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12:12 AM
Merry Christmas to all.
@hbdgaf we bought 3 for thanksgiving, yeah where I work is getting record sales too
Then fun starts when resetting after the holiday at the end of the week!
@Mateo We already started resetting and pre-bought post national consumer day features, set them 3 days ago, and flipped them today. The only part I have left is letting the appliance wall sell down. I'm so ahead of the game it's ridiculous. They asked me if I had this promotion position in my career preferences a couple of days ago...
@hbdgaf nice
Not sure if I should take it though. The people I work with are okay, and the other side of the store is all jacked up... like bad. And the guy that quit was a freaking machine.
ah, lost one of the best huh
12:26 AM
did it to himself, but he's one of like ten people in the store i would choose to work with
I think the most sound advice I got on it was "it's so not worth it unless you want to go salaried->store manager->etc etc"
@hbdgaf taking someone else big shoes? if you don't feel up to the task, better not
@Braiam the concensus is i'm the most capable of getting close to his output... so i guess it's a compliment.
@hbdgaf true, I've seen quite a few move in/out (seemed either up or out) of that type position at my old job
Q: This is what we should be worring about, we are upvoting CRAP in Ask Ubuntu!

BraiamThis is the exact contrary to "Should we get worried about in what direction Ask Ubuntu wanders?". For some reason, a question that has nothing to do with Ubuntu in any way or form was upvoted... and I could not help but ask: "why?". This is real vandalism! The voter is literally rewarding a ...

aaaaaaaaaaand there's the bomb ^
12:33 AM
@Braiam you told me you were using that photo on meta
yes, I did ;)
my question about your question is - do you think it's part of the flag/spam/review process herring/bot checking infrastructure for SE?
that's what i see there. review-bot checking or sockpuppetry
@hbdgaf meh, nah, I just want to point out where the real problems are, and stop being so softie because a cople of downvotes in some little question
oppose oli at your peril. downvotes need reasons or upticks on reason comments.
it's part of the reason pro-formas exist. "This question doesn't appear to have anything to do with Ubuntu. Thanks." would be good for the one you cited.
@Braiam dude you okay, you seem like really pissed off
12:46 AM
nah, I'm good
I'm with a smirk in the face
o/ @Marco just thought I should give the little related context I have.
nuke the comment if you want. i just thought given what i could see of the thing, i should put it on someone else and not poke badgers with spoons.
I'm not sure I understand the context still
i'm not sure i do either.
hehehehe, I confused everyone. (step 1 of sinister plan: check)
12:53 AM
@hbdgaf sporks. that is what I will use...
badgers with spoons was an expression from somewhere...
i'm not sure hyperbole on behalf of a great comic merits facepalm. still whatevs. if you want to solve a problem, you have another mod listening to you for the moment.
@ThomasW. it is not an answer
@Lucio Robocop did not ask for your verdict. Robocop has demanded flags and downvotes upon the target.
Oh, I didn't see your hat. Sorry Mr. Robocop, it wont happen again Mr. Robocop.
ha! I would downvote the question for being misleading... ups, it got one.
1:42 AM
btw, it doesn't exist anymore
indeed it does not
the target has been prosecuted, and judgement has been brought upon it.
> Integrated in VIA S3 Savage 8 (S3 ProSavage DDR)
and he wonders why the "low graphics mode" appears
1:45 AM
my point ;)
via has always had crappy linux compatibility
@JourneymanGeek I read this wrong at first... :/
a couple of upvotes to this askubuntu.com/a/394994/169736
you get one upvote
'tis all
robocop has spoken
actually, some answers are too crappy...
or (almost exact) duplicated answers
1:53 AM
@Braiam i frequently ignore things, and in my case it is a learned behavior. i'm not sure my response means what you think it means though.
> Im using Linux Mint 16 MATE, I heard Mint is based off Ubuntu so I thought I should ask here.
> I used Wubi to install Ubuntu 10.4 on my Lenovo laptop running Windows 8
@Braiam closed, please upvote my comment
I can't believe this... this got twetted askubuntu.com/posts/394987/revisions EEEKKKKK!
@Braiam Robocop does not have sufficient permissions. You must flag for moderator assist.
@hbdgaf meh, don't worry, I was hopping you got across some paper about the topic
2:28 AM
@ThomasW. this is entirely normal
1 hour later…
3:38 AM
Well I posted my first answer on Unix & Linux today..
@Seth congratz :D, I was backwards SO -> UL -> AU D:
@Braiam lol. I started out on AU trying to figure out how to get an internal dial-up modem working...
I hadn't even heard of SO at that point ;P
@Seth I posted my first in Meta SO and on the Pets SE :D
check that out:
Q: First post review queue: answers are questions, questions are answers

JeremyI believe there is a typo in the "first post" review queue. When reviewing a question, the information message asks the user to review the answer. Take a look at the image below. Similarly, when an answer is posted in the queue, the description box calls it a question instead. Has anyone else ...

Pets? That's rather new...
@Jeremy Pets? Wow.. Isn't that a pretty new site?
3:41 AM
@Seth Appears to be
@Jeremy Yeah I saw that. Very funny IMO.
It's fixed now anyways. But 22. Jeez.
meh, my first MSO post was a rant...
The funniest stuff on MSO gets the most upvotes.
"Why my balls aren't shrinking?"?
3:45 AM
most upvoted stuff on MSO, a very very very old bug in the close queue methods meta.stackoverflow.com/q/210953/213575
@Braiam haha
Q: How does Walter White make pure crystal meth using a non-stereospecific reaction?

matt_blackIn the fantastic TV series Breaking Bad, Walter White, the dying chemistry teacher, takes to making crystal meth (d-methamphetamine) by several routes. Initially, he uses the common small-scale route starting with pseudo-ephedrine which uses a stereospecific starring material to make a stereospe...

There's a solid question
> Intriguing question.
ok, I checkout the tags and will rise the following question: Can I ask about breaking bad?
3:53 AM
lol, good point.
I can't believe he created a whole tag for that.
that's the reason why I rant so much about tags, since tags reflects what can be asked about in the site more powerfully than the help pages
True I suppose...
hm, a dual boot app ubuntu touch? - engadget.com/2013/12/23/…
@Mateo can't we already do that with multiboot?
yeah... that is how i do it on my nexus 7
4:10 AM
We there yet?
I mean, @AmithKK is it Xmast yet?
yeah it the day befor christmas
@AmithKK then, happy day for you :)
\o/ Same to you
4:36 AM
@Mateo it's crap afaict. just running the defunct arm build that isn't desktop in a sort of vm like you can already do with running ubu/debian in cyanogen...just branding
4:53 AM
obscene zombie-like noises resulting from general tiredness
5:07 AM
@Mateo - this needs integration in to the github project slides.html5rocks.com/#landing-slide with an openoffice converter
@hbdgaf sexy
5:24 AM
a stanza to make virtualenv work OOTB hopefully with py 3.4:
5:59 AM
update: it works
Q: How to copy the files from machineB and machineC efficiently?

TechGeekyI need to scp the files from machineB and machineC to machineA. I am running my below shell script from machineA. I have setup the ssh keys properly. If the files are not there in machineB, then it should be there in machineC. #!/bin/bash readonly PRIMARY=/data01/primary/. readonly FILERS_LOCA...

6:19 AM
this gets venv working in 3.4 for me:
    if minver > 3:
        import sysconfig
        platdir = sysconfig.get_config_var('PLATDIR')
        #When all else fails, require more than you need...
        import pkgutil
        temp = []
        for item in pkgutil.iter_modules():
            if item in ['setuptools', 'pip', 'virtualenv']:
7:15 AM
Q: How to cd into a directory as part of shell script and do a word count of files?

TechGeekyI am trying to get the latest folder inside my directory in machineB and machineC. So I came up with the below command which will find me the latest folder inside - `/bat/data/snapshot` And that latest folder will be in the form of YYYYMMDD. Below is my shell script - #!/bin/bash readonly FI...

7:28 AM
And @jrg will appreciate this one:
Or two...
8:28 AM
Q: How to write conditional if statement in bash shell script?

TechGeekyI have a below shell script which will get the latest folder from my current directory in machineB and machineC. So I came up with the below command which will find me the latest folder inside - /bat/data/snapshot And that latest folder will be in the form of YYYYMMDD. Below is my shell script ...

8:58 AM
Q: Ubuntu 13.10 Calender Not In English

Samuel WanjikuIs it me alone or is the calender in Ubuntu 13.10 not in English? I've installed on two separate machines and the language is still the same. The language system wide is English. Kindly help

>It shows Qibxata, 24 Muddee 2013 as todays date
9:43 AM
Wunderlist for Windows, is like the Windows of Note taking applications. it's {insert curse word here}
@Utkarsh, good job!
@blade19899 thanks
LOL. someone starred the spam Q
some people just have really weird fantasies: askubuntu.com/questions/395107/i-want-to-fuck-ubuntu-its-ufo
9:59 AM
Could someone close it already. There are kids in here.
10:21 AM
What u see
Dore mi
10:33 AM
okay, so iam going to see tv
oh wow, good news omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/12/…
11:11 AM
@Takkat After @falconer answer I am able to hear the sounds from piano...
@イオニカビザウ ask on the main site
@Utkarsh What you mean?
@イオニカビザウ nothing
11:46 AM
Q: How to create an excel file to manage my planning

blade19899I am trying to make time(and later one also money) management excel file. Preferably 2003 excel file. I currently have: hour/day/week/month/year sheet. But, the design, and the actual functionality(time calculation, time duration etc... etc...) of the excel file, is left to be desired. I want ...

12:32 PM
@nathan lolnice
12:58 PM
Spam should not be put [on hold] but destroyed with fire: askubuntu.com/questions/395127/…
@Takkat is not the first time I see that gravatar...
Same here - they sell batteries...
Foss took appropriate action - thanks :)
CRAP, i made a BOO BOO
I accidentally used the wayback machine to backup everything in
everything??? O.o
I didn't know wayback could do such a thing
an now my system is lagy as hell
1:05 PM
lol - hope they did not forget the "remove" button.
Finally closed that tab
Ow well. Free backup :)
1:23 PM
<-- waved his flag hammer :)
can you protect this question too askubuntu.com/q/282691/169736 I see couple of possible spam there
Last time you asked the Q was too new to protect by a non-mod high-rep too-late-for-easter user.
1 hour later…
2:51 PM
Q: Cancel SSH (after using it to browse) without logging out?

JFWI'm afraid I'm not an expert on Unix and its command line (I'm using a Mac), so do bear with me (possibly an extremely stupid or basic question). I've used the command ssh -D 8080 -f -C -q -N user@IP to SSH into a VPS and set it to browse in the SOCKS proxy settings in System Preferences (on my ...

3:25 PM
Never mind.....
3:46 PM
4:23 PM
A: What is the best way to develop apps for Ubuntu?

SteveOCheck out how to get started with Quickly on the Ubuntu App Developer site. ITS A DEAD LINK YOU MORON

Offensive I guess..
@gertvdijk you don't need to tell people that you flagged them, seems like you are provoking them
I want someone to close this so bad askubuntu.com/q/395109/169736 (glances @jrg)
@hbdgaf oh, the old builds that were just like a shell for android?
4:54 PM
Since there's no way to retract flags, I'm leaving a message here (as per meta.askubuntu.com/a/1747/107590) to let Mods know I incorrectly flagged askubuntu.com/a/390656/107590, and the flag can be disregarded or whatever.
would it be too much to ask for a day off? ;)
5:09 PM
Good Night
@jrg That's not the James I know ;) :P
@AmithKK lol
xD That's more like it.
night amith. :)
5:26 PM
Very interesting youtube video.
But, has nothing to do with the Q(IMO)
Remove, remains?
5:43 PM
@blade19899 yawns and reaches for headphones
Already got my headphones!
And Ubuntu SDK :)
Sounds like an awesome video!
Not exactly pertinent to the question, but then, if that was a new question we'd close it.
True. Lets let the mods decide.
The are the only once that can delete a comment anyways.... Right? :/
Well, technically if we all flagged it, it would disappear.
but yeah :P
Ubuntu SDK, is pretty easy
5:56 PM
But it still only works for Ubuntu Touch apps no?
... I have no idea! I choose the HTM5 app. it said: Platform independent
that's interesting.
I'll have to look at the Ubuntu SDK again.
@Braiam Why are you nuking the last.fm tag?
Opinions on and ?
@Oli Because there is absolutely no need for it? That's like having a youtube tag.
@Oli last.fm depends more of the browser/client than anything else. The fixes comes from Amarok, banshee, rhythmbox rather than last.fm. I doubt someone knows about last.fm (I know there's a client but nobody had asked about it) rather than they know about music players
@Seth err... what will be the tomorrow?
@Seth What's wrong with a youtube tag?
There's absolutely a need for it... In questions about YouTube.
@Oli where you see youtube? in a browser right?
6:31 PM
Thats more of a browser Q
now, what interest me more, that you can't see youtube, or the browser you are using?
@Braiam Last.FM has a group of services (scrobbling nee AudioScrobbler) is built into many music clients... As is their radio service. That's what these questions are about... Not whether they can use their website.
Issues with YouTube are likely caused by a flash conf/bug. YouTube tags no. Flash tags yes.
Well that's what most of those questions are about, anyway.
Just take it easy on the tag genocide over Christmas please :)
I'm off for a few days.
@Oli family trip?
6:35 PM
See ya @Oli!
Something like that
I'm afraid of the something like that kind of answer... is like you expect something bad to happen :(
@Oli, have fun. But, Don' t do anything naughty!
Santa is watching! He's always watching :( perv.
@blade19899 Exactly what I was going to say.
@Seth, Great minds think alike :)
6:41 PM
btw, someone feels we need a dansguardian tag?
(is not created in the site)
6:51 PM
... 0 A.D. here I come!
Isn't it a myth that reducing the process priority of ffmpeg will produce laggy videos?
I'm going to rant about whoever created this tag askubuntu.com/posts/325922/revisions
@Seth get your 10k rep, darn it!
@Braiam The apt tag?
no, the tag that I removed
7:09 PM
I know I'm answering something he already knows askubuntu.com/q/371290/169736 but that's the only answer there are
7:20 PM
Q: Do we need "put your internet services here" tags?

BraiamThis pop-up in the chat when I was asked why I was removing the last.fm. Remember that Last.FM is a Web Service. Ubuntu has a client but up until know nobody has asked a question before about this, but then we have other tags about other web services like YouTube. Now the reasoning to remove thi...

@Braiam Besides going on a possibly fruitless compiling spree
wait nvm >.<
7:35 PM
Merry Christmas!
To all the india, china, australia and nearly people
and for those that comes too.
I wont be here till next year, so merry days and etc.
See you in 2014 AU!
@Lucio booooooo!
@Braiam, isn't there a created /tags dir in askubuntu, that u can review and delete?
0 A.D. was fun, but lag really cripples the experience. So next up LOL^
@blade19899 askubuntu.com/tags ?
7:54 PM
Yeah. Review them, and delete the one you have a problem(if your rep allows u) Or let the mods know? :/
@Braiam I'm trying, I'm trying. But once I find something to answer, it isn't easy to get any votes on it...
And I've been too busy to really answer much.
Give me another 5 months :P
At least.
Maybe I need to subscribe to more tags, although as @jrg would probably tell me, you need the time to actually read the emails anyway.
@Braiam Why is that OT?
8:25 PM
> I deleted my Ubuntu partition so I could boot a Debian based distro
I don't think that makes it off-topic..
Debian is the OS that doesn't boots
he doesn't have Ubuntu installed
Oh, OK, in that case...
@blade19899 nope, mods can't masivelly remove tags meta.stackoverflow.com/q/124504/213575
You forgot the yet
8:29 PM
@Seth you need the time to actually read the emails anyway.
@Braiam and D:
> I was installing a different Linux distro
@jrg Thanks ;)
@Seth or make a room and let the rss feeds spam around ;)
8:31 PM
Somehow I thought you would say that...
@Braiam I did that once...
8:41 PM
what to do with this question askubuntu.com/q/347431/169736?
@Braiam, to bad. League Of Legends is taking FOR EVER to patch :(
@Braiam tl;dr
haha. same here
i saw bug and flagged it as such
disk full no wonder it took for ever to patch DX
my xmas piano song youtu.be/0AZKYA4AFKg
@Braiam! Nice! For the blue and rainy days
8:59 PM
Q: Disable cronjob after reboots

d-_-bHow can I prevent cronjobs from running after my server has reboot? Every time I reboot my server the cronjobs start up again, which I'd like to prevent. These are Ubuntu 12.04 x32

^Is this an automated bot^
Or an actual person?
@blade19899 It's a feed
9:47 PM
@Mateo that's my guess
Lets play ball!
i work tomorrow night 2200-0700. no holidays for me...
Damn! Were do u work?
we have to apply all our downward post-xmas price changes while we close for 12 hours so when the returns start rolling in it doesn't look as bad on paper...
Ah. I understood that :/
Damnit LOL crashed :(
9:58 PM
also, i have virtualenv for python3.4 working now - hooray.
It should remain solid even as they change included modules with my small patch the virtualenv.py.
If anyone is interested: paste.ubuntu.com/6631327
Looks good although i have never coded in python.
no wait i have code in python
That my python code app.(WARNING AM TROLLING THERE)
10:13 PM
technically it should be a static list instead of dynamic, but since py34 is still in beta and things are still changing - i'll dump the list when i don't have to compile from source and install in ~/.local/python34 or whatever.

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