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2:05 AM
Q: How to comment that a previous solution isn't working?

James HarkinsI'm having a problem (with Qt themes, but that doesn't matter here), found a couple of threads with some advice, tried it, and I find that it doesn't work with very recent Qt (>= 5.11). I wanted to add a brief comment so that other users could be advised that the answers might no longer be valid...

2:36 AM
Q: Which program creates the /etc/mysql directory and its contents?

VizkrigI was trying to install mysql-server and while trying to set a password I messed up the debian.cnf file and then deleted /etc/mysql hoping that dpkg-reconfigure would recreate it. Now dpkg-reconfigure is giving an error regarding missing cnf files in /etc/mysql Tried reinstalling mysql-server i...

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4:03 AM
Q: Installing SELKS (Scirius) on Ubuntu Server - Possible or not

Luke Leeis it possible to install and setup SELKS on Ubuntu Server? Have anyone tried before? Doing it on a Debian server is quite challenging.

3 hours later…
7:29 AM
finally... it was a long journey to get to 100,000 :)
7:40 AM
woah congrats!
Thank you Zanna :D
and congrats to @DavidFoerster on 25k!
server stuck in reboot hell
Keep rebootinh
Halp? :/
Q: How to get the default permissions of a file in linux

AbhishekIf there is a file called new.txt which has permission -rw-r--r--, but when someone use chmod 777 new.txt the permissions are changed. Then how to get back the original permissions of new.txt if I do not know the previous permission.

Q: Have Miktex and Texlive side-by-side on Ubuntu

S. G. RinaldoI'm trying to have both MikTex and TexLive working on my Ubuntu Linux. Both the tex distros have been installed through apt-get. I know this is related to settings on the PATH variable. So what I did is: Find TexLive executables location: whereis texlive That gives: texlive: /usr/local/texli...

7:55 AM
@Takkat wow, congratulations!
Thank you dessert :D
8:38 AM
got a question
@AndyK hi
ask it :)
I'm connecting to my remote server with a linux with my private keys on my pro and personal laptop
so far so good
however, when I'm connecting from another pc e.g not pro or personal laptop, using the same private keys, I have a time out
Yet when I reboot my ssh services from time to time, it seems to work
a timeout? so it fails to connect? what’s the error message?
@dessert no error message from the client side
ssh -i "priv_keys" [email protected]
priv_keys is my private key
here is the result
ssh: connect to host 174.xxx.1x.81 port 22: Connection timed out
and it works when you restart the server’s ssh service?
8:51 AM
not always actually
I need several restart to be able to log in from that other computer
do you think I should create a question, for that?
9:13 AM
yes, giving as much information as possible
9:34 AM
> #<i><b><kbd>`Emphasis is a dish best served sparsely.`</kbd></b></i>
lol XD
I tried my worst. :)
you did terrible :D
@Zanna hey Zanna
hi :)
A heading (#) already implies <b>, but I’m making a point.
@Zanna What’s the difference between “sparsely” and “scarcely”?
9:38 AM
I think "sparingly" would be better in this context
yet another one oO
sparsely means with a lot of gaps, like a forest with few trees and lots of space between them, or an area with very low population density... that's the feeling of it, more space, less stuff
scarcely is often synonymous with barely, meaning hardly at all, extremely little
I'm reading that word as scarely as opposed to scarcely
ah, thanks!
@JourneymanGeek lol thanks
sparsely is fine; it has the right kind of meaning; don't overdo it, use it but not too much. But scarcely is almost prohibitive; it's saying, just don't emphasise much at all, don't do it
sparingly means use it as needed, but with restraint
it's often found in recipes, like "use cloves sparingly, because their flavour is very intense"
9:42 AM
so if we talk about actual dishes, can they be served scarcely as well as sparingly?
hmm a portion might be sparing, but an ingredient might be scarce (there's a shortage). If you want to indicate serve it less often, neither really expresses that
serve sparingly [in small portions]... yeah... but serve scarcely... hmm not really
I scarely (ever) serve it... hmm...
scarely seems too ambiguous.
I should stop thinking aloud and do my Tamil homework lol
and take my biscotti out of the oven to cook before cutting it...
10:05 AM
wait. out of the oven to cook?
Journeyman !!!
@JourneymanGeek it's twice baked... in this method, you shape the dough into a block, bake on low temperature for ~30 min, take it out and let it cool down, then cut it into the shape you want, probably long cuboids, then bake it again at a high temperature for 10-15 min
maybe biscotti means baked twice...
probably biscuit means that too if so...
even though they are not usually baked twice...
10:29 AM
Yes it comes from Latin: biscoctus = twice-cooked.
makes sense :)
Weirdly though biscuit does not track back to it :P
more like a rusk/zwieback, the latter being a german word with the exact same meaning (probably a loan translation) “double-baked”
note that latin coquere (→ coctus) doesn’t mean just “cook”, but rather “prepare food” in general
10:46 AM
zwieback - maybe we would call it crispbread?
or even “ponder” – so you could very well translate “biscuit” as “a thing you should think twice about before eating it” :)
oh wikipedia says it's ~melba toast
@dessert in my case, it means "eat twice as many as you ought to"
in German: Zwieback (Zwie = Two)
10:47 AM
@Takkat more like “twice” actually
Usually it's taken as light food for when someone - especially kids - have an upset stomach.
wait, no, not necessaily
actually, yes. Very much related.
hello,some offtopic now, right?
also I speak german too ;-)
my mum eats toast when her digestion is off
10:48 AM
we do that regularly
@Zanna that’s what zwieback is used for here as well, but my children are crazy and enjoy it even if they don’t have to eat it
There are variants with chocolate and coconut
a matter of taste it is :P
but zwieback actually is backed twice (as long) AFAIK
I never really eat toast... if my stomach is upset I eat rice with yogurt or overcooked together with red or yellow lentils
10:51 AM
@dessert it is - when I was kid I loved Einback from the local bakery
Rice with yogurt is like... my comfort food
so friendly to stomach haha
@Zanna though our standby for that is rice with cumin
I don't eat at all in these circumstances.
10:52 AM
@Takkat a Einback is a real thing? did not know, but I really like Zwieback too
@Zanna heh, Its also a food that's kinda associated with vaguely orthodox bramins ;p
hmm it will have cumin in it anyway if I'm cooking it
Einback ist ein Gebäck aus einem leichten, süßen Hefefeinteig, der als Zwischenprodukt für die Herstellung von Zwieback dient. Man kann ihn aber auch unverarbeitet essen, er schmeckt dann wie Milchbrötchen. Einback wird hauptsächlich industriell hergestellt und zu Zwieback weiterverarbeitet, von manchen Bäckern aber für die häusliche Zwiebackbereitung oder zum direkten Genuss auch frisch angeboten. == Beschreibung == Einback entsteht aus einem süßen, milchhaltigen Hefeteig mit etwa 6–10 Teilen Fett auf 100 Teile Mehl. Man arbeitet aus dem Teig kleine Stücke auf und setzt diese dann dicht aneinander…
@PiMathCLanguage it may be regional... my wife did not know it either.
@Zanna oh, rice, freshly ground cumin, touch of salt, small amount of hot ghee poured over.
10:53 AM
dessert for the rescue!
unless it's biscotti or otherwise dessert hahaha and even then it might not escape
or if you're lazy, just cumin
But yogurt rice and pickles...
or moore milagai...
is like the stuff I will never get sick of ;p
I toast the cumin and then grind it and then put it in the yogurt with cayenne pepper
@JourneymanGeek what is it?
Chili is good for stomach ache, true.
ginger is good
10:55 AM
you take chillis...
marniate them in buttermilk and salt
then dry them
these are then deep fried...
<-- is back to chocolate
Its a bit of a biohazard if you don't know what you're doing but soooo gooood
its hot, salty and a bit smokey
The store ones are super salty
the home made ones, depend, my granma's ones are actually rather delicate and not very hot
haha that does sound amazing.
the 'secret" way of doing it is even better...
(I hope you have a vegan way of doing it)
10:59 AM
just.. cut it into small pieces and shallow fry in ghee...
then temper as per normal
sorry :(
haha no problem
My folk are very much attached to our milk products ;p
I quite literally could give up anything but coffee and yogurt XD
yeah, it's ok. There are lots of ways to replace dairy products and I can usually figure one out
Well, in a sense, you probably have a bit of acid, and a bit of sugar ...
yogurt is essential for me too haha vegan yogurt
11:01 AM
but I donno how you would replicate that close enough.
@JourneymanGeek exactly, and a bit of creaminess... it depends on the case, but usually it works
actually more smokeyness
Some folk just fry dried chillis but...
I’m biased, could you guys take a look at this and give your opinion whether that’s a good duplicate? askubuntu.com/q/1049827/507051
I'd consider that vaguely barbaric
add some chipotle...
@JourneymanGeek it would be different haha
@dessert hmm looks ok to me
11:04 AM
@Zanna because OP asks specifically about replacing a string and a command line tool…
well, it seems like the same problem... the answers to the othere question are like "text editor nah, you need a command..."
I wouldn't mind it being open at all, but I'm unwilling to swing the hammer...
you've got one too so you can't just throw it into the reopen queue to see what reviewers think
poor us with our powerz ;)
exactly, it’s a pity!
idk about buttermilk, I have a feeling it's something I don't like at all by itself... I think I've only eaten it in soda bread... it's not even something you can buy as an ingredient here... but what you said about soaking reminded me of activated nuts... the first ones that came out contained dairy, maybe they were soaked in buttermilk too for the acidity... then they all went vegan in response to the market for nuts & heath food, and I think they just use salt water
but nuts have their own fat, so they become delicious without any fat being added haha
2 hours later…
1:25 PM
Q: Cannot boot on any OS

SWahiI have windows 7, then I installed ubuntu 18.04 LTS, and have grub to choose my os I want. When I'd boot my computer to an eSata, and then restart and choose windows 7 on my computer I had an error 0xc000000f Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data When I t...

1:56 PM
Cool thing to reach such an amount of rep points ... Congratulations @Takkat ! :) Well done ... so you started to hunt @Rinzwind as it seems. :D :D :D
@cl-netbox nah Rinzy started to hunt me and won long time ago... (but don't mention gold badges)
@Takkat Anyway, great job what you did ! Congrats again. :)
Rinzy still didn’t manage to beat Oli to it though, despite having posted more than 500 answers more than him!
Nobody beats Oli - that would be impossible and not really an achievement of great value ;)
2:37 PM
@Takkat Well, I think that @Rinzwind has a different view on this, don't you think so too ? :D
Anyone seen fabby?
2:55 PM
@Dale No, @Fabby normally works days and nights through until he finally falls asleep ... only when he wakes up and doesn't know who he is and where he is - then ... and only then - there's a (slightly) chance that he falls (drunken, because he learned from @SergiyKolodyazhnyy that vodka makes coffee taste like it should) into this chat room. So you have to wait and be extremely patient ! :D :D :D
You could try shouting that you’re going to use dd on your system drive without having a backup at hand, maybe that lures him out…
@cl-netbox you really like pinging people, don’t you? :)
@dessert no, but I like to correct my typos ... anything wrong with that ?
@cl-netbox not at all – no offense intended, I’m just happy and like to fool around when that’s the case.
@dessert okay :)
in other news, one of my runner ducks suffocated yesterday after choking a slug without drinking water (as they usually do) – twelve left.
natural selection at its best
1 hour later…
4:15 PM
@dessert going to take 3 more years
5:03 PM
@dessert sorry to hear about it. You're not wrong though about natural selection.
5:31 PM
@ThomasWard thanks, especially for the litotes, that’s one of my favorites :)
Followed the link... I thought meiosis was a type of cell division that produces gametes
@Zanna don’t tell me you didn’t know what a litotes is
Hmm, well you asked me not to tell you, so I'll keep quiet XD
Turns out mei is the PIE* root meaning small :)
6:12 PM
@Dale I see him sometimes in the mirror!
(Don't look at mirrors much...)
@cl-netbox That one made me smile!
(I stopped drinking during the week a long time ago...)
:-) ;-) :-)
1 hour later…
7:34 PM
damn I have been having goosebumps for over an hour now
I have once upon a time in the west on and all the good music triggers it :D
that's not unusual heh
happens to me all the time with some of my playlists
7:57 PM
that's a movie ;-)
i have like 18 movies' soundtracks stored on my playlists >:D
8:16 PM
Just put a bounty on this!
Q: How to bring back drum roll sound in Ubuntu 17.10 when system is ready for user to log in

Richard FuhrIn Ubuntu 16.04, when I powered on my computer, the drum roll sound would be played right before I was presented with the Login interface. After I upgraded to Ubuntu 17.10 the drum roll sound is no longer being played. I did some research on the web and tried the following, which enabled the drum...

See if anyone can find an answer.
@Fabby, yes Comment 5 for bug 1742193 is mine (from your ping link on this answer).
Ah... Well, I tried following the 18.04 instruictions for 16.04 and there is no nautilus-desktop, but that was after I pinged you...
So no worries:
I wanted to let you know what the results were on 16.04...
I'll upgrade to 18.04.1 in a few weeks, so no harm done...
I'll try it again then!
I wanted to tank you for that comment is all.
@N0rbert спасибо! ;-) :-) ;-)
It was an experiment while discussing new Nautilus behaviour on community.ubuntu.com. @Fabby, you always welcome and thank you (всегда пожалуйста)!
8:32 PM
I know пожалуйста, lemme look up всегда
Ah! Always...
@Fabby всегда = always
@N0rbert Reading that article
Well, everything works except the desktop redraw and I can live with that being Nautilus as I open nemo first, then navigate to desktop and then open my shortcuts.
(How I dislike the "simplicity" of Nautilus...)
(I like complex things that do lots of things for me!)
@Fabby As you may know from my profile, I'm currently using Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS. Tested 18.04 LTS MATE. They are stable and fully functional. Taking foreign file-manager to the GNOME may cause issues. So I use native Caja on MATE. It has extra-pane and other well-designed features from Nautilus 2.32.
@Rinzwind Do you have a script that stars every "I'm an idiot" I post???
:P :P :P
@N0rbert I thought mate was designed for low resource usage... Does it support video acceleration and funky UI enhancements like compiz?
(I'm going to try upgrading to 18.04 but I'm one of those people that actually likes Unity and dislikes gnome, so ...
... I was going to switch to Fedora with rolling updates with KDE Neon if I don't like what I see...)
(advice from my good friend @cl-netbox)
o/ Dessert.
@Fabby as old-school user I do not use 3D compositing on it. But it is supported (trying to add picture here...). The main goal is Traditional desktop, not lightness. But yes, it works great on Atom with 2Gb of RAM and Haswell with 32Gb of RAM.
8:44 PM
@N0rbert Cool! Good to know.
Isn't Takkat the Project owner for Mate?
My old machine died recently, so running on an I-7, 16G RAM, 2*512 SSDs and 1*1TB HDD here.
So I want snazzie stuff and 4 desktops.
And a SteamPunk Desktop.
@N0rbert How come you speak Russian? (From Russia, lived there for a while? School?)
@Fabby The MATE team: Stefano Karapetsas (stefano-k), Martin Wimpress (flexiondotorg), and many others. I do not see Takkat on ubuntu-mate.community. I'm native Russian speaker, born here in Russia.
Ah, I lived there for 4.5 years... I'm pretty good with simple things like kitchen stuff, building stuff and simple niceties.
(I can go shopping and get raisins instead of grapes)
@N0rbert Nearly midnight in Moscow...
BTW: awesome Q&A and that Muru upvoted both is as awesome as the Q&A
cc @Zanna @dessert ---^
9:02 PM
@Fabby eh? wanna explain?
@Rinzwind Look at star wall. (only noticed it earlier)
But apparently it wasn't you, or you'd have remembered starring that!
:-) :-) :-)
which one? :X
oh I only see 4 of them ;-) bad eyes so I control-+ AU chat >:)
I see it now
not mine
What do you do to see that tiny text? 24" monitor in 1920x1080 mode?
No monitor and just project on the wall?
Q: not enough space on /var/cache/apt/archives

daedaI've installed the raspberry pi version of kali linux. When trying to install something via apt-get install I get the error mentioned in the title. The sd card I'm on is 32 GB so there should be plenty of space. Here is what df -h delivers /dev/root 6,7G 6,6G 0 100% / devtmpfs ...

why does Italian have so many definite articles?
old languages often do
no proper word for pork either
maiale which is literally pig
or carne di maiale
@TheWanderer Easy!
@Fabby your language annoys me
does Gli only apply to uomini?
why isn't it I
why is il used for everything except words starting with Z or words starting with S and a consonant?
10:20 PM
@TheWanderer Why is Leicester pronounced "Leste"?
And worcerstershire "Wuste"?
/shrug it is what it is...
I would pronounce it Leichester
Good night!
because I'm not British
and I never said English was a good language
English is trash
good night @Fabby
@SebastianStark :-)
10:22 PM
good night
Good night Phantom of Ask Ubnutu! ;-)
and with that: Outta here!
@Fabby Lester. It is a toponymic suffix

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