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1:16 AM
One could argue that Javascript is a terrible thing that has harmed the industry and countless members in it, but since it's the only viable language in the web browser...
The name AWK is comprised of the first letters of the last names of it's authors:




What would have been a better name? Has any kind of consensus been made?
Eh, it's an ill-advised question anyway. A hypothetical about something that already happened, discussed with people who don't care anything about it.
Can we get one more close vote on this question?
Q: Tool to convert vector diagram into clean visio style diagram

Digital PowersI am trying to figure out how i can speed up the process of designing software. I normally design my software on paper or using a pen on a laptop or tablet but then when i am done i still have to waste time copying the image to visio or draw.io. I can get my hand drawn images into a vector st...

1:43 AM
@Jonathan.Brink The names of some of the early unix programs were a bit... fun. Like biff who allegedly was a dog who barked at the mailman. I see the name 'awk' no better / worse than perl, ruby, python, tcl or any number of other tools. What the authors chose to call it is up to them. I'd say its good that they choose a short name.
3:13 AM
Since your question is broad and not a specific implementation question, it may be better received on programmers.stackexchange.comMaximillian Laumeister 6 secs ago
2 hours later…
5:43 AM
Does this seem like a better fit for programmers.SE than Stack Overflow? — trichoplax 32 secs ago
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8:43 AM
what is the significance of roaming profiles on windows application development?
3 hours later…
11:23 AM
@deostroll when you are in a workplace with a central server, then the roaming data will get stored there and your settings get shared automatically when you log in on another computer
11:53 AM
@deostroll It is entirely too early on a Monday to go into much detail (my memory is fueled by caffeine, need more time) but start here: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/…
12:47 PM
heh I found a query showing votes per day on the site: data.stackexchange.com/programmers/query/335866/…
what happened in march 2010??
Maybe a couple hot questions? Did we have those back then?
Would this question be off-topic in programmers.stackexchange.com? — bitbonk 7 secs ago
maybe we got slashdoted?
1:02 PM
when did stackoverflow expand to the stackexchange network?
I think the other sites in the Big Three were maybe 2009 or 2010?
Looks like there are a few different ways to answer that question based on how you define "stack exchange network": a product? a public corporation? multiple sites?
Stack Exchange is a network of question and answer websites on topics in varied fields, each site covering a specific topic, where questions, answers, and users are subject to a reputation award process. The sites are modeled after Stack Overflow, a forum for computer programming questions that was the original site in this network. The reputation system allows the sites to be self-moderating. User contributions are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. == History == In 2008, Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky created Stack Overflow, a question-and-answer Web site...
I think google updated it's page rank algorithm at April 2010, maybe SO got a boost at google results
but March 3rd there's a huge spike
and the jump is in september (when the on topic rules got changed)
1:19 PM
@durron597 oh fine :)
@ratchetfreak you're right, that wouldn't explain a spike like that
Q: What can I do about my new driveway that is higher than the garage floor?

65eglideI recently had a new asphalt driveway installed. Due to the slope of the driveway they stopped about 2 1/2 feet from garage. This has created a problem with the end of driveway being 5 1/2 inches higher than the garage floor. This makes it extremely difficult to get motorcycles in and out. ...

@durron597 poor planning... lol
Was the contractor, like, suddenly surprised when they got close to the garage to discover that they had an issue with the grade? Why didn't they do a little earthwork before laying the pavement down? — Craig 10 hours ago
no amount of asphalt is going to account for such a difference.
1:32 PM
@Telastyn They would have been fine if they had done earthwork before laying the pavement down.
A drawbridge from the garage to the mound of asphalt.That will allow the motorcycles in, and keep the water out (assuming the bridge is up when it rains). — Tester101 ♦ 1 hour ago
I find it hard to believe there wan't some manner of difference between the dirt (or whatever was there) and the garage before hand.
when they came out to give me the estimate, they had told me due to the slope of the driveway and the height difference between the garage and the street, they where going to stop about about 3 ft from the garage and I was going to need a drain 2 ft wide the length of the garage door, I was ok with that as I assumed they were going to excavate the driveway down so when the asphalt was layed down it would be the same height as the surrounding yard — 65eglide 2 hours ago
@enderland When you assume...
Yeah. I'm going to assume though that person lives in a temperate climate, too, I shudder to think how bad that driveway would fall apart in winter here
@Ampt Skynet's on to us, RUN!
@Snowman Isn't the idea that the singularity is unavoidable no matter how aware we are of it in advance?
@durron597 I like the hypothesis that we are all actually just living in a simulation.
I think the main premise goes as such: Sufficiently advanced civilizations will naturally want to know more about their history, and therefore set up advanced virtual replications of their history from known data points. In these virtual replications, the virtual people will get to a sufficient level of knowledge to want to run virtual replications of their history, and so on
so basically there is a very small chance that we are, in fact, the first civilization to get this far, and there is a higher chance that we are one of these nested sub-simulations
no evil robot overlords needed
oh, that's always a good one too
@Ampt read implied spaces.
There is also one that I'm forgetting the name of. Hmm. That bothers me.
2:22 PM
Q: The devil is a discreted sociology professor in a simulated reality

MichaelTThe book starts out with the threat of an asteroid hitting Earth. The hero and heroine find themselves in a café (or was it a bar? - the cover has a devil with a whiskey on the rocks if I remember correctly) with a demonic researcher (the character is a devil, who is an academic that was exiled ...

2:43 PM
Not on this site. I'm not sure if it would be on-topic for either Security or Programmers; you've have to read their FAQs. — Lynn Crumbling 7 secs ago
This question is not appropriate for Programmers in its current form and would be quickly closed/deleted. Broad questions like this are not a good fit for SE, anywhere.. — enderland 24 secs ago
@LynnCrumbling your laziness results in extra work on sites such as Programmers where inappropriate questions are suggested to be migrated. Please avoid this in the future unless you are familiar with the scope of other sites.. — enderland 22 secs ago
@enderland Nice know know that a moderator is meaner than me, for once
@durron597 heh, I didn't think that was too mean... maybe it's just bcause it's Monday after a week off work?
1 hour ago, by Ampt
I just finished my thermos
2:57 PM
@durron597 It got an offensive flag. I deleted it.
really? meh, at least that means he probably read it
@RobertHarvey I didn't think it was quite to that level of mean. Just enough for me to harass him in this chatroom ;)
So I have this bit of C#:
detailsPage.Url += org.Item2;   // Append URL parameters
In a loop. Naturally, it's wrong, because the url parameters accumulate, so I did this above the loop:
string baseUrl = string.Copy(detailsPage.Url);
And then
detailsPage.Url = baseUrl += org.Item2;
But it still didn't work. I had to do
var url = string.Copy(baseUrl);
detailsPage.Url = url += org.Item2;
to get it to work.
So it seems that detailsPage.Url = baseUrl += org.Item2 does the concatenation, but then assigns the reference of url to detailsPage.Url
Which seems a bit counter-intuitive to me. I would have thought that baseUrl += org.Item2 would have created a brand new string.
Ah, I think I just talked my way through it.
3:16 PM
@RobertHarvey rubber ducking your way to victory :)
@durron597 Stack Overflow has one of those questions.
@durron597 I used Old Faithful for that question.
@Snowman Ah, good point.
multiple STCI tags (never a good sign) programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/129806/…
1 hour later…
4:39 PM
ugh I have spent an hour searching for files I always opened with "open recent" but an office upgrade wiped that list
5:01 PM
Someone really did copy and paste an email into a PDF and emailed the PDF, rather than forwarding the original email. /facepalm
Head first is a good book, but there are others too. A similar question was asked on Programmers. Quite a while ago, but most books that were good then will still be good. Voting to close this one as off topic. — GolezTrol 31 secs ago
Nuke from orbit please:
Q: How to play two audiotracks simultaneously while watching movie?

AnatolyOk, I'd like to find ready to use solution but if it isn't exist I'd to like to get an advice how to implement it myself. There are a lot of movies with two audio-tracks, I prefer to watch them in English, my wife in Russian. How can we stream different audio-tracks from same movie to different ...

The only thing this has to do with "programming" is it involves "a device that uses electricity."
6:27 PM
Since the answers may be somewhat subjective this question might work better on http://programmers.stackexchange.com/. — Spaceman Spiff 13 secs ago
This is probably a stupid question, but how do you load the symbols for a referenced assembly in Visual Studio 2013?
@SpacemanSpiff: Subjectivity is not a valid criteria. If it's too subjective for Stack Overflow, it's probably too subjective for Programmers as well. Read programmers.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic to find out what is actually on topic there. — Robert Harvey ♦ 38 secs ago
Can anyone guess who asked the lowest voted open question on stack overflow in the last 30 days?
This type of question is better answered on programmers.stackexchange.com this site is for specific programming problems. — Ron Beyer 26 secs ago
@durron597 It's like teaching yourself how to rebuild an engine, when what you really need to know is how to drive the car.
6:45 PM
@RobertHarvey Good car analogy. I think some people ask programming questions, when I have to question why they are programming in the first place.
so, got bored last night and decided, "You know what sounds like a great way to cap off this weekend? Getting the pad of my pinky finger sewed back on!". I encourage anyone with some free time to give it a shot, it was capital F-U-N.
That sounds... not fun
Hush, can't you see some of us are trying to lie to ourselves here? Get out of here with your voice of reason
do you at least get time off work/typing? why are you typing more here?!?!
@JimmyHoffa Well you first ripped it off, I'm assuming.
6:50 PM
I'm sure not using my pinky to do it, so it doesn't really make a difference.
@durron597 oh yeah, that part was great.
@JimmyHoffa I'm sure you decided you weren't spending enough time giving doctors money
basically. Also for this month and this month only because of my new job; I'm uninsured. So that adds a whole new dimension to the awesome of getting stitches last night
^-- piece of metal on my kitchen linoleum stairs like that, slipped in the kitchen, went to catch myself and my finger caught that
@JimmyHoffa ugh
You didn't get skil-sawed. Dodged a bullet, I say.
@RobertHarvey skil-sawed?
6:55 PM
Let's just say that's why they have brakes on those blades now. Too many people losing fingers.
if I dodged a bullet it's because an inch higher and I would have gone straight through the tendon with how deep it was. I'm pleased it's just the pad so it'll heal and be usable
Q: Completing assessment for prospective job

user37719On Friday I was given a project, creating an app and deploying it, to work on for a position that I applied for. I have now completed it but it is missing one aspect of it because I am not familiar with this layer of technology(TDD). What would be my best course of action? In my last email I told...

For even better fun, drop a drinking glass into a chef sink full of water, and instinctively try to catch it.
this is amusing
That one was worth about eight stitches.
6:58 PM
@RobertHarvey you win, I only got 5
Try falling off a ladder and having a cordless drill fall six feet and land on your kneecap: pointy end first. Still not as bad as being skil-sawed.
@Snowman boy I sure am glad I'm too lazy to usually get hurt, This is first time I've had stitches ever, so can't complain
fuck that, I can too. I cut the shit out of my finger and had to get stitches last night. I kind of think complaining is the appropriate response. Stupid finger. Anyway, back to codey mccode
@JimmyHoffa I have a plumbing project next weekend, and I have a propylene torch that gets over 3,000 degrees F. Between extreme heat and sharp metal edges of pipes, what could possibly go wrong?
7:23 PM
see, this is why I write code for a living - so I can pay other people to do the dangerous things like plumbing, or being on a ladder, or walk in the kitchen.
and then one day you find yourself writing the code for Google's self-driving cars...
@Telastyn good point, kitchens are hazardous areas. Perhaps I should hire somebody to deal with mine.
I would sure as hell never do anything with my own plumbing more complex than screwing on/unscrewing a sink trap
@JimmyHoffa I almost sliced the tip of my pinky finger clear off when I was redoing the plumbing during a bathroom complete gut and remodel. I was actually squirting blood like a fountain. WOW that hurt. Now I always wear gloves when rotating copper pipe to cut it.
7:44 PM
Some days it feels like I should be wearing gloves while coding.
@Snowman I think "pay someone" is a better solution for something like rotating copper. I'm proud to say I have no idea what that is, screw manual labor. Those people all end up missing bits.
and here I wanted to take up woodworking... ;)
@enderland pah, get a simulator.
Write a woodworking simulator? Maybe it can be like the Lego game
7:49 PM
well, if there are goats simulators, I'm sure there are some woodworking simulators
@André look, goat simulator is freakin AWESOME.
@JimmyHoffa It is on my queue to play it.
the actual game is pretty meh but the fact that it exists is indeed awesome
@André its probably one of those German simulation games. There are auto mechanic simulators.
7:52 PM
@Ixrec it's absolutely awesome for kids
@MichaelT farming simulator is actually very popular...and considering; significantly safer than the real thing
@JimmyHoffa dwarf fortress is also much safer to play online.
7:54 PM
Also safer than strapping jet packs on goats irl
Software gets released with bugs in all the time. That's what release notes are about. — RedSonja 12 hours ago
@enderland That question has accepted answer fail.
no kidding
8:14 PM
@MichaelT vs. real life? Absolutely. You think a cordless drill can hurt your kneecaps, try dwarfs without beer.
Xcom- safer on computer.
@MichaelT Master of Orion- safer on computer
Stackoverflow is aimed at people who are experiencing a specific issue and are looking for help with it. The 'best' way to implement some code, given some requirements, is not really within the scope of SO. This may be better suited to another site within the StackExchange network, for example programmers.stackexchange.comberesfordt just now
@MichaelT Global Thermonuclear War- Safer on computer.
8:23 PM
Unless, of course, the computer can take over and go all skynet on you.
Just make sure you don't have it maximize instead of minimize.
8:41 PM
Thanks for the link, I should really have done some reading before referring. Have deleted my poor advice. — beresfordt 16 mins ago
^^^ made my day
@durron597 that's why I wrote it.
@MichaelT I meant the comment of the guy who actually said he would read the help faq and that he learned something
@JoeT the Stack Exchange network is not the correct place for such a broad question. I would recommend starting with a basic PHP book for beginners, such as amzn.com/111821370Xdurron597 1 min ago
Oh. I was referring to skynet.
9:04 PM
@MichaelT defining constants in a fitness function doesn't matter though! ;)
I'm referring to skynet - my app to change my hue light color based on weather forecast. If it's cloudy, it's a gray. If it's sunny, yellow. Rainy blue. Skynet.
@MichaelT well you're in a cheeky mood today
What were you thinking?
@MichaelT Why do you have the solutionCost for doing that so high, then?
So it doesn't take over my house. Ever see those smart house thrillers back in the day?
9:14 PM
Not the one I was thinking of:
Smart House is a 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie about a teenage computer whiz (Ryan Merriman), his widowed father, and his little sister, who win a computerized house that begins to take on a life of its own – the life of an overbearing mother (Katey Sagal). == Plot == 13-year-old Ben Cooper and his family are struggling to balance household chores, school and work. Ben is the family caretaker, a role inherited from his deceased mother. Always busy taking care of everyone else, he has no time to be a kid, including playing basketball, his favorite sport. When Ben sees that a Smart House is...
@MichaelT Just what do you think you're doing, Dave @MichaelT?
Q: If my team has low skill, should I lower the skill of my code?

Florian MargaineFor example, there is a common snippet in JS to get a default value: function f(x) { x = x || 'default_value'; } This kind of snippet is not easily understood by all the members of my team, their JS level being low. Should I not use this trick then? It makes the code less readable by peer...

Q: Is OO-programming really as important as hiring companies place it?

aleI am just finishing my masters degree (in computing) and applying for jobs. I've noticed many companies specifically ask for an understanding of object orientation. Popular interview questions are about inheritance, polymorphism, accessors etc. Is OO really that crucial? I even had an intervie...

Pretty sure that one is a duplicate in addition to being off topic.
Q: How do you keep your basic skills from atrophy?

kojiroI've been programming for about 10 years, and I've started to migrate to more of a project management position. I still do coding, but less often now. One of the things that I think is holding me back in my career is that I can't "let go". I think I fear letting hard-won programming skills atroph...

Q: If a fluent coder disregards good practices, doesn't his fluency work against him?

Konrad MorawskiI am working on a fairly large and buggy application - and due to the way it's written (I'll spare you details, but it violates rules in most areas you can think of), it is next to impossible developing it without major refactoring. Significant part of the app was authored by interns, n00bs etc....

Any of those 4 worth keeping?
1 and 2 at first glance
@durron597 didn't you see the store I found Sunday?
@MichaelT no?
9:29 PM
And the side @GlenH7 would prefer:
And yes, they do tastings.
Would love an explanation or the downvote - would this question be better suited for programmers.stackexchange.com? — launchoverit 13 secs ago
9:43 PM
Q: Feedback Requested: Code Edition and Stack Snippets

Thomas OrozcoYou probably all know about Stack Snippets (a.k.a. "JavaScript/HTML/CSS Snippets"), which we introduced almost a year ago. You probably also know that Stack Snippets are routinely misused for questions that have nothing to do with HTML, CSS, or JS: Improve tooltip and positioning of code sampl...

10:03 PM
A: May I ask a vocabulary question on Stack Overflow?

NathanOliverI don't think it would qualify here but it is hard to tell without seeing the proposed question. I am not a participator on Programmers but it might be on topic there.

@MichaelT I thought you deleted your account. Why are you torturing yourself?
Mostly because you linked me a question over there.
What does the stack snippets question (which will eventually apply to programmers, too) have to do with vocabulary?
I clicked questions. Saw the question. Dreaded opening it. Was right.
The naming question on our meta has... Troublesome answers to it. The top one could be misunderstood as "yes" even though it's mostly a critique of gnat that people voted on.
10:10 PM
Since its self answered an accept won't boost it. Further more, we get lots who disagree with the stance I take and up vote the "it's on topic" post.
@MichaelT The bottom line is that it's a controversial topic
And is not settled, as much as you've settled it in your own mind.
I'm just pointing out that the 3k+ group will close vote while the -3k group has up voted the position they like.
People working from the popular meta answer will have a poor experience.
in my brief time here most of the naming questions I've seen have been mediocre at best, because most of them are asking for names for things that almost certainly do not have canonical names (which personally I find baffling)
@Ixrec exactly the problem with them.
10:16 PM
for some strange reason, the things that do have names are the ones that no one asks about (unless they've already encountered them in a context where the name was attached to them)
@MichaelT I hope that edit meets your standards
I gotta run
The thing is they get down voted and closed and linked to the troubles post... And then up vote the "it's on topic" which further confuses the next person.
@MichaelT If you feel that strongly just accept your own answer
I'm not sure what to do with the meta answers, because a priori I would probably agree with that top-voted answer
yet my experience is that answer is simply wrong
To me it's simple: quality questions are on topic, poor quality questions aren't. It's hard to write a quality question, but that doesn't mean it's impossible
Personally, I don't think it's correct to limit scope in that particular way.
I think this is a great question:
Q: What's the difference between an API and an SDK?

KeithSI was looking through various APIs and SDKs, when I realized that I couldn't really tell the difference between something called an API and something called an SDK. Both of them are, conceptually, a way for your program to interface with and control the resources provided by another piece of sof...

And now I really do have to go.
10:20 PM
you're right, that is a decent one
@Ixrec if you have CVs left I'd appreciate attacking the last few questions. Bye!
will do
@MichaelT iduno, I think there's really no safety issue here. Goats are quite hardy after all.
@JimmyHoffa the bystanders may be less hardy.
@MichaelT Not really a problem for the goat
11:14 PM
@durron597 accepting a self answered meta post doesn't really show community consensus.
If you look at the timeline and the compare the answers meta.programmers.stackexchange.com/posts/6582/timeline - you can see that for a long time we were neck and neck for top votes. However, from August onwards, all those +1s are for the other answer.

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