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8:00 PM
@StefanoPalazzo I am not planning on running anyway
so she's all yours!
@JorgeCastro oh noes!
why not @Jorge?
I guess since @JorgeCastro is already a 10K user, not much more to gain?
I don't see the need, everything is running fine
wait for after the first natty-by-default release :P
8:01 PM
plus my job is to enable people to succeed
Well I'm definitely looking forward to the elections :)
I can Imagine :)
yeah me too
Well if you vote for me, I'll lower the taxes and give each citizen a free car
8:02 PM
I wonder if Pro Tempore moderators can run for election?
Hi all from URUGUAY
Hello @Luciano
@LucianoFacchinelli Saludos desde India!
@MarcoCeppi why wouldn't they? It'd be dumb to disallow 5 months of experience
Q: What packages do I install for ffmpeg and libmp3lame?

matt wilkieOn my desktop Ubuntu 10.4 I use ffmpeg to convert videos to a format my dvd-player understands. On my laptop running 10.10 I can't get the same command to work, what package(s) are missing? ffmpeg -i infile.flv \ -threads 2 -vcodec mpeg4 -vtag divx -acodec libmp3lame -sameq \ outfile.avi #...sn...

hmmm, what do we do here
@JorgeCastro Yeah, that makes sense, lol
8:05 PM
I guess it worked for the first guy but not the other guy?
@JorgeCastro It's a new question. He has the packages installed which is the issue of the first poster. Now he can't get ffmpeg to recognize mp3lame.
Needs to be converted IMO
maybe we should ask him to ask a new question?
and say basically "ok I installed it, now how do I use it?"
I've moved it as a comment so you can reply that way. but I think that's the best course of action
Something like "I've installed x codec and have libmp3lame blah installed - how do I get ffmpeg to recognize and use it"
yeah, my only problem is I don't know how to help him at this point
also, I only edited those answers
I keep noticing that people think I answer/ask a bunch of questions because I edit frequently
Q: How to associate a file type within Wine with a native application?

101For example, I want all avi files to be associated with mplayer in Wine mplayer /home/user/myvideo.avi Edit from Oli: I believe this this actually the inverse of what most people would assume from the original title. Unless I'm mistaken the user is using Total Commander in Wine and would like ...

@Oli good point
8:09 PM
@htorque Took me some time to get my head around the original wording
@Oli I've been reading your call-a-spade-a-spade blogs at thepcspy.com ; I love most of 'em.
What have you read that makes you describe it like that?
@Oli 1. Linux isn't invulnerable. Don't say it is. 2. Ubuntu 10.04 is good, not perfect 3. The Linux “1% myth” is pretty accurate 4. My issues with Linux et al 5. Nokia Review
@iamsid what's wrong with messi? 20 minutes and no goal :(
@htorque Patience! :)
Gana el Barça con goles de Iniesta y Villa
Sería muy raro que a alguien que le guste el fútbol no disfrute con el juego de este equipo!
8:27 PM
<--- is here
crowd faints
<---- is here too!
crowd sulks
crowd goes wild
@htorque ¿Podría ser esto el final de la Liga?
Jorge Castro is here! crowd throws a riot
@iamsid what exactly? :D
@iamsid yo no hablo español :P
8:30 PM
@htorque Could this be the end of the league? Will nothing else matter?
nothing else matters
Q: How quickly with better tool

There is nothing we can doIf: I can make two tools which would serve the same purpose and: I need 10 times less time to make first tool but work with this tool is a half time slower than work with the second tool, after what period of time I will get advantage by making the tool with which I will work faster by 2 times (t...

Awesome question!
+1s the answer and programs his calculator
8:38 PM
+1s the answer and programs "itself".
@htorque 3! :) Pedro! :)
yeah, but messi could have made no. 4 right now
he's such a bad player :D
boils in anger.
just kidding - he's better than pele
I don't know about that! I'm not a big fan of comparing players of different generations. :)
8:44 PM
hai @ajmitch
I'm struggling to find a tag for a question @physics.stackexchange! :(
what's the question @iamsid?
@iamsid no one was, is, or will be better than messi. end of story. :P
8:48 PM
@StefanoPalazzo I'm formulating it. Do you know the part of physics that deals with bending a material?
@StefanoPalazzo I used the tag: mechanics
Q: Is it true that any piece of paper (of non-zero thickness) cannot be folded more than eight times?

iamsidHow many times can a piece of paper (of non-zero thickness) be folded in half? And why not more than that? Is this number different for single-direction folding and alternate-direction folding case scenarios?

man, the ubuntu questions on quora are like an unmoderated version of AU
Ubuntu.Shapado is pretty civil.
@iamsid if they have a tag like "materials", that'd be appropriate too
8:52 PM
@iamsid they're just like really junk questions
@StefanoPalazzo No, I checked that earlier.
@JorgeCastro True! :)
ask.ubuntu now has 6th highest number of users on S.E.
Q: Why don't those winepath commands work?

101I tried code from this question and for some reason they do not work, why and how to fix them? a@ubuntu:~$ echo "#!/bin/sh" > ~/bin/run_linx_program bash: !/bin/sh": event not found a@ubuntu:~$ echo "$1 "\`wine winepath -u \"$2\"\`\"" >> ~/bin/run_linx_program > ? > ^C a@ubuntu:~$

what's up with echo "#!/bin/sh" > ~/bin/run_linx_program (I know it's the quotes, but what's this line supposed to do?)
From my previous answer. I was trying to be clever.
And failed =)
what's the second line supposed to be?
Accepted though.
9:04 PM
@Oli could you please check if my answer to the newer question is correct?
Lol! :) A person just LMGTFYed me on physics.stackexchange! :) I meta.stackoverflow-ed him. :P
@StefanoPalazzo Yeah it is. The directory needs creating (if it doesn't exist) and the file needs chmodding. that's why I was doing it all by script, so it can just be pasted in and forgotten.
right @Oli, thank you
10:06 PM
yay, second time i hit the rep cap - thanks @RolandTaylor for upvoting my not so helpful java answer :D
@htorque ^^ it was helpful to me I never knew I could do that :D
I have to admit I kinda hate java after doing web apps at college :/
unfortunately this doesn't force the look and feel
yeah :/
only sets it as default
java is great - as a teaching language :P
at least applications that use swing will look better now
java tastes great in coffee
10:09 PM
ever tried a netbeans latte macchiato? :D
10:26 PM
@htorque 48 to go =D
Q: grub/burg listing a lot of os's

MatthewI guess I've got more than one ubuntu installation (either two or three) along with a windows 7 installation. Each of the ubuntu installations also list something extra (maybe like a safe mode?) within grub. Firstly, how do I remove the ubuntu installations I don't use? (how do I first identify ...

Dupe Alert
@iamsid Fairly sure the one you've linked to is a dupe of another one too
@Oli Is it? I haven't checked!
Not your fault... It seems like one-in-ten of the [grub] posts is a duplicate.
If only because Ubuntu should be a little more sane about how many kernels it keeps when installing updates.
Indeed! :) And the search function here can be misleading in pointing out duplicates.
10:39 PM
@Oli you mean 148! :D
good night, everyone!
Good night!
@htorque Are you still here?
Just wondering about your answer about changing nautilus's side-panel colour... if you have to restart or jump up and down and chant something... I can't get mine changing =(
@htorque cya
@htorque Is that nautilus-elementary specific?
Q: How do I change the background of the side pane?

user6465How do I go about changing the white background on nautilus-elementary's side pane? I want to change it specifically to match the color of the toolbar and status-bar.

10:43 PM
@Oli use nautilus -q to restart nautilus
@iamsid nope
@RolandTaylor HUZZAH!
@Oli ^^
@Oli, hm... i tried it with nautilus and nautilus-elementary and it worked
i just switched to another theme and back again and the background used that color
@htorque killing nautilus worked too
10:46 PM
nautilus -q is the answer to life (when using nautilus)
@Oli added it to the answer
11:44 PM
@Marco: Did the Chrome extension ever get published?
Q: How to start Ubuntu with no working video card?

ViliusKI have a laptop with broken video card. It has two operating systems installed - Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition. It has GRUB to manage which operating system to boot up. Windows is default OS. And Windows fails to boot up without video card. I'm checking with ping to the ports which...

after reading that question I'd face palm
he should just recover his data and repair the laptop - seriously...
Anyone else gotten the impression that other Stack Exchange sites are a lot less welcoming than Ubuntu's?
11:59 PM
Two out of three of my interactions on Super User were immediately met with uncalled-for rudeness.
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