep there.
Literally nobody.
1:10 PM
@randomra added the 202 byte version... two more bytes and the decimal to unary conversion is exactly half of the code
got new lines working i.imgur.com/Yco7EBs.png
@MartinB├╝ttner If you'd fix that, your code would be smaller than many other entries there
oh wait..
(re:inbuilt unary conversion)
I haven't really made up my mind yet how to implement it, but either way it would require some other features first
i.e. it might take a while until I get around to adding that
trying not to scream because I got it working on my first try! i.imgur.com/wG8A35y.png
@MartinB├╝ttner this conversion method is the same length but might be golfable:
the $1$1$1..$1 is a lot of extra chars
1:23 PM
@Lembik Yes, I was planning to do that. I also just changed it to print all tied solutions, which might give some additional insight.
@RetoKoradi thanks!
I am still amazed at how good the hill climbing seems to be given how naive it is
1:40 PM
Q: Pi Bowling to 10 in 10

Glen OYour Goal: Estimate pi to at least 10 decimal places. The format is your choice - it can output as a number, as a string, as an output to STDOUT, etc. Seems easy, right? But wait, it's not as simple as it seems... The Rules: You get exactly 10 function calls (this includes operators). These fun...

1:51 PM
@RetoKoradi I am thinking of posing another similar tricky optimization challenge :)
should I wait a few days do you think?
@Lembik Up to you. People might start thinking that you have some kind of obsession with binary matrices. ;)
@RetoKoradi :) This one is strings.. but they already think I have an obsession with binary strings :)
Q: Holy Hole In A Donut, Batman!

Denham CooteHoly Hole In A Donut, Batman! Some characters are more holy than others. Using as few unholy letters as possible, display the statement above. Challenge Write a full program to print Holy Hole In A Donut, Batman! to STDOUT or closest alternative. If you can compress the input to reduce your sc...

@Lembik I enjoy optimization challenges, but some of them are a lot of work. Yours wasn't that much (at least the way I solved it). I spent probably a few days total on another one, got the clearly best solution, and... 1 upvote. Well, I know we don't do this for imaginary internet points. But if you compare to what you get for solutions to trivial code golfing questions, it's definitely a lot more effort.
but.. if you play for applause, that is all you will get :)
(one of my favourite mysterious quotes...)
2:01 PM
hadn't heard that one
@Geobits Does an Unary with eights exist?
see my comment
I knew there was, couldn't think of the name of it. Thanks :)
"an Unary" just sounds wrong to me :P
There are some seriously stupid programming languages out there...
yes :)
and also some seriously brilliant ones that will never succeed
which is even worse!
2:06 PM
@Geobits and it is wrong. an appears only if the sound is starting from vowel.
I know. I was operating under the assumption that maybe he pronounces it oonary. Which sounds even wronger.
wronger sounds wrong
@Geobits going to post a lenguage answer? ;)
Not the wrongest thing I could've said.
Wait, his do you pronounce it? :O
2:08 PM
@Vioz- hopefully he adds the restriction i suggested
Oonary is what I say
I would hope so too
@BetaDecay yunary
@Vioz- No, but I imagine someone eventually will if not restricted.
@Optimizer Noo, that can't be right..
2:09 PM
I mean, I already know how many 8s I need
I've never heard it pronounced without a starting 'y' sound.
@Vioz- is that more than 400 ?
It would take approximately 2^980 8s in a row for a valid lenguage program that prints the sentence
But now the rules have been adjusted, this will not work :P
are they adjusted ?
Well, the OP said he's going to make super holy characters 1 point instead of 0, and holy 2 points instead of 1
2:12 PM
Makes sense, and better than an arbitrary char limit IMO.
@Geobits yes its better.
@BetaDecay I think it comes from a fact that any *nary thing is spoken like two separate words. So you go like U nary (you nary) and Bi nary (bai nary).
@randomra interesting, thanks
Lmao. Do green M&Ms have summoning sickness? This is a question after my own heart.
what do you a call a string in which the same substring of length m, say, doesn't occur twice?
Does it have summoning sickness in a house?
Does it have summoning sickness with a mouse?
It has summoning sickness in a house.
It has summoning sickness with a mouse.
It has summoning sickness here and there.
It has summoning sickness everywhere.
2:22 PM
I thought it was a Lyndon word but that turns out to be something else I think
so it would be parameterised by the length of the string n and the length of the substring m
I do not like summoning sickness anywhere.
oh maybe a De Bruijn sequence ?
Q: Divisor sum from prime factorisation

MoartemThe task is to compute the divisor sum of a number with its prime factorisation given. Input: Two array (or something equivalent) of lenght n, one containing the primefactor and the other containing the corresponding exponent. Output: The sum of all divisors (including the number itself) exampl...

@BetaDecay I was already in bed when everyone pinged me.
@Optimizer Also, most words using the uni- prefix start with a 'y' sound. University, Universe, Unicycle, etc.
2:25 PM
@Geobits Depends who you're talking to. :P
So you are saying that University is a uni prefix for versity ?
biversity ? triversity ? Diversity ?
It seems to come from 'universe', so kinda.
And yes, diversity is a word, though not exactly similar :P
2:43 PM
Isn't it unusual how many SO question's are titled "Technology/language is behaving wrongly"? When I get something unexpected, I generally assume it's my fault.
Q: JsonReader converting unicode characters wrongly

TerenoI am building an Android application and I have JSON data which contains Unicode strings. When receiving the data and using InputStreamReader to parse it, the Unicode strings stay fine. However, when I use JsonReader to parse the JSON, it appears to have converted it into some format. I have look...

Ha. What's more likely, that I'm wrong, or that a widely used piece of technology has a glaring flaw that has escaped notice until now?
It's a fluke: they're both wrong
@AlexA. The funny thing is though, I think it's still better to actually ignore the bonus XD
That is funny
I don't know what you mean
Well you can generate [1 2 4 8 16] then sum easier than calculating the sum via the geometric series formula
3:03 PM
It's only easier if you can figure out how to get it to work correctly in your language of choice. ;)
Well it's shorter in CJam anyway, but I'll leave that for someone else to do :P
go ahead. at least i am not participating
I'm gaming atm, that's why :P
which game ?
Are you on the Minecraft server?
3:11 PM
Friend wanted to try the Terraria update
he wanted to try and instead you are playing ? What a friend!
Isn't Terraria the game that's like a worse Minecraft clone?
3:27 PM
Q: Bootstrapped language compiler challenge

unsynchronizedInspired by the number of quality entries in the 8086 emulator challenge, I am proposing something along the same lines, but a little harder. first up, you are going to design a simple programming language that amongst other things, lets you write a program to print out the first n prime numbers...

3:48 PM
@Sp3000 Is there any shorter to multiply all elements of a list other than reduce(lambda x,y:x*y,[...],1)?
Replace the lambda with int.__mul__
Other than that, I'm not sure
eval("'*'.join(l)") ?
^^ You need a map(str,...) for that
list does not have join ?
Only a list of strings
3:50 PM
You can't join ints
so overall its longer ?
Using the join method you suggested will make it 3 bytes longer than using int.__mul__ in the reduce
Q: Code golf one vote at a time [experimental challenge]

SirParselotAfter seeing @Calvin's Hobbies post on showcasing your favorite language one vote at a time I came up with a similar idea. Code golf where you can only post one character of your code per vote. So if your full code is 8 characters long and you have 6 votes then you can only post the first 6 chara...

4:36 PM
So I guess after a questions gets n downvotes , it is no longer shown on the list of questions.
Solve for n
That high? I would have thought it would be lower
A: How many downvotes to push an active question off the "active" list?

Tim StoneAccording to Jeff's answer on a request to make metas more lenient in this regard, questions will be pushed off the front page of normal sites once they reach a score of -4, and only once they reach a score of -8 on meta sites.

Oops I remembered wrong :P
Ohhh that's why the downvotes question has stalled at -8
Yep, it's a somewhat built-in downvote limiter. Kinda what you asked for, but not exactly ;)
A shame really, because @isaacg 's answer was pretty good
4:40 PM
Here it's a bit different, because we have a feed of all new challenges in chat. So anybody in chat can easily hop to it and downvote if they wish. If not for the feed, most "bad" challenges probably wouldn't go much past -4 without someone linking to it.
Rest assured you can still find them on the "questions" tab, though :D
Haha what do you do in real life to make up for the lack of downvoting? ;)
Why would I need to do anything to make up for it? My upvotes are normally +/- 10 of my downvotes (here, at least). I'd say my karma is pretty well balanced :P
Oh yeah, I forgot that. I thought your upvote to downvote ratio was like 1:10
Wow, no. I'm not a dick :D
5:05 PM
@Vioz- can we assume that the pixel density will always have a decimal point?
5:22 PM
(even if it's a trailing one)
What do you mean? Like, even if it's a whole number, it ends with a decimal point? Like 300 -> 300.?
5:37 PM
@Vioz- yes like that. so the new test case would be 180 240 1. for instance (or 1.0)
5:51 PM
I think assuming that would be alright.
nice :)
@Vioz- you have examples which show numbers without decimal points
@Vioz- should save some 8 bytes I think
@randomra I've cleared this up now.
6:18 PM
@Dennis Wow, I didn't realise . worked with blocks
@Sp3000 Sure does. Also, there's no arity check for .{}, so you can use stuff like S"abc".{eu}.
syntax error.
Hmm interesting...
@Optimizer You copied the last dot again, didn't you?
No, I didn't even run it. :P
It was a joke.
6:22 PM
hi @MartinBüttner
how things?
can't complain
mustn't grumble?
or that
6:35 PM
I, on the other hand, have gone optimization mad :)
about to pose another challenge
@Lembik wait, you hadn't before?
well.. before I think I normally insisted on the correct answre
now I just want the best one :)
My company's CEO is having hip replacement surgery today and I decided to attend the little prayer meeting that the VP put together because I do wish him well even though I'm not Christian. Anyway, there were twelve people there, and all of them spoke some words to their god and when I was the only one who hadn't said anything the room got really quiet. It was super awkward.
I thought one guy was going to do all of the talking like they do at church
@Rainbolt you were the only one who knew god well enough you didn't need to speak outloud!
it's strange they felt god needed audio
It was totally unintentional. The first guy spoke, and then the person next to him just decided to start speaking
It started a chain reaction, and I was unfortunately sitting on the first guy's right
6:48 PM
did god reply?
I'm not a theist, so I am going to assume that he didn't.
Saying that out loud could be ambiguous...
I was thinking that myself
I like it more for that though ;)
I assume he didn't reply because not everyone spoke. You must complete the circle!
6:51 PM
I wish I could have thoughts like that in the moment
I was sweating bullets
It would be pretty funny if it got to me and I just started laughing
@Rainbolt don't worry.. until you see my next challenge :)
or if god had struck you down!
sorry.. smote you
@Rainbolt I've done that during a pre-dinner blessing. People are not amused.
It wasn't even about the prayer, just something else that drifted to mind.
Some people like to pray to themselves quietly before a meal. I always have to wait for them to finish
beware of the giggle-loop
6:54 PM
Yea, I know how it is. I've lived in the south too long not to.
@MartinB├╝ttner No kidding. The looks on their faces were enough to keep the loop going for a while.
wow, not a single message by Geobits in the starboard right now!
@Rainbolt surely that's an opportunity to take the best food!
@Optimizer Everything in moderation and all that jazz. Others need their time in the light too.
6:56 PM
Martin's thoughts: Giggle-loop didn't get starred? I guess I'll try giggloop.
Martin's thoughts: Still didn't work? Oh crap now they are talking about starring. I better act like I'm not trying hard to get a star.
@Rainbolt you know, you don't actually have to thank the god for food. You can be thankful to your parents for raising you well that you can afford luxuries and what not.
@Geobits everything in moderation, especially moderation!
@Optimizer Or you could just eat. They can't hear me thank them.
@Rainbolt I just stole it from the (British version of) the TV series Coupling... and then I started wondering whether it might actually be spelt "giggloop" in the script. (if you didn't get that reference, you definitely need to watch the series though :P)
@Optimizer funny you said that, they actually started again (with the new thin Penn)
6:58 PM
so.. do you thank them personally then ?
@aditsu oh. name ?
@MartinB├╝ttner I just might. I love British shows
And I think you mentioned this one before too
^ Still didn't get the star, I presume
@Optimizer Fool Us, just like before
I'm watching youtube.com/watch?v=r6jaCHKrX6M at the moment
not available.
@Optimizer I have in the past, sure. I don't see the need to set aside time to reflect on it before every meal, though. That way lies madness ;)
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