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3:17 AM
@ThomasWard @ByteCommander @terdon @Seth Someone suggested my question should be moved to StackOverflow. But I think if you do think it doesn't belong here Website Design (or something like that if it exists) would be a better site. Here was my question: Can't grep price in downloaded webpage I don't really think it's too heavy for Ubuntu experts but who knows? shrugs
3:46 AM
Google's Project Veritas isn't so amazing in it's bid to control the 2020 elections and general mind control, but more so that the Glass Ceiling executives at Alphabet thought they were untouchables. (sorry I digress).
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7:36 AM
Q: ovs-vsctl: Error detected while setting up 'eoip_if'. See ovs-vswitchd log for details

Anket PadwalkarI have a namespace ns1, inside this i run a eoip script which create a interface eoip_if. I also have a ovs-bridge br0 which is in default namespace. When i try adding the 'eoip_if' interface as a port to the bridge br0 its giving me below error: ovs-vsctl: Error detected while setting up 'eoip_...

8:32 AM
I need one CV from a reviewer on this question to pin the second link of 2 duplicate links.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I think it's on topic. If you wanted to now use the API to get the price, that would be different, but your basic question was "why can't I find the price" and that's been answered.
2 hours later…
10:21 AM
Q: Where is the line of topicality where WSL is involved?

xiotaQ0: Where is the line of topicality where WSL is involved? Q1: Now that Ubuntu can be run on Windows using WSL, I see many questions about windows-subsystem-for-linux Are these questions a better fit for a Windows-oriented site? If the problem is contained entirely on the Ubuntu side, I'd expect...

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2:48 PM
Q: Start GDM (gnome display manager) session via SSH without root

helperIs there a way to remotely start a GNOME session without root via SSH? Background I am trying to access the CD drive (/dev/cdrom -> /dev/sr0) of a remote machine via SSH. Remote machine is running Ubuntu 18. The problem is that permission to write to the drive file (/dev/sr0) is set in a file...

3:47 PM
Q: Ubuntu 18.4 not showing full amount of RAM

user1972018I have an threadripper system with 16gb of RAM installed. BIOS shows both 8gb sticks of RAM. dmidecode shows both sticks but free -m and top are only showing 7899mb of available memory. root@threadripper-1:~# free -m total used free shared buff/cache availabl...

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6:30 PM
Hey @terdon!!!
How are you? I hope you are doing well.
Hi @Kulfy, I'm fine, thanks.
What can I help you with?
You are so hard working man!!!
Actually this is regarding one of your recent comment.
If this is true then why it's on meta? You are one of the 3 users who migrated the post to meta. Aren't these things contradictory?
6:51 PM
@Kulfy why is that contradictory? the meta q is about AU’s scope and asks for alternatives on the network, maybe it would be better suited for meta.stackexchange.com, but it’s not wrong on our meta. How about we say that meta is for questions about AU as a member of the SE network?
@Kulfy My interpretation of that was "Where on the Stack Exchange network can I ask about 14.04". And that did seem like a question about the network.
You make a fair point though. That one is certainly borderline
@dessert Where can I get support for Ubuntu 14.04? and Where can I ask for help on a 14.04 install?, don't they look similar?
@terdon Well I think pLumo's comment is not 100% wrong then?
oh wow
all meta IMO :)
Also "Should I upgrade my server to 16.04.6 on my own and then ask for help?" looks like a meta question IMHO
Aug 11 at 9:19, by Kulfy
Convinces like a pro
@Kulfy Well, this question doesn't mention it's looking for help on SE. It seemed to be a general "where can I find help" which wouldn't be on topic.
If it were "what SE site can I ask this on?", then it would be a good fit for meta. But not if it's "where on the internet can I ask this?"
6:58 PM
@terdon Neither they mentioned SE explicitly. Community could be anywhere, even on ubuntuforums or Byte's Discord.
@Kulfy Well, I am explaining why I thought it was. I took community as meaning SE.
And the other one was more technical anyway, so I wouldn't want that on meta.
But hey, maybe I was wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.
To be noted: I'm asking you these things because I voted to migrate that question to meta. I thought may be I'm wrong so better ask a mod.
Well, in general, if the question isn't asking about AU, don't migrate to meta.
@terdon Yeah but IMO closing as duplicate isn't the right thing. Like they were asking, Should I upgrade my server to 16.04.6 on my own and then ask for help? Will this break my website?. I think somebody who is more into these things and answer properly that "yes, we can't help you until you're on supported release" and included some instructions to upgrade without breaking the site.
If you see me or another mod going against our own advice, don't assume we know better! We're quite capable of getting stuff wrong!
7:05 PM
@terdon I was carried by the titles
@Kulfy We can't. We have no idea what the site does, what it requires, what software it's running. That would just be too broad anyway.
@terdon TBH I think mods know site better and I'm around only since a year.
@terdon Makes sense. But dupe isn't the best thing. I think.
@Kulfy titles*
@Kulfy Oh we do, puny user, we do! :P I'm just saying that we're human too so can and do make mistakes.
The dupe seems like the best outcome. The user is trying to upgrade and that should help them. The only other options would be to just close as off topic or as too broad.
@terdon Except one mod :P (IYKWIM)
@terdon too broad make sense I guess. But reopening and closing doesn't make sense either. I think it isn't a good sign post and might get deleted anyway.
I don't see how anything would make things better. Why would closing as something else be more helpful to anyone?
Ah, crap. It's late. I have to go make dinner. Later all!
7:17 PM
@terdon If you close question against a wrong one then the OP might not get any help. If upvoted, it may become immortal. Suppose in future someone with same issue visits and see the target, they might not get any help and may think [AU] is useless. On the other side, the user might get aware that the things they asked were too broad and they should narrow down things. I believe the later might make AU welcoming. Just my thoughts.
@terdon Poof!!!
7:33 PM
@Kulfy But that's the point: the question stated "I am trying to upgrade the server to the new version" and that's the only part that's actually answerable. So closing it as a dupe of a question whose answers explain how to upgrade helps the OP and future visitors.
There was no way of making it on topic since we have that strange rule about not supporting older releases. So the only thing that could have been useful to the OP and future visitors is to close as a dupe.
TBH I think that doesn't fully answer the question. And yes we forgot without breaking the site. May be I'm wrong since Community♦️ also participated in closing the question as duplicate.
haha :)
Community♦️ is a bot
Who owns everything which users can't
if it closed the question as a duplicate it means that OP theirself decided the dupe fits
I know. It's hard to become a mod at 1 rep point 😌
7:44 PM
This spam post has lasted an hour so far even though Smokey did catch it. I think it needs more spam flags.
@EliahKagan deleted as spam or offensive just now by Community♦
8:03 PM
Q: Ubuntu 18.04: unbound seems to stop working after a period of time

herrwuselI set up pi-hole with unbound on my ubuntu 18.04 machine. I followed the instructions by pi-hole[1]. Clients can reach websites with this method but after some time I get timeouts. Pihole is still forwarding requests to but it seems that unbound doesn't answer anymore. Even on the host...

8:22 PM
Q: Extracting some texts from txt file and adding to an existing file bash

newkisall experts I have two types of files in the same directory ex1) record1.txt (record2, record3, record4 ...) 11111 absda qwedc 11112 uiyds dqeds 11113 eqwev jfsec ... ex2) Summary1.txt (Summary2, Summary3, Summary4 ...) ----some data is written---- ..... ..... ***RESULT 111.114 30.344 90...


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