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8:00 PM
@Malachi Not completely
and, I'm spent
> Winners are Simon André Forsberg, 200_success, Jamal, and Mat's Mug.
@Malachi to be fair, casual voters will vote in that order
and done
8:00 PM
OpenSTV version 1.7 (OpenSTV.org)

Suggested donation for using OpenSTV for an election is $50.  Please go to
OpenSTV.org/donate to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout, or
Amazon Payments.

Certified election reports are also available.  Please go to
openstv.org/certified-reports for more information.

Loading ballots from file votes.blt.
Ballot file contains 10 candidates and 631 ballots.
No candidates have withdrawn.
Ballot file contains 631 non-empty ballots.
> 4,684 voters were eligible, 1,385 visited the site during the election, 1,513 visited the election page, and 631 voted
@ElectionBot Contratulations!
Congratulations to our new moderators!!! @Jamal @200_success @SimonAndréForsberg @Mat'sMug
8:00 PM
Congratulations, @SimonAndréForsberg, @200_success, @Jamal and @Mat'sMug!
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is a better candidate for codereview.stackexchange.comJay Blanchard 8 secs ago
Congratulations, @Jamal, @SimonAndréForsberg, @200_success, and @Mat'sMug!
Great work. :)
Good job to all!
@Mat'sMug I know, right!
8:01 PM
@Mat'sMug You'll be getting an email. Let me know if you don't within ten minutes and I'll poke a CM with a sharp stick.
Hey, 2 of my 3 candidates won!
@Undo I assume there's a huge salary increase, right?
@Edward yeah, like.. double!
(note that these results are UNOFFICIAL and I could have played with them before posting. Do not lynch me)
fairly low turnout... :/
8:02 PM
@FreeMan Same here.
I voted Janos, and he almost won.
Well, I'm out. Good job everyone! Glad you all participated, great candidates and great to see the choices! :)
@Mat'sMug 2 x 0 = 0 ;-)
@FreeMan huge turnout
@Quill thatsthejoke.jpg
@Hosch250 Me too
8:03 PM
So close to getting the correct order
@o11c I know :P
okay, who got the right winners?
@rolfl 7.2% is good for SE?
@Undo ElectionBot
@Undo Got them right, wrong order ::P
8:03 PM
Just seemed like a low percentage to me, but I'm not an SE election guru
I did, but there may have been more specific answers than "four competent moderators."
@Undo Yup
@SimonAndréForsberg told you you'd beat me!
@FreeMan seems high to me ... I only voted because I got nagged in the top bar while browsing SO.
This is definitely my favorite SE though.
@Mat'sMug You came ahead of him, didn't you?
8:04 PM
@Hosch250 I really really hope @janos will become the 5th moderator shortly. I gotta make up puns and CR facts (essentially, take over @rolfl's job) to make sure that happens.
5 mins ago, by ElectionBot
> Winners are Simon André Forsberg, 200_success, Jamal, and Mat's Mug.
@michaelpri ...I'm reading this wrong? 77 1st choice votes for @SimonAndréForsberg, 76 for me
7 mins ago, by Niall C.
@Undo 200_success, Jamal, Simon, Mat's mug
okay, rolfl was first. Heck, I've got a lot of rep. Let's give a bunch away.
Good timing, too. I just got a call from a recruiter for a job opportunity.
8:05 PM
@Jamal Nice!
@Mat'sMug You reached the threshold first, though
@rolfl Thank you for your 16 months of service!
I have no idea how @Mat'sMug and I possibly can fill a monkey's shoes.
@durron597 Someone should pin that message.
@EthanBierlein Done!
8:07 PM
So it looks like @rolfl and @NiallC. get bounties. Preference on where the bounty goes?
Jamal beat everyone in first choice votes by a great deal - more than twice as many as 200 even.
@SimonAndréForsberg so long as you don't fling a monkey's... shoes...
@Undo Put it all on one of @rolfl's posts. I didn't see that he'd called it before I did.
8:09 PM
@Hosch250 I think having your own meme helps.
@SimonAndréForsberg lol, doubt that will work, but thanks anyway ;-)
Q: Searching posts/comments by keywords

Ethan BierleinI've put together another simple query that allows you to search post/comments with specific keywords. At the moment, only post bodies are checked. DECLARE @search_keywords NVARCHAR(MAX) = ##SearchKeywords:string##; DECLARE @search_type_id NVARCHAR(MAX) = ##SearchTypeId:string##; IF (LOWER(@sea...

That is all that I've done in my STV counter.
@Phrancis You see my latest SQL question?
8:11 PM
@EthanBierlein Yup, just pulling it right now
@janos I realized I'm the only European on the team. I need you!
@Hosch250 I guessed Donald in the wrong spot, but so close
@Hosch250 ORDER BY...
@hlovdal Even if it had the code, the code must be fully working (without any bugs, to the best of O.P.'s knowledge). Only then, the question is ready for CodeReview. — Ismael Miguel 43 secs ago
8:16 PM
@Undo It's been 16 minutes and I haven't received an e-mail yet.
@SimonAndréForsberg Here, help me sharpen this stick.
Been a while since the CM stick has been used.
Well, I guess we only have two steps left until full graduation.
@EthanBierlein Two.
Updated privilege requirements, full theme.
I need to get to 10k quick. I'm going to miss the 20k delete button tool.
Well, I think the updated privileges come with mod elections.
8:20 PM
No, Pops said that will come shortly afterward.
I just hope SE doesn't mess up the site design horriblu.
yeah, I hope we'll have a say in that
I'm back home and see we got some new moderators.
Congrats @200_success @Jamal @SimonAndréForsberg @Mat'sMug !
@EthanBierlein They've done a good job with other sites, don't see any reason they would mess up CR's design. I'm sure we'll have a say in the matter too
And @janos , I hope you'll run again next time. You had my vote and you'll probably get it again.
8:23 PM
@Mast If we need a fifth moderator though, he'll most likely be called up.
@EthanBierlein @rolfl has been asking for a fifth and so far none has been awarded. We'll see if they change their mind.
brb, gonna go let out my dogs
@Hosch250 I've had 500 rep for less than a week ;)
@Mast You need three humans two humans and a coffee mug to do the work of a monkey
@durron597 A Mug.
That image a Mug Shot.
@durron597 The coffee cup got elected, so we have that one.
8:26 PM
@Mast awesome, appreciate that! (you too @Hosch250!)
@janos I voted for you as well :-/ would do again
@durron597 thank you!
@janos I voted for you as well.
8:29 PM
who'l, who-who-who'let the doooooogs out!
@Mat'sMug Someone seems enthusiastic about being elected.
woof, woof, woof, woof
I think I got the syncopation wrong.
8:31 PM
Gotten the email yet?
Oh, so it's not final yet.
lol SE is so slow these days
Grats everyone again! back to work
8:32 PM
yes, nothing to see here folks. Show's over. Move along :)
We don't have enough Mug puns...
@SimonAndréForsberg <sniff> they get a little power and then.... ;)
sorry @Phrancis but we have changed the official Repo for the translator
A bit late in the scene, but congrats @SimonAndréForsberg @200_success @Jamal and @Mat'sMug. Continue being awesome ;)
also all other candidates btw ;)
I still have no more stars.....
@Malachi Oh.
> It was a terrible idea! I couldn't do it! Then I decided to get some help. And the idea was born!
thanks everyone that voted, you're now part of history as having contributed to make Code Review's first election, the biggest beta-blooming SE has ever seen!
@Mat'sMug Stargreed!
And it works 100%... then it is better suited for Code Review. — Turing85 21 secs ago
@Mat'sMug TS Stargreed!
Aaand, I'm out of stars.
Ok, everybody just stay calm and try not to say anything witty or memorable.
8:35 PM
I just thought: what about creating a quote bot? Where you can store funny quotes from people in the chat and "play them back" at later instances. :D
Or would that create to much noise.
I've seen some nice implementations running on IRC
@DJanssens Depends on the quote, and it's relevance
@DJanssens that
I keep starring stuff when I'm out of stars,
I have to agree with what @Mat'sMug said. Thanks everyone that voted, and special thanks to everyone who voted for me and @Mat'sMug. We will do our best to not let you down!
8:37 PM
@DJanssens If done correctly, we'd all become irrelevant and it could turn into SkyNet.
@Edward I once heard a joke about amnesia, but I forgot how it goes.
@DJanssens ever heard of "starred messages"?
@SimonAndréForsberg You have a SEDE query which only selects messages with a certain amount of stars?
Hmm, Starring is indeed quite similar.
8:38 PM
Can one look up older starred messages?
@DJanssens One can look up older messages.
Some happen to be starred.
Or in this room, about half of them.
Visual selection may be required.
True, but not every star represents a good quote :D
Unless you hire a monkey with SEDE knowledge.
That's why you'll need to select based on a certain amount of stars.
Let's make it an arbitrary number, like 3 stars.
8:40 PM
Also related:
Q: We'll be counting stars

Simon André ForsbergLately, I've been, I've been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be But baby, I've been, I've been praying hard, Said, no more counting dollars We'll be counting stars, yeah we'll be counting stars (One Republic - Counting Stars) The 2nd Monitor is known to be a quite star-happy...

Now if only somebody would create a crawler to load all those messages and store the exact amount of stars.
@SimonAndréForsberg Wow. You really know how to write memorable questions.
It's all about the money title.
@SimonAndréForsberg lol
8:42 PM
Right, not driving any more.... Did I miss anything?
@skiwi thanks for helping me proving my point ;)
@SimonAndréForsberg And the crown and ermine robe and sceptre.
@rolfl There was an election!
Dec 24 '13 at 0:48, by retailcoder
@SimonAndréForsberg 21st century is crazy like that, sometimes there aren't any better words than "lol" to express something...
@rolfl Couple of stars, nothing out of the ordinary.
@Mast a general tool to read a chat transcript with options like storing all messages, or those in a specific range, and then a way to query that data, would be awesome.
8:44 PM
@skiwi Oh, he missed that much.
It's all about scraping the chat transcript and storing it in a good data format. Then it's done.
@SimonAndréForsberg >7000 messages containing lol!
@SimonAndréForsberg Ballpark question: How many data would it consume to store all chat messages in plain text? User | Message ID | Message | Amount of stars
data => storage
@Mast a) what would you do with messages that contain "|"? :) b) No clue. Not too much I believe. After all, it's just text.
Q: Testing boto connection

user3610360I am writing a unit test to be sure the code can connect to aws via boto, since I will be putting the credentials in place via some other process than code deployment. So far, I've only figured out how to check if I have a valid connection by looking at an S3 bucket, but am hoping someone has a ...

Q: How can i optimize this

Christian Mark Zack HarrisonHello Stack overflow so i was thinking the other day how could i get the icon from a website and make it show and update when it is updated on the site so i made this code URL url2 = null; boolean updateIcon = true; try { url2 = new URL("https://dl.dropboxusercontent...

8:47 PM
I'd totally host such a thing if somebody can scrape it. I'm quite proficient with data scraping, but not with web.
@SimonAndréForsberg escape them, or something
@CaptainObvious Hello WHAT!?
@Mast userID|messageID|starCount|message
parse it left to right
first three columns obviously never have pipes
@SimonAndréForsberg Just relax and let the moderators handle this.... oh.
@Mast Deleted or not????
8:49 PM
Poor little lost sheep. :)
@Edward lol
@Malachi No, we want all the good stuff.
@Edward TS!
@SimonAndréForsberg - what does our election look like in your tool?
So technically we won't mind, it won't show up after the search anyway.
8:50 PM
@Edward I bet @Jamal is already on it
now I can get the marshal badge before the next election!
@SimonAndréForsberg Ofcourse he is.
Comment 10 minutes ago by him.
@SimonAndréForsberg Hah! It was the Mug-ster.
@rolfl on it
8:53 PM
I wanna change my vote
So I can remember what it looks like ;-(
That's just like... the primaries...
@SimonAndréForsberg How should one interpret this graph? It it time on the x-axis and votes on the y?
Stack Overflow is not a site for code review. Also, for future reference, please include any code within the question instead of a link. — DizzyCode 41 secs ago
@Edward it is "round" on the x-axis. I mention that a bit in my CR question
@SimonAndréForsberg So, according to that graph, janos made it?
a round does in a way represent time though
@Mast No, janos didn't make it.
@SimonAndréForsberg Sorry, I hadn't remembered that detail.
8:58 PM
No problems
I know, but your graphs drops everyone who didn't make it except him.
janos' state is stored at "HOPEFUL" at the end, although technically it should perhaps be "ELIMINATED"
@SimonAndréForsberg (See how obsequious I am now? Does that give me points?)
Basically everyone under 100 is down.
@Mast that's because it stops when it has elected enough people
8:59 PM
Give us another moderator position and your graph is fixed.
Problem solved.
@Edward I believe that a moderator doesn't really give points.
@SimonAndréForsberg WHAT!!? I want my money back!
You're the worst moderator EVER!
What I find the most interesting about the graph is to see how neck-in-neck @Mat'sMug and I was.
@SimonAndréForsberg If I am not mistaken, I think it may also be the first time in SE history that two candidates beat the threshold the first round.... I need to fact check that, though
@Edward That escalated quickly.
9:03 PM
@Mast This
He hasn't even received his diamond yet ^^
It's important for moderators to understand that it's a literally thankless job.
59 mins ago, by durron597
@rolfl Thank you for your 16 months of service!
OK, almost thankless.
@Edward was a forum admin/moderator for a while, can confirm.
9:05 PM
@Edward You've got a problem if you don't thank your moderators
They're hard workers, and certainly deserve it :-)
... out of stars..
@janos - not sure if it was missed in the general mayhem.... but:
lol, thanks ;-)
There, that's pinned now too.
9:10 PM
maybe time to unpin something?
5 pins is a lot
@SimonAndréForsberg that was really, really, really hard to get
I can imagine
@janos I've only got... <checking> 146 of 150 to go!
I "only" got about 100 of 150 to go
@Edward I still got 150 of 150 to go... don't even need to check :(
9:13 PM
@Vogel612 I figure four should be, I dunno, maybe "temporarily memorable?"
Or maybe "faint aroma of unrealized potential."
came at a price too: many serious hours per day reviewing stuff. I really sacrificed a lot to get there
Oooh, I just checked and there are only two "lengendarios"
@Edward @rolfl is the other one
@janos I learned a lot, about the code, and my capabilities to persevere.
He got it not too long ago.
9:17 PM
I did it differently to Janos, I would dedicate a week to "hard work" at it, and then take a few weeks off.
he's just burned through it hard for months now.
that's serious work.
Y'all should invent a secret handshake, now that there are two of you.
It is the rarest badge... about 250 network wide.
@rolfl I was racing you to it, under the radar ;-)
Q: 2015 Community Moderator Election Results

Jon EricsonCode Review's first moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the 4 new moderators are: Please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes! Please also thank the outgoing moderator, rolfl, who did so muc...

I can see why! That represents a tremendous expenditure of effort.
9:19 PM
Q: 2015 Community Moderator Election Results

Jon EricsonCode Review's first moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the 4 new moderators are: Please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes! Please also thank the outgoing moderator, rolfl, who did so muc...

@janos Stack wide legendaries:
Site                                                                                SName                            Elections Metric
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- --------- ------
stackoverflow.com/users/|StackOverflow                                       StackOverflow                    Full      189
math.stackexchange.com/users/|StackExchange.Math                             StackExchange.Math               Full      19
I got the power! diamond!
I haven't got a blue name yet though
@rolfl That puts CR in the top 10 with the 2nd Legendary :-)
@SimonAndréForsberg Blame caching.
Of course, what else is there to blame?
@SimonAndréForsberg hit F5
you are blue and so is @rolfl still
9:31 PM
Goodbye, @rolfl bursts into tears
Still blue.
I thought you were dead!
@SimonAndréForsberg - do me a favour, on my chat profile, mod-tools, refresh profile from parent-site.
9:33 PM
still blue to me too.
It won't be blue once it is refreshed.
Heh, I still had mod tools... ;-)
It's gone
silly baboon...
9:35 PM
The review element belongs on Code Review. The self-review element is a chatty question that belongs on Programmers. To half-answer you, reading documentation is a skill that you must learn and get used to; reading the FAQ for this site to find out what's on topic and what isn't would have been a good start. :) — Lightness Races in Orbit 1 min ago
Blue is gone.
soo.. we replaced a monkey with a mug and a swede?
Congratulations, guys!
@Vogel612 I'm not sure what Sir Eddington would say about that.
The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. In this context, "almost surely" is a mathematical term with a precise meaning, and the "monkey" is not an actual monkey, but a metaphor for an abstract device that produces an endless random sequence of letters and symbols. One of the earliest instances of the use of the "monkey metaphor" is that of French mathematician Émile Borel in 1913, but the earliest instance may be even earlier...
9:38 PM
Sixth. I'm sure we'll have another election eventually, and at that point, I'll probably be a strong cadidate.
Me too ;-)
@rolfl I think I'd need about an hour to find that thing... I see you did it yourself though
Any word on when we lose the beta, and when the rep thresholds go up?
this mod tools UI will take some time getting used to
@SimonAndréForsberg check the bottom-left of the site's help-center
9:43 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it (mostly) belongs on codereview.SE — o11c just now
@SimonAndréForsberg screenshots?
almost TTGH
@Malachi let's grab a hat next time :D
@Vogel612 they should be sending a few of us a nice big box of cool stuff.....I can't wait
9:47 PM
neither can I :D I'll have to drop them a mail...
@LightnessRacesinOrbit: The things that make a question off-topic on Stack Overflow or Code Review ('Too Broad, Unclear, etc.) are also the same things that make it off-topic on Programmers. Alas, some people confuse site topicality with question scope. — Robert Harvey ♦ 1 min ago
We'll see.
ohh Lightness involved in programmers drama..
aaand TTQW
@Mat'sMug Go home, have fun!
On that note, I am off for a bit too
9:53 PM
thanks @rolfl, TTYL
bye all!
why did @rolfl not apply for moderation if I may ask?

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