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1:43 AM
@dessert Congratulations !
4 hours later…
5:55 AM
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy Thank you very much! I’ll pay for your next drink. ;D
6:39 AM
Hi, can we define multiple wifi SSIDs in /etc/network/interfaces file?
Q: Configure wireless interface for multiple locations

FedericoI want to configure my /etc/network/interfaces to detect different access points and connect to them accordingly. This is the current state of this file: source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* # The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback # The primary network interface allow-hot...

maybe also helpful:
Q: How to setup multiple WiFi networks?

Chef FlambeI go back and forth from home to school with my Pi. I just got the WiFi working last night at home using wpa.conf instead of wpa_supplicant.conf as the book I was using had the walk thru for that instead. I've noticed lots seem to use wpa_supplicant but I not sure why... Anyway, I know how to ...

Ok. got the picture...
what is the command to restart wpa_supplicant
@deostroll sudo systemctl restart wpa_supplicant.service
3 hours later…
9:46 AM
Q: Rejection of edits on a wrong basis

UnbesiegbarkeitOne of the members who has a higher reputation than me rejects my edits on the wrong basis. As I know, on this site, we write Ubuntu and not ubuntu. Even when I write ubuntu, other members correct it. But one of the members has rejected some of my edits on a wrong basis(as I think) and rejects al...

10:32 AM
Q: No entry in fstab but partition is mounted at bootup

user296626I am using ubuntu on an embedded device and i see only one entry in fstab /dev/mmcblk0p7 / ext4 errors=remount-ro,noatime,nodiratime 0 1 when i check the partitions mounted using "mount" command, i see a lot of partitions mounted. Now the concerned partition that got auto mounted so...

6 hours later…
4:54 PM
Q: Ubuntu boot hangs at started update utmp about system boot/shutdown

Arghavan M.hasaniI recently installed boost on my Ubuntu, did apt-get update and everything was fine. After a while, no apps were working. I tried to restart my PC but unfortunately, Ubuntu is not booting anymore. The grub starts fine and my Windows 10 is still there, but when I choose Ubuntu, a blank page with ...

5:24 PM
Can someone help me with my sudden booting failure?
5:46 PM
Q: Startup Authentication issue in Ubuntu 16

PramodI have upgrade from Ubuntu 14 to 16, after upgrading when ever i restart my laptop, it was not asking for password. Directly logging in. My laptop: Dell Inspiron 5547

6:00 PM
@Fabby -^
6:39 PM
@Zanna What's your editorial opinion on and ?
not knowledgeable about the topic... Afaik, SQL is a language and MySQL is a piece of software?
Surely they should not be merged
But I wonder if we should have any at all, as if it's about the language standard, it should rather go to Stack Overflow, I guess
not the same thing... maybe we don't need an SQL tag?
MySQL is one of many SQL databases, some questions under SQL are also tagged MySQL, which . . .seems redundant , maybe ?
maybe for software related stuff? we have tags for C, C++, Python, Ruby.......... [long list]
6:44 PM
SQL is just a language standard (which nobody ever completely followed)
I don't think a question can be about the SQL language and on-topic here
without rather being about a specific database implementation like mysql or whatever
probably the tag should be nuked and those 80 questions retagged with the appropriate implementation
@ByteCommander Info of the tag states "SQL is a programming language designed for managing data in relational database management systems (RDBMS)." So . . . should we edit info so that it says "a language standard " instead ?
would be more accurate, but if we want to get rid of it, who cares?
@ByteCommander seems sensible...
maybe a meta question?
6:46 PM
Well, do we want to get rid of it in the first place ?
@Zanna yes
On the related happy note, I got taken off waitlist for databases class and now at some point I should start learning SQL . . . em . . .well, one of them
and those which are indeed not specific to an actual database system (i.e. general recommendation) might be tagged
don't pick Oracle
@dessert :-) Very cute!
I'll either go with MariaDB or MySQL . . . it's not like I've any clue about either, these just get mentioned a lot apparently
either e.g. MySQL/MariaDB, which is pretty common, or PostgreSQL, which is pretty good and close to the standard, from what I have heard. No personal exp with that one though
MariaDB is just the open source fork of MySQL
6:49 PM
@dessert It's only when a big chicken walks into view that you see how little they are...
What about SQLite ?
Both should be completely compatible, the SQL dialect they use is the same
SQLite is a single file database, which would run embedded in your main application instead of as a client/server like most others
Side-note: we have also dba.stackexchange.com for sending off-topic questions there
It also lacks some SQL features, but I haven't extensively used it yet
@ByteCommander Like a "Mint" tag...
6:52 PM
I'm off for some tv... bye o/
@Zanna Jealous of what and whom?
OK, I'll go work some queues then...
@Fabby they seem huge to me, they grow incredibly fast currently
Yeah, but they're still smaller than your hand.
@Fabby of @SergiyKolodyazhnyy, getting into database class
I wanna learn to write amazing beautiful SQL queries for SEDE
6:57 PM
If you read the MySQL manual in its entirety, you will know more than what he will know after his course...
@Fabby Unless I also read the manual . . . while taking the course . . . In which case I'll be more confused than ever, and Zanna still wins
And once you've read it all, it's fairly easy to keep up...
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy :D :D :D
I can't read manuals
it goes in one ear and out the other
I can only learn by doing
Ah... I'm a voracious reader.
@Zanna So . . . no audiobooks for you, right ? :3
6:59 PM
@Zanna You have to read and do at the same time...
I read other stuff. Just not techical instructions
so you read the installation section first, then install
@Fabby if it's that kind of manual, then great
so basically; you read everything twice and then do!
Last time I read the entire manual was 3.x
I'm studying other stuff... finding time for more self study is impossible. But when you go to a class, you are forced to do it haha
7:00 PM
then I just read the diffs until 5.5 and then I started working for this company and I stopped reading tech manuals except internal ones.
but thanks for the recommendation. I'll try to find time... some time
:D Like learning GO is still on my TO DO list
as is travelling to India...
New Zealand
It's really one of those things that depends on the person. Some learn by doing, others by reading. But mostly it's a mix for everyone. I learned a lot of my stuff by a mixture of things. Trying, then reading manuals, then trying again but smarter. AskUbuntu has been one of the things that pushed me to learn, which I otherwise wouldn't pick up
I posted an answer on meta copy-pasting my Ubuntu [any key] answer:
A: Should 'click' be used with <kbd>?

FabbyThe <kbd> indicator can be used for tons of things! not only keyboards: Esc      F1F2F3F4    F5F6F7F8    F9F10F11F12    Prnt  Scrl  Pse    `   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   0   -   =     Bks        Ins  HmePgUp  Tab   Q   W   E   R   T   Y   U   I   O   P   [  ] Entr    Del  End PgDn  ...

Wow! That comes out weird!
Take this for instance : unix.stackexchange.com/a/425104/85039 I've not been interested in sed that much, but just for the question and because I had been having fun with it for no reason at all, I went and researched all the things
7:02 PM
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy Yup.
URGH left nav :( :(
also half time over :) :)
Half of the time of what?
And what left nav?
@Fabby Stack Exchange's new feature. They added left-side panel
Which eventually will come to all other sites as well
Yeah, somewhere in July...
it's horrible
@Fabby football
7:05 PM
@Zanna More like unnecessary.
that too
@Zanna Ah again: reading is more efficient then watching too: just don't watch and look at the scores for 1 minute every week.
Then you would have time to read the MySQL manual!
:D :D :D
I'm marking an exam while watching
:D :D :D
Croatia won From Argentina! Wow!
7:16 PM
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy hahaaa one of my higher voted answers is some weak sed-fu. It's funny, some of my stronger mysterious sed lines get less points ;)
A: Change all associations from gedit to another application

RobotHumansRunning on 13.04+, update the file: /etc/gnome/defaults.list. sudo sed -i 's/gedit.desktop/sublime-text-2.desktop/g' /etc/gnome/defaults.list Credit to trent for the update to 13.04+ Pre-13.04: System wide associations: sudo sed -i 's/gedit.desktop/sublime-text-2.desktop/g' /usr/share/a...

The simple one ^^
@Fabby what did you expect? Argentina would be better off with 11 fieldplayers and no goalkeeper :X
Ouch, I can feel that burn from across the ocean.
Messi can't win a game by himself. And here is where we all get to see Ronaldo is better due to having a team. Messi is the better solo player but this game is 11 vs 11 :+
Oh and @RobotHumans best rep you get when the answer is a simple copy/paste from a "man" page. Guaranteed a 10+ upvoted answer :X
same with "sed": simple sed commands people read and think they understand trump sed commands that confuse someone.
Yeah. When your sed line starts to look like perl, it's time to stop.
sure is :D
Have the TV on and the intro to "once upon a time in the west" was on
INSTANT goosebumps.
7:25 PM
@RobotHumans I think this kinda goes back to the fact that sed can be convoluted, and people have no idea whether to upvote it or not :3 So those upvotes probably come from people who recognize the sed-fu, so I'd say those few upvotes carry extra value with them
@Rinzwind yeah, that’s one hell of a soundtrack…
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy Haha. Yeah, it's like when we were writing tests and couldn't find the pin on the map with xpath to click and get a tooltip, so I just set all pins to one location to keep it centered, did the coordinates math, centered on where the pin should be with manual move-cursor, and fired a click event. To read it is obnoxious, but it wasn't solveable another way.
yeah, like when you think muru might have upvoted your answer, then you feel way better than when you got 10 upvotes for an effort-free answer...
ennio morricone just rules
@Zanna Frankly, that's very true at least for me. In fact, it's one of the reasons why I stuck around on the site for so long
I wanted to "be as cool as them" @_@
Still don't feel cool , though . . . .
7:30 PM
I hang around to keep my karma in balance.
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy haha you are definitely one of the cool ones
@Zanna blushing thanks . .. um . . . .
Yeah, @SergiyKolodyazhnyy has always been good with me. He's one of the good guys.
Gotta try to be better
1 hour later…
8:37 PM
Somebody is going around and voting to close all shell questions as off-topic O_o
to the posts in the queue, not the questions
can't see anything in the queue history :/
going to sleep anyway...
I'm not in the queue, I just encountered two-three questions tagged bash and command-line that have close-votes for being off-topic
Also . . . registration people at my university apparently the most noisy, chatty, and slightly rude people of all
I've two students with two registration ladies here, and one of them is like "OK, so you got this class and that class. That's the sh!t !"
Maybe I'm getting old . . .
9:02 PM
Aaaand I'm maxed out for today (^_^)v
good run

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