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9:00 PM
@dessert :-( :-( :-(
I can agree with that point (minimum stem education). Programming, for example, is problem decomposition more than it is syntax.
I don't really understand how people can not be fascinated by science... I blame the education system haha
@Zanna So we can drop you on an uninhabited island and you'll survice!
@Fabby it’s fine, it’s still nearly thrice the money I currently live from… :)
True! The answer to life, the universe, everything!
@PerlDuck :D :D :D
9:02 PM
A former neighbour of mine lives in Switzerland since 30 yrs or so. Whenever she's in Germany she buys expensive things and is delighted how cheap things are. She's a nurse. So I reckon Swiss employers pay really good.
I've never worked as a scientist, (computer science doesn't count as a science IMHO) only as a student, but I jsut think radically different about problems then people with a CS degree
I'm not very good at maths and generally not very smart. I can't understand lots of things in physics. I'm really more of a literature person. I got better marks in English language and literature at school than in sciences haha.
(or an MBA for that matter)
@dessert :)
@PerlDuck Switzerland is very expensive to live, so the wages are higher as well.
9:03 PM
@PerlDuck the cost of living is equally high there though
at the end of the month, the Swiss have as much left as you though...
@Zanna Zanna, stop that!
You are smart, beautiful, wise, good-natured, a nice person,... too bad you don't like my kind or I'd have asked you to marry me already( >:-)
@Fabby but: no rocket science.
@PerlDuck XD
I once heard "The German in Switzerland are similar to the Polish in Germany."
@PerlDuck Funny!
@ViralParmar Did the above help???
I'm going for a smoke... BRB!
9:10 PM
Now I feel bad: askubuntu.com/a/1050230/504066 Kinda meta-effect.
now it’s closed
@PerlDuck delete vote cast
Yes, but if I hadn't given a comment, then probably no one would have downvoted the answer. On the other hand I did @Terrance a favour. He was not exactly amused about being copied yesterday.
Yeah, I even have a canned comment if anyone uses someone else's comment to post an answer...
Welcome to Ask Ubuntu!  It is considered rude by this community to convert comments from another user to answers without informing them first and allowing them to answer themselves.  To remove the negative reputation points, [edit] your answer, give a different solution, and drop a note so that I can review my assessment of your answer.
 Alternatively, [delete] it altogether and the negative reputation points will be reversed automatically by the system. (I do this too for answers that give me negative reputation points) **;-)**
There used to be a plugin (or however it is called) for canned comments. But since Firefox Quantum it ceased working.
9:20 PM
I just note out loud if it's a flagrant copy pasta and make it CW. The pro-forma comments userscript for chrome still works I think.
@PerlDuck My pluging is called "gedit AskUbuntu.txt" and it has never failed me so far!
@PerlDuck sock puppet
I know what a "sock puppet" is but fail to see the relevance.
(=it must mean something else, but I don't know what)
I mean I suspect the OP and the person who wrote the accepted answer of being the same person
just found:
A false identity adopted by trolls and other malcontents to support their own postings.
in the Urban dictionary...
9:22 PM
Yeah. A lot of lowish quality/copied answers from low rep OP and low rep answerer I suspect the same thing.
I special-flagged
Is one enough? Shall we SPAM the mods???
Who's on duty now?
Ah! Seth and Thomas...
@Fabby :)
:D :D :D
and slooow...
;-) :D ;-)
was afk
9:25 PM
During this day I saw a comment of the OP to my comment that said "No, it's not a co" [sic]. That comment has been removed. Dunno by whom.
@ViralParmar The missing file is a symlink
probably one flag is enough
@PerlDuck I flagged it
@ViralParmar fab-root@fab-ux-predator:~
$ ll /etc/ld.so.conf.d/i386-linux-gnu_EGL.conf
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 41 May 18 22:43 /etc/ld.so.conf.d/i386-linux-gnu_EGL.conf -> /etc/alternatives/i386-linux-gnu_egl_conf
on my machine ----^
@ViralParmar Do you have a link to your question here on the site?
I'll post an answer...
muru also pointed out that the same person answered this question by a suspended user
suspect they are also the same person
:D :D :D
Trolls will be trolls...
9:28 PM
someone used the stackexchange data explorer to put that one together
didn't even notice earlier that the other user had edited it too lol
I'm so slow
special flagged that one for the Linguistics SE mods XD
Working too hard? Needing a vacation?
Come to Vorlon space!
(in a million years)
definitely working too hard - I mark exams for Pearson and 'tis the season
9:33 PM
Urgh... True! Teachers are having a hard time now!
Funnily, the person's headline at Linguistics is "I'am in a very different location from user298438 and zixuan." However.
@PerlDuck XD XD XD
that's why my activity on AU is way down this month
However, you've got 2 months to rest and no boss is going to refuse your vacation "because too much work is coming up"
(mine was... [Grumpy sound])
I don't teach in school - I do one-to-one tuition
I also teach English as an Additional Language (I have the Trinity TESOL qualification)
and maths because if you teach science people make you teach maths somehow
Well, it might be true. No one hinders me to rename myself to "Zanna", AFAIK. Duplicates are explicitely allowed and I have no idea how common the name in question is. In China.
9:37 PM
@Zanna Oh, so that's why the duchesses...
That wasn't an exception but the rule...
(No worries, I don't intend to do so, Real@Zanna)
lol XD
@Fabby nope, duchesses is just par for the course for me XD
Nice! Travel and expenses paid...
(Or did they invite you to stay at the cold, humid mountain castle? )
Flixbus (19€) or Ryanair (24€)? — Sorry, just kidding
haha no, the expenses were paid, the castle was in good repair
9:40 PM
@PerlDuck Some people will still go for the FlixBus because 5€ is 5€...
(that just means you're rich)
@Zanna How easy is it to get decent food when you're travelling abroad?
the duchesses were vegetarian
(It's hard to cook yourself: I tried once and my expense note got refused)
@Zanna Relatively easy then.
Just pick the flowers from the yards beneath.
mostly vegan in fact. So, it was great
cooking yourself sounds uncomfortable
9:42 PM
I've cooked for myself in hostels when I was travelling in Brazil
Taking a cheap aparthotel: allowed. Going to the supermarket and cook yourself: Verboten!)
but it was easy to get vegetarian food in Brazil
I wasn't vegan then
@JourneymanGeek ??? Don't you have an account on cooking.SE?
Very good veggie food in Brazil, cheap and delicious and plentiful
but I don't usually travel for work
I don't cook myself :p
I do cook breakfast
9:44 PM
only locally
Number 3 on my list: India, New Zealand, Brazil...
India must be sort of Mecca (can I say that?) for vegatarians.
@JourneymanGeek Damn! I was going to say: always eating dry dog food must be annoying after a while...
:D :D :D
@JourneymanGeek what about those, whatsit mooru milagaia things
@PerlDuck right haha, no problems in India!
@PerlDuck Vegatarians: inhabitants of the solar system of Vega...
9:46 PM
but also no problems in Brazil. China was very tricky
but the problem was language
I'm a carnivore and Israel was a disaster.
I had enough Portuguese to get what I wanted in Brazil, but I just couldn't get anywhere learning Chinese languages :(
@Zanna Would "That's the Mecca for ..." be something one could say? As in "That's the place to go"?
I like meat for breakfast and the only things you can get is cheese and fruit.
on the other hand, china has a fairly big vegan culture so if you managed...
9:47 PM
I had to cook everything for myself in China, I just ate at my apartment always
@PerlDuck You should ask a Muslim.
@PerlDuck sure, you can definitely say that, very understandable
@JourneymanGeek really? I didn't find anything... this was in 2009
I would have found it, if I had language. I was helpless
@Zanna ah. See - buddist monks are vegan
(well chinese ones are)
@Zanna Thank you. Just like in In German. :-)
I knew counting numbers... I could go to the market and buy what I needed
9:49 PM
There was this lovely restaurant that was run by monks that closed down.
It was one of the few places that never changed much in 30 years
I read about Buddhists being vegetarian/vegan and I asked a lot of people about it
their OJ was really good ;p
but nobody seemed to know what I was talking about
@Zanna well the sri lankan/thai tradition isn't
they will/must accept whatever they are given
@JourneymanGeek sounds wonderful
9:50 PM
@Zanna alas they closed down.
most of my favourite places do that :(
In China (or Asia in general) I'd be cautious if they say "dis will make yoo sdrrong" when offered food.
building they were in was being redeveloped and they felt that they were getting too old, and there were so many options.
this is in Singapore?
@PerlDuck It's understandable, but it might be offensive to a Muslim... I'll ask one of my colleagues tomorrow.
@Fabby Really? That would be nice. I'm curious. But you know what it's supposed to mean, right?
@PerlDuck Ja, natürlich!
@JourneymanGeek aww... food looks interesting! and a shop too... I love vegan food shops
@Zanna yup.
9:54 PM
@PerlDuck You do know I live in Germany, right?
@Fabby I think it's just normal and no offence in German, like "Silicon valley is the Mecca for nerds".
Nearly midnight and I was going to go to bed early tonight...
@PerlDuck I know...
@Fabby Yes I do.
I don't know how a Muslim from SA or AE would react though...
I'll ask.
9:57 PM
@tinlyx That's really funny:
The Tardis just flew into the chat room!
@Fabby That'd be interesting, indeed.
that one was even quite close to where I live, which is in general an utter desert for veg*n food of any kind
@Zanna Raw vegan!
everything tasted amazing in that place
the dessert was so good it made you laugh
is it just me who starts laughing with happiness when the food is so good? haha
@Zanna Keep divulging personally identifyable information like that and eventually I'lll show up at your doorstep with a bag of groceries...
;-) :D ;-)
10:00 PM
@Zanna Smile, yes... Laugh??? Not really,
unless I thought I screwed up my recipe totally and it's still coming out amazing!
Anyway, good night all, was nice to be able to let my hair down!
good night
@Fabby sleep well!
I once visited Hummus Bros in London and enjoyed it sooo much but just noticed they had to close. :-( Just two days ago
Zanna would have liked them, I guess.
the whole company closed?
I went to one of those places (I love hummus) but I was kind of disappointed... what I had seemed really bland even though it was supposed to be spicy
maybe I was just unlucky
Seems so. I learned about them in German TV (really!) and when I visited my best friend in London, I said "no matter what, we have to go there". So we went there and really enjoyed it.
Whatever. The other day we went to a hot-pot restaurant and swore to go there again. Hot-pot is real fun.
I'm leaving for today. Have a good night and sleep well. CU tomorrow (or soon).
10:38 PM
That fish really made me feel odd.
Maybe because I'm not used to it somehow.
But I had it really quite recently.
So that's a little strana.
@Seth: Hey, could you delete this sometime? Please.
10:43 PM
11:29 PM
Goodnight folks!
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