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3:03 PM
Is there a standard answer we can use to close questions like this as a dupe? If there isn't, there should be since there's lots of similar Q&A's out there... askubuntu.com/q/1050727/117123
@chaskes found it, see there
but the real answer to the question being asked which is "When will 18.04 get this newer version" is "It Won't."
@dessert ^ also
We have to ask us again: Do we want to answer the question or do we want to solve the problem? :)
Thanks, guys. That works. We probably also need a generic "that's not how distro releases work" answer for the general cases
you should talk out the specifics with Zanna, she specialises on general Q&A
trolls a bit
3:10 PM
I think the perfect answer to a question like that is to point to a generic "not how distros work", then give specific workarounds to upgrade something through a ppa, compiling, etc
@chaskes virtualenv, in the case of python
Hi @chaskes ! :) Long time no see - everything fine ?
@ThomasWard Exactly. We need a good generic one of those if we don't have one already
@cl-netbox Fine here! How've you been?
@chaskes Fine too - thanks :) Already upgraded to f28 ? I'm running it since the day it was released ... the most stable fedora workstation I've ever seen.
@dessert I deserve it
3:14 PM
@cl-netbox Oh, yeah. Keeps getting better and better. I use a box with dual Centos/Fedora a lot
@chaskes yup - centos 7.5 with GNOME 3.26 is great too - have it installed on my wife's (older) notebook.
Isn't is 3.22?
@chaskes no, 7.4 had 3.22 ... but redhat seems wanting to provide more current software. I've heard rumors that RHEL 8 will be based on fedora 28 ! :)
Huh... I could swear my current 7.5 is 3.22. I'll have to doublecheck.
Is 7.5 based on fedora 22? Maybe that's how I got the number confused.
@cl-netbox I rebooted into a fresh centos install and it's gnome 3.22.2
@chaskes wrong entry in gnome-settings - it's 3.26 on centos 7.5
@chaskes In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5, GNOME Shell has been rebased to upstream version 3.26 -> access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_enterprise_linux/…
@chaskes AFAIK RHEL 7 is still based on fedora 18, but GNOME version is 3.26 on RHEL 7.5 :)
3:35 PM
Hmm, but I'm looking at package listings in a mirror and while a lot of gnome programs (settings, etc) are gnome 26, gnome shell and some other programs (nautilus) are 3.22. This agrees with what I'm seeing in the install. It's a mixed bag
@chaskes a bit mixed - yes :) Same with ubuntu ... nautilus for example is an older version than the GNOME version. :)
but Ubuntu has a different motives there: to preserve removed features. Still, it's good
the star wall is looking dangerously on topic
@Zanna hahaha ... "dangerously" - nice ! :)
3:45 PM
@Rinzwind May it have something to do with MS having bought that thingie ? phoronix.com/… :D :D :D
@dessert now it starts looking dangerously off-topic (again) ... :D :D :D
@cl-netbox we did well, very well ;)
@chaskes Well, I have to say that all versions of GNOME since the release of 3.22 are quite good - IMHO at least. :)
@dessert indeed :D
@cl-netbox I agree completely. In fact, it was 3.22 that finally made me like gnome3
@chaskes closest might be my "Why do the repositories not have the latest versions of software" question which I had asked in order for it to be a canonical question that "Why doesn't Ubuntu VERSION have the latest version of XYZ?"
Q: Why don't the Ubuntu repositories have the latest versions of software?

Thomas WardWhy are packages in the official Ubuntu repositories older than the latest (upstream) versions from Debian Sid, PPAs, the authors, etc.?

Epic starbait.
@ThomasWard Yeah, that's just about perfect. Maybe a 2-sentence summary at the top would make it easier for newcomers to understand, but it covers the issue completely
3:57 PM
hey @chaskes, what's up?!
Hey. How've you been? I saw your Stacey retweet. Watching Studio C is the big family event over here.
Hey @Seth, what's up with YOU ? :)
@chaskes Is it? haha. Same here! Not the biggest fan of this latest season though.
@cl-netbox eh, same same mostly. Just trying to get by.
@Seth does it mean no or only minor improvements ? hope not !
@cl-netbox yeah, only minor improvements. Trying a different diet out to see if it helps.
4:02 PM
@Seth shall I tell you something ? that might help - for my wife it did ... I wish you good luck (as always) with the new diet ! :)
@cl-netbox sure. go ahead and send it by hangout if you want
@Seth you didn't accept my invite until now ... :D
@Seth I like them all pretty evenly. Season 6 might be best though...
What's the diet, gluten free?
@chaskes No I've tried that, didn't notice much improvement. I'm trying a low FODMAP now.
@chaskes Season 6 was definitely really good.
4:10 PM
reading up on fodmap. looks good. also take a look at the book plant paradox, if you haven't already. there's some overlap in the concept
@chaskes Interesting, will do.
They scoped me and didn't find any real inflammation (a little in the stomach), which I was kinda surprised by.
@chaskes you can always propose an edit. I didn't write the answer, I wrote the question :p
tons vs. tonnes
I’ve never read “tonnes” before.
@ThomasWard I know. I'm just not in the mood to put work into it right now, just to make suggestions and hope someone else will step up. ;)
@dessert really? hmm that's how I would spell it
4:19 PM
Isn't tonne just the Brit spelling?
outs himself as illiterate
yeah right
superliterate more like
so that’s AE vs. BE whereas fish vs. fishes is … what again?
@Seth Just higher fiber may take care of it, but I asume you've tried that. Plant paradox is about avoiding lections from seeds: no nightshades, squash, beans
@dessert just weirdness
4:21 PM
@chaskes yeah, definitely tried higher fiber.
@chaskes won't be me :P
@Zanna I would pronounce it as fishes I guess
my dictionary says:
> Pl.: fish, when referring to different kinds or species: fishes
@dessert How cool is that?!
does that sound accurate?
4:23 PM
@dessert Yes, that's what my English teacher referred to: an aquarium with different kinds. I forgot that yesterday.
@Seth Plant paradox also says certain high fibers are bad, like brown rice. So it's a balance between the right kinds of whole grains, not just everything whole. I haven't gone whole hog, but I've cut bell peppers, zucchini, and beans. Give it a skim. Library should have it.
@chaskes Will do!
@dessert similar to bread/breads
but no it doesn't really sound like normal usage
I only hear "fishes" when talking about Bible stories
it sounds poetic to me
many fish of one type, many fishes of many type
nah... "how many different types of fish have we here" etc
4:27 PM
People eat one fish, two fish, but there are many fishes in the sea.
the same thing in German with “Wasser”:“Wässer”
"plenty more fish in the sea" (when someone broke up with their <3 and you want to console them)
so BE is less conversative in this matter? wow…
that’s unexpected
I really don't think people here use "fishes" in everyday language or feel any distinction
but shrug maybe I'm just an oaf :)
@JourneymanGeek may I ask where you learned English?
4:29 PM
Oddly enough.
Spoken? From cartoons
Written, in school, though I tend to inhale books
I actually meant where you live(d), but I read your profile in the meantime. :)
I envy people who can do that. I read slowly.
Just finished reading Zanna's sentence.
@Terrance That was fast. I'm just finishing Zanna's sentence now.
4:33 PM
I think it is worse though when you work with people who are slow typers. You are chatting with them and you see ...... typing ..... typing ..... typing ......... Hi Terrance
Especially in the technology field.
lol I asked my mum and she said "if I'm in the chip shop I'll say 'two fish' [my mum has been vegetarian for about 3 years now, so she doesn't say that any more] but if I'm looking at some fish swimming I'll say 'two fishes'"
Dr. Suess taught me with "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"
@Zanna wait, but you have this exact distinction (usual plural vs. different kinds) in bread:breads? what about people:peoples? “people” doesn’t have a singular, but I think that’s not relevant actually, the semantics is similar at least.
isn't the singular of people person?
4:40 PM
of course there are ways to express this information, but the word is a plurale tantum nevertheless
@dessert yup, bread:breads is to people:peoples (but both of these are loose and the plural-of-plurals form may not always be used)
scratches head I don't know what the plural of person is then, if it isn't people
@Zanna individuals :D
@Zanna "people" in informal context, "persons" in legal/formal contexts
I'm just growing by 2 inches when noticing that my yesterday's fish/fishes post still keeps people busy. \o/
4:43 PM
@Zanna you must wonder a lot about “good, better, best” and “bad, worse, worst” then
Hmm, @dessert probably thinks about good wurst
but maybe the singular of peoples is a kind of people which can't be singular
@PerlDuck you should change your username to “BigDuck”
@Zanna persons
4:46 PM
@chaskes Oh my! That made me laugh hard! =)
I'm here all week. :)
@dessert Actually FatDuck would be more appropriate. — Ok, forget that. (that was an em-dash, btw.)
goes off somewhere, frowning because as far as she's concerned people really does have a singular form, which is person, whatever dessert says and however smart they are
@Zanna “people” actually is singular: etymonline.com/word/people
depends on your context
4:48 PM
I don't say "I've got one people working for me."
you can't say "the people is" like in Spanish
you can only say "a people"
What is that what you're talking about. "People" is just like "Leute" in German. No singular.
just that it’s used as if it were a plural word because of its collective meaning
@TheWanderer You mean the pupil?
Sounds alike, but is different. ;-)
we are a people united
it's somewhat archaic but it's valid
4:50 PM
@dessert it's like... a different word
exactly: singular
Different senses of the word
@TheWanderer sure, that's the people of which peoples is the plural
@TheWanderer I'm – once again – just kidding.
which is an older meaning
4:51 PM
I think you could say people(s) interchangeably
you could say the people are annoyed or the peoples are annoying
just the latter sounds dumb
you’re covering the american POV, don’t you?
relaxes sorry for derailing
there's like one context where peoples is correct
4:53 PM
I think
@TheWanderer Count De Monet: I have come on the most urgent of business. It is said that the people are revolting!
King Louis: You said it; they stink on ice.
I thought "people" means either "a crowd/group of persons" OR "the persons living in a country"
when you're referring to different groups of people
@dessert I wonder why British people say betterer and more better
4:56 PM
@Zanna They do? I'll use that next time I'm in the UK.
it's a horrible cringey error
Whatever "cringey" is, but I would qualify then.
meaning it makes you cringe, which means it feels so bad you make a pained face / hug yourself for comfort
@JourneymanGeek sorry for interrupting :/
naw, its fine
I was actually distracted by work
To be honest: I didn't even understand what the lady at the TfL desk told me about my Oystercard and such and simply confirmed everything and showed my credit card. In the end, everything went well.
5:00 PM
haha listening is the hardest and British people speak terribly
@Zanna betterer is a -person- trying to make something better
oh :D
and though "more better" is technically wrong I would see as this: method A is better than method B. Method C is better than method A and method B so method C is more better than method B.

though the correct way would be: method C is better than method B
hahaha I guess so. Maybe that's what best is for: "method A is better than method B, but method C is the best of the three"
good joke, but even better or better still
5:06 PM
I like that more better too @zanna :DDDD
@Zanna Well, I like the way the Royals (e.g.) speak and when listening to BBC radio (almost every day at work) I understand most of it. But when I'm actually in the UK I really have problems.
you can use "more good" though D:
as a replacement for better
don't do it
@Terrance so much
when I understand one word I'm happy. Two word phrase... woohoo check me out
@PerlDuck I apologise on behalf of my countryfolk
5:09 PM
"buy linguini" does not equal "bilingual" Hahaha!
but it's good when you manage to buy some linguini in a foreign language
LOL! Yes, this is true! =)
when I got back from Brazil and went into a shop at the airport in London to buy an apple I was like OMG I don't have to construct the sentence in my head before I say it! It just comes out by itself with no effort!
How to properly apply CPU Heatsink Compound:

@Zanna Exactly THAT is what I want to achieve when I'm in a conversation with someone from the UK.
5:12 PM
wow that's a high ambition
@PerlDuck it is really easy. Think IN YOUR HEAD the language you need to speak. I guarantee you learn the language a multitude quicker
I think the secret is just practice, practice, practice.
I don't think I'll ever feel that way in a language that's not my L1
a great number

5:15 PM
I'm just teasing because we've been talking about usage and foreign language knowledge. You can't say a multitude quicker. Much quicker or quicker by far
it sounds good and it's understandable though hahaha
My best friend (German) lives in the UK and when I talk to him he sometimes responds with German words but arranged according to English grammar. I reckon he meanwhile actually thinks in English.
@PerlDuck :D
5:56 PM
@terdon: Could we have a private chat some time? :)
Oh chat is back.
Never mind actually.
All sorted!
@Seth Till hours.
@Zanna: Are you around?
6:09 PM
@GreatUncleBulgaria Still need one?
@terdon: Yes
@Zanna: Nevermind
@Zanna: It's all fine.
oops sorry
@GreatUncleBulgaria yes I am around, whether it's fine or not
@cl-netbox I am thinking I like that Firefox Quantum! =)
6:18 PM
although somewhat preoccupied trying to mark a biology exam and admiring all the amazing things students think lactic acid can do :)
release adrenaline, give you energy, allow you to keep running without oxygen, lubricate your joints, digest your food, repair your muscles... it's magical stuff!
"allow you to keep running without oxygen" Huh? LOL
yup! who knew? where can I get this stuff in pill form?
Sign me up! ;)
6:53 PM
@Terrance But if you're bilingual with Italian as one of the languages, you can actually buy linguini in Italy. Or Pasticcio whatever that is
I can't focus today...
7:07 PM
Q: count keys typed and mouse clicks

resI have ubuntu 16.04. Out of curiosity, is there a way to see how much have you clicked, and/or which keys have you pressed the most in a period? Like a system log or something similar, that could register events in every app/program. For now, I don't want to install a keylogger, I don't even k...

sudo focus !
bash: focus is not installed: use systemctl focus. Dammit systemd !!!
Q: Remote host pingable from Mac but not from Virtualbox VM

ArjunI have a remote that I can ping from my macbook's terminal. But when I start my VirtualBox Ubuntu 16.04 VM and ping the same remote host, its not pingable and I get an error saying "Destination Host Unreachable". Also, I am on my company's VPN when I do this and the remote host is on that networ...

7:44 PM
@TheWanderer comments disabled
Have you heard Project Excelsior yet? youtube.com/watch?v=sNuAm0A24LM
@Terrance but it is delicious
Any chemists or pharmacists around? I need an upvote
@Seth Looking...
Ah... listening now...
Was helping a student just now taking a databases class. Instructions from the professor say "Copy the file from me with cp **/user**/professor/public/tal.sql" The actual file is in /home/professor/tal.sql -_____- I think this professor has no idea how Unix directory naming works and has no idea about crap in his own home directory
can't upvote. You contaminated the whole container!
@Zanna :D :D :D
also, I never respond to requests for upvotes unless it's on a CW post
7:48 PM
@Zanna CW?
@Zanna How about requests for starbaits :3 ?
community wiki
:D :thumbsup:
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy LOL! It is all good! Linguini sounds really good right now!
because community wiki is where you are posting someone else's solution and you need an upvote on your behalf
7:49 PM
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy Starbait gets an automattic and immediate star...
@Seth Indeed it is! I am a huge sucker for pastas!
or you need to resolve (mark the question answered)
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy I'm ok with starbait haha
but I prefer mischievous starring
Someone should have came up with a chat bot that doesn't chat at all, just stars random messages for no reason.
7:50 PM
^--- Yes!!!
Jun 13 '17 at 16:28, by jokerdino
do me?
7 stars ^
and incite me having to arrive with flamethrowers and clear all the stars. Regularly.
@ThomasWard Isn't that what you do already anyway ? :D
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy lol great idea, except we don't really need it because humans are amazing at starring random things for no reason
clear stars? No. I'll have to clear the flags about star abuse
THEN clear the stars
7:51 PM
@Zanna Point proven
@Terrance @Seth Today's dinner: Capellini Al vongole, tartufi neri e mascarpone
@Fabby Is that plate sewn in half ?
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy :D :D :D
7:52 PM
I wouldn't mind some pasta or maybe vietnamese noodles. Although it's hot right now, so my mind isn't particularly focused on food. Or not focused at all, to be accurate
@Fabby Actually looks really good!!!
@Seth listening to the entire play list...
Nice! (no, never heard of them)
I originally thought it would be a trailer for a new SF series...
Project Excelsior especially I've found to be very calming.
@Terrance I stopped working at 20:00 and it was ready in 15 minutes
I am actually eating CupBop right now. It has rice, leafy greens and sweet potato noodles in it.

@Terrance Looks like mostly meat...
@Fabby That is just the toppings. Thin layer of it. The rest is noodles, lettuce and rice.
@Fabby Looks yummy! Not a lot of vegetables tho :P
Nice too and ready in 5 minutes?
@Seth Black truffles are vegetables...
Oh are those truffles?
7:57 PM
(I got a jar for my birthday: too expensive for my taste)
Recipe: angelhair noodles (Cepellini)
haha, picture was a bit blurry (and I'm not familiar with truffles). I thought it was sausage!
Vongole (small clams)
black truffle paste
Ahh, ok. There is some meat.
onion, garlic
That's it!
no pepper, no salt, no nuffin'
@Seth Sea food.
Sea food pastas are really good!
7:59 PM
It was just what I needed: something that takes longer to eat than to cook after a week full of escalations, finger-pointing, and late hours...
I am thinking that is what I am going to make tonight. Now I just have to convince the wife that is what she wants.
Black truffle paste is cheaper than black truffles, but still expensive.
I only had it because it was a birthday present by someone who knows me really well.
@Fabby My favorite kind of food.
I see food, I eat food.
@Seth :D :D :D
I'm on a see-food diet...
8:13 PM
Darn! Had to reboot the admin system and now I lost what servers I was working on. :(
Whew! It was the top two that came back up! Yay!
I wonder if it's a good idea to invest in a new laptop. I finally found something quad-core that I like. But then do I save money, or make myself a gift ?
drat! just installed the new RAM (tested OK!) that came today and now I only get a black screen when I login. I can even see the panel for a second after login before the screen turns black. guest session and ttys work fine. any ideas where I could start.
you can download more RAM
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy Tech comes directly after cars when it comes to bad investments, so if we actually talk about investing money, stay away from laptops. ;P
Black screen due to RAM ? Unlikely :/
8:23 PM
@Zanna I deserve it.
@dessert Hmmmm, maybe I should invest in a car then :3
Hmmm, maybe I just take that as a sign that I should install 18.04.
me too :S
I am holding off on 18.04 until maybe more bugs go away.
8:27 PM
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy save first.
@Zanna yes you can:
cc @dessert
OK, I've got to go and bake a tart...
gotta go sleep
@Fabby what kind?
we have cherries
8:29 PM
@Fabby Please write a Q&A on how to do that!
@Zanna Plum tart
@Fabby I have a paycheck coming soon, so I thought . . . But then again, I also have huge tuition bill coming soon in August . . . There's no savings, basically . . . Have fun baking, btw. Pinging off
@dessert I did something similar already here:
yum. Plums are one of the few fruits much better cooked (or dried) than raw
Q: Press any key - Which key to press?

FabbyI see press any key... on my screen and: I'm wondering which key I should press... OR I'm pressing a key, but nothing happens!

8:30 PM
I am trying to echo something but I get an error permission denied
sudo echo 1 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/online
@traducerad Hi! We’re not always like that…
@traducerad do it like that:
echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/online
@dessert exacty what I tried as well afterwards! :)
I did echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/online
yes, this works.
hey guys
but that returns tee: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/online: Invalid argyment
8:32 PM
quick question
I'm currently on a linux system where the keyboard key for the dot does not work
I tried several keyboard but none of them do the dot
@traducerad >, >>, and whatever other redirections are features of shell, which runs as normal user. Echo runs as root. So redirection won't be able to have root powers. That's why it's advised to use sudo tee filename. As for Invalid argument error, double check the path you typed, maybe there's typo. Double check if the path exists, etc.
is there a way to reproduce the dot, like with ascii table without using the keyboard key that goes with dot?
I'm trying to access the folder .ssh
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy the path does exist, because I "wrote" it using autocompletion
@AndyK Depends in what context. In your case, yes you can with ASCII value
@AndyK cd *ssh
8:35 PM
@AndyK Try something like ls $(printf '\x2E' )ssh
Or that ^
ha does not work :D
@Rinzwind that one does not work
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy I try that
@Rinzwind Hmmmm, maybe there's too many args that end with ssh ?
@Rinzwind how about cd *ssh/ ?
"?" does not work too
8:38 PM
I should boot up my laptop. I'm starting to feel anxious without a shell open
ikr?! me too
* can't be 1st char I bet.
cd .ss* works :X
UGH! HP Server BIOSes in a terminal are soooooo freakin slow!
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy yours works ;)
@Rinzwind Yup, because ascii always works, especially when you need to deal with nested single quotes inside awk or something
8:57 PM
I would highly recommend this to all:

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