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8:01 PM
@aditsu It was either that or PHP, and using PHP would have required a lot of googling on my part.
@TanMath I don't like 2d/drawing golfs
Golly is amazing, going to go waste life in CGOL
@anOKsquirrel Which reminds me...
8:04 PM
@SuperJedi224 of what?
(sorry for the delay there)
what is that?
@orlp I have observed the cute. Can confirm: is cute.
8:08 PM
can you ftfy that link?
2 days ago, by Optimizer
for the fuck's yake?
heh, one of my cats keeps climbing onto my lap, won't leave me alone :p
@aditsu This is a good problem to have.
@Optimizer If @orlp wants me to.
@aditsu Place an empty box next to you.
@AlexA. not when the cat is competing with your kid
8:10 PM
Everyone knows that pets are superior to children.
so pets are superior to @Doorknob too
@Doorknob isn't a child. He's the most mature teenager I've ever encountered.
well, going by the fact that you are the most immature adult I've met, his seems pretty immature :P
@AlexA. He's a teen O_O
Alex is 25!
8:12 PM
@Optimizer :/
@AlienG Yes
@Optimizer Yes
I know it. no need to approve.
Just confirming in case Alien G didn't believe you.
I have nothing to say bout this.
I'll just creep back into the shadows.
8:15 PM
@anOKsquirrel Use ALT+<3 digit decimal code> to input extended ASCII
"Get off my lawn"
ALT+251: √
"Back in my day..."
@Mego No, for input
8:15 PM
(hold ALT, press numbers, release)
It keeps giving univode errors
For input?
This one is ridiculous :D youtu.be/HZs9QoskYmk?t=570
Change your terminal to CP437 input
8:15 PM
@aditsu YOUR CAT IS PRECIOUS oh my GOD so cute.
It can't decode UTF-8 without throwing every error ever
ah, I see
Because Python 2 is silly
python 3*
I had something like if char == 'µ'
8:17 PM
No the interpreter runs on Python 2
@AlexA. no I want CP1252
@AlexA. That just makes it not fail on upper ASCII chars in the file. It doesn't magically make reading utf-8 from files/stdin work
>__> don't mind me
Python 2 is dumb and tries to decode utf-8 into ascii
@AlexA. wtf is jojo ?? youtu.be/HZs9QoskYmk?t=969
8:18 PM
@aditsu Btw why are you awake right now?
Basically, my character was not equal to 'µ' and I don't know why
I'm using py3 dangit
I thought you meant Seriously
Python 3 uses unicode strings by default
Well, my code says 'µ' from file != 'µ' in code
8:19 PM
@Optimizer The weirdest thing ever to exist
@AlexA. did u see that link?
Use open(filename,encoding='whatever')
If you don't specify an encoding, it picks your locale's encoding (aka Latin-1 probably)
So do encoding='utf-8'
@AlexA. I often sleep in the morning and get up in the afternoon, but this time I slept in the early evening, woke up a few hours ago and didn't feel like sleeping again yet
8:20 PM
> utf is undefined
@Optimizer Yes
ohh good
8:21 PM
Even though I'm using CP1252?
is that guy jojo?
Have you not seen Jojo's Bizarre Adventure before?
@anOKsquirrel 'µ' is a Unicode string in Python 3
@Mego not µ actually, a different char
8:22 PM
@anOKsquirrel ?
@aditsu You have a very freeform sleep schedule. :O I have to be quite regimented with mine.
What do you do for work?
programming (mostly from home)
@Mego i used Å
lol Lucas Etter got a Rubik's Cube WR and I had no clue.
Py3 strings are Unicode. If you want to compare strings, you have to make sure they're both encoded with Unicode. Which means, if you're reading from a file, you need encoding='utf-8'. It doesn't matter what code page you want to support - it has to be Unicode to compare strings.
@AlienG that.. is.. not.. english
8:24 PM
Unless you want to deal with the horror that is b̬͠y̬̜͔͕t̡̬̺̰̪e̢͖s̞̞̭͙̀ ͚̣͔o͔b̺̺̝jȩ̼̯̲̰͍c̵̩t͝s҉
@Optimizer That's the point. It's what it sounds like to foreigners.
i can only make out half of it
British accent is really hard to follow
@Optimizer thepoint.jpg
and hes so young
I met him once
The kid yelling "What are thooose"... sigh
A few months ago
I actually thought he was going to get WR and I was right!
Zemdegs hasn't gotten a record in a while. He's up to break it next I think.
8:27 PM
@aditsu Nice! Is it freelance stuff or do you work for a specific company?
Zemdegs is better at 4x4 but he's not really as good at 3x3 anymore
hey, is there a cubers SE chat?
Is there an SE site for Rubik's cubes in particular?
But an SE chat would be nice
I just saw the video of the 0.5 2x2 today. The scramble was so dumb. I could do that in a second probably and I typically 2x2 in 5
8:29 PM
@AlienG sorry already been seen
@Eridan I just saw the 4.90 today
@anOKsquirrel You can always make your own chat room but if you want to attract Qberts then you might want to associate it with Puzzling.SE rather than PPCG.
@AlexA. kind of consulting/contract work, mostly for one company but occasionally I get other gigs too, and also trying to develop my own things
@AlexA. QBerts.... sigh
@aditsu Awesome. :)
8:30 PM
Is QBerts an actual term?
@Eridan NO
Cannot find YT clip of QBert from Pixels saying "Soooo muccchhhh bloooood"
Yeah the 2x2 0.5 scramble takes me 0.8 to do.
8:31 PM
@Eridan I don't 2x2
I hold the 1x1x1 world record.
@feersum Damn, son.
someone hit this guy with a baseball bat : youtu.be/RLLCwb1a5oU?t=186 :/
@feersum wait how many times is that joke made?
@Optimizer it's from a comedy video
@anOKsquirrel well, no wonder it looked fake..
8:33 PM
can you examine the 2*2 cube like the 3*3 before you solve it?
@randomra yes
so you can solve the whole thing in mind before I guess
2x2, yeah
Why do Rubik's cubes all have exactly 2 dimensions all of a sudden?
idk if they to that with 3*3 too
8:34 PM
@randomra yes, that is why the WR is 0.69 seconds
@randomra Nope
@feersum because laziness
@feersum not all of a sudden, its always like that
If you were lazy, why wouldn't you refer to them as "2", "3", or "4"?
wait, how many of you actually cube
8:35 PM
@randomra people have to do it. that is how blind folded one works
@feersum cuboids
@anOKsquirrel #5 was my favorite. "I was just mixing it up and somehow...I solved it?"
@feersum because that is confusing, like "2 cubes"
@Optimizer But in BLD you get more than 15s inspection
@anOKsquirrel i used to regularly 2 yrs back, started 3 yrs back
Blindfolded solves are really hard. For me it's literally saying numbers and letters over again until I memorize it
8:36 PM
@Optimizer I did 2 weeks ago, been bored of it. Been liking it more now
@anOKsquirrel i was referring to the part where you solve it in mind. more inspection time does help, but you have to get the basics done
In Blind, you get unlimited inspection but it counts for your time
@anOKsquirrel I could do like 2 min solves with 3*3, nothing serious
@anOKsquirrel I have a 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5, but never participated in any competitions.
@El'endiaStarman Competitions are fun if they are nearby
8:36 PM
@randomra i bested at~40s
and I am Hungarian so I should be able to solve it :)
I've never been to a competition because they don't have them in my area. Next year I'm going to college in a city that has them though.
I've been to 6 :P
I average around 17s
I once had a 12s PLL skip but I'm usually around 20-24s
searching for rubik results deep in the old folders
8:38 PM
I got a really lucky 8.8 a month ago, PLL skip
8.8 seconds?
that is after 2 weeks of practice ?
I've been cubing for two years?
I said I took a 2 week break
I recently got a egg-shaped (puerly white) 3x3 shapemod. It is almost impossible=(
8:41 PM
@anOKsquirrel I do 2, 3 and 4 (I need to refresh my memory for the 4), oh and megaminx too
@anOKsquirrel Is "cube" the verb referring to solving Rubik's cubes?
@AlexA. Yes.
Oh, okay.
not competitive times though
8:42 PM
@flawr try an Axis Cube
I've never liked Rubik's cubes.
Group theory is nice, but I don't apply it to Rubik's cubes. :P
To like group theory != to like one single group.

 Rubik's Cubes

for cubing and such
8:43 PM
btw you can see my replays at hi-games.net/profile/1200
@feersum rubik's group != one single group=)
@aditsu Java applet ಠ_ಠ
@flawr How do you mean? It is, for a single size anyway.
@feersum sub-groups=)
@ןnɟuɐɯɹɐןoɯ Goatspin is now a real lang \o/
@flawr yeah I just noticed those are not easy to run anymore
8:45 PM
^ my collection that's with me right now
@Optimizer nice!
@Optimizer what is that gear-like middle one?
@Optimizer Gear cube = awesome=)
exactly that
gear cube
haha "megamix" :)
8:47 PM
I think I'm gonna invent a "kilominx" at some point in the future. It will be way easier.
can anyone name the triangle one off their mind?
@Optimizer pyraminx?
@flawr Been done, sorry
pyraminx, yes
8:48 PM
you can't notice the circular thingy on the faces ?
There's a tetromino that evolves into 4 blinkers.
oh yeah
@SuperJedi224 wow
its crazy tetrahedron plus
@anOKsquirrel yeah, the n is missing on that box
@aditsu huh.
oh yeah, that one
might try to make cgol in redstone, who knows
I personally liked Mixup Gear the most, but it was too expensive
Also thecubicle.us sucks
never bought from thecubicle.us
they suck
8:52 PM
@anOKsquirrel That would be cool
@SuperJedi224 is there a circuit that counts the number of inputs going into it?
uhhh, I tried to vote for skyblock.net and it said i had voted. I haven't D:
Q: Most intricate way to produce the Fibonacci Sequence

user2202975The aim is to use as many characters as possible to print the Fibonacci Sequence You may use and language you wish Every line in the code must be essential to it's function. Try to use as many characters as possible Simple, isn't it..

Whaaat, why did Code Review graduate and not us ;-;
They met the graduation requirements
Oh nice, they have their own site design now. Looks fancy.
@anOKsquirrel Half-adder
8:59 PM
@TimmyD not what I mean...
actually it could be what I want
I also just found a pentadecomino which takes precisely 888 generations to stabilize.
@SuperJedi224 whoa!
It produces 3 diverging gliders and a bunch of other stuff.
I should really do CGOL more
9:04 PM
enable-disable RS Latch in redstone is cool
The record lifespan for a methuselah is 40514 generations -> conwaylife.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=4610#p4610
I just noticed that Code Review graduated. Is that recent? I remember they were still beta last I checked.
Their graduation was announced a while ago
They just got their own site theme recently though
That's what I meant.
I noticed an unfamiliar icon on the sidebar.
9:20 PM
Personally I don't think we're anywhere near ready to graduate, besides not meeting the graduation critera of course.
@AlexA. You wanna say we are an immature bunch of kids, don't you?
No, because I don't think that and because it would be irrelevant even if I did.
Not this time.
What are the criteria?
9:22 PM
Code Golf & Programming Puzzlescodegolf.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for code golfers and for those who interested in code golfing (from beginners to experts), and programming puzzles.

Currently in public beta.

It seems we meet most of them except the questions per day excellently.
@flawr What you did there, I see it.
Huh, Code Review graduated even though they had an "okay" for answer ratio
@flawr Sure. But we're still kind of struggling with fitting into the Q&A model. What is and is not on topic has been in flux, especially with the advent of catalog questions.
Nov 9 at 22:13, by Doorknob
unfortunately, I've mentioned this several times before, and the team is very adamant that the 10 questions per day limit will continue to exist
Sep 19 at 17:24, by Alex A.
@Doorknob There should be a qualifier: Except for PPCG, which would devolve into a post-apocalyptic shitscape should it ever reach 10 questions/day.
Jun 3 at 4:28, by Katya
10 questions a day is pretty unrealistic
What would change anyway if we would graduate?
9:28 PM
uhhh, having trouble making a CGOL redstone
@flawr we would have one less meme
@flawr Rep requirements
@flawr Reputation thresholds for various privileges will increase, moderators will be formally elected, the Beta label will go away, and we'll get our own site design and icon.
And Code Review also seemed to get their own swag :\
So what is wrong with beta?
9:34 PM
Stack Exchange has discussed the concept of a state of perpetual beta where sites such as our own which remain active and healthy despite not meeting the graduation requirements are able to get some extra privileges that would otherwise be tied to graduation.
@flawr Less traffic since the site doesn't stand out as much.
No swag.
@TimmyD Isn't that a good thing?
Why would less traffic be good?
@AlexA. It wouldn't be a nice cozy family anymore
9:37 PM
More traffic doesn't necessarily mean more active users
It just means more views
@AlexA. More traffic would mean more of these questions
1 min ago, by Alex A.
More traffic doesn't necessarily mean more active users
But it usually does.
@Downgoat More traffic would mean more of these questions
5 mins ago, by Alex A.
It just means more views
That's all more traffic means.
By definition, that is. It has other implications, such as a likely influx of new users with both on- and off-topic questions.
9:45 PM
Why those dots in the background?
I screen-capped it from a site that would have made me pay $40 for the image. :P
@flawr Speed holes. Makes the image load faster.
hahaha what
> Speed holes
9:50 PM
@TimmyD Very good explanation, thanks!
yay, I made a redstone circuit that adds signal strengths
Q: Black Friday Queue Managment

intrepidcoderIntroduction You are the manager of the electronics department in a major retail store and the biggest sales day of the year is this Friday. To help manage the crowds, your store is implementing a ticket system for the biggest deals, where customers must present a ticket before purchasing an ite...

@anOKsquirrel your next challenge: multiply signal strengths

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