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12:02 AM
i need more coffee
@NathanOsman lol
Due to college I can safely say do not spill half a bottle on it, it will damage it. – DasBeasto 9 hours ago
that is such a stupid question
looks like karmaw*****g
or repw*****g in this case
Q: It’s time to retire the term “rep-whore”

JaydlesGoing forward, “rep-whore” (and its derivatives) will be treated like any other term that’s inconsistent with the community’s “be nice” policy: it will be removed. It’s totally okay if you’ve used it in the past. Nobody’s judging the many users who’ve used it. And users will NOT start being s...

12:04 AM
even though i'm probably the biggest repw***e to exist.
I fixed all mentions.
really? even self-depreciation?
@NathanOsman srsly
12:06 AM
i can't even insult myself in this world anymore?
This is. GARBAGE.
I saved you from the villainous mob sure to descend upon you two.
@Zacharee1 Hey, I don't mind it so much as the policy does.
Just doing my job. Tips hat.
I'm not sure if I did that more for the policy's sake or because typing "*" is fun. Definitely the former. Maybe.
policy was written by a bunch of SJWs that think they have the right to control language and people just because they're the people in charge.
@NathanOsman definitely probably maybe possibly kinda not
12:08 AM
@KazWolfe True or not, is it really worth upsetting whoever-it-is-that-gets-upset over something so easy to avoid?
if people get upset because i hate myself, they should get the hell out of my business.
@KazWolfe woah okay i should read that
@KazWolfe Look. I'm on your side here. I think it goes too far as well. But policy is policy.
well, back to complaining and insulting other peoples' life work.
Not on that one... >.<
12:12 AM
refuses to click on the link
here you go
@ByteCommander what happened to 1.0??
Zach happened.
Kaz happened.
yes, blame the psychopath.
psychopaths can realize when they're being destructive, even if not emotionally
12:15 AM
no.. seriously.
did it get greifed?
I deleted it because it wasn't up to Kaz's standards.
i liked to, like i always do, complain about things. namely, how permissions were set up.
and he made that well known
12:16 AM
(memes -- it pretty much became a meme on the server)
(dank memes.)
and i've been preemptively banned because i'm sure i'll find something to complain about, like i always do. Which might turn into a meme. Again.
anyone online in discord chat???
signing up
12:21 AM
You know, Zach, if you don't like me being around, just say the word and I'm gone.
I don't like... intruding.
@Edity why are you offline in the discord
he's unregistered I think
so someone decided to be rude to my misfortune on this new discord
12:28 AM
so yeah my misfortune. grandpa died today.
so i'm sorta depressedish
throws snowball at Thomas
responds with force, and watches the evil come down from orbit
@ThomasWard So sorry to hear that. How old was he?
Guys at work said your state got hit by snow... hence snowfight
12:30 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix but you declared a war on me
it's only fair I respond in kind. watches the massive ball of ice falling on @WinEunuuchs2Unix
@ThomasWard Only because you had lots of snow to fight back with... wouldn't pick on a desert country :p
@WinEunuuchs2Unix late 80s, early 90s, I think, I forget the exact age
It's been snowing all day... I think @NathanOsman jynxed me
@ThomasWard I hope it wasn't a surprise passing... those are the worst I think.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix no, expected it for some time
that makes it easier to deal with I think.
12:32 AM
it's only a rumor right now,
Nathan's not replying he must be still shovelling snow in Calgary :p
what i'm hearing is fourth-hand through relatives, my mom and dad are the primary source of truth
so blah
i'm prepping either way
You're a bright lad, you'll get it all figured out.
"Oh, I need flex to compile this library, let's download it from GitHub and compile from source! :D"
$ make
WARNING: 'flex' is missing on your system.
so flex needs flex to be compiled? :)
sounds to me like it's a case like gcc/g++ etc.
where it needs bootstrapped
12:39 AM
Even Go can suffer from this.
Go 1.5 requires Go 1.4 to compile.
(Well, it can also be compiled by GCC, but...)
Aww the joys of being on the bleeding-edge of technology :)
On the bright side when your laptop is overheating, the fan exhaust port makes a nice bare foot warmer in the middle of an Edmonton winter :)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix used that already, but for hands, not feet.
(note: 17" laptops are on the coffee table not on your lap)
Had a script to heat it up to a specific temperature.
@ByteCommander At work run 3d graphics benchmarking tests on cell phone as a hand warmer.
Well I should be taking the laptop apart to look for lint blocking exhaust port but got into chat and fixing answers and well you know... Hey at least I put the vacuum cleaner nozzle on the exhaust port!
12:45 AM
@ThomasWard @NathanOsman you guys know what is the flex ubuntu repo name? I don't need the latest version, just need it to build libpcap from source to see if the issue I'm posting about on SO is actually a bug
It seems to have worked a bit because it's stayed under 80 and Intel Powerclamp hasn't kicked in yet (it starts at 85C)
I found a bug report that looks a lot like what I experienced, and they say the MASTER from GitHub solved it
@IanC the name of the package for building apps that link against flex?
At least, that's the package that provides /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libfl.so
@NathanOsman I'm not sure what flex is, what does it do? I'll try install this library to see if that's what the ./configure is asking for
12:49 AM
Flex is a tool for generating pattern matching functions for text.
@Zanna, @ByteCommander you're on the SE blog! stackoverflow.blog/2017/01/say-farewell-to-winter-bash-2016/…
Compilers often use Flex for their lexing routines.
FLEX=A fast lexical analyzer generator
@NathanOsman you mean like regex and so?
@IanC Like that, yes. But not with regexp.
12:51 AM
@Zacharee1 and @ByteCommander!
Zach you just pinged yourself :p
did it make your livingroom shake from the subwoofer? :p
I have no subwoofer
was there a sound?
12:53 AM
@NathanOsman can you edit @ByteCommander into that message too?
oh well I have an internet news show on my TV... no muting here
but I am in Windows 7 again
I missed it more than I thought
I've been using 10
Bash for Windows?
12:54 AM
@NathanOsman thanks
@Zacharee1 Huh?
too late
@KazWolfe you owe me a dollar still
@Seth thanks :p
12:55 AM
Better buy all the mods coffee anyway
@NathanOsman man, I'm so stupid.. sudo apt-get install flex
what the hell -.-
1:12 AM
alright, I guess I'm answering my own question, seems like it was indeed a bug
So the good news is I am not blind...
bad news is I have astigmatism in my right eye...
So I have to get glasses :-(
I'm sorry :(
but the good news is I qualify for a free license of Windows 10!
1:23 AM
eww... lesser of two evils.
maybe the right eye will heal itself like mine did recently.... but windows won't heal itself :p
if anyone is interested, I found an answer to my own question on StackOverflow :D
A: libpcap: pcap_breakloop() causing memory leak

IanCIt seems like this was indeed a bug on libpcap. According to this bug report on their GitHub page, pcap_compile was causing some memory leak very similar to the one I experienced on my codes. ==1505== still reachable: 8 bytes in 1 blocks Exactly 8 bytes in 1 blocks, like on my valgrind reports...

upvotes are welcome if you find it useful, I've barely any rep on SO :D
if I do some bounty I probably will be kicked from chat there hahaha
4@WinEunuuchs2Unix yes she said it could heal on its own
But hey, I got a cool looking pair of oakleys...
they where cheaper then the off brand ones with my insurance lol
@TheXed My fear of glasses is it makes your eyes lazy.
Yeah I think I am lazy enough I don't need my eyes to compensate for that should be good.
1:37 AM
@TheXed technically, anyone does.
and glasses are just fine, i have no problem with them
I used to wear glasses / contacts but then got lazer eye surgery.... freedom!
eh, glasses aren't bad.
Q: root ping-socket-permission-denied

Sam Chen I have a question about my Ask Ubuntu post: ping socket: Permission denied This is ubuntu 14.0.4LTS armhf. And others can ping it ok.But it can't ping any ip . It seems root permission.I log the strace below. capset({_LINUX_CAPABILITY_VERSION_3, 0}, {CAP_NET_RAW, CAP_NET_ADMIN|CAP_NET_RA0...

and i probably gain a good 2 attractiveness points thanks to them.
coke bottle glasses are bad when your prescription was minus 8.5
1:40 AM
@Seth, how did that even get into Meta?
i think i'm -1.75 or something?
@KazWolfe now that you mention it.. that's a good question.
i mean, user doesn't have the rep required, wasn't a migrate...
And 0
timeline doesn't show anything interesting.
There are eye exercises you can do on the internet.
People don't think about that.
1:44 AM
not for -1.75...
No for like .25 changes I think.
That's my deviation.
.o25 I mean
.25 damn mobile.
Amount of sleep, diet (or lack thereof) and beer seem to affect it.
one exercise is to quickly rub your palms together to heat them up and then rub them over your closed eyelids.
another exercise is to alternatively focus between far objects and close objects.
I guess the science is your eyes are muscles that need a work out too.
Q: A way for "new users" to ask about their post specifically

Robert CartainoWe currently require that new users have 5+ reputation to participate in meta support discussions (bugs, feedback, governance, etc). This is primarily because the use case for meta is not intrinsically obvious, so we require a modicum of "experience" with the site before jumping into it. But th...

5+ isn't very much.
Then again even 6k+ post stupid things :p
um I meant myself, not any of you fine folks!
1:56 AM
man, I just read the conversation between Kaz and Panda, because I wasn't getting the Kaz starred quote
I thought I was paranoid
There's an old song "Paranoia they'll destroy ya" or something like that
2:35 AM
If there were to be a theoretical Ask Ubuntu bot in this room... what are the useful things it could lookup for us?
Obviously one of the most helpful things would be dpkg-type requests.
For example "what package provides 'libvlc.so'" or something.
Or "what packages depend on 'libvlc-dev'".
the time, propable google search result links for is this a dupe questions, oh not forget dice rolls :p
The current UTC time, yes that would be useful. Searches for questions, absolutely. I'm not sure about dice rolls though.
sorry im too much D&D player :D
apt-cache search results as well apt-cache policy and show maybe
but that could make long lists and even may be to long for a chat line
for example wehn you apt-cache search linux it yields a list which is gigantic
2:42 AM
One of the nice things about the new package I made is that it can launch new rooms, preventing the general room from becoming cluttered.
bringing literal meaning to the figurative decades old saying "get a room".
No. No. Also no.
@NathanOsman you said "@GeorgetheDev test"
I got a bad case of the lags from pulse audio or something....gotta reboot.
well i should head back into bed, just got woken up by my cat
2:51 AM
hello @GeorgetheDev!
That was weird.
For $20 earbuds, these things give some good sound with the V20 DAC. I think I might like it better than the promotional earbuds I got that normally cost $150
@NathanOsman yes?
My nice cluttered status bar
Those Apple people don't know what they're missing
Bluetooth earbuds rock!
@Zacharee1 Windows Phone?
man, going to sleep
too late already
3:00 AM
and I woke up late to work today, because my alarm didn't go off
gotta wake up 5:40
wow 5 hours ahead of me.
it's 8 pm here.
+1 is summer time
well, good night folks!
@Serg Hi. Thanks for your help with that Q&A on wallpaper.... Night @IanC
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Yeah, no problem.
3:06 AM
Weird problem that guy is having but maybe upgrading 12.04 to 14.04 and then 16.04 causes headaches?
That Q&A are actually disappointing to me because OP is doing something wrong , so he fails with a working method that I've been personally using accross different Ubuntu versions. And someone who's new to Ubuntu will stumble upon that thread and think "Oh, that doesn't work".
Yes it's concerning when misleading information is in Q&A. But I don't think it's OP so much as state of machine.
3:21 AM
My chat package seems to work.
Chat package?
3:35 AM
Anyone remember this?
3:48 AM
Does three seconds to decompress 500MB of LZMA-compressed data sound right?
Sounds fast to me
so thats about 166 MB/s idsk activity
the compressing self is nearly instant since the amount fits into ram easily
4:13 AM
@NathanOsman that's whole lot of "ubuntu" in one url
@NathanOsman what exactly does it do?
So . . .time to decide which classes from which I'm going to nope-out
definitely nope-outing from physics
Should I nope-out from Electromagnetic Fields ?
@Serg sounds interesting...
what other choices do you have?
China and East Asia for sure...
Digital Circuits III might be interesting...
4:21 AM
So, I'm definitely keeping "China and East Asia" and probably "Digital Circuits 3" , because VHDL programming :D
Control Systems Analysis, maybe...
Control System Analysis is one of the classes I failed last semester. I kinda wanted to learn Matlab and prepare before re-taking it . . . So I'm unsure about it.
Oh yeah don't do that again...
Electromagnetic Fields scares me for 2 reasons: professor and whole-lotta linear algebra
it took me three times to pass a college algebra math class because the teacher either really liked me and didn't ever want me to leave the class, or hated me...I am not sure...
what happened to the askubuntu room on discord?
4:25 AM
Lol, same here with Calculus 2. The professor gave me C- , but requirement for our college is basically C
No idea what happened to that room, but now there's new one
Can I get an invite?
see the starwall
Uh..I can't do anything in there...
@TheXed Does what do?
4:37 AM
@NathanOsman your chat thing...
It's something apps can use to interact with the chat network here.
that was fast
5:14 AM
so, has anybody figured out how to beam items through the internet?
because i need to borrow a Torx T7 for a few minutes.
@KazWolfe just pop over my place. I have a nice kit
what's your teleporter callsign and frequency?
don't have that yet, just walk
that's a long walk.
Q: Running 'chmod 777 *' on home directory

Amila ErangaI accidentally run chmod 777 * on home directory. Will It be a problem? Then how to solve it?

profile: dummywebforbadge.com as website.
6:11 AM
Q: Can't connect to wifi using Biolinux 8

terf22Hi Guys im new in Ubuntu, Im currently using Biolinux 8 in our office, I am having problem to connect on our wifi, since i reformat the pc into Biolinux 8, it was ok when im using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I did try all the possible way just to make it work and follow all the tutorial and instruction tha...

@KazWolfe lol thanks! & thanks @Zacharee1 for pointing it out too ^_^
glad i could be of assistance
6:45 AM
or worse... FORTRAN.
still, your friendly PSA inbound:
[PSA] All Perl code is obfuscated.
Yay. I finally found the XP SP3 ISO.
shred it? ;p
7:01 AM
as in the gnu shred?
sounds good, yes.
It isn't even bootable.
It's just the SP3 update.
Not the installation media :(
doesnt microsoft have xp isos?
wait, it's an update disk, @NathanOsman?
i think there's something you delete in there to make it a boot disc
7:07 AM
I actually think I may still have XP physical media somewhere
i have SP2 somewhere
actually, i have physical media for everything since 98. no idea why.
I have a Windows 98 SE disc.
After a bit of hacking I even managed to get it to run in VirtualBox.
Runs games like a charm - Need for Speed II SE, Madden 2000, etc.
But XP would be better.
also, if you have to run windows 10, the enterprise version is so much nicer.
you get to disable so much more.
Windows 7 was pretty much the best version there ever was.
agree, though 10 does look nicer.
but if i wanted good looks, i'd go OSX.
or, actually, once i reinstall ubuntu again... I was thinking get Unity, disable the sidebar, and run Cairo or something.
7:13 AM
Yes, there are some aspects of 10 I like.
or maybe go back to Gnome2/Cinnamon/Mate + Cairo/AWN. That was awesome.
The task manager (which originated in Windows 8) is much nicer.
god, my setup back in 10.04 was amazing.
10.04 was the last to use Gnome, right?
last LTS.
7:14 AM
Yeah, I remember writing panel applets for Gnome :D
Speaking of, 12.04 goes EOL in April 2017.
so in a few months.
Wow, can it be that time already?
Come April 25, 12.04 is gone.
That's crazy.
Unity replaced everything in 11.04
It existed in the 12.10 Netbook Remix, though, as the first "official" preview
hm. i actually wonder if it's possible to disable the sidebar for unity.
i'll ask that question on reinstall on my shiny new used XPS.
8:18 AM
@KazWolfe disable side bar ? as in disable Unity launcher ?
It sort of can be done, but you need to edit source code and compile Unity with launcher size set to almost 0 width.
8:59 AM
^^ all 3 gone

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