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4:00 PM
Hm… I'll try to think of something. I just noticed that PulseAudio Equalizer uses a reputable equaliser filter.
@TheWanderer: What's the output of pactl list modules | grep -wFe plugin=mbeq_1197?
pactl is not recognized as an internal or external command
I'm in Windows rn
But… you're talking about PulseAudio on Ubuntu, right?
It's possible to use it on Windows. That why I'm asking.
Can we ban @TheWanderer for connecting through a botnet.
4:04 PM
In that case you're welcome to reach out to me when you have time and access to the Ubuntu installation in question – possibly via a question.
windows has mike rowe soft botnet code in it.
it spies on you
doesn't your country explicitly monitor internet usage? @Avery
@DavidFoerster thanks
Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft was a legal dispute between Microsoft and a Canadian Belmont High School student named Mike Rowe over the domain name "MikeRoweSoft.com". The case received international press attention following Microsoft's perceived heavy-handed approach to a 12th grade student's part-time web design business and the subsequent support that Rowe received from the online community. A settlement was eventually reached, with Rowe granting ownership of the domain to Microsoft in exchange for an Xbox and additional compensation. == Background == The domain name MikeRoweSoft.com wa...
you know what that lock stands for.
4:05 PM
bet it's PPTP
@TheWanderer Even if that's true it's unrelated to surveillance by Microsoft, ;-)
Own server. vpn.ave.zone.
how would you know >_> @DavidFoerster
@Avery well now they know where to find the source
your dictator president KNOWS ALL
my dictator needs to fite me irl
4:08 PM
1v1 me brah
cash me ousside
who is terrorist?
@jokerdino Both. You do a few rounds then switch sides.
@jokerdino the govt can't be terrorist obviously (/s), so I guess I'll have to be.
@DavidFoerster 15, actually.
4:12 PM
"In Counter-Strike: Source and Global Offensive, there is a text on the wall in Bombsite B in Farsi which says "فریمن اینجا بود". It means "Freeman was here" as a reference to Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist of the Half-Life series." :-D
@Avery heh, I think the govt is both sides really.
@DavidFoerster also can we take a moment to appreciate the amount of foreigners who expected me to read the text?
David should choose a hostage map.
hostage vs CT+terrorists
office is best hostage map
and fy_pool_day needs to go die in a fire.
4:14 PM
@Avery You can't expect random Americans to know about the 4 main language/scripture families in the Middle-East. ;-P
name them so we learn
arabic, hebrew, farsi and ??
Arab, Farsi, Turkish, Hebrew
wait people can't guess those?
sorry I am not American
didn't realize Turkey is middle east
4:16 PM
wants to be EU
@TheWanderer Many people don't even know that Iranians don't speak Arab, i. e. they don't know about the difference of Arab and Persian languages.
oh dear
I don't know the differences but I know they are different.
I know Arabic!
> effective.
لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ
@jokerdino That's what I meant.
I know russian!
4:23 PM
@DavidFoerster I know there is a difference but I have no idea what the difference is.
gutteral noises and rolling Rs
They look the same written to me too
that's linguist
CSGO taught me all about russian
English, French, Spanish, etc all look the same to me.
4:24 PM
Uhm. Farsi isn't even related to Arabic.
@Avery cyka blyat
maybe because they use the same script? @jokerdino
@jokerdino сука блядь руш в
ok relax
@jokerdino do they?
4:28 PM
do you?
do me?
out of context that would seem odd, @jokerdino
Once isn't enough for you?
4:30 PM
@terdon xD
@jokerdino THE AXIS POWERS MUST BE DEFEATED! bomb-raids Germany
(TL;DR, I'm watching too many World War 2 documentaries, where the 'hitler' actor keeps saying 'NEIN!')
are we playing Red Alert now?
4:31 PM
ok then
Not sorry by the way.
wait what?
points at star wall
why is there a big white space??
4:35 PM
@jokerdino notice what's up on the star wall now? ::P
@AndroidDev I was like "meh, I never wanted a phone that big anyw... oh. dangit."
@TheWanderer Not exactly. English uses a Latin alphabet, the others use various extensions thereof. </nitpicking>
@jokerdino lol
4:47 PM
@Seth My neighbour during today's lecture took out a device for which I couldn't tell if it was a large phone or a small tablet.
@DavidFoerster That's what you call a "phablet"
Oh. I always thought that was a different spelling of fab.
4:51 PM
I don't know why this is still so popular:
Q: "CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry..."

Paranoid PandaWhen I started up my machine today I got some quite bizarre messages in my syslog: ... Aug 17 18:58:15 Floral-Towel systemd[1349]: Startup finished in 266ms. Aug 17 18:58:15 Floral-Towel systemd[1349]: Starting Default. Aug 17 18:58:15 Floral-Towel systemd[1]: Started User Manager for UID 121. A...

I guess it's just the silly error message name or maybe people actually get this error and think "What the hell?! Which 'fail whale'???"! :D
@Avery is English or Turkish your first language?
What's going on in here? O.o
5:04 PM
@jokerdino ok
5:08 PM
also, hello
@jokerdino ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
@TheWanderer Turkish
how'd you learn English?
When I did my TEFL course Turkish was the language we did as learner exposure (ie they gave us a brief course of lessons so we could experience learning a totally unfamiliar language as an adult). The teacher was very encouraging, but I can only remember how to say "very good!"
5:13 PM
@Zanna harika?
Haha nope
cok guzel?
@TheWanderer when you hate your country you start to learn other languages
you must really hate your country...
@Avery ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
5:15 PM
because you sound ("sound") like a native speaker
@SumeetDeshmukh Ohai! Just a question, but have you read the thread "How do I flag correctly?" on Meta yet? If not, please read before you continue flagging things. Thank you!
@Avery yeah, with appropriate accents none of my phone keyboards have :D
@TheWanderer it's a dictatorship
@jokerdino cute!
5:17 PM
I hate my country but have failed to learn any other languages
@jokerdino hugs
hey UK is good
your politicians atm aren't the best sure
but it's a nice country
stares at may
It's a fine place to live given certain conditions, sure, but it's evil
hey UK has a strong and stable government right now. Nothing to worry about for the next 2 years.
arguably turkey is strong and stable too
5:19 PM
@ThomasWard (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ
but yeah even if you get out of UK there's nowhere to go
@jokerdino YOU CANNOT STOP MEEE! (Rule 1: IT guys rule the world. Rule 2: Don't annoy IT guys. Rule 3: See Rule 1.)
the progressive countries are shutting down their doors
@Avery there's always the Neo-USSR Russia in a pinch...
5:22 PM
Who will want me?
China probably would accept you.
@Avery Only until the next military coup of which its history since its foundation has many. ;-P
@Zanna me :D
I don't like Chinese food :/
@jokerdino <3 :D
@jokerdino I don't feel like moving from dictatorship a to dictatorship b
@DavidFoerster they only make erdogan more powerful it seems
5:23 PM
@Avery so I presume the USA is out of the question :P
@Avery Currently yes, but there will probably be some dissent in the military that's difficult to remove.
@Zanna We should form our own country. The Ubuntu Islands maybe? :D
@ThomasWard I was denied. Next country?
Unless Erdogan goes full Stalin on his army.
@DavidFoerster he did.
well not really
5:24 PM
@Avery there's always Syria but I'm pretty sure you don't want to go there.
but he fired most of it
Q: Installing Debian packages as unprivileged user

KusalanandaI have a piece of software which I would like to install in a separate hierarchy beneath $HOME/local on an Ubuntu 16.04 machine. The software is distributed as a Debian package, and the source code is not available (I would happily have downloaded it and compiled it myself had it been). I don't...

@ThomasWard obviously not
@DavidFoerster I think he kinda purged a lot of people
@Avery Mexico?
5:25 PM
@ThomasWard Can you see who close-voted something? Or are your mod powers not quite that extensive?
mods can see closevotes.
@AndroidDev Mods are demigods, and can see such things. what's up?
@jokerdino @Avery Yeah, but that's along time from outright killing ⅔ of the office corps or sending them to labour camps.
Weird... Someone has already voted to close this question as 'unclear', I wonder if it's the same person doing that to so many other questions suddenly for no apparent good reason? — Paranoid Panda 2 mins ago
@ThomasWard if mods are gods, then what is shog
5:26 PM
@ThomasWard There are a bunch of random closevotes as "unclear" on things now.
@Avery an Elder God.
@ThomasWard mexico seems... unsafe. If you get what I mean.
@Avery if we just set her loose in a wheatfield, do you think she'll come back?
@TheWanderer maybe
bad joke.
@TheWanderer naughty
5:27 PM
user image
Maybe it's me, everything seems unclear when you're clueless
@jokerdino oh so naughty
@Zanna wat
@TheWanderer stop
@jokerdino you can't stop her
5:27 PM
she struck a deal with Lord Buckethead
@Zanna Once you gain some clues you'll notice that most things remain unclear plus nobody else finds them clear either.
theresa may looks like hillary clinton.
@AndroidDev Well you have to give me exact link examples, because I don't have a "See all the recent reviews" button.
@ThomasWard here's one‌​. I think it's clear?
@KazWolfe "How do you do, fellow humans?"
5:28 PM
@KazWolfe Huh? I don't think so. They're white, female, old and their hair cuts are similar but that's about it.
@DavidFoerster :)
@KazWolfe Yeah, a little bit
@KazWolfe how what?
who what where why when
@KazWolfe She looks like she's being possessed by an evil demon to me. Have you seen how many evil smiles they've been able to capture from her? And that laugh just confirms it... Someone interviewed her recently and said they didn't feel they were actually talking to a real person.
5:29 PM
@KazWolfe That's the one I just gave him
@KazWolfe One close vote isn't going to hurt anything, someone else may have thought it was unclear for a specific reason, but declined to comment as to "why". They can retract their close vote themselves, but we don't have a "Clear the votes" button.
@KazWolfe any other examples?
cv review queue has a few interesting ones.
@TheWanderer how
give Thomas three examples
@Zanna no
goes into the review queue with the mod hammer
5:30 PM
if they're all the same user, you got a pattern
Wow three messages just came in the same instant. @TheWanderer Chat Exchange is going to need to be able to handle something like that.
@ThomasWard oh I stole that a few weeks ago. Yours is a fake
@AndroidDev that's @NathanOsman's job
@ThomasWard here's one.
bad, but not unclear.
nooooo Shog-o-Phone is gone!
@TheWanderer Quit pinging him OK? If he's not responding and you keep on doing it, then at that point it becomes a bit rude
5:32 PM
@TheWanderer holds hammer up, and lightning comes down from the heavens to hit it
Burn a fallen strand of his hair, and he shall appear
@TheWanderer Seems pretty darned real to me :P
@ThomasWard I stole that.
yours is a fake
@AndroidDev @TheWanderer doesn't really understand the nuances of pinging people.
5:32 PM
from ikea.
@Avery Not Germany as long as the Christian Democrats or the Social Democrats, the two biggest parties, stay in power.
Don't blame me if it breaks into a million pieces.
@ThomasWard You were standing on insulated mat, right? :P
you maked it? I maked it.
5:33 PM
Proof ^
5:34 PM
what is going on with this chat
@Zanna That's as much proof for correct English as polandball comics. xD
Idk, I just missed my bus stop from laughing so much
Ooops :P
ow, sorry
@Avery out of nowhere, a high powered directed energy pulse rail gun appears on his arm, materialized out of nowhere This is real, though, so muahahahah. fires the Rail Gun at the wall, and then walks through the hole in the wall into the review queues to burn things
5:36 PM
It's ok, it's warm and I can use the exercise
@ThomasWard You forgot the part about the handheld nuclear reactor to provide the 1.21 gigawatts of power to the railgun
ok but can we be serious for once?
@ThomasWard there may be a rogue closer, we should find them if this is the case.
Rogue closer hehehe
5:40 PM
@AndroidDev Have we forgotten that my eyes are supernovas, so all I have to do is redirect my internal bionetic circuitry to redirect power to the railgun? :p
Drunk in charge of 3k rep
@Zanna wat
Voting to close stuff just for giggles
5:42 PM
@KazWolfe One of them is me going through the queue and putting things down where necessary. But I try not doing this on a regular basis. To check each and every one by hand would be a headache since only the timeline tells us the CVs.
user image
Yeah that seems to be the main topic right now, although it's hard to keep track on mobile
@AndroidDev: Exactly...
5:44 PM
I was just about to complain about that in here! :D
And he's not the first I've seen doing that... And probably won't be the last...
Shakes head...
@DavidFoerster you polska fan?
Bangs head repeatedly against desk...
5:45 PM
@ParanoidPanda gives ice pack
Starts banging head with ice pack... ;P
@jokerdino I can laugh at many of them, yes.
@DavidFoerster I like the turkey bird one a lot
Chucks ice pack at computer and leaves...
5:47 PM
yes that one haha
@Zanna Ingenuous! I never thought of doing that! Well, I must give that a go then! ;D
Giggles evilly
I am pretty ingenuous all round I must admit
@jokerdino what do the Mexicans call it?
Q: where does shared objects go after installing and how to find out their names

stavnew linux user here, and i just installed the SFML library using the following command: apt-get install sfml-dev and after installing it i went to my /usr/lib folder to find out what the actual shared object's name was. (so that i can tell the compiler to use it) but there was nothing with "SFML...

5:53 PM
@TheWanderer ^^
@jokerdino: Sounds like the name of a Mars Volta album.
But you probably wouldn't know them.
Argh U&L wai must you block the hue?
5:55 PM
@ParanoidPanda The Mars Volta are reasonably well known in the rock music scene.
@DavidFoerster: There are still a vast majority of people though who have never heard of them.
Yeah, I doubt they'd be played in a main stream radio program.
I saw them on MTV once…
They're all dead.
@jokerdino is browsing Reddit/Imgur.
I listen to their album The Bedlam In Goliath all the way through non-stop every day. I just take it as one long song! It's some amazing stuff, it's my favourite of their albums currently.
5:57 PM
@DavidFoerster leddit :/
That's what I do when I must be busy doing something important.
In fact, I'm listening to it right now, I'm an hour in and have just 15 minutes or so left.
I'm so glad to hear about their reunion and that they are touring again, I hope they start making a new album soon!
Ok, folks. I'm going to boot Windows and play some vidya for the remainder of the night. Cya!
Hey, Vidya is a nice person.

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