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@ThomasOwens now contains the book list from
Q: Language agnostic programming books

nivlamAre there any great programming or software development books that are language agnostic? Why should I read it?

@JimmyHoffa There is also a Euro Truck Simulator 2! Which means it was popular enough to write a sequel.
Once we get more than a handful of book lists in tag wikis, might want to consider an "About Tag Wikis" meta faq post that points out there are book lists in them. Might also consider a "call for book lists" meta post for people to flesh out books in other tag wikis.
Note that 'approve tag wiki edits' is a 5k rep priv (and 20k for no requirement) so its possible to keep the spam out of there.
Wanna know what really makes my day? My router taking a permanent dump on me right before rush hour. Not only do I have to pay extra for a new one at retail as opposed to Amazon, but I have to sit in traffic to do it.
1:38 AM
Dunno, I have an ancient unkillable linksys.
2:10 AM
So, you want to code a Dictionary, that isn't a Dictionary, but behaves like a Dictionary, without the memory use of a Dictionary that is somehow faster than O(1)... but isn't a Dictionary. Did I get that right? — MichaelT 24 mins ago
No, I want to code something that accomplishes one of the things a Dictionary accomplishes. — JPtheK9 9 mins ago
The thing you are asking for is a Dictionary. Remove, check, and contains are just bits you get on the side that come with the underlying data structure. ContainsKey is a trivial tweak to TryGetValue. Look at the reference code and see if you can make it faster or take less memory (I assure you that if you are able to do one, you will pay a heavy price for it in the other). — MichaelT 1 min ago
2:49 AM
The underlying concept behind a dictionary is a Hashtable or Binary Tree. You're welcome. — Robert Harvey 1 min ago
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7:29 AM
Q: Is it possible pulling a copy of a site published onto IIS?

user3187867Is it possibly possible to pull a copy of a project published onto IIS ? This project was developed using MVC ASP.net architecture using Visual Studio. Thank you

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9:31 AM
Hi Alison, you might have more luck on programmers.stackexchange.com which is designed to take generic questions — alex just now
@ratchetfreak mind if I delete my comments from your answer?
@MetaFight sure
I'll delete mine as well
yeah, I figured I'd give you a heads up. I hate it when I revist a comment of mine and it's out of context because the person I was talking to deleting their half of the conversation.
my posts are gone.
you can flag them as obsolete then
good point.
2 hours later…
11:20 AM
My point is that we didn't know what the OP had done, so posting an answer was purely speculation. It amazes me how many programmers on this site simply guess. — Archer 30 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's probably better on programmers.stackexchange.com — Paddy 17 secs ago
12:44 PM
So my idea to write code that consumes an XSD and generates 1..* XML files appears to be more complicated than I thought.
1:04 PM
1:29 PM
@MichaelT ahh ffs
One open. I've cast delete votes on those I can.
@MichaelT Do you have any CVs left?
@ratchetfreak Any chance you could come out of the woodwork and VTC some/all of the last 6 skills questions? Three of them have 4 CVs each.
Of course not. After the catch up to beat down the queue, there are only four left. Yesterday was a bad day.
@MichaelT Do you think this question is worth saving? programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/96630/…
It would need work
1:38 PM
> What do you think of that? Is it true (to what extent if so)?
Well, it's obviously not good right now. What I meant was, is there a salvageable question hidden inside it?
@MichaelT all he wants is contains/remove? is it keyed contains? There's HashSet which doesn't have the keyed lookup...
I read it as an anecdote poll. The answers tend to respond to that. There is also an element of xyz sucks, an I right? In it. Fixing the question also means fixing the answers. This is likely a more work than worthwhile effort.
@JimmyHoffa turned out he wanted int[256] array and not a dictionary at all.
... well
1:47 PM
yeah... because Dictionary<int,int> was too big/slow.
for 255 keys.
But he didn't put that in the question.
haha oh goodness, at least he knew something was up when he was trying to use a dictionary for that, I've seen far too many who really wouldn't have picked up on anything and just thought "Hmm... this seems like a solution!"
hey @MichaelT I'm going to be installing Eclipse today
Is it really particularly worse than IntelliJ or is it actually just fine these days?
just maybe not as good
@JimmyHoffa I think it's pretty okay, the auto complete does okay, but IntelliJ is better at it.
Happy Coffee Day Progs!
@Ampt coffee day?
2:00 PM
@JimmyHoffa every day is coffee day
Hear ye, hear ye!
New job has Costco brand coffee...I brought in my french press and just use the hot water from the machine to make my peets every morning...
Yes, coffee day indeed.
I sure am glad I'm quite good at keyboarding... this whole one finger less thing would be a pain in the ass otherwise; my last job I was the only person on my team who didn't hunt'n'peck, it's very disconcerting to know that's still so common even among programmers
french press, seems nice
@André makes great coffee, fast, just not a ton
I have only access to standard coffee machines
2:04 PM
Depending on the size you get, mine makes about 35-40oz of coffee, enough for 2 big cups for me.
I just have a keurig
@André I bought the french press at Target for $20 years ago.. it's paid for itself several times over
works well enough for me!
@Ampt mine at home broke, and new job doesn't have one... I rather like them
I like that you can just make one little cup. no more asking around at 1:30 to see if anyone else wants some coffee
I find it funny that Brazil has such big name with coffee overseas
@JimmyHoffa I have a smaller version of this.
I can get only crappy coffee beans. Good ones are so expesive
It only makes 2 or 4 cups, I think.
@ThomasOwens I get 2 cups out of mine, but my coffee cup must always be at least a 20oz behemoth
2:08 PM
@JimmyHoffa Yeah. I do mean 2-4 mediumish coffee mugs.
@ThomasOwens the hot water out of coffee machines or the water coolers in offices I find are plenty hot to brew with a french press, coffee+hot water+stir+press and coffee's done in under a minute.... they're underrated for how handy they are
It's really a great thing. Unfortunately, you need different bean sizes for the reusable K cup versus a french press.
So usually, one of the two devices can go unused for a while.
@ThomasOwens Do you have 10 minutes to help with STCI?
@durron597 Yeah.
@ThomasOwens meh, I never bother meddling with the grind. I just buy what I want pre-ground right off the grocery store shelf... works fine. Just get's a little bit of grinds in the bottom of the last cup, but nothing gross or too much
2:10 PM
What's up? I've been doing some retagging a few times this morning.
is down to 3 open questions, but they are tricky
two of them have CVs but I'm not entirely sure they should be closed.
This one is career development. I'm applying a mod close to it.
It's also too broad and polling.
I agree with the primarily opinion based on this one.
also I use normal grinds in the reusable k-cup... I have no troubles with regular grind for really anything. You only get the smallest bit of grinds in your cup, they sink to the bottom, and frankly, what's scary about a little coffee grinds? I love coffee. I can't hate on the grind.
There aren't close votes on this one, but it smells funny. Seems kind of ranty and discussion oriented.
@JimmyHoffa Aren't you supposed to use the coarsest grind for a french press and a more fine grind for a K cup?
2:14 PM
Normal grinds are usually OK in a K cup, too, though. But you need to coarser grinds in a french press, I thought.
= what made my last job bearable.
@ThomasOwens yes, but the reason is just the filters will let normal grinds through a french press (it's a tiny bit, and only in the last cup; try it and you'll see), and for the k-cup I never frankly noticed a difference
@ThomasOwens @MichaelT and I were just discussing that maybe it could be edited into an on-topic question.
What I will say is the finer grounds do put a bit more pressure on the filter of the french press because they create a better water seal under it; but that just makes the coffee stronger from the pressure.
I don't disagree with the closure, though.
2:16 PM
@JimmyHoffa So you think that normal grinds would be OK in a french press?
As long as you didn't eat them in the last cup.
@ThomasOwens That's all I use.
I never bother messing with different grinds, plus the times I have done that I've found myself in the position of having coffee I couldn't use for one thing or another. Normal grinds work fine for everything in my experience
@ThomasOwens There's also this question which is the only open question in , which probably should be added to the blacklist list. @MichaelT found that this morning as well
@durron597 I'll look. Could you add courses to the black list>
@ThomasOwens already doing it
I just closed the question. Thanks.
2:18 PM
@MetaFight I am seriously intrigued! What is this??
Btw, on coffee day I must bring up this spectacular company which I love: hilinecoffee.com my wife found it and we order k-cups from them all the time, the coffee is great
super convenient just having coffee show up at your front door
It's an Aero Press. It's great for making single mugs of coffee.
I have a subscription with hasbean.co.uk good stuff there too.
I am more of a tea person. Between Adagio and Teavana, I'm happy. I don't know where the closest Teavana to my new apartment is, though.
I usually only drink coffee when it's free and already made for me.
@ThomasOwens you should drink it always. Always is the correct time. Real engineer...pah.
@JimmyHoffa I do drink coffee at work.
Because it's free and I just walk to the cafeteria to get it.
But if I have to make something, I'd prefer to make tea. Or drink Scotch.
I was big scotch drinker when I lived in a colder climate. Scotch is like a warm hug :)
@JimmyHoffa eclipse is ubiquitous. That's the good thing about it. I prefer netbeans for free and IntelliJ overall.
@ThomasOwens if you find yourself preferring to make scotch, do give me a ring.
@MetaFight yes. Living in Denver, I love my scotch in the winters (which are becoming less winter-like by the year...grumble)
2:43 PM
@JimmyHoffa I don't know if distilling is legal where I am.
Well, home distilling, anyway.
Thank you for your time. You marked the is not transitive as very important. But I can't understand what it means. Besides, with runtime I have no problem as it is osgi and all necessary bundles I add. I've always done this way and never had a problem. — JimJim2000 1 min ago
For all who haven't yet learned of this: There's a rather common bean that has a very distinct and different flavor from most all other beans, which everyone should try to see if they like it. Sumatran beans have a rich dark roast flavor - but virtually none of the bitterness associated with strong dark roast beans. The flavor truly is quite distinct from other beans - and not in the "subtle hints of bla bla" bullshit way. Most decent brands have a Sumatra bean choice (starbucks, peets, et al)
@JimJim2000 What is your first language (human, not programming)? — durron597 52 secs ago
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the fact that his code is OSGI has nothing to do with his problem, right?
Everyone should try Sumatran beans at least once to see how they like it, since pretty much all other decent dark roast beans have fairly similar taste profiles, so far Sumatran is the only one I've found with a very distinguishably different taste
Roasting your own beans allows you to make good, dark roasts without burning the beans, too
2:47 PM
@enderland is that where the bitterness comes from you think? I figured that before learning Sumatran beans never have that
I have never really experienced the bitterness from dark roasts when we've done them
perhaps Sumatran beans are roasted a particular way and that's the difference... I have no idea
occasionally you get a burned feel, but I've never got the... bitterness
Or they are harder to burn?
@ThomasOwens could be
2:48 PM
but I also only get beans of one type, too, so each time we roast it's never a blend, which might affect that
like I said, worth grabbing a bag of Sumatran to try; it's common enough at the grocer but blends in with the litany of others if you don't know to look for it.
@enderland you should try getting Sumatran to roast to put this to rest; now I'm curious why it has a different flavor than others. I mean, beans are beans.. if it's the roast, then you won't notice a particular difference when using the Sumatran you roasted vs. others you roasted just the same
beans are not beans, if you roast your own coffee each has avery distinct flavor
That feeling when you have no room left on your desk for coffee because it's covered in electronic components....
@Ampt there's always room in your hand...
that was probably the most enlightening thing about roasting my own coffee, the flavor of each coffee suddenly was different than "generic light roast" and "generic burned dark roast"
2:53 PM
@enderland like I said, Sumatran actually has a distinguishable flavor from those two out of the grocer, so it should be even more distinct if your personal roasting brings out the flavors as such
bleh, coffee. vile swill
gods I can never make heads or tales of JDKs
how do I get 1.6? Is that Java SE 5?
@JimmyHoffa 1.6 = Java 6.
why do they apply two fuckin versions to everything?
to be more enterprisey
2:54 PM
@JimmyHoffa Because Oracle.
@Telastyn The more you talk, the more I think you're a robot.
if I install 1.8 can it do 1.6 builds or do you need to install the individual versions separately?
But .6 is old.
@ThomasOwens Not for enterprise!
Turing test, here I come!
2:54 PM
@ThomasOwens well it's what I need for some legacy stuff I'm about to work on
You can use source and target for 1.6 if you have 1.8.
There's an argument to do that.
You can always target an older version.
Just be sure your IDE is set up properly so it doesn't suggest new things that don't exist.
@ThomasOwens do I have to meddle with it, or will it just be default based on the way the (?? project file ??) is setup?
The Eclipse project will allow me to tell it to target 1.6?
@JimmyHoffa In your IDE, it'll likely be a configuration. In ant or invoking javac, it's an argument.
So someone has told me my Maven answer is wrong He's not native english speaker and has low rep but I think he's not an idiot. Can someone else weigh in? (chat here is fine)
@JimmyHoffa It should, yes.
2:56 PM
Great, then I'll just get 1.8
JDK is the one I want for development right, not JRE aye?
In Eclipse, you can set each project to use a different compiler.
Yeah, JDK = Java Development Kit. JRE = Java Runtime Environment.
If you are using maven, there is the integration with the Eclipse, it will configure the eclipse metadata according to your pom.xml
@André Does maven handle Java versioning, too?
Java versioning as in source level? 1.6 1.7 18?
@André Yeah.
2:58 PM
@ThomasOwens yeah it does.
@ThomasOwens oh what about SVN integration? We use SVN but I don't bother integrating it in visual studio because the integration stinks. Eclipse should have good integration though, right?
@JimmyHoffa I don't know if it comes with SVN out of the box anymore.
But there are plugins.
@ThomasOwens bollocks. Whatever, I use tortoisesvn, works fine enough
SVN you have to install a plugin, it's pretty straight forward. TortoiseSVN is pretty usefull too
@JimmyHoffa Install a plugin. It's called an IDE for a reason.
Because it's Integrated.
2:59 PM
@Telastyn this is an unacceptable approach to.....everything.
@ThomasOwens you don't tell me what to do! You're not the boss of me!
@JimmyHoffa Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Java Savior, IntelliJ?
@Ampt Have you accepted Haskell into your home, and into your heart?
@JimmyHoffa I tried, but it would only beat my heart to keep me from blacking out.
That's nice.
3:03 PM
Seems I don't know how to code block, but there it is.
or hit the "fixed-font" button next to send
it pops up on multi-line comments
@Ampt I'm not going to be doing a lot of Java work, boss says he and the rest use Eclipse, and I don't really know what I'm doing in the java dev environment, so I figure it's best to use the tooling they can help me on rather than something they can't help with and I don't know already
Is this a permanent change?
@André that's what I said! ;)
nods It is!
Thanks Ampt!
Can we just take a minute to appreciate how far away this little ball of brown ice is?
@ThomasOwens Java version a build plugin.
3:33 PM
@durron597 that would be rather unfair of me, because asker added quite a lot of clarifications in response to my comment. Besides, these clarifications and their technical details effectively moved the question outside of area where I feel comfortable about deciding on close
@gnat he's also asking for code
hi @Snowman, I voted to close this question do you agree?
@durron597 That question is borderline. Given what is in the real world the answer is not subjective (my answer is not subjective). It might not be strictly on-topic per the help center, but I think it is a useful question.
That is why I chose to answer rather than VTC.
I voted to close it as unclear - I don't understand what problem he's having.
why not have "README - user" and "README - developer"
@durron597 That question is borderline. It reads like he wants a better design, but also like he needs code help.
3:46 PM
@durron597 There is no real standard other than the de facto standard. GNU has some guidelines (not rules). So that would be possible. I still like my answer, I think it is good guidance: regardless of anything else, people are conditioned to look for a README file when they need help. Use it as a signpost.
why not have a really big README with two sections?
I don't see what the problem is?
It is plain text and a pain to navigate. The best READMEs I have seen are short and divided up in sections. Each section says "if you need X, look at resource Y. If what you need is not in here, go to project site Z and ask the project owner, forum, etc."
It is not as simple as "user" v "developer." For one, developers are also users. Two, as a user, I might need help with multiple tasks.
Installing, usage, etc. As a developer I might want to compile from scratch, write a plugin.
One behemoth of a text file is a crappy way of helping people when it has to contain so much data
3:51 PM
I think the real question is what does this have to do with software development within the scope of the help center.
@Snowman Software developers write READMEs.
@ThomasOwens As I read the help center, two "on-topic" bullets encapsulate documentation.
@durron597 yeah I am not quite happy about it even after edits. Still, details added by asker make it hard to me to tell whether the question is really poor or it's just a slippery wording in there. Working in SO close queue I have built a strong habit to skip when I feel like that :)
4:13 PM
That switch question should get migrated to SO. All the answers are code solutions rather than design solutions.
@MichaelT So?
Sometimes, talking in code is the best way to express an idea.
@ThomasOwens on the other hand, too broad wouldn't be bad for it either. It still getting too many distinct code only answers.
4:34 PM
@MichaelT CR.SE might be best fit for it. I checked - all of their "six yes" appear to be satisfied
@MichaelT It is on the hot list. What do you expect?
...I wouldn't be surprised if they even have a dupe for it
@MichaelT all with the same idea though; put the title in the parameters of the printf and use *some method*™ to map the gender to title
I gave the first solution to it and then everyone started bikeshedding on it
4:51 PM
@Snowman at age 7 hours and score under 5, it has a solid chance to age away gracefully. There could be one or two lame attempts at code golf from hot list lemmings, business as usual
I found this question that is not quite a dupe, but my answer to today's question uses the same solution:
Q: Why do I need to map arguments to instance variables?

toolshedClass BankAccount: def __init__(self, accID, name, balance): self.accID = accID self.name = name self.balance = balance In the code above, why is it that I'm required to map all of my arguments to instance variables? This just seems like a waste of time. I'm using t...

Crap, wrong link:
Q: Why should a HashMap be used(in functions) to determine which value to return(for a key) when an if else construct can do the job in better time?

Nikunj BankaWhile I was recently working at a big company, I noticed that the programmers there followed this coding style: Suppose I have a function that returns 12 if the input is A, 21 if the input is B, and 45 if the input is C. So I can write the function signature as: int foo(String s){ if(s.equ...

5:10 PM
Could you provide some less... abstract examples? As it stands, this seems more like a design problem than a programming one, and may therefore be better suited to programmers.stackexchange.com, but I don't know if it would fit in its current form. — jonrsharpe 34 secs ago
5:23 PM
@Ampt a cup of coffee, as seen from space?
How do I find the main in a java project?
@JimmyHoffa grep for "public static void main(String"?
ah so no convention or otherwise obvious search
fair enough
if it's in a jar the META-INF should have it
ah cool thanks
often it's named the same as the project
5:51 PM
@JimmyHoffa That's pluto!
the clearest picture we've ever gotten, too
@Ampt That's no pluto!
@Ampt That is amazing :D
New Horizons traveled 3 Billion miles to get that picture
@Ampt Miles? How quaint. When discussing distances within our solar system, it would be more appropriate to say it traveled at least 39.4 AU.
6:09 PM
@Snowman "Yeah, it's just 2.15 × 10^-8 AU down the street, ma'am!"
@Ampt My brain can't even understand that as a thing.
@durron597 What a sweet Angel.
@Ampt Ah, you got me on a technicality. I should have said to use AU when discussing distances inside our solar system but equal to or greater than the distance between two planets.
But WTF do I know? I am just a frigid man with sticks for arms who bangs away at keyboards until the computers do something marginally useful.
@durron597 Did you see the date on that?
I would not delete that anywhere. It's off-topic today, but it's a somewhat useful question. Should be flagged for a lock.
And if not locked, just left closed.
@ThomasOwens SO doesn't lock questions like that one
I've asked both RobertHarvey and JonClements to lock ones like that and they refused.
@ratchetfreak thanks
So why did it deserve a delete?
It was useful.
Off-topic now? Yes. Off-topic when posted? Nope. Useful? Yes. Retag it.
@ThomasOwens Vote to undelete it then.
I just did.
And I removed the tag.
7:27 PM
@JPtheK9 - oh no! 4 meg! That is breaking the bank! — Telastyn 1 min ago
premature optimization strikes again!
> my implementation out-performs Dictionary<int,int> in both memory use and performance.
Could a diamond glance at that diamond question?
Q: Why Diamond is a problem rather than Join?

Recognize Evil as WasteYou say that multiinheritance creates a diamond problem You say that because D receives a duplicate copy of A properties. This is a problem and needs resolution. I do not see any problem here because properties received from A are identical, and therefore, conflict is resolved automatically. S...

7:43 PM
@MichaelT WTF?
talking at length about diamond problems invites diamonds...
You finally finished all the comments?
-8, only 1 CV. Must have been a bad morning.
Is this accurate would you say?
Discussing about Code Reviews belongs at Programmers. However, I think this question is likely to be too broad and perhaps primarily opinion based over there. — Simon André Forsberg 38 secs ago
@MichaelT I started the comments. My head hurts.
7:44 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg If you're coming to campaign, I already voted for you.
Btw, Code Review election closes in 16 minutes!
@durron597 no, I am not. I am coming to ask for topicness
@SimonAndréForsberg You are correct that question is too broad and opinion based.
@MichaelT The problem is that he really has a point somehow (diamond is most often discussed and simple multiple inheritance already has naming conflicts). Just that it ends more in a discussion how many people got it wrong on the internet.
@SimonAndréForsberg We actually just finished closing all questions tagged just today.
@SimonAndréForsberg correct. On topic. Too broad. Good chat topic.
7:45 PM
@durron597 thanks! just noticed this at The 2nd Monitor as well:
in The 2nd Monitor, 5 mins ago, by Jamal
@Malachi A Programmers mod has told me that it's too opinion-based.
@RecognizeEvilasWaste good grief; give it a rest, would you? This isn't a place to rant (if you want to do that, open your own blog), it's to ask and answer (answerable, on-topic) questions. Also, bear in mind that the probability that you're a misunderstood genius is somewhat lower than the probability that you've misunderstood something. — jonrsharpe 40 secs ago
@SimonAndréForsberg It's possible it could be edited into a good question for your meta site
The whole question was basically over with the first comment: This is a taboo question. They silence the question to silence it.
@SimonAndréForsberg If it were like "how do I write good answers to Code Review questions" as opposed to "what are good skills for code review"
Ah, I just read your chat logs, you are all basically saying the same thing.
It's not taboo. We're just bored about it and know how to deal with it in our chosen languages. No one seriously writes C++ anymore, right?
7:50 PM
jonrsharpe expands unjustified smearing of my question (it is clearly a question, I wounder how you bend your brain to read it otherwise) with personal attacks. It seems that so far there was not enough dirt for me. — Recognize Evil as Waste 1 min ago
This is going down hill fast and accelerating.
@MichaelT Got bad enough for me to drop a flag
5 minute warning for code review elections
@ThomasOwens I hope that auto unlocks so that either I or the roomba can cast delete votes at some point.
@MichaelT It's a perm lock. I think I'm going to delete it on top of that, though.
Cleaning up comments will just make it confusing if anyone needs to see what this was.
@ThomasOwens I support this
7:57 PM
wow, I missed a train wreck
@ThomasOwens now you are part of the 'system' that keeps this important issue a taboo and silencing its discussion.
agreed on deletion though, if he was less antagonistic about it we could've turned that into a pretty decent question (he appeared to be legitimately misunderstanding why the diamond is a conflict at all, in a way we could've explained) but after all the comments it's clearly pointless
@Ixrec I fav'ed it so when you get to 10k you can see it in there.
oh no I've already read it
Oh well. But you still don't know what to name a cat.
8:01 PM
did I miss another naming question?
There are only two possible names for a cat, apparently.
in The 2nd Monitor, 2 mins ago, by michaelpri
Congratulations to our new moderators!!! @Jamal @200_success @SimonAndréForsberg @Mat'sMug
Makes no sense to name cats, they will ignore you anyway if you call them.
And another blue name in this room.
Eeek why am I blue?
Not you. @SimonAndréForsberg once he does his things.
TIL all the humor in the TL is blue.
A, my background is blue, guess that's just my own comments.
8:05 PM
@thorstenmüller Yeah. Your messages are blue. Mods have a blue name.
<------ See?
Yes, never noticed that.
I've gotta suffice with boring old room owner italics.
I have to suffices with nothing :(
at least you have 10k tools
@thorstenmüller cats dispatch all messages to dead.letter.
8:08 PM
@Ixrec yeah but that doesn't give me many chat privileges
You can handle chat flags.
chat flags are weird
The lack of context stops me from saying anything but "not sure" to all but the most egregious flags
that, and the fact that I'm being asked to moderate other SE communities
Q: Hot-patching a server: dynamically loading types from an uploaded assembly

Robert HarveyIn the current project I'm working on, some of the C# classes are being stored as source code in SQL Server database records, and executed as needed using CSScript. This is being done so that the server doesn't have to be taken down to replace the assembly in which these classes reside. While t...

8:19 PM
I think that's the first time I've seen someone deliberately double-post a terrible question here
@Ixrec I've seen it before. The unfortunate thing for the OP is anecdotal evidence suggests a three stikes for bad first questions before a ban. Doing them in rapid succession with unsalvigable questions makes it hard for them to improve.
@Ixrec iirc reposts like this happen once in a month or two. Inexperienced users don't know that they can edit, so they try dumping a "new", "improved" version. Some seem to believe that retrying will shake off downvotes etc
That said, if it wasn't the case, I'd need more close votes.
now that you mention it, the "you've been closed because X" notices don't really make it obvious that you're supposed to edit away the problem and get reopened
what is a "ghetto scripting language"‌​?
Any scripting language, really.
8:27 PM
@RobertHarvey come on. You know you want to rewrite it all in iron Python.
@Ixrec At the moment, anything that's not C# (since I'm not keen on having to rewrite this stuff).
@MichaelT To be fair, I don't think CSScript is needed at all. I think you can just dynamically load and execute C# files with the compiler, directly.
But you'd need to dynamically unload as well
@gnat It's -3 now if 20ks want to have at it.
@ratchetfreak There's an Assembly property in the CompilerResults object that is returned. I see several Load methods in the Assembly class, but no Unload ones.
8:37 PM
@durron597 I honestly despise the way how SO team pushes these folks into ban with their senseless 20-min posting rate. They had it 90 minutes at SO for a while, nobody died, why not make it at Programmers. I can not imagine a legitimate case for a new user to post two questions in 20 minutes over here ...unless the goal is to quickly throw them over the cliff. "Here's the grave, here's the shovel. Dig faster and deeper"
Q: Please increase rate limit for new users asking questions to one used at Stack Overflow (1 per 90 minutes)

gnatAs September is coming, site is getting spammed by zero effort homework dumps. Particularly passionate spammers even drop their garbage at us at highest rate allowed (today examples: 1, 2, 3, 4 - 10K links). And prior examples are not an isolated incident. As pointed in comments, next day after ...

Or, at the very least, start at 90 minutes which can be reduced by upvotes on the first question. — durron597 8 secs ago
@gnat So you're for, or against?
@RobertHarvey against
A: Are high-reputation users answering fewer questions?

enderlandThis is going to be blunt. I recently chose to stop contributing to a site at which I was one of the top-rep users. There are a variety of reasons, but among those relevant here: I don't enjoy being exclusively a janitor due to the deluge of junk I don't enjoy having to be a janitor to partic...

^^^ I want them throttled at 90 minutes and get a fair chance to cool off. It's not fun to cleanup stuff that could be avoided in the first place. I don't want more bans, I want less cleanup
wow there are a lot of answers on that one
@gnat haha, that question resulted in two of my highest voted answers
8:42 PM
Eeek. Nobody forces anyone to be a janitor.
I'm one because I'm a glutton for punishment.
@RobertHarvey I am not forced. I only want there was less junk to clean up. Fair enough?
Neither is @enderland
enderland's point there is more or less why I never want to be a moderator
sometimes I feel like CVing stuff, other times I feel like not touching the site all day and just doing something else
and as long as I'm not a mod, the worst that can happen from me ignoring the site is my phone occasionally buzzing with "durron597: @ixrec we need more CVs!"
@Ixrec I try to only buzz you if I've seen you in the room recently ;)
you have a knack for doing it when I'm on the fence and actually end up CVing as a direct result of said mention
8:48 PM
How large is an app domain? Is that a big thing, or a relatively small thing? If you spin up a new app domain, is it expected to remain living for a substantially long period of time?
@Ixrec I'm starting to buzz people more because it feels like we don't have as many dedicated STCI people as we did during the education / career phase
I am definitely not spending nearly as much time on it now as I was before
(no specific reason why, my "free time priorities" drift around all the time)
@Ixrec It's less rewarding because these tags are not as bad, and require editing a higher % of the time.
I don't think it's that, for me at least
in theory I should be all over the clean up considering how many licensing questions I jump on nowadays
@Ixrec If you want to work on it, go ahead, we just felt there were lower hanging fruit in these other tags.
Though, as slow as they're going, maybe not.
8:53 PM
I will if I ever feel the janatorial urges rising up once again
9:12 PM
I'm slightly shocked that meta.workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/2615/… apparently got deleted
that doesn't seem like the kind of question title that would start a flame war in need of purging...oh well
9:27 PM
@Ixrec if you had 10K at TWP, you'd see that this was deleted per request of an involved user (I think mod left a comment over there explaining this). I don't have 10K there but I know this because it was accompanied by my flags (and I don't have many flags at TWP meta, so it was easy to find:)
...or maybe it was in times of beta when my rep was sufficient for 10K privileges
The review element belongs on Code Review. The self-review element is a chatty question that belongs on Programmers. To half-answer you, reading documentation is a skill that you must learn and get used to; reading the FAQ for this site to find out what's on topic and what isn't would have been a good start. :) — Lightness Races in Orbit 1 min ago
@gnat: Maybe not "chatty" but in the sense that it asks a question about being a programmer rather than about a piece of code. If that's not on-topic for Programmers.SE then frak knows what that site's for — Lightness Races in Orbit 55 secs ago
9:44 PM
It's not the on/off topic at issue, but rather the too broad from the chatty nature of it.
@RobertHarvey: I think you know me better than to think that I'm suggesting it's on-topic on Programmers.SE only because it's off-topic here. I somewhat resent the insinuation, actually. Only a complete moron would seriously recommend a question be posted on Programmers.SE for that reason. — Lightness Races in Orbit 53 secs ago
@MichaelT not a coincidence that we have a dupe of that part they call "chatty" closed as too broad: How do I review my own code?
Regardless, "chatty" and "about programmers" is not in Programmers' site scope.Robert Harvey ♦ 32 secs ago
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