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4:37 AM
A: If a number is irrational in base 10, is it irrational in other bases?

VagandirOkay i know nothing about math, i didn't read all comments, it was Abit above my head, but i think what OP meant in their question is something along the lines.. i don't even know is what I'm trying to explain here is correct in any way, but myself coming here for wondering pretty much the same t...

A: Calculus surface area

Darshan PatilIf you are interested to find the surface area of the strip $(h)$: You can use integration: However, $V = {\pi}(R^2h-\frac{h^3}{3})$ is your formula It's for hemisphere: The height$(h)$ is ⊥ to the base of the hemisphere. Let: h = R $V(R) = 2{\pi}R^3/3$ Which is of hemisphere.

not following EOQS, answer to low-quality question
,now deleted(probably by the author)
Q: Why CPn is a complex manifold

user849580I have known that RP^nis smooth manifold.What is the difference of?the projective map between CPn and RPn

no work
Q: Compact-preserving functions that continuous in each variable

Xiong JiangnanLet $f:\mathbb{R}^2\rightarrow\mathbb{R}$ be a map that continuous in each variable separately. Assume that for any compact subset $K\subset\mathbb{R}^2$, $f(K)$ is compact. Prove that $f$ is continuous.

again no work
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7:05 AM
this post received an undelete-vote although it was successfully flagged as rude or abusive.
7:31 AM
this relativity theory question (moreover in a situation where it is absurd to apply it) is definitely off-topic on this site. Please help to close and delete it.
7:46 AM
here not even the rules of the game are mentioned. Close/Delete.
8:36 AM
this should be a duplicate. Can someone find a good target ?
9:16 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of answer (34): Notation $\gamma$ for Euler's constant $\gamma$. by Jamesscheble on math.SE
9:50 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of answer (34): perimeter of ellipse by Einstein on math.SE
10:28 AM
D2, D3, D4
D5, D6, D7
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12:57 PM
@XanderHenderson Both the question and the user account are deleted now (you did the former and perhaps the latter, thanks). – Interestingly, this led to some discrepancy of what my reputation is. Just in case that anybody is interested, I posted that as a question on the main Meta: meta.stackexchange.com/q/370245/196432.
1:56 PM
One more close vote needed here. Then deletion is in order.
@amWhy Done.
@JoséCarlosSantos Thanks!!
@ArcticChar D3 = D4
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3:07 PM
I mean... what? You can't just Google "trig identities"? Is $\cos(\pi-\theta)=-\cos\theta$ true for any real $\theta$?‭ - tryingtobeastoic‭ 2021-09-25 05:26:12Z
PSQ? I don't think that the W|A result adds any useful context. Partially differentiating an integral of 2 functions‭ - A1988‭ 2021-09-24 10:33:53Z
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in answer, pattern-matching website in answer, potentially bad ip for hostname in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (160): Finding polynomial to the power of 2020 by AshleyCahoon on math.SE
@SmokeDetector Now deleted.
3:55 PM
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Thanks, @Xander.
@Peter I can't even parse that question. Wow.
4:22 PM
@XanderHenderson In summary, it says, "I have no clue what I'm saying". :/
@Peter One more delete vote needed.
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5:25 PM
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@rschwieb Already I voted to close, but I'll keep alert on it if it's in need of deletion.
6:17 PM
D1, D2, D3.
D4, D5, D6.
D7, D8, D9.
C1, C2, C3.
6:49 PM
Admittedly not answering the question (which is a duplicate anyway): math.stackexchange.com/a/4259966/42969. (Not sure why the answer was accepted.)
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11:15 PM
@JoséCarlosSantos Could you explain why you voted to delete my answer here? It was targeted by vandals; stop looking at just the votes when determining deletion. There is nothing wrong with my answer. It doesn't surprise me that @OliverDiaz joined you in voting delete it, as he has made his bias against me clear; neither of you had any justification to vote to delete.

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