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12:18 AM
@edwinksl 0/10, can't eat. what's the point?
iunno, ask nathan
IoT is getting out of hand, guys.
On the other hand, a pan or pot that would send me an email before food starts to burn in would have saved my lunch on a few days already.
also, this: imgur.com/R3Rg8ng [NSFW]
12:30 AM
Duuude, now I'm hungry.
It's 1:30 AM and I'm drooling for lasagna. Good job.
i have to agree with the top commenter
it's always a good time to want lasagna.
> Teenage criminals should be fitted with wifi jammers rather than going to prison, top [UK] cop suggests
Well, I hope to god they don't walk into a hospital, or God forbid, a police station.
there's no way giving a criminal teenager the ability to cut off almost all communication in an area can go badly.
None at all.
That's what happens when authorities that have absolutely no idea about technology think they can make laws about those.
12:46 AM
yet, yaknow, we're not gonna get an IT competent person elected to congress for the next 50 years, at least.
Oh, hats just vanished, didn't they?
Like 45 min ago probably.
final total: 36 hats. 34 on-site.
#1 on AskUbuntu. :D
I shared #5 with @Serg and @edwinksl and 23 hats. I'm happy.
12:50 AM
rip hats
5th is pretty respectable :D
@KazWolfe Pan-tenna!
@KazWolfe just pass their phones to random nosy granmas.
that would be worse.
unless they're smart.
and have things hidden in sane ways.
guys, any issues with running valgrind as root?
I need to debug a program that is supposed to be run as root, but valgrind sudo ./program is going to debug sudo instead of the program, and it complains about running suid root binaries
1:12 AM
@edwinksl Congrats on fifth place :)
@KazWolfe Congrats on hats #1!!! you were on the scent from day one.
I get no congrats on 90th place? @WinEunuuchs2Unix
@IanC You get congrats for being brave enough not to wear a hat! :p
I was wearing that one from Jan 1st haha
but it doesn't fit really well on a surfboard avatar
You love your surfing!
mmmm.. coffee
1:39 AM
hey @NathanOsman! Good evening
Hi @NathanOsman, how's calgary?... is it getting cold "yet" ;)
Going to work tomorrow it's supposed to be minus 24 and feeling like minus 30 :(
@WinEunuuchs2Unix We're getting another 10cm or so tonight.
If only you export it to Saudi Arabia you'd be rich! Luckily we haven't received very much this winter.
It feels good to make an extra car payment...
If I quit smoking government cigarettes the $800 / month could buy a porche or a house.
$800/month? holy molly!...
I new it was expensive but not that expensive...
Yes I feel sorry for the poor people and homeless scouring through ashtrays for tobacco.
Yeah I have seen people do that...now I understand why...
2:29 AM
How humiliating that must be for them in addition to not working, not having clean clothes and showers... all contributing to not getting an average job.
But I think even in the US you have to fight for fifteen to afford smokes there. Even illegal drugs is probably cheaper than government cigarettes.
Of course you should have no problems, a perfect life... fit, beautiful and intelligent and therefor not smoke, but I don't think the government can regulate that state of mind.
An American psychologist once said smoking is the only solace homeless and alone people have.
and now they don't even have that...
...and yet government programs make oxycoten (form of cocaine) free via "benefits"... shrugs
What province do you live in?
2:33 AM
Land of 1 million barrels of oil per day to USA :)
made from tar sands.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix ever play 0 a.d.?
@TheXed No I thought it was a movie for some reason.
Oh no...its a game that has been in alpha for 10 years probably?
Knowing my luck I won't be able to play it until it's in Omega and all over :P
I still can't get Nvidia to work on Ubuntu... can't make a 17.04 live USB... can't get Mass Effect which worked ok on Windows 7 to work properly on Windows 8.1 even with Windows XP SP3 compatibility... I'm cursed when it comes to playing games sigh.
@TheXed Can I get your honest opinion on a Q&A I wrote that has been getting extremely negative criticism I don't agree with?: askubuntu.com/questions/867746/…
Why are they crying about it? I see nothing wrong...
2:45 AM
Indeed. The question was legitimate because I used dd accidentally on my 500gb hard drive wiping out first 512 MB. I didn't want it to happen again and wrote an answer preventing that. Plus my two SSD's.
If they don't want to protect their permanent mass storage that is their business but why prevent others from having protection by downvoting and telling other people "nothing to see here, look the other way"?
They are idiots...
perhaps... but thanks for your honest opinion.
gotta reboot with older kernel to see if my fan turns on...brb
1 hour later…
4:04 AM
Hey yo - this is a test.
Hey, George.
hi George
That's all for now. Further testing will occur in the Sandbox.
Just making sure he can post to other rooms.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix tempted to say "don't use dd for that"
shred's a better command, but even then, there's very little you can do about loading a gun, pointing it at your foot, tripping, and gutshotting yourself.
4:30 AM
@JourneymanGeek dd is a very popular command though... I'm just trying to make it safer.
This is pretty funny.
they already became sentient yesterday when i watched it
we are doomed
5:33 AM
Whoops. Wrong room.
lol...on that note time to go to sleep! night all.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix thing is though, for everything other than making a naive bit perfect copy, dd is terrible
want to make a disk image? truncate. Want to wipe? shred....
3 hours later…
8:51 AM
@Serg You might be interested that I got an answer to my logarithmic brightness scaling question askubuntu.com/a/869676/367990 - going to test it later.
> V: Do you like bad girls?
E: Sure, I like bacon.
Now they fell in a Harry Potter loop, just throwing character names at each other... :-/
9:16 AM
@ByteCommander yeah, I saw it. Skeptical on how will it work, but that's at least something for now
awww, i didn't get to flag that
Me neither. But I shot a nice handful of tanks.
Well, I'm streaming things here
I've not played any games in a while
9:35 AM
My closed question brought me 1000 views badge: unix.stackexchange.com/q/281309/85039
2 hours later…
11:08 AM
^^ gone
Welp, I got kicked out from a QQ group for no reason . . . I was only saying "Welcome" to all newcomers. Looks like hospitality isn't in fashion
@Serg I wouldn't want to grace any group that didn't want me with my presense.
I hope to think the group owner made a mistake . . . though , kicking a person out isn't done by accident
11:40 AM
Jeezus, someone put <br/> after each code line in their answer. Thank Unix gods for sed - I'd go nuts deleting every single one of them by hand
@Serg or text editor and search + replace
Yeah, i could do that too
@Serg You should write a script which does that and reads from/writes to the clipboard buffer
Totally doable
12:01 PM
@Serg You've done somthing like that already: askubuntu.com/q/869809/367990
@ByteCommander yes i have, although there seems to be that OP wants something extra. commented, will see what they say
12:23 PM
I just saw someone say they had a Samsung Axon ZTE o_O
12:51 PM
@ByteCommander post as a comment
too long
1:07 PM
Hey guys,
how can i play find and execute delete for every file that is not strings.xml
i want to execute somthing like: find . -name NOT strings.xml -exec rm {} \;
Python, WTF ???
$ python eject.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "eject.py", line 6, in <module>
    import urllib.parse
ImportError: No module named parse
I use urllib.parse in an indicator that is literally running right meow, and you're telling me it's not there ?
oh . . . duh . . .python3 module . . .
find . -path ! "strings.xml" -type f
give me all the files strings.xml
how can i get all the files that the name is not strings.xml ?
i did it nevermind
hello friends :D
1:46 PM
@Benny add -not flag and use -name flag or -iname instead of -path
@SeverusTux hello friend :=D
twerking cats in blue flags
Thanks @Serg :)
2:05 PM
2:25 PM
Gosh I am stupid
@Serg Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.
How about judging a fish by its ability to write scripts instead of sleeping ?
Same thing....
Because I imagine fish are not very good at typing...
Time to move to france...
I demand an apology @JacobVlijm :=)
OK, smoke and sleep
or maybe just sleep
my head is just . . .
2:39 PM
@Rinzwind I think it is the Russians...
@JacobVlijm you sure it's not Chinese-speaking Ukrainians ?
Also, hello
Also, what are you two talking about ?
Hi @Serg, so that's a confession...
@Serg just sleep, smoking is bad for you and expensive...
@Serg HE ^^^^ called me a cheater :=)
@Serg Xmind has no official .deb file, but Rinzwind came up with it in an answer that was MINE
2:42 PM
hides Silent Hill cheatcode book , nope , I'm not a cheater . . . at all . . .
I have no idea what Xmind is . . .I also have no idea where my mind is right now
@Rinzwind I would definitely use your answer, but this happened before that: askubuntu.com/questions/869385/…
@Serg you actually have an xmind right now
@Rinzwind I can't help it, I adviced him to use your answer, and voted for it :)
@JacobVlijm Dont care :=D I got my upvotes
Q: What makes a "Hot meta post"?

Mark KirbyI am just curious if anyone knows really, what are the criteria for the "Hot meta posts" in the side bar. I guess it is automatic but what is it based on? Views? Votes? Activity? I noticed downvoted questions never get on there, even if they are very active. So, what makes a Hot Meta Post?

@AskUbuntuMeta dupe! :=)
3:03 PM
I need to stop doing this to myself
Sleep . . .
hi Rinz . I though everyone forgot me :)
@Serg lel
3:59 PM
well I knew I was forgetting something before I returned to campus, and that was to set up my computer to work with the wifi. Oh well, it works now :P
4:16 PM
good afternoon!
4:57 PM
Would raid0 with m.2 be amazing?
RAID 0 cuts your MTBF in half and would make it amazingly difficult to recover from a failure...
(regardless of what m.2 is) ;-)
@TheXed so: Yes. Amazing! (but probably not what you were asking) ;-)
m.2 - isn't that the fancy new PCIe storage spec?
Still, RAID 0 makes no sense for anything other than read-only data.
@NathanOsman yes, and it is what my new build is going to have :-D
32gb/s transfer speed...
But I am not going to spend 200 dollars on another m.2 SSD...
I was just imaging the possibilities...
5:12 PM
anyone has some experience with libpcap?
@TheXed who needs another one with that speed...
@TheXed only $200?
You wouldn't, i was just like "wow that would be amazing...
@NathanOsman for 512gbs... for just the SSD, if you have a compatible MB...
I probably don't. Mine is about 4 years old.
I got my m.2 SSD for half off though :-D
I'm holding off on upgrades for a while.
I want to see what becomes of AMD Ryzen.
5:18 PM
Hello everybody ! :)
I can't even by a 512GB Sata HD for the price I got the m.2 SSD...
That's crazy.
@NathanOsman helps to know Intel Gold partners...
5:34 PM
I guess so.
hey @cl-netbox!
how are you doing man?
@cl-netbox Hi How are you? :)
@IanC Hello Ian ! :) Fine so far - thank you ! :) What about yourself ? :)
@Hizqeel Hello Hizqeel ! :) I'm fine - thanks ! :) And you ? Everything alright ? :)
@cl-netbox all good, on the day to day hustle :p
is that how people say it?
@IanC maybe you mean hassle ? :)
5:37 PM
@cl-netbox That's Great :) .. Yes I am perfect :D All is well
@cl-netbox I meant like, just doing day to day stuff, keeping in motion
@Hizqeel Good ... great to read this ... and cat and guinea pig ? Are they also doing well ? :)
don't think I told you, I was about to close the deal on that flat, bailed out once a friend told me the place has some hard to deal with neighborhood, I'm about to visit another one today, just as the rain is threatening to pour :p @cl-netbox
@IanC ah ... okay ... :)
YESH ..... they both are fine :) @cl-netbox
5:41 PM
@IanC no, you didn't tell me ... what does it mean exactly -> "the place has some hard to deal with neighborhood" ? :)
@Hizqeel that's some great news too ! :)
@cl-netbox means I probably wouldn't have much peace there, could run into people wanting trouble and stuff, not really a "familiar" environment, get what I mean?
@IanC oh ... that can happen to you anywhere ! :)
@cl-netbox yeah, but on some places the chances are higher haha
@IanC You won't find something when you search for a 100 % solution ... :)
5:47 PM
@cl-netbox I know what you mean, there will be no perfect place, but from what I heard from that friend (and another one in the room confirmed) that place was quite trashy, even though the flat looked good. I noticed there are lots of people selling there too, so maybe it wasn't the one yet
I'm a bit confident I can find some good stuff out there, just need to be patient. That flat I'm about to see sounds good
@cl-netbox Why you lose your 22K rep altogether?
good neighborhood, I just need to check it myself
@IanC okay ... so when you have a "bad feeling", then it's better to look for something else indeed ! :)
@cl-netbox I was about to start getting documentation ready the next day, but my friend (which lived in that district) was so persuasive about me not closing the deal, that it wasn't good, that I couldn't take it forward after being warned like that you know?
thankfully I got warned before closing the deal haha
well, heads up, keep searching
man, I'm not really confident I'll get any answers on my SO question, maybe it's too specific?
I see some really specific questions there getting answered, but mine is about some issue might be related to library implementation itself, it just makes me tic to compile a code with memory leaks
5:54 PM
Q: Are any of these lenses currently available or is this a case of ureproducable, unlikley to be of use to future users?

Elder GeekI voted to close this question as it appears to be unavailable for currently supported releases and therefor unlikely to be of use. It has no upvoted/accepted answers. I also stumbled across this one which appears to have been useful for a period of time but doesn't appear to be useful now. I als...

yay 200+ \o/
gtk is a library that scares you when you run valgrind on it, TONS of leaks, that apparently are supposed to be there because of gtk implementation, guess it deals with the leaks later
nothing wrong with a leak if is known :=)
@Hizqeel Because I upvoted too many (good - IMO) posts of some AU members and they upvoted many of mine, all those votes were unvalidated by the system ... that happened to many users in the middle last year ... though I was the one who lost most.
@Hizqeel I lost rep too :*****
There was a voting ring. And all the up/downvotes from that ring where revoked. That also has a bit of a fallback to other users.
5:59 PM
@IanC Good luck ! :)
@Rinzwind if it's something in the libpcap implementation it's fine by me, but I gotta know it :p
@cl-netbox thanks man!
@IanC You're welcome ! :)
@Rinzwind You just lost 380 rep in 2016 but @cl-netbox lost 22K thats big.. :O
@Hizqeel my rep is more precious to me than cl-netbox's rep >:-D
@Hizqeel It makes no sense to talk about this anymore ... although "voting-ring" is what @Rinzwind calls it !
6:03 PM
and it was pretty nervewrecking too :D I was there for it to happen LIVE. so I saw my rep drop and drop and drop and drop and drop :D
@Rinzwind :D :D
and I then already knew 3 people that lost 10k plus each D:
@cl-netbox Don't mind I was just curious..! :)
woot 215 <3
@Hizqeel It's absolutely okay ... I have to live with the situation as it is ... the only downside is that many users now are afraid to upvote my answers ... as it seems ...
6:04 PM
6 more for Legendary <3
I need 8 more for Epic or so...
@cl-netbox TSK! did you make any GOOD answers? >:-D
@ByteCommander I did epic with 3 months of regging >:-D
@Rinzwind HA HA HA ... very very friendly and very very nice ...
@cl-netbox :)
6:06 PM
@cl-netbox watch what happens next :=D I aint afraid of Oli
@Rinzwind I just tried statically linking the library, to see if maybe the library itself wasn't handling the leaks outside the process, I got tons of other warnings on valgrind, but no memory leaks (actually, no allocs and no leaks, which is weird)
the warnings are probably because statically linking it most likely requires some other tweaks
@Rinzwind Thank you very much (honestly this time) ! :)
@cl-netbox I have been around but not very active so making up for it now ;=D
@cl-netbox don't worry, I didn't even reach 1k yet, you're good with 15k :)
and ALWAYS take what I post here with sacks of salt (not just grains)
6:11 PM
That will lead to strong dehydration...
though I don't think I've been collaborating as much as I wanted (I try when something I'm experienced enough with to write an answer pops up)
But your remainders will be conserved for eternities...
yes my 1st not counted upvote :((*(
Congratulations to @Zanna for being on the WinterBash "Who Wore It Best" contest! stackoverflow.blog/2017/01/say-farewell-to-winter-bash-2016/…
6:26 PM
@Zanna gratz :=)
And @ByteCommander made it for his wearing of the Mild Mannered hat.
Oh cool.
Got to read that later
gotta go check that flat
see yall later!
@IanC Good luck again ! :)
@IanC See you ... :)
also, of course the one time i need a pentalobe screw, my toolkit is 250 miles away. Great.
@NathanOsman Methinks you're wasting your time.
That has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
And I've seen a lot of stupid things.
@NathanOsman like PHP?
This is stupider than PHP?
6:34 PM
At least with this guy, he comes out of it with no baggage.
Spending time in PHP actively sucks intelligence out of people.
hmm. i feel like i should actually participate on the site and get to 20k within my lifetime.
@KazWolfe nope. this helps non-english people to count to 100.000 :=D
@Rinzwind It's just as stupid to count to 100,000 in another language.
6:47 PM
Seriously. Could we remove the human bit from people who do things like that? I really don't want to be associated with them.
@terdon well, unless we go all moron on ourselves and destroy every digital record in existence.
actually, brb. writing a virus to delete anything with a created date in 2016.
Even Git commits?
@NathanOsman This would be interesting, if he could count (all) numbers to 100.000 at random without repeting (I've seen crazy stuff from people with savant syndrome).
I once saw a guy, listening to 30 minutes of (fast) piano music. He played it back without a single mistake, and, from the last to the first note. I think in principle, we can all do that. We do stuff much more complicated. A sane mind only has no motivation whatsoever to do that --> you can't because you don't see how it is useful.
6:57 PM
@NathanOsman it is not as weird as reciting PI to 1000 decimals :=)
I can only do it to 50 decimal places.
And that's different :P
@NathanOsman Everything
I know 5 or so...
@KazWolfe Mah hard works!
Never needed more.
6:58 PM
@NathanOsman It was done in 2016. Doesn't matter.
So long NitroShare 0.3.1, 0.3.2, and 0.3.3... :(
So long WolfBot >:)
it was made in 2016.
it needs to be destroyed.
Bad Family Advice with Kaz! (cc @Serg):
Just take your resume downtown, and go into a random business. Don't leave until they hire you.
Following that advice, I am now lead programmer for "John's Pizza-on-the-Go".
And be sure to never apply online. They won't ever see that or even care.
If you're a real person, they suddenly care! (And won't tell you to "go apply online")
@NathanOsman Or arrested.
Or, yaknow, because all the tech companies are pretty damn secure compounds that are very hard to get into...
not sure I can talk to the hiring manager in that case.
also, you know you're bored when you try to figure out the navigational route of a fictional character from a song.
7:36 PM
@KazWolfe Not necessarily true. I just left somewhere that has a 100% online hiring chain. The decision for fit is made exactly on followup. Be polite and well spoken on a phone and wait for a call.
@RobotHumans sounds like a dream job to me...
@NathanOsman who is John's Pizza-on-the-Go?
I made it up.
@TheXed Not exactly. The pay was crap, so they couldn't keep talent (retail). And because of the talent deficit, the talented ones had to 250% produce in order for the total store to look good. So, be strong and your area gets behind and you're in a perpetual state of catch up instead of just do this one thing. It's your job. This is what we're paying. Just do your job. thinking about heading back across the country for a job that did exactly that
Oh so your job is fictitious....
@RobotHumans, yeah but a mindless job with low expectations would be nice on somedays...
@TheXed It lets you be totally amazing on your off days.
7:41 PM
@RobotHumans that is something that sucks about this job....even on my days off, I am coming in, or fielding phone calls, or answering e-mails...
and you don't get directly compinsated for that time when you are salary...
@TheXed Or being totally whupped and just sitting around trying to get your batteries to charge b/c you've been on 12 hour days of swing shifts for a year...
although I will say this year I only worked 2 out of the 10 days I got off for Christmas unlike last year...
But hey whose counting...
I am just the IT guy....
retail now, but same same.
Other then that, I do like my job...
Because there are days like today....where I just get to sit around and nothing is happening...
So I am just surfing the net and watching youtube videos on computer hardware (to make it somewhat work related)
Well, that is something. I think one of the things that burned me out on retail despite it being particularly monkey work was that it didn't matter what you got done, more load got shifted to you, so you couldn't power through a hard spot and catch a break.
7:50 PM
sounds familiar
since when was my internship office a webcomic
@ByteCommander yep, same thing. meet budget goal means push whoever can get it done until they snap b/c you have enough fixed points and some you mark as can't fix won't fix.
@RobotHumans yeah retail sucks no matter the circumstances...in fact, I learned the harder you worked, the more work you are expected to do...
@TheXed I've had that experience in more than one industry... but yes. It is highly prevalent in retail.
Fast food is another thankless industry...
7:58 PM
@TheXed Food wasn't as bad. fast food was.
You think plain retail is bad?
Try IT for retail.
@KazWolfe I did for 2 years
before I took this job.
let's just say they're called POS systems for more than one reason.
@KazWolfe Point of sales? :-P
@KazWolfe So much that, although I did jaw with one of our IT guys for a bit to take some of the pressure off. Really human guy. Turns out our IT/noc center is in PA/NJ

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