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2:26 AM
Q: Trouble Creating Text Input File for Linux Executable

user292970I am running Ubuntu 16.04.4. I have an executable that takes initial condition inputs from a text file, performs calculations, and generates an output file. I want to run calculations for a large number of initial conditions, so I wrote a python script (python 3.5.2 running in Spyder 3) to create...

3:23 AM
Windows Update. Ugh.
> Disk  Random 16.0 Read                       1221.28 MB/s          9.0
> Disk  Sequential 64.0 Read                   3002.01 MB/s          9.2
> Disk  Sequential 64.0 Write                  1516.68 MB/s          8.8
> Average Read Time with Sequential Writes     0.087 ms          8.8
> Latency: 95th Percentile                     0.203 ms          8.9
> Latency: Maximum                             3.656 ms          8.6
> Average Read Time with Random Writes         0.094 ms          8.9
Now there's some stats to be proud of.
3 GB/s read - what a world we live in.
3:41 AM
Task Manager claims I can get that off a 7200RPM disk. I'm somewhat skeptical.
What kind of disk is that Nathan?
4:01 AM
Are you sure?
3 GB/s. ?
And not 3 Gbps?
Even 3 Gbps sounds like a lot for a spinning disk.
It's an NVMe-attached SSD.
@NathanOsman Yeah task manager is set to MB/s and I've seen it spike to 3,000 MB/s
now of course we all know how good windows is at calculating disk speeds and times.
3 GB/s is impossible with a SATA-attached disk.
So I'd say that's an error.
oh that is a pretty big limiter on it isn't it lol.
Didn't even think of that
0.8 GB/s is about the maximum for SATA 6Gb/s.
And I've never seen a spinning disk reach those speeds.
I'd expect something more in the range of 1-1.6 Gbps.
4 hours later…
8:09 AM
I accidentally dupe-hammered a question – am I still able to cast a normal duplicate close vote that gets reviewed by others even when I own a golden tag badge anyhow?
@dessert No
So if I don’t want to dupe-hammer it I can now just comment… oh wait, there are still flags.
OK, I think I got it. :)
@dessert Yeah. Shog explained it nicely on this meta U&L post:
A: How does one relinquish his/her right to close questions without review?

Shog9You don't like it because the normal vote-to-close behavior tricks you into thinking your opinion is worth less than it really is. But it is a trick. Your opinion is worth a lot. Finding duplicates is hard. You have to know what to search for, and then know enough about the topic to say wheth...

@terdon great, thanks!
8:53 AM
recently I learned you can make your life essentially easier with a simple softlink:
sudo ln -s /dev/null /n
sending output into a dark oblivion needs so much less typing now :>
1 hour later…
9:58 AM
My son's Windows tells me that it found a "hardware error" and it recommends I should go and ask the manufacturer about it.
I am not complaining (or yes I might a bit) but after all those decades shouldn't they have found a way for better error messages? Is that asking for too much?
I am the manufacturer in this case.
I am also the system administrator for other errors.
10:18 AM
I am a genius ! - I found the solution: replacing the broken hardware should fix a hardware error.
@Takkat or introduce 2 more hardware errors :=)
yeah :D
I found out that if you had bought Windows 10 it lets you reinstall a certain times only (not saying how often) - even after you had attached it to your Microsoft Account.
Q: the 'grub-efi-amd64-signed' package failed to install into /target/

user145959I am trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 but I get this error at the end of installation process! I tried to create a partition with ext4 for \boot. also ext1 but non of them worked. Also I tried to choose the ntfs partition that my Windows 10 grub file is in that but didn't work too. I also had Ubu...

10:44 AM
@Takkat that’s just fraud if you ask me
No idea, I don't really feel like wanting to reinstall it again. In case of urgency I let my son do that - he wanted it, he has to maintain it.
He will have to maintain it until he does not want it anymore... we're a good way closer to that now ;P
11:00 AM
friggin’ good question:
Q: Redirect real webcam to a virtual webcam via terminal

Kubuntuer82Short question (TL;DR) Is there a way to redirect a real webcam to a virtual webcam from terminal, for example using the v4l2loopback module with ffmpeg ? Details I have installed a (quite old) webcam which works with most software (e.g. vlc, cheese, etc.), but it doesn't work with some critic...

11:18 AM
I was trying to be nice and was trying not to be blunt in conveying that we're dealing with a mob of people and that the average IQ of a mob is the IQ of its lowest member.
;-) :-) ;-)
What probably happened was:
1. Drive-by user clicks on highest upvoted answer's link
2. gets a warning message from Firefox that he's just clicked a malicious site
3. registers and leaves a message without taking the tour.
And me being an Vorlon went "WTF is this puny human trying to convey? Is it SPAM? Is it a SPAMmer trying to test the waters posting gibberish? Oh, shit! It's actual useful information!"
0;-) ;-) 0:-)
@NathanOsman Wow! What a world you live in! :D ;-)
@Fabby This was a one in a million case. And it was treated perfectly. I really don't know what else you would want or what you expect that meta post to achieve.
It basically reads like you're attacking the other people who voted to delete because they weren't as smart as you and didn't read the post that carefully. I really don't get why you posted that.
@dessert Nope. You buy a license not a product
@terdon Create a Meta.se post next.
But asking for what?
What result are you aiming for?
asking for a feature request for a batch job that checks for malicious links.
I'll post it here on meta before going over to meta.se as that's a much angrier crowd.
11:32 AM
@Fabby That would be interesting. But then, why did you instead post an attack on other users for not paying enough attention in your opinion?
Do you disagree with the above, my wise Greek philosopher?
@Fabby You can post feature requests here. No need to go to the main meta.
@Rinzwind a license to install the OS as many times as MS deems sufficient without even knowing how many times that exactly is? OK, it’s just a bad bargain then. :P
@terdon quote "I was trying to be nice and was trying not to be blunt "
(in my usual bull in the china shop fashion...)
@Fabby Well, to me it read as though you were calling out the other two people who (correctly) voted to delete. And seriously, have you ever seen something similar before?
Yes, you understood what the OP meant and fixed the link. Good for you. But then you go and accuse others of not paying enough attention.
11:34 AM
Nope, never. I left a comment to them...
@terdon Well, I'll edit the question and apologise publicly.
@Fabby No need. Since I'm the only one who downvoted, I might also be the only one who read it that way
:D You??? :D
So maybe I'm just grumpy :)
No offense taken, but just ot be on the diamond clear side, I'll edit...
@terdon :D ;) :D I cannot be insulted in English:
it's only my third or fourth language depending on how you count!
(Nor in Greek, as I only know:
@dessert a license always has limits. If you don't like it don't pay for the license :=)
11:37 AM
oichi, ne, parakalo, leoforio and Yassou malaka
:D ;) :D
just flagged a spam and saw it go from -1 to -6 before I could finish
@Rinzwind Never happened to you before???
naah. not THAT quick :D
11:39 AM
sometimes -3. rarely -4
it was a split second. blink and I would have missed the -2 to -5 :X
I remember a bunch of spammers lurking in the shadows here in the chat room and trying to out-spam us...
OK, back to work.
that\''ll never work
@Fabby whimp!
@terdon I'll post the apology now, but the meta question tonight
@Rinzwind I'm not as good as you at multi-tasking is all: I'm just a fast context-switcher with a 3-bit stack.
(more than 3 tasks makes by brain's stack overflow)
(unless it's drinking, smoking, watching telly and being on the phone with mum: those 4 tasks I can do together easily)
@Rinzwind Smokey raises up to 4 autoflags at once now.
@Fabby i now have 9 different tasks
11:46 AM
That's why we're that quick.
incl. AU >:)
@ByteCommander aha! another mystery unraveled :=)
12:04 PM
@Rinzwind 9 projects with multiple tasks, just not very good at doing those 3 tasks per project (27 tasks) simultaneously...
@ByteCommander Starred. (not a joke for once, but useful information0
I'm off again!
12:16 PM
Q: Malicious link removal Policy, Process, Product requested

FabbyAs per this AU meta question we've seen links to external sites turn malicious over the years. (Disclaimer: sample of one; never seen that before, so might be a fluke) So could we have: A Policy that this will not be allowed any more on the entire SE network? A Process that removes these afte...

Upvote my comment if you agree that regardless of the outcome we expect Fabby to 1. find that tree. 2. start barking. — Rinzwind 16 secs ago
12:40 PM
so tempted to write a comment like “Upvote this comment if you hate trees in general.”
2 hours later…
2:34 PM
Whoop whoop!
LOL :-) It appears this cozy sound always works. I like that.
Just watned to see if s.o. is awake here. Given the current outside temperatures.
it got quite cloudy here now
awake ? eeeeeeeemmmmrrrrr keeping myself in working shape with ice cold multi vitamin juice and 4 fans moving the air
yes here too meanwhile, i guess we will get a thunderstorm this evening/night
but that was to be expected after those two very hot days
it's best when thunderstorms are at night when people I don't care. Hope it stays warm for the rest of the week because I have spare time
2:46 PM
yeah it will be warm for sure but not that hot as it was the past days
at least if you can trust the weather reports
just watch WinEunuch's splash screen.
@PerlDuck I disagree. Where I live there are flats in a group and a semi large hill. When thunder hits in between there I go from sleeping to sitting straight up in less than a millisecond. It is so f***** loud it is like a bomb is being dropped.
His nick is weird and hard to spell, but I like him.
@Rinzwind I love thunder at night. Makes me feel comfortable when I'm safe in my cozy bed and outside the world breaks apart. What could be better?
Being in a car on a hill watching it happen!
@Videonauth Ok, I forgot that one. Never done that before but … it made me curious.
2:57 PM
well its perfectly risk less since a car is a Faraday cage, and watching the bolts come down is simply majestic
always reminds me of how fragile and small we are
3:54 PM
I hope they don't think I'm too weird (CC: @Zanna)!
Q: Vegan Durian Pie?

Paranoid PandaI have been able to find quite a few Durian Pie recipes, but they all seem to contain some animal products such as cream. I was wondering if there is a Vegan Durian Pie recipe somewhere out there that I just haven't been able to find yet? (By answering this question you are supporting a good cau...

4:08 PM
It's nearly Durian season over here! :D
it's fine to be weird, but eating durian is just wrong ;)
4:24 PM
I don't know why I'm so tired so suddenly, I slept well, had some holly water, but I'm still just so very tired...
Hey, also, I made my peace with Islam.
And if that means nothing to anybody then never mind! :D
And I found "Weird al" Yankovic! :D
5:46 PM
Q: Accessing a particular linux distribution not listed in grub

Joel Joseph RejiI happened to own an Acer laptop which had a stripped down version of Fedora pre installed with just command line access. But once I installed other operating systems like Linux Mint and Ubuntu over it, the pre installed OS stopped getting displayed in the grub even though I didn't delete the par...

6:33 PM
@Rinzwind IYKWIMAITYD (I upvoted that comment myself...)
@ByteCommander What? and only yesterday it was the hottest day of the year???
@Rinzwind Starred!
@ParanoidPanda Where the hell are you?
@ParanoidPanda You made peace with peace?
Tired or nothing interesting happening at the security front?
@ThomasWard (or not enough coffee yet?)
@karel 0/
oh there's tons of interesting things.
i just can't say anything about them.
and i need more coffee
because apparently four cups since 9AM is... not enough.
6:41 PM
@ThomasWard Coffee is a magical drink if you only use it when you need it!
this is assuming the coffee is half-decent
but no there's no decent coffee here at work :P
Last time I had 8 double espressi the security guards in an Amsterdam Data Center came to check up on me as:
they hadn;t seen me for at least 2 hours
They knew I was a smoker
you have something to reply to
Is there a reason you don't just flag it for moderator attention and let us go purge such links? There's no automatic way to determine if a link is actually malicious or not, nor could you write such a system in a way that is foolproof. — Thomas Ward ♦ 2 mins ago
6:43 PM
I'd been working for 35hours straight by that tinme
switching to meta
@Fabby it's better and easier than making war with war. :P
first runner duck hatched couple hours ago, thirteen eggs left chirping
@dessert Once they're all hatched I want a video of them all running around!!!
@dessert it's cute. is this for a project or are you just breeding ducks now?
@ThomasWard Erm, isn't that one the prerogative of most governments over the last 5000 years?
>:-) >:-) >:-)
6:50 PM
@Fabby don't you mean eons, not years?
@ThomasWard Well, more than 5000 years ago there was no history, right?
(lemme look up when writing was invented)
3100 BC...
wasn't far off.
Shutting down Windoze Work machine and switching to Ubuntu private machine!
@Fabby i'm sure that there was, such as cave scrawlings
@ThomasWard we’re breeding, but the eggs are “borrowed” from friends, so they’ll get maybe half of the poults
it’s our first time breeding, so it’s a project as well :)
@dessert don't blame me but I fast-read this and saw 'rubber' instead of 'runner' and did a small double-take :/
running ducks are (said to be) very delicious and sell very well (poult already 5–10€, 1/2yo 20–30€), so we’ll be breeding – let them breed, to be exact
@ThomasWard lol
7:14 PM
@Fabby Well, it's not like anyone who tried to convince me otherwise was very peaceful about it so you know it's rather hard to reach such a conclusion yourself... Although I don't know that "peace" is exactly the right word to use. Maybe, but it's then like Jesus saying "I don't bring you peace, I bring you the sword" (other words may have been used but that was pretty much it) so in some ways, yes, and no. ;)
@ThomasWard Yeah, but history starts at writing... Letters, numbers don't count.
@ParanoidPanda Hong Kong, the country of the Durian???
@ParanoidPanda I had to read that 3 times...
:-) ;-) :-)
:D :D :D
@Fabby Yes, well, I do have concussion...
What happened? I thought that if there was going to be someone totally resistant to concussions, it would be you!
I fell over at church.
7:29 PM
No, seriously, How come?
Marble floor!
Wooden hardened sports hall floor actually! :D
Basket ball (and head) hardened that is!
@Fabby the question is how you define writing.
there was a whole three day argument of this in my history course at college lol
:D :D :D
@ThomasWard I can imagine. Just like "The USA went straight from barbarism to decadence without intervention of civilization"
;-) >:-) ;-)
well more the discussion of early history/man and what actually constituted a 'written history'
so bleh.
7:33 PM
History is the most important subject there is, because if you don't know where you're coming from, you won't know where you're going to.
or you don't exist.
one or the other :P
:D :D :D
Good one!
8:20 PM
The only thing history taught mankind is that history never taught mankind a thing...
@ByteCommander Starred!
9:05 PM
Is it ok to change the title of a question to give it the meaning that was (supposedly) the real intention of the questioner?
@SebastianStark that should be done by OP, but I do that regularly when it becomes clear what the problem actually is – link?
Q: Input command into background service

Kevin SnijderI have a custom service running in the background for a custom gmod game service. I wrote my own gmod.service file so now I can start it with service gmod start. You can see it below. Is it possible to input a command into that service from a terminal or a bash script so I can change the map for ...

I find the question title very misleading
(or my answer is completely missing the point)
I have no hope the questioner will get back to this anytime soon
@SebastianStark I don’t think that’s the case – I say change the title as you think it’s useful, but let muru’s approach still be valid.
9:20 PM
you mean I shouldn't change it to "how do I do x without using tmux or screen?"
I would have done it with dbus, but I guess passing it as a param to systemctl is valid
And yes, edit the title.
I am now getting doubts. And that the OP actually is launching some kind of shell
launching it with systemd makes me thing they're just doing it wrong, and they expect it to be a service with cli input. again, I would have gone with dbus and a thin json webservice for player 2 or json for both
@RobotHumans mind sketching out how? I'd like to learn more about dbus
I have a simple dbus service laying around in a question somewhere. Wait 1.
9:31 PM
what does it need qt for?
an eventloop
at the time I wrote the question, the dbus python3 library needed something else to provide the eventloop. you could use gtk instead. just anything that provides that functionality.
If I'd do this in go I would use channels I guess
haven't played with Go at all. python junkie.
this is a nice example, still dbus is a little mistery for me :)
it's basically a typed json socket. at least that's how i think about it.
9:35 PM
is json decoding/encoding done as part of the dbus spec?
i think so, but i didn't read the spec. i grabbed the endpoints from the library and poked it till it twitched.
that's the way
Anywho, the point on the self-answer was I wanted to write a dbus service to run started however, so I could easily manually start and stop it - then bridge json requests using whatever web framework to a specific dbus endpoint.
@SebastianStark pong!
9:49 PM
Sometimes people don't know how good they are and they need a little bit of kicking in the nuts...
>:-) ;-) >:-)
you enjoy it?
10:03 PM
I enjoy helping people get ahead...
haha :)
@Fabby great! I wonder which one is Thomas :D
:-) When I drink coffee, I look like the last one...
meh, I feel like I'm pretty resistant against it
10:15 PM
I miss cappuccino
@SebastianStark How come? You were born in Italy and live in Russia now?
no, I miss it from the chart!
@SebastianStark :D
I will print that tomrrow and put it up next to the machine at work :)
10:44 PM
I booted ubuntu into recovery mode and when I reboot I can only get the grub shell
I don't know where to go from here
I don't have to option to boot to windows either
I just want to reboot and the normal grub selection to come up again
11:02 PM
@AliCaglayan reboot and press shift when booting
@Fabby i've tried holding shift nothing changes
After the bios screen it goes straight into grub
Look on the site as I'm going to get some shuteye.

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