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7:13 AM
I don't get it, 5 answers but no reputation gained...? Am I doing something wrong? XD
Eh, whatever.
You don't get reputation when answers are posted; you get reputation from upvotes.
@AlienG You only get rep from answers when you accept one
Ah, so then I'm assuming if I loose reputation, I've gained down votes?
@Downgoat Oh, weird system.
7:16 AM
No, not really.
It doesn't make sense to get reputation if someone answers your question.
@AlienG You've gained down-goats :p
sorry, that was horrible
@AlienG I'm confused, You only have 3 questions and 0 answers.
Upsheep, downgoats.
@AlexA. I assumed since people put effort in writing an answer it would mean I did a good job on the question :3
That's why question upvotes give you rep
7:19 AM
I put very little effort into mine. :P
@Calvin'sHobbies Yeah, I've never posted an answer :D
Well, PPCG is still part of the Stack Exchange model, where you can ask a question, but just because someone answered you doesn't mean your question was well-formed and helpful to others. That's why question votes exist and reputation gained or lost by the asker is dictated by votes, not answers.
So you only gain if people feel like you should. Got it. C:
@AlienG You've actually gained 3 rep from List numbers within given ranges. +5 for the upvote and -2 for the downvote
7:22 AM
@phase I don't know CoffeeScript and I don't really know how to test it, but I think you can refactor part of parser.coffee to be kind of elegant. Something like maxSpaces += event.object.string.length + switch event.object.type when Objtype.Number then 0 when ...
@Mego you didn't see my message ?
@Calvin'sHobbies Oh, it wasn't showing the +3 before. It'd be nice to have a "Why" section for downvoting.
That's called the comments section ;)
That wasn't used in this case ;_;
@AlexA. Do you realize both you and @Mego are primarily black and white birds? One day one will become the other...
7:25 AM
Penguins aren't as colorful as magpies.
black and white?
But @AlexA. can fly.
I went there.
@AlexA. blubberier
@AlexA. so black blue and white?
7:26 AM
Also a little green and purple in there too.
And if you use your imagination you might see all sorts of things.
That magpie is majestic as fuck. Then there's this penguin...
Terrible jokes are terrible.
Uhhhh so this is a stock photo so it must be PG but seriously wtf
7:29 AM
even if magpies are more colorful, Alex is just plain black.
Or it's in the wrong spectrum O_o
@AlexA. he's shaking the gum out of it
He's getting lunch money.
Crows are related to magpies and are also rather beautiful creatures
And they're plain black
and wrong too
7:30 AM
Ooh, cyan.
for the fucks yak.. oh wait.
"Fixed that for you"
oh you laughed even without the context then
I'm sorry I brought this up. I didn't want a magpie>penguin proof ._.
7:32 AM
yesterday, by Optimizer
for the fuck's yake?
@Calvin'sHobbies Well it's already been proven, so we can move on now.
those two penguins are having trouble moving on
@Optimizer Haha. Yes, I didn't have context but what you had said sounded ridiculous enough for me to laugh.
Then lets talk about this: Would burning a horse output more energy than it can itself?
@AlienG depends on the horse power ;)
7:33 AM
@AlienG veto
Better yet, what if it was a MAGICAL UNICORN
Ok, next topic.
@AlienG Depends how you harness the energy
such redundancy in code golf chat room?
@Calvin'sHobbies Set it on fire to boil water to turn turbines. Just like every other fuel we use.
7:35 AM
@AlexA. CS can be beautiful, but I can't make it that way
A: List numbers within given ranges

phaseO, 75 bytes [i'(-')-", "/]{[[n'-/]{n#}d[$,.$.0=0={.@=0={;.@=0=}w;}{;;}?r]]{n{noTo}d}d}d This makes logical sense to anyone who built the language (i.e. me). The logic behind this is intense and I'm just happy that I got it working.

I'm really good at this golfing thing. Oh wait no I suck.
@phase I'm sure you do it justice. ;)
@phase Oh wait no, O suck.
@Optimizer it will be good once we implement mapping and filtering and all that cool stuff
Martin being picky XD
0 isn't included in the positive integers group apparently.
7:39 AM
Is it ever?
So is 0 in it's own group?
There are positive integers, negative integers, and 0, which is neither positive nor negative.
0 is negative in my book
0 + -0 = 12
It gets "is 0 a positive number" but not "is 0 a negative number"?
That is weird/embarassing
Well positive means >0 and negative means <0, so why would 0 be positive or negative?
Maybe it's both.
7:42 AM
It's neither
@Calvin'sHobbies I don't think any of the Wolfram Alpha devs ever thought that would be asked.
Well if you sqrt(0) you get 0, but you can't sqrt(-int) meaning it's not negative? :3
@AlienG That's because 0*0 = 0, but no negative times itself is negative
Still meaning it's not negative.
It shows all the signs of not being negative. Literally, it has no "-" sign in front of it.
Q: Loop Detection - not that kind!

DeusoviThe goal of this challenge is to find the direction and area enclosed by a loop. Input: A rectangular grid consisting entirely of these characters: ^v<> (Optionally, you may also be given the dimensions of the grid before the grid itself in decimal with a prefix, suffix, and separator characte...

0 (zero; BrE: /ˈzɪərəʊ/ or AmE: /ˈziːroʊ/) is both a number and the numerical digit used to represent that number in numerals. It fulfills a central role in mathematics as the additive identity of the integers, real numbers, and many other algebraic structures. As a digit, 0 is used as a placeholder in place value systems. Names for the number 0 in English include zero, nought or (US) naught (/ˈnɔːt/), nil, or — in contexts where at least one adjacent digit distinguishes it from the letter "O" — oh or o (/ˈoʊ/). Informal or slang terms for zero include zilch and zip. Ought and aught (/ˈɔːt/), as...
> the only natural number not to be positive
> negative things, or quantities less than zero
0 is neither positive or negative.
7:46 AM
@AlexA. What is infinity then?
There is a +infinity and a -infinity.
They represent the "extents" of the real line.
Alright, I thought so.
I would of been wondering if the negatives ever just "stopped" then
In a parallel universe where negative numbers stop at -10.345432
@Alex I made it be explainered
I've got Domino's downstairs but I don't want to get out of my chaire
7:48 AM
Once gain, good job.
let me just deploy this app in a runtime in a docker container via mesos on a VM on a physical server https://t.co/fwAmQmMzEo
god, its just taking this gif to a whole new level
Oh, yay.
Always fun watching animals fun down stairs.
> animals fun down stairs.
What about the exploding part? :P
That's ALWAYS fun. No exceptions.
@AlexA. Why a Magpie? I never asked.
7:51 AM
I like them a lot.
Great explanation
@Calvin'sHobbies mesa? u like mesa's explanation?
@AlexA. So then why isn't it a pic of your girlfriend?
oh you guys all loving dark humor so much.
@AlienG That would be creepy
7:52 AM
Oh, right, we're coders. I keep forgetting.
@phase I sarcastically meant Alex's explanation
@AlienG What does that have to do with anything?
@AlexA. That's not socially acceptable for us because reasons.
what are we talking about?
7:53 AM
No clue.
@AlienG It's not socially acceptable in general.
The average teen these days begs to differ.
Teens are stupid.
That hurt. :P
I say this, including my past self. :P
7:54 AM
@AlienG Using a face other than yours in a public profile is invasive to that person's privacy
Even if they gave permission, it's still weird at best.
Well, teens do it anyway.
Those teens shouldn't.
Those teens do anyway.
7:55 AM
Don't follow their example.
I never have, never will.
Good. :)
@Optimizer Definitely burning unicorns, like before.
@Optimizer Alex has a magpie for his profile pic. Because he likes them. Why not his girlfriend then...?
7:57 AM
does Base64 include /?
If someone considers you antisocial for not using a picture of someone else to represent you on the Internet, sounds like that person isn't worth listening to.
@phase I think so
So then I might as well not have ears.
7:58 AM
Oh, crap, I have to wake up really, really, early tomorrow and it's already really, really, late.
@El'endiaStarman oh, I am good wrt that then.
Well, you guys do what you do. Night all.
@phase 404
@AlexA. because the permalinks are formatted ..com/code/input, which each is in base64. the / are messing the decoding up so life is sucking right now :\
Hello @Martin! Maybe just it's me but you seem unparticipatory lately D:
8:00 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies In chat or in general?
(It's not just you. We all miss Martin.)
I'm sure it's just that everyone else has become much more participatory ;)
@phase Can you just use the %20 or whatever for /?
@AlexA. Yeah, I think that's the only way to solve it
8:02 AM
I think Python has a URL handling package or something
That might be helpful
Martin has been golfing my code lately :)
@MartinBüttner The chat maturity age has seemed to drop by a few years lately :s
Nov 3 at 22:27, by Peter Taylor
I've seen the signal-to-noise ratio drop below 1% before.
@aditsu someone has to do it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
it was supposed to be optimal.. then there you come with a brilliant idea :p
8:05 AM
Martin's pretty good at that
@aditsu ;) ... '.,Ser was much more brilliant than my little improvement though
@Calvin'sHobbies well... have you seen Peter lately? ;)
I voted "Of course!" mainly because it's expected of me to attend a Thanksgiving dinner. :P
(As usual, I'll be going to my grandparents' place.)
I voted "Nah" mainly because nah.
8:12 AM
Gender neutral pronouns have nothing at all to do with feminism.
Blame English
@AlexA. blame the LAPD
The Los Angeles Police Department is also unrelated to gender neutral pronouns.
I know someone who doesn't identify with a binary gender and thus was quite pleased when Facebook started offering a gender neutral alternative to his/her, etc.
I wish German had a gender-neutral pronoun like the use of "they" in English. "s/he" (or the much worse alternatives that some people have come up with) breaks the flow of the prose a lot more than a single pronoun.
The use of singular "they" in general has disputed acceptability in English.
8:15 AM
In French, everything has a gender. That desk, that TV, everything.
Same with Spanish.
Romanian too
the nasty part is that the genders for the same nouns are not the same in different languages :p
All gender distinction in Japanese is entirely optional. The basic language is entirely genderless, but there's optional, occasionally gender-specific "flair" that you can add without changing the meaning.
@Calvin'sHobbies all of the math
8:22 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies Anything but restricted source/source layout.
it's gross
But I know that even if you made one of those, it would still be an awesome challenge. <3
3 math. alright
I was one of those maths and the only two non-maths.
Nvm more people voted
I contributed two more non-maths. :P
And one of the math...
8:25 AM
Mini-math-challenge: Given N, compute the largest square less than N^3. (N > 1)
strictly less than?
Julia, 47 bytes: n->for i=n^3:-1:1 isinteger(i^.5)&&return i end
Q: Why to choose TradeSolid?

mikepontingTradeSolid is the platform where you would enjoy binary options trading at its best. It was established in the year 2008 and by now the website has more than 1000 loyal users from different parts of the world. The trading platform has offered the trading tools and applications in different langua...

@NewMainPosts Hush, you.
8:29 AM
...Minkolang doesn't have int, floor, or ceil. HMM.
Sounds like it's time to implement a few functions.
I just realized it's after midnight and I have to work tomorrow. Oops. Have a good night, everyone.
[j.*.*,]{n.mq.m[={p}L;?}d Prints all the squares less than it
Another solution that outputs as an integer, not a float: n3;(i2;d0c`,)xN.
8:37 AM
f=lambda n:int(n**1.499999999999999)**2
That's...clever and bad. :P
hey guys, go to google and search for this: a long time ago in a galaxy far far away
@aditsu fancy
Q: Why to choose TradeSolid?

mikepontingThey are not just providing sufficient help when it comes to trading, they are also providing the best customer service. In the beginning, when it joined their trading platform, I was having trouble with trading signals. Unlike other trading platforms and other providers, I was expecting that hel...

lambda n:int((n**3-1)**.5)**2 legitimately works
8:45 AM
@xnor And it's shorter. :)
well, lambda n:int(n**1.5-1e-9)**2 probably also works
8:57 AM
@phase older one: do a barrel roll
9:21 AM
@xnor q~3#(mQ2# in CJam.
(also yes, what is with the downvotes on that loop challenge. I think it's great.)
Q: Find multiple pairs

ghosts_in_the_codeYou are given a set of natural numbers. You must arrange them into pairs such that: Each pair contains 2 numbers, one of which is a multiple of another. For example, 8 is a multiple of 4, and 9 is a multiple of 9. If the same number occurs many times in the initial set, it can be used that many...

9:43 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies I32,XS)M2Xh - maths challenges aka the only thing Gol><> can actually do
I do like xnor's ways though :P
Absent for a few days, too much chat in transcript
10:20 AM
oh wow 2am
10:35 AM
oh wow 5am
@Calvin'sHobbies I picked "Other"...consider it a vote for computational geometry
11:06 AM
@aditsu woooo, an update on a CJam ticket :)
:) 2 tickets actually
Woo ew
oh, nice
2 hours later…
12:49 PM
that nice annoying nice feeling when you golf down your answer three times while writing up the explanation (of course, every time just when you're pretty much finished with the explanation)...
1:40 PM
Time to pull(?) the CJam repo.
Ooh, hg is clever enough to apply diffs even if the file has been changed locally. :)
Thanks, @aditsu!
input field doesnt show up
1:58 PM
Click the pen.
you think i didnt try?
New fancy class features allow for stuff like this:
A: A "cheating" quine

VoteToCloseVitsy, 4 bytes This language feature is newer than this question, but not made for this question. iG`Z i Grab input. Since there is no input, it pushes -1 to the stack. G Get the class name of the referenced class. -1 refers to the current class. ` Read the file under the name of t...

@Optimizer Oh. It works fine for me. What browser are you using?
firefox 44
Confirmed. Dammit, Firefox.
2:04 PM
@Dennis rad
@Optimizer It should work now.
@Dennis Try it online looks awesome. :D
@MartinBüttner I'll keep updated with the repo, i.e., I won't wait for releases. In case we need any unreleased features.
@VoteToClose :) Incremental output kinda works. It still buffers a bit though. Not sure why.
:D Coolio, I'll try it out with some ws.
@Dennis time for n :)
@Dennis do you collect stdout and stderr separately? because I had some code earlier that printed to stderr at the end, but the error message was shown before the actual output. might be good to capture them in the same stream if debug is on.
2:17 PM
@VoteToClose Already on my to-do list.
/me thumbs up
@MartinBüttner No, I just do exec 2>&1 to redirect STDERR to STDOUT.
STDERR doesn't buffer though.
ah okay
@aditsu Oh goody. Now Dennis can win even better... ;-)
2:40 PM
@aditsu Yes. That's the entire map.
3:02 PM
What else should I do with Vitsy?
I'm running out of ideas. :\
3:12 PM
wooo, rep digit rep :)
Q: Make the PPCG Logo

EridanCome November 1, Programming Puzzles and Code Golf will graduate, so in the next 11 months, we'll want to save some memories from when we were ungraduated. Write a program that produces the PPCG logo, seen here. You can use whatever methods you want, from an image to ASCII or anything else. ...

Q: Sprocket Science: Animating a Chain Drive System

EllThe goal of this challenge is to produce an animation of a chain drive system, comprised of a set of sprocket gears connected together by a chain. General Requirements Your program will be given a list of sprockets, specified as (x, y, radius) triplets. The resulting chain drive system is compr...

@NewMainPosts Wow.
I don't think it's likely but I really hope that gets a couple of quick answers, because it really deserves hitting HNQ.
@Downgoat Mine will be the best.
3:26 PM
15 views, 7 upvotes ... that's gotta be some sort of record
@TimmyD Indeed
@VoteToClose Does Vitsy have an online interpreter?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ vitsy.tryitonline.net
@Dennis You're too kind ;)
I just couldn't wait for the sortalog anymore:
A: Sign that word!

DennisBrainfuck, 40 bytes ,[>>+>>,]<<[[<<]>>[-[<]>>[.<<->]>+>>]<<] You can try the code on brainfuck.tk.

I should probably add BF to Try it online!.
@Doorknob too narrow?
3:42 PM
yes :P
@Doorknob window.i.am.gandalf = true ;)
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ bool canPass(){return false;}
@TimmyD Darn. bool confused(){return 0.5}
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Depends if the language does banker's rounding, round-to-zero, etc.
@TimmyD It uses fuzzy logic. Just cuz.
3:48 PM
Does any of you happen to know a decent BF interpreter that actually does I/O?
@Dennis write your own.
write it in brainfuck
I assumed BrainSteel's would work, but something seems to be off.

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