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8:07 PM
@user1770201 The package doesn't exist for xenial: packages.ubuntu.com/…
8:23 PM
Why is the only way to upgrade without stalling to boot in low graphics mode?
Why doesn't man ffmpeg explain the -b:a or -ab option? This manpage doesn't seem to show anything about bitrate settings at all… oO
avconv --help at least lists it, under “Video options”… duh
Apparently a system reboot is needed to finish upgrading to 18.04
Thanks for telling me, kde
8:40 PM
Q: Why didn't 6 reviewers' recommendations delete this answer?

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well so far 18.04 is more stable
Meh. I jumped ship for Arch.
too much work
I say as I spend 2 hours getting Ubuntu to run
@TheWanderer the unfinished development version of Ubuntu, mind you
18.04 is fine so far
17.10 was the mess
8:48 PM
isn't 18.04 still essentially the same as 17.10?
apparently not
and IIRC 18.04 is supposed to bring mir or something
right @NathanOsman?
or wrong?
Mir is dead.
It died with Ubuntu Touch.
They had to divert resources.
Long live Wayland.
Boss: let Dave know we're running late to lunch. Me: okay. *can't remember if I am connected to Dave via SMS, Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Google Hangouts* Me: I'll send him an email.
as long as Wayland is replacing X and it works better
8:50 PM
Oh darn.
I made a typo.
There, fixed.
and sleep, but it takes a while
Sleep should be nearly instantaneous.
I think it's a problem with my WiFi card
the last proper look I got at the reboot log in 17.10 was a stop job on wpa_supplicant
8:53 PM
That problem is called "systemd".
well gimme back whatever we had before whose name I forget for some reason
That's what we had before systemd.
8:58 PM
The CueCat, styled :CueCat with a leading colon, is a cat-shaped handheld barcode reader that was released in 2000 by the now-defunct Digital Convergence Corporation. The CueCat enabled a user to open a link to an Internet URL by scanning a barcode — called a "cue" by Digital Convergence — appearing in an article or catalog or on some other printed matter. In this way, a user could be directed to a web page containing related information without having to enter a URL. The company asserted that the ability of the device to direct users to a specific URL, rather than a domain name, was valuable....
@TheWanderer On Ubuntu, maybe.
@NathanOsman what do you think I was talking about
( •_•)>⌐■-■
I use Arch now.
well that doesn't mean everyone else does too
All the cool people do. (Source: see my glasses.)
8:59 PM
Upstart was alright I guess.
I mean - it never tried to kill me.
@TheWanderer But very few systems ever used upstart apart from Ubuntu. The standard before systemd was indeed SysVinit.
well I was talking about Ubuntu
because I used Ubuntu
Regardless. You're stuck with systemd.
As am I - at least from an official standpoint.
I'm not brave enough to try BSD and Devuan looks cool but meh.
Why not Fedora?
9:01 PM
oh new System Settings
less System Preferences-y
@dessert They are funding systemd development :P
Or more specifically, Red Hat is.
@NathanOsman D:
@NathanOsman I didn't follow, why exactly is systemd bad?
it does too much or something like that
also the commands are so much more convoluted than Upstart's
@dessert Part of the systemd hate is humor but I really do dislike it with a passion
It is notoriously unreliable at times.
It is incredibly bloated.
And binary logfiles. I mean. What even?
9:03 PM
think TouchWiz?
is SystemD TouchWiz?
Iluminatti confirmed?
I dunno. Is TouchWiz even that bad in comparison?
uh yes
we could use LGUX if you want though
sloppy coding, slow performance, bad additions, bloated, inconsistent UX
Jesus, the CGI in The Flash is just terrible
ooh automatic bug report info gathering in 18.04
and it even opens a new bug on Launchpad for you
@NathanOsman Canonical is continuing Mir development, actually.
9:07 PM
I did not know this.
What on earth is the point?
something about their IoT projects using it
I'm not holding my breath. We barely have working X drivers with 3D acceleration for most cards.
I'm still waiting for AUR to update its amdgpu-pro package.
I still don't have OpenCL acceleration.
I might just have to break down and buy Nvidia next time :|
9:23 PM
join the dark side
no BTC but you can actually use it in Ubuntu
Yeah, CUDA support is light-years ahead.
I'm trying to decide between a used Xeon and a new Ryzen for my next build :P
I mean this looks pretty tempting: ebay.ca/itm/…
hey KDE isn't freezing every time I open Chrome either
@NathanOsman they are still working on it
[in python 3.6] A loop append()s to a list, now how do I initialize the list without assigning something to it?
list = []
9:37 PM
@Seth Oh, so simple… That's a beautiful language. Thanks!
@dessert np! :)
what sort of city would be in the middle of a forest?
@NathanOsman anyway, sabdfl was saying they still invest in mir because of the usage of it in the iot projects
Good to know.
ah, here is a recent article techradar.com/news/ubuntu-in-transition
> “Mir still exists, the display server still exists and is in development and that’s especially interesting to IoT device manufacturers, but for the time-being we’re using Wayland on the desktop now.”
1 hour later…
10:59 PM
well so far I'm super happy with 18.04
whats new about it?
Ooh! I just noticed that my AU impact has reached 3 Million! :D
Congrats :D
Thanks! :)
11:15 PM
@NathanOsman would you be interested, at some point when we have time, rewriting and finishing Chat Exchange with all the stuff we learned from the first go?
11:43 PM
Never did figure out what happened to those cookies.
If we do rewrite it, I'm definitely making the chat network code into a separate package.
It will be easier to write and test that way.
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