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1:43 PM
Q: Cannot mount hdd

cgeopapaSo I have an internal HDD which I have connected with an adapter via usb to my Ubuntu laptop. On connection a sound is made but the disk is not automatically mounted. After executing fdisk -l I get these results: Disk /dev/sdb: 149,1 GiB, 160041885696 bytes, 312581808 sectors Disk model: HD161HJ...

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4:01 PM
Q: How to set up CentOS server for migration?

kianaI have not created a CentOS server yet but I was wondering if anyone knew how I would need to set it up based of my current Ubuntu architecture $ uname -a Linux dev.fdli.org 3.13.0-133-generic #182-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 19 15:49:21 UTC 20 17 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

4:54 PM
This spam has lasted about 40 minutes so far, even though Smoke Detector detected it as such.
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5:23 PM
spam answers always take longer
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6:58 PM
Q: Uncertainty with Symlinks

SiewieiI've done a quick search but I can't find anything specific about this scenario: Let's say I have a directory (let's ignore the path) and call it A. Now, I create a symlink to directory A called S. We should now have: S -> A If I then have another directory, let's say B and do something along...

7:57 PM
Q: Touchpad and Wireless not working with Lenovo ideapad 330S and 18.04.03

markymarkSo I've installed Ubuntu 18.04.03 with legacy support because I was having problems while UEFI was enabled. Now I can't get the WiFi nor the touchpad to work. I've updated the Kernel to the most current version and still no luck. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can troubleshoot this? I've gone ...


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