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5:33 AM
A: Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes (volume 01/2022 - today)

Arunabh BhattacharyaPlease vote for reopening this question: Compute $\int_0^{\pi/2}\frac{\sin{x}}{2+\cos{2x}}dx$ (see my previous answer). The question really deserves an answer. See the edit history at https://math.stackexchange.com/posts/4410226/revisions. The post was closed. Then I substantially changed the que...

5:52 AM
Q: Are these equations "properly" defined differential equations?

JoakoAre these equations properly defined differential equations? Modifications were made to a deleted question to re-focus it Intro Recently, in this answer I figure out that the following autonomous scalar ODE: $$\dot{y}=-\sqrt[n]{y} \tag{Eq. 1}\label{Eq. 1}$$ Could stand the finite-duration soluti...

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10:42 AM
DEL, needs 1 vote, a PSQ & dupe with nothing new.
11:19 AM
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12:29 PM
12:48 PM
This and this are the same question asked twice by the same user. It's a good question, though.
1:22 PM
@ParamanandSingh That almost-PSQ and that PSQ are up for deletion.
@Peter Up for deletion now.
3 hours later…
4:09 PM
D1, D2, D3.
D4, D5, D6.
D7, D8, D9.
C1, C2, C3.
C4, C5, C6.
C7, C8, C9.
^ I've pinned a useful review queue that is not in the standard review queues. Not all of those posts are bad, since they may include good duplicate questions, but it is a rather good real-time source of bad posts for anyone who has spare delete-votes to cast!
4:48 PM

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