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1:29 AM
@terdon I agree the question is on topic given it's about wget and not about internals of using Walmart's API. I disagree it's been answered because it's still driving me nuts how easy it is to get Costco and Ikea price from website but not Walmart's. After all I make my living as a warehouse worker not a rocket scientist :( But thank you for your input and making the optics of question issue go away:)
3 hours later…
4:02 AM
anyone got a raspi handy?
(running raspbian)
2 hours later…
5:54 AM
Q: Bonjour/Zeroconf not working properly on Ubuntu 18.04

Rohan JhunjhunwalaI have a raspberry pi (Raspian) running a nodejs http page. The pi has a hostname and uses Avahi to advertise it. I have the Bonjour service running on my Windows PC and I can access the page just fine. However, on my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop I can neither go to the web page nor ping the pi by hostn...

2 hours later…
8:06 AM
@Seth I do, yes
8:21 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Well yeah, but it makes sense right? One is just a static webpage, while the other's values are generated on the fly when you load the page. You just need a more sophisticated tool.
Q: Create new array for each line in an output

xtlI'm creating a Bash script that will put all SQL query results into arrays for a later use. The problem is, the amount of arrays would vary, so the script would have to create x amount of arrays. There are answers that do similar thing, but they seem to work based on knowing how many variables w...

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10:34 AM
Hi everyone, i'm a beginner in linux environment but i trying to a shell script doing a coproc on my raspberry (running with raspbian). My shell script is simple, it is : "
#! /bin/bash
coproc bluetoothctl
When i'm running the coproc command in command line it is working but when i'm running my shell script with "sh test_script.sh" it tells me "coproc: not found", what am i missing ? Thanks !
I've never used coproc before... but...
the syntax seems wrong
oh nvm
I have no idea what I'm talking about...
@Kamigaku that might actually be a good, educational question for the main page
cause clearly even as someone who's run linux systems for over a decade, this is new to me and could benefit others.
Ok i'll ask it then :)
Shoud i ask it on "Ask Ubuntu", "Unix & Linux" or the Raspberry?
I'd go with the last
raspbian is OT on askubuntu
U&L is a good, but tough crowd.
Or superuser, but I have a bias here, as a SU mod ;p
1 hour later…
12:12 PM
@Kamigaku Does it work if you chmod a+x test_script.sh and then run it with ./test_script.sh? You have a bash shebang there (#!/bin/bash) so why are you running it with sh instead?
12:46 PM
Q: apt (resilient)

apolzekI need to install a package list. The problem is that if a package does not exist in the repository it simply stops. I need some alternative to apt where it just ignores when a package is not in the repository

1:06 PM
Q: Mate for Jetson Nano

Marcel KoperaSorry if a stupid question, but I would like to ask if I install some other distribution (like Ubuntu Mate) to Jetson Nano will I be able to access stuffs like Nano's temperature cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone*/temp or do a deep learing with GPU and CUDA? Or access a pwm fan con...

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4:42 PM
Q: Should I upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04?

kianaI am planning to (attempt to) migrate my data to a CentOS 7 server from my current Ubuntu 14.04. Would there be any risk of my website breaking with a server upgrade? Would it be useful for me to upgrade before migration?

5:02 PM
Q: Every time I log in byobu reverts to first window

timramichUpdated from ubuntu 16.04 to 19.04. Now when I reattach to my session, it flips me back to the first window. Also curious is that it shows the same buffer of what was there days ago. Example: if i do stuff in that first window, disconnect, and go back, that stuff will be gone.


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