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12:20 AM
HexCatcher is disqualified. Reason: Exception/Error
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 3
	at players.HexCatcher.takeTurn(HexCatcher.java:32)
	at main.Controller.playGame(Controller.java:77)
	at main.Controller.playGames(Controller.java:51)
	at main.Controller.main(Controller.java:238)
@randomra Nevermind, that's @flawr 's fault.
12:40 AM
that moment I realize I haven't done a proper malware scan for months and then become rather paranoid of the possibilities
What antivirus do you use?
Whatever's free. No budget for me.
This time around it's Malwarebytes.
I've been using McAfee(not free), I just recently switched to Avira(free)
I'll look into Avira.
hmm... right now "Detected Objects" is at 0, which can be either a good or bad sign.
According to av-comparatives.org, Avira is one of the best.
When was the last time you checked your screeps game :P
12:51 AM
Last week sometime.
It's just one of those things where I suddenly lose all interest in something for no apparent reason.
I have a life outside of Screeps, after all. That life is called PPCG.
Argh, @MartinBüttner keeps beating me to the rep milestone congratulatory messages. :P
@PhiNotPi I stopped really doing anything with mine when they changed the API considerably.
@flawr Upgraded Dijkstra and his cat.
1:09 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies Do you want to borrow some spackle and paint for your bathroom wall?
It'll be like Einstein was never there.
1:24 AM
@PhiNotPi I feel the same way regardless of what I try to do.
1:36 AM
I was trying to find a way to get a stack snippet to do stuff with a google document.
good find, but one problem.
> TODO: Use google forms for saving data
TODO: Find something that solves your problem
2:06 AM
Q: Javascript Rubik's Cube Scrambler #2

molarmanfulOkay, so I developed my previous Javascript scrambler further. Now it is made for ES6, and it's 112 bytes as of now. Any tips to improve byte count? Code is below: _=>{for(a=s=y=r='',x=Math.random;a++<25;s+=r+["'",2,''][0|x(y=r)*3]+' ')for(;r==y;r='RLUDFB'[0|x()*6]);return s}

2:16 AM
Another SE mystery: I got a notification when this comment was made. How did the site know molarman was talking to me without the @Calvin?
There was no one else commenting on that post
(Am I totally oblivious to comment responses?)
@AlexA. But his comment could have been totally unrelated
It could have been, but SE assumes it isn't.
Do you have a meta post that backs that up?
Experience broseph.
I've done lots of commenting on SO and I've noticed that often.
2:22 AM
Can we test it? Can you comment on meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/5384/…
Did you get a notification for my comment?
I voted to close it as "primarily opinion based"
Ok. Thanks for the help
2:26 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies Any time.
Still seems weird to me
Nah, it's just how SE works.
Spend lots of time in low-traffic tags on SO and you'll get used to all sorts of crap.
I guess it's because not everyone knows about @Usering
"advanced pinging technique"
More like "only pinging technique"
If you're talking about @
@Calvin'sHobbies Particularly new users
2:30 AM
@141888 Do user id's work in chat?
Idk. Who are you trying to ping?
Maybe, it might depend on chat ID vs site ID.
Nope, nothing happened.
@user26997 I don't think so
2:31 AM
@trichoplax But that's not my chat id
@user141888 test
@user141888 ?
@121917 good point
@user121917 how about this?
No pings
Well, obviously nothing's happening.
Nothing is happening. Everyone looks so foolish right now.
2:32 AM
I wonder...
>! @Calvin'sHobbies this?
@trichoplax That got me
@AlexA. That didn't
2:32 AM
Maybe because trichoplax and I posted in too rapid succession. Allow me to try once more.
@PhiNotPi No
Only because it's a standard ping... I was trying to do spoiler text but either it doesn't work in chat or I've got it wrong
@AlexA. Yes
2:33 AM
@@cal test
I think I've seen "@Phi" work before.
It must only need enough to uniquely identify you among the other chat users.
Maybe 3 letters or more is needed?
It takes 3 characters, yes
2:34 AM
I think so, Ca doesn't work
Even if 2 is unique, it still needs 3
^ yes
@AlexA. the tri was successful :)
2:34 AM
I tri-ed and succeeded. B)
I don't know if a non-unique 3 pings both or neither
Who isn't unique on three? Let's see...
2:35 AM
@PhiNotPi the space makes it work
@Calvin'sHobbies Got me
Let's see what happens
In other news, a massive ping battle has broken out on PPCG
@AlexA. Ok. But it's weird that mousing over it doesn't highlight your last message (Mousingover @PhiN does)
2:36 AM
@trichoplax PingOfTheHill
@PhiNotPi That got me, unfortunately
@Alexa .com
@Calvin'sHobbies For me hovering over this message highlights (in grey...) @Calvin'sHobbies Got me
2:38 AM
@Sp3000 and @PhiNotPi both got me
So did El Numero Uno
@trichoplax Right. But the @@ ones do ping but don't highlight
You have to add "http://" in front of the names to form a URL.
@Hobbies Maybe?
2:38 AM
@TheNumberOne That worked. Hobbies didn't
@TheNumberOne Nothing.
So there's a bit of fuzziness possible (lowercase/remove punctuation?) from "Alexa", and it has to be from the start because "Hobbies" and "3000" didn't ping
2:39 AM
Ping [ ](http://@Calvin'sHobbies@PhiNotPi@AlexA.@trichoplax)
That pings
@TheNumberOne 3 pings for me
2:40 AM
That also pinged
That pinged you???
Pings are awesome.
Phi's one, I mean
Stealth pinging.
Is there a limit to how many you can ping at once?
2:41 AM
You can see what happened in the permalink
@Calvin'sHobbies I'll find out
I don't even know what just pinged me
@TheNumberOne Got you... lol
@TheNumberOne That got me.
^ did that get anybody?
2:42 AM
Is there a way to hid pings in normal URLS?
2:42 AM
So you can do at least 5 at a time
An invalid # at the end of a URL will still work as a link to the top of the respective page, right?
Yes, it is possible.
404 error.
I didn't say it was a valid URL
2:44 AM
@tri @TheN those both worked.
@AlexA. @Sp3000 @trichoplax @TheNumberOne @PhiNotPi @MartinBüttner @Doorknob 7 test
@TheNumberOne That pinged me and I don't know how
7 test worked
2:45 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies worked
Let us not tempt the fates or anger the mods
Doing a lot more might annoy people :P
too... many... pings...
@trichoplax Disagree. Let us tempt all the fates and anger all the mods.
The period is where the stealth pings occur.
Okay, thanks!
2:47 AM
@AlexA. I think you need an @
@s are needed
@TheNumberOne Pinged me twice with the same message.
Doorknob did a future self ping the other day. How did that work?
@PhiNotPi @Phi @PhiNot @PhiNotPi @Phi
2:48 AM
22021783: ping
@PhiNotPi Was it just edits? e1 e2 e3 e4
@Calvin'sHobbies I couldn't figure it out
Only gives one notification, but all 5 are highlighted.
@TheNumberOne ping
@Calvin'sHobbies You have to edit the first message once you know the transcript id of the second (I think)
I think it was like this:
@trichoplax In response to the following question
@Calvin'sHobbies Is this me?
46 secs ago, by PhiNotPi
2:49 AM
Does this work?
It is me!
47 secs ago, by TheNumberOne
editing again without resubmitting top
@PhiNotPi edit
test 2
Have a ping @Sparr :)
@Calvin'sHobbies Did my highlighted tag of you ping you?
2:52 AM
Got it to work.
@PhiNotPi Masterfully done.
@AlexA. Which one? I've lost track
@AlexA. This one? Yes I believe
2:53 AM
@TheNumberOne Did that same one ping you?
@Calvin'sHobbies Hi
@AlexA. no
@TheNumberOne Now you're just messing with nature
@TheNumberOne Not the highlighted tag of Calvin above?
@AlexA. nope
2:54 AM
@Optimizer likes to be bothered
@AlexA. can you edit so I can see text
ping the llama instead
Llama, come here.
test l_?
@AlexA. works
2:55 AM
The bonking noise of a chat ping is so satisfying.
It looks like it works for a few seconds but then doesn't.
You mean a blank link?
@trichoplax remove spaces between brackets.
2:57 AM
Yeah, the blank link.
@PhiNotPi dolla dolla bill, y'all
@TheNumberOne thanks :)
@PhiNotPi Who or what was that supposed to ping?
What did my link do for you?
2:59 AM
It made all of my wildest dreams come true
I gave it a message number instead of a name in the URL.
I didn't get pinged and I don't see a link
Wrong slashes? //
3:02 AM
Sorry, trying to find invisible characters.
@TheNumberOne You may need infra red
@PhiNotPi I think colon-chat message transcript only works as the first thing in a message
3:05 AM
How did that blank one work?
Evil cackle.
3:05 AM
@TheNumberOne I got a ping. Pete knows how
^ @Katya did that ping you?
@trichoplax Who is Pete
Q: What is this invisible character?

NumbersI have strings in my code that contain invisible characters. look at the string below, the invisible characters is between the m and the last double quote. I would like to know a) what is it? b) how to detect these? I've tried both "draw_white_space": "all" in preferences and the plugn Trailing...

@AlexA. Pete only knows
Peter Taylor
3:06 AM
Oh, okay
@TheNumberOne OK that works...
@AlexA. but actually I meant the deity Pete, as in "for Pete's sake"
Ohhh yeahhh...
3:07 AM
I wonder if this works to star my own post
@TheNumberOne pinged
@TheNumberOne (and 2nd time)
@AlexA. Kat was successful in pinging me
@trichoplax That's what he meant.
3:09 AM
Now we just need to check with the other Kat and we'll know how this works
@Katya Interesting, because Kat does not uniquely identify a member of the chatroom. (Though it does in terms of those currently in the room)
@PhiNotPi pinged
@PhiNotPi @Then works too!?!?! :(
@AlexA. pinged
It's not blank though
3:10 AM
@AlexA. sure isn't
Is now
@AlexA. Are you sure you had the "special" character in there?
@AlexA. (removed)
@AlexA. (removed)
@PhiNotPi No I forgot it
@trichoplax Yes I removed it, hence blank ;)
3:11 AM
@PhiNotPi test
@AlexA. what is going on?
So much ping
wow, such ping, very bonk
@AlexA. No I get that - I was trying to get a fake blank but failed miserably :)
My previous post is a reply to itself.
@PhiNotPi It turns itself grey when hovering... Cool
Welcome to meta chat
3:14 AM
Well, there's nothing new left in the universe to know. φ¬π figured it all out.
Right. Back to writing questions then...
The only thing I've figured out is how to make φ¬π with my keyboard.
@Katya Can you mess around on PPCG while a patient is in an MRI? :P
@PhiNotPi Sneaky
Well, I need to catch the sleep train.
3:23 AM
@PhiNotPi Remember to turn your volume down so all the pings don't wake you...
See you all sometime... this week.
Bye :)
@trichoplax Should we test this?
Lol no!
How mad do you think Phi and/or the mods would be if I made a chat bot that just pinged Phi over and over?
3:26 AM
Unless you want to write a bot to ping every few minutes while you sleep
Woah - spooky
The birds have started singing - I should be asleep myself...
Well you should probably turn your volume down too.
Oh dear...
3:31 AM
I'm probably going to write questions for a bit though
Sounds like your priorities are in the right place.
I'm looking to double my all time question count before the weekend
What's your current count?
3:32 AM
I've sandboxed a few but only 1 ever made it through so far...
Well you've gotten further than I have. I've never posted to main and only one to sandbox.
I ended up deleting the sandboxed one though because it was crap.
I have a few KotHs that will hopefully make it through in the coming weeks/months, but for now I'm working on a nice simple golf
I had a few that were duplicates or simply not possible
One of these days I'm going to have to try participating in a KotH. Perhaps my first will be one of yours!
Do you like (can you tolerate) JavaScript?
I'm learning it to try and write a Stack Snippets KotH
I'm not allergic, I just don't know it very well.
3:54 AM
Now I'm going to be searching for hidden links and pings in everything...
4:21 AM
@Everyone  Good night!
5:04 AM
Q: Unicode compression in golfing

fridgefishI've seen some Unicode-encoded answers in ASCII art challenges like this one in CJam: "03½åÙªWË#å¥ÜZ2ò'ýðDc}¦Ð£RÞ5ä<Üå§ÖÞYÏuäOe ¤¶è2²|ZëßB«ô¬cm"257b2bSf*Qa/"®=&ðS¢Òpût£Ð`ç«^º,[öÄ©3¸YÝæ[%$>\D£ (´õÓÆeUØRHáÄ¡ããîùK½ÊÆÇ:UBÍm¥·fèäBÓEwWOkQq×tÌVfè£g8·¨ q©ñäp-ÁgUÚ´Éõ'>r Ê#"256bDb" .\"'()-/:\_|J"f=...

5:43 AM
2k reputation is strange
I see deleted posts
Q: How do I include a link to a large file

CJ DennisI have a large text file (~6kB) that forms part of my challenge. How do I provide a link to download it instead of embedding the text in my question? I believe I have seen other questions do this but I don't have any examples.

6:04 AM
Q: Evaluating Parentheses and Brackets as Integers

Calvin's HobbiesWrite a program that takes in a string of the four characters ()[] that satisfies these points: Every left parenthesis ( has a matching right parenthesis ). Every left bracket [ has a matching right bracket ]. Matching pairs of parentheses and brackets won't overlap. e.g. [(]) is invalid becaus...

@AlexA. By spamming @Kat you were pinging me >_<
6:30 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies Do you have more test cases for the parentheses challenge?
@Sp3000 Not on hand. It seemed simple enough and I didn't really want to bother :P
I can add more if you really want. Is there a case you're not sure about?
Well basically testing more brackets together (you only have 2 at a time) and deeper nesting
e.g. something like [([][][][][])([][][])([][][])(((((([][]))))))]
It's simple, but people can still botch it with stupid algorithms which look like they work but don't :P
6:45 AM
@Sp3000 Added this as example
Ahaha k, thanks. Sorry about that :)
7:00 AM
@Katenkyo It appears that pinging @Kat pings both of us
7:17 AM
I feel that I will be pinged a lot this morning x)
Q: Create a basic spell checker

JNVCreate a basic spell checker In this challenge, you have to implement a basic spell checker. Your program will use the first input as a source. Specifications You will receive two inputs, one is a sentence/paragraph you use as a source for your spell checker, and the other includes wrong word...

7:39 AM
Q: Write a compact spelling checker

CJ DennisHere is a list of 1000 basic English words. Yes, I'm aware that there are only 999 words in the list! It was taken from Wiktionary so blame them! Your task is to write a program that accepts a word and returns TRUE or FALSE (or 0 or 1) depending on whether the word is in the list or not. You mus...

Wow, everybody want a spell checker !
8:14 AM
bicuz dhey cnat spall
8:35 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies why thank you
Well, if anyone is interested :
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

KatenkyoSummoner war You're a Summoner controlling Demons called cells. Regulary, some tournament are done to dertermine who will be the king. And the king is always the strongest ! As it is a turn-based game, each Summoner will play twice against each opponent. So, for each pair of submission, they wi...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

KatenkyoSummoner war You're a Summoner controlling Demons. Regulary, some tournament are done to dertermine who will be the king. And the king is always the strongest ! As it is a turn-based game, each Summoner will play twice against each opponent. So, for each pair of submission, they will all fight ...


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