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12:05 AM
I was trying to find something commonplace from real life.
@terdon NO :)
When you open a file you only get a file handle. After that you choose to seek to an offset, read it, write it, append it, truncate it, set attribute bits, etc.
Then again I don't know what an "Input Stream" is so I'm the child in this room :p
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Depends on who opens the file and how. Input stream by default is your keyboard, but it can be linked to something else, like file or pipe
WeMail looked cool. Material design and sorts by sender instead of convo, which is cool
Well keyboard is connected to an 8250 chip or something like that in the old days... not sure where it goes now
12:12 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Ah, well then. An input stream is what you get when someone passes a glass to you. There's a stream and you can drink from it. Opening and reading a file is, essentially, the act of taking its contents and converting them to a stream.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix point is that input text comes into program somehow until End of File is encountered. Regardless of what hardware does.
@Zacharee1 I wonder if you could do an IFTTT that sends notifications for each email.
You wouldn't get grouping but you would at least get individual messages.
A: How do keyboard input and text output work?

GillesThere are several different scenarios; I'll describe the most common ones. The successive macroscopic events are: Input: the key press event is transmitted from the keyboard hardware to the application. Processing: the application decides that because the key A was pressed, it must display the ...

@NathanOsman idk. Alto says bundled Notifications are in dev
And I emailed WeMail about them
They say on their Play page that exchange support is coming soon
So right now I'm just using Outlook for school and WeMail for the other accounts
Even if I don't get bundled
What are "bundled" notifications?
12:20 AM
do you have Nougat?
Ah, showing one notification for multiple mails which you can click on to expand?
and it's like the app either has a good design or supports bundled notifications
I see
why did the CloudMagic devs have to get greedy?
and if it does happen to have both features, there's no "mark read" action in the notification
to quote @NathanOsman:
Feb 10 at 6:11, by Nathan Osman
I love that quote.
I feel that sentiment very often.
12:23 AM
can you write a strongly-worded email to the Newton devs for me?
I already did and they basically said "f*ck off"
Dear Newton Devs,


Kindly do what my dear friend Zacharee1 has requested lest I be required to publicly denounce your product.

> Why would you remove push notifications for free users? I really like this app, but $50/year is too much to pay just to get notifications, and the fact that it was completely unannounced makes it worse. I reset my phone because of it and spent hours trying to figure out what happened before I saw the change.
> Hi Zachary,

- I understand the disappointment you must be experiencing. However, I would like to mention the reason why we've disabled push notifications. Pushing emails to your device involves recurring monthly costs. It is not feasible for us to provide push notifications for f
Would it be sensible to ask someone to make sure my answer I just posted is correctly formatted?
@luk3yx link away
@Zacharee1 if you'll excuse the profanity:
A: Change the owership of minetest game from root to me

luk3yxThe path you have specified is read-only, even to superuser, as shown at https://snapcraft.io/docs/reference/confinement. You should use a different path. The correct location to store your data for this application is ~/snap/minetest-luk3yx/6. If there aren't folders named mods and games, you c...

Obviosly, '/clear' doesn't work.
12:28 AM
@Zacharee1 I can sort of understand that. Email does require polling. Android does offer push notifications through GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) but this, of course, requires proxying like they described.
@NathanOsman then why is is provided free on every single other email client?
They are probably not using GCM on other apps.
...and hence less reliable.
Outlook and WeMail both are
Is this the same as Ubuntu IRC channel?
or so says Greenify
@MonaJalal no
12:29 AM
@MonaJalal Somewhat.
we're better
@Zacharee1 Different.
@luk3yx Greenify says they use GCM
@MonaJalal The IRC channel does not require registration, whereas this room does.
and 20 rep
12:30 AM
^--- and that
Also might be totally off, anyone writing a Linux tutorial in Medium and knows how to show the background of it black? or do they have template for Linux commands? I am writing my first tutorial and just see quotes
@NathanOsman even AquaMail uses GCM
@Zacharee1 Well, Outlook has Microsoft money backing it, so that doesn't count.
that does have a pro key, but you can still use 2 accounts without resorting to questionable means
@NathanOsman but what about WeMail? No premium options
Beats me.
12:31 AM
BlueMail uses them too
It also depends on how you send the messages.
they really have no excuse
/home/mona/computer_vision/DeepCascade/src/stereo_matching/cost_volume/DisparityCostVolumeEstimatorFactory.cpp:27:16: warning: ‘std::ostream& {anonymous}::log_debug()’ defined but not used [-Wunused-function]
std::ostream & log_debug()
make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/ground_estimation.dir/home/mona/computer_vision/DeepCascade/src/stereo_matching/cost_volume/DisparityCostVolumeEstimatorFactory.cpp.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/ground_estimation.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2
Not sure why this code doesn't work on my machine. It is supposed to work using cmake
@Zacharee1 I clicked the wrong 'Reply' button.
@MonaJalal gonna need more context (also use ctrl+k while having the code text selected to format it)
12:33 AM
I've never used GCM so I don't know.
Does anyone have any opinion on my answer?
Yup, your formatting looks good.
Thank you.
@luk3yx The formatting seems fine to me. Were you worried about anything in particular?
Can I ask meta questions here, or are they better somewhere else?
12:42 AM
@luk3yx You mean questions about the site itself?
About askubuntu.com, yes.
Yes, you can ask here in chat or else go to Ask Ubuntu Meta.
What do you need?
If I suggest an edit, then edit it again, do they count as separate edits, or am I editing my suggestion?
@luk3yx You mean do they both give you +2 rep?
12:44 AM
@terdon Will the users that approve them see them as separate edits?
I'd prefer just getting 1 extra reputation per edit, if they were separate.
@MonaJalal haha mona@pascal... you won't find many pascal people around these parts :)
@luk3yx Well, if the first has been accepted, then the second will also go through the same peer review process and be treated as a separate edit. I've never noticed whether both will give you the +2 or if edits too close to one another don't count or something.
But they'll each go through the review queues separately.
It seems to be merged into the one edit. Thanks for your help.
If the first edit hasn't been accepted, and you edit again, then it should count as only one.
I edited the title, then noticed typos in the content. They seem to be merged.
12:47 AM
@MonaJalal even where I went to school they never taught pascal. They just taught Aseembler, fortran, rpg, cobol, basic, etc. pascal was something for universities back then. I guess Borland kind of made it moderately mainstream with Turbo Pascal back in the late 80's.
@luk3yx Yes, there's a grace period (5 mins I think) within which multiple edits count as one.
Thanks for your help.
You're welcome.
@Serg and @JacobVlijm I'm blown away by the high quality work and amount of work you two are putting into this question: askubuntu.com/questions/842386/…
@WinEunuuchs2Unix because it's fun
better than nerve-wreck called EMF
12:59 AM
What is EMF? Electromagnetic Fields?.... like that school stuff you were talking about 3 nights ago?
sorry to hear that... hey if I find four typos by Intel in their echo messages and it's only like a 40 line bash script should I make a joke about it or just keep my keyboard quiet?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix lol how do you even know I was taught Pascal in both high school and first year of BSc in computer engineering? btw this is the name of some sort of scientist which apparently has something to do with the mathematical sides of computer vision. I am using Pascal linux server as a research intern. Didn't name it myself :D
also I don't know if anyone might have worked with TensorFlow here but please have a look, I am using Linux for this too github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/issues/7547
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Would the +100 bounty be anything to do with it? (This is a couple of questions ago)
@MonaJalal "Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist and religious philosopher, who laid the foundation for the modern theory of probabilities."
@luk3yx Those two make 100 points every day just writing 3 line answers (mild exaggeration) what we are talking about is Serg and Jacob writing full-blown apps.
1:07 AM
@luk3yx bounty ? sure. What's more important is the . . . "joy of creation", if I may put it that way. I personally find it exciting to write scripts and indicators that interest and challenge me. And also competition with Jacob. There's something about it ,too.
@Serg, @WinEunuuchs2Unix: Okay.
One day, I'll figure that out. (The edit history for the above post)
True about the bounty... I made 400 points on January 1st/2nd when everyone else was partying/hung over and was #1 in points for the entire year for 24 hours :D
I really find it hard to debug something like the above issue specially when I got back to my office seems someone had restarted my system and I can't even testify if training was done or not (I assume it should have)
Instead of *have, you can press up-arrow and change the text on this forum.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Well done.
1:10 AM
we have other names for our machines including Klein and Lagrange :D
@luk3yx Thanks but it was more luck that on one else was posting that day and there were a couple of bounties easy to answer.
most bounties are incredibly difficult.
@MonaJalal There is a programming forum here on Stack Exchange where that heavy duty stuff is discussed all the time.
I've only used make a few times myself :(
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Okay. (that on one else seems like a typo, too)
Most of here use interpreted languages not compiled languages.
This morning there was a guy who sent me an email, asking how to mute notifications on the clipboard-autoedit-indicator,and mentioned that the indicator is very useful to him. That's the type of stuff I like - when people find my code useful. Attention whoring and validation junkie ? Yeah, probably I am. But it is exciting
@Serg We're probably all like that.
1:16 AM
I totally understand how exciting it is... also after finally making it work even if it takes months for them to say thank you it's all worthwhile.
I'm actually using my lock-screen-timer now with that text spinning pizza in unity tray telling me there is 23 minutes left until the dryer stops.
So when you write something for them and use it yourself it's a double win!
Yeah, I use my indicators as well. The ideas people throw out are also really good. Like , " How I didn't think of this myself ! This is so useful !"
One of my first things here was a lady asking for the computer to show a to-do list whenever she signed on. I never had one in my life, wrote it for her and now use it myself.
All of my recent indicators: udisks-indicator, launcher-list-indicator,indicator-bulletin,files-indicator,ayatana-indicator
@Serg How long did it take?
Udisks is that light-shade square icon, and all in row until ayatana - the one before nework icon
1:20 AM
Holy molly that's a lot of indicators. Mine is more boring:
@luk3yx Each indicator takes different time. People ask a question, I work on it, bring it to working condition and then maybe for next week or two add features,then kind of slow down. But effectively, they're all in continuous development. I use them on daily basis, so if i find a bug i can fix it right away
@Serg Okay.
@Serg The hardest part of fixing a bug is going back to the posts on the app and revising them.
...and this is a strange thing.
The other thing is my internal code I'll have debug / echo statements but my public posts I have to take those out.
So I can't just copy and paste it all.
1:24 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Yes, if you put the code into answer. If my code is on PPA only, then it's not too bad. More problematic is reading your own undocumented code. Like , "WTF did I do here and why?"
@Serg Yeah sometimes I wish my code had links to websites that explained why I put it there like that.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix That'd take a while.
@luk3yx I've been thinking of an app like that... not just link to web page, but narrow it down to section.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix ...and that'd also take a while.
@luk3yx Yup.... but some day someone will do it, probably not me though :)
I'm very ignorant about HTML.
1:28 AM
I thought there was no italics option.
BOLD Italics Bold Italics
and code
Why does it take 5 edits until you perfect a post? (This post is on #5)
[tag:I guess]
0 questions under .
@luk3yx The more the beers, the more the merrier and the more the edits :p
@MonaJalal You can post your question on: softwareengineering.stackexchange.com or on: stackoverflow.com sorry we couldn't help you out better :(
@NathanOsman It was plus 17 here today... weatherman has taken away ice age forecast and reverted to global warming forecast :)
1:41 AM
Yeah, lots of rain here today.
collateral damage on the way to Kaz Wolfe who wants more rain.
I cringe whenever I see job listings for "Go Software Engineer" that ask for many years of experience with Go.
I mean - the language has only been stable for 2-3 years now.
It's only 6 months old LOL
Go? No, it's older than that.
I was working with it in 2014.
I applied for a new job at work today in the software department...wanna move out of the warehouse receiving job I have now.
1:44 AM
Oh, cool.
I only heard about "Go" a few months ago when you mentioned it :)
It's still relatively new compared to most other big systems languages like C++, Java, etc.
Yeah we got bought out by Montreal company and they use Windows and will convert all our stuff over to their system.
oops...laundry calls...brb Nathan.
Rust is another language making inroads.
But. Rust doesn't quite have the tooling that Go does, from what I hear.
1:59 AM
Back in 1986
There was a "new" language called "Sensible Solutions"
it was just like "dBase III" except it had an autocomplete feature much like the tab key in BASH
it was supposed to catch on but it never did.
after a few years it died.
Clipper (compiler for dBase III) actually became the next big thing instead.
Funny thing about next big things... they are hard to predict :)
Sorry for delay above ^^^ redundancy noted @NathanOsman
@WinEunuuchs2Unix You own most of the starred posts listed.
@luk3yx I was probably drinking at the time :p
on that note brb... BEER
I think there are enough of those that we could use them as an alternative energy source.
Goodbye solar energy. So long wind turbines. Hello, "hue".
2:04 AM
Speaking of beer at the Liquor Depot they told me today if you buy two 15 packs of beer the third 15 pack is only $1.99. Then I said "how do I carry three 15 packs across the street to my home?"...lol
@NathanOsman Nathan I don't know how to paste there can you post "Hue the Hue are you?... Anonymous" on my behalf :)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix That's just search results from the chat room here.
oh well then I can post there too with an @
@NathanOsman and @Zacharee1 Hue the Hue are you?
Nathan it didn't show up on the search list though ^^^
No, because the search link I gave you limited the results to messages posted by Zacharee.
Oh... so you're hinting I can search on all the garbage I posted :p
2:12 AM
^--- that's my favorite
It may take a few minutes for the results to show up though.
Oh crap I just remembered I promised to write a "tar" extraction to apply new Intel Kabylake and Broxton binary drivers to /lib/firmware/i915 directory tonight and I haven't done it yet groans
It was to make the silly Kernel 4.8 + error messages go away.
When update-initramfs -u is run :(
Hi muru, how are you (notice rhyme)
hue hue hue
That also rhymes with muru too
That's the spirit :P
I think muru should be a mod if he's not one already too.
That brings my nominated new mod list to Zanna, muru, serge, zacharee1 and kaz wolfe
2:19 AM
That's a pretty decent list.
You're already a mod else you would be on the list too :)
Well, I dunno about Zacharee - too many "hue"s :P
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Not on the site!
@NathanOsman Why are you on this site?
But to be honest, I don't really intend to run.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I'm a moderator on Ebooks, and moderators on any site are automatically chat mods.
I mean we all love you on this site, but if you are a mod on another site and you don't post Q&A here or vote....
2:20 AM
Oh, I post lots of stuff here. Don't get me wrong.
Oh whoops. There, now it should work.
I fixed it.
Reload the page.
My keyboard is being evil tonight.
Typos. Typos everywhere.
2:22 AM
Thomas phasered your keyboard
"phaser" is a thing, so that would likely be the spelling you would want to use.
@NathanOsman to much portal...
You should wish me luck getting software development job at work.. I've had a 15 year drought.
@TheXed What? Where?
2:24 AM
@NathanOsman on your keyboard...you said it was being evil...
Are you looking for a co-op partner?
@NathanOsman not right now...trying to complete my first game of Civ 6
I wish you could do four player games...
@NathanOsman that would be epic win.
@TheXed has a bot watching this room and when "evil" is written he is pinged and jumps in :)
2:25 AM
@TheXed Apparently there's a mod somewhere that does that.
We could play four hand crib in yahoo games, but knowing you guys you'd hack the games and get all the good cards!
j/k BTW ;)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I don't need to hack card games...
What's this post I read today that if you use snapd you have to register you email with cononical first? that's spooky.
My aunt always says, if you learn to play with the cards we give you, we will give you better ones next time.
^^^ delete works but mods and NSA can still reread it.
2:31 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix and you can't unread things...
@TheXed Yeah my removed comment will be haunting you for weeks
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Mods have a tool that can permanently delete messages.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix actually I didn't see it.
@TheXed You have to read faster :)
it isn't that I can't read fast enough, I was on another tab.
2:32 AM
@NathanOsman I get mod tools in 2500 points (or so) when you dead beats start reading my wonder answers and up-voting them :P
No, you don't get the tools that you think you get.
Alto isn't notifying
and it has GCM
That's lame.
Oh well I'm not big on using super-mod powers anyway... I'm kind of a free speech person unless you are talking about bombing some nation because of their politics, religion, economy, culture, way of life or cheif speech reader.
OK ignored battery optimizations
seems to be working now
2:36 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix so you are North Korean?
since AOL is adding bundled notifications, I guess I'll stick with this one
You can say whatever you want as long as it isn't bad and it isn't about me?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix so basically not a free speech person? ;P
@Zacharee1 AOL?!
@Zacharee1 AOL is still a thing?
Last person that told me to optimize my battery took it from 95% capacity to 89% and I swore I would never run it again. Two days later I ran it again and battery capacity went to 85%... LOL
@TheXed Not so much North Korea, more a three kings/queens of Korea person and want the war between North and South to end and USA to get out after 60 years. 26,000 USA soldiers will be unemployeed and nukes will be decommissioned but so what.
2:38 AM
@Seth AOL
@WinEunuuchs2Unix but the Nukes are awesome!
@TheXed Give every nation nukes and see how suitably chastised Fox, CNN and NMSBC (whatever) will be. Forget equality of gender, trans gender marriabe, homo stuff, flags, disabilities, religions and culture... equality of NUKES!
Nah, just give me the nukes
Lasers are awesome.
I am a responsible adult...
2:41 AM
Before you can have human rights and human equality you have to have national rights and national equality.
most of the time...
@NathanOsman Noob alert! Running Unity on a single core Pentium 4 and wondering why it's so slow? Lol! askubuntu.com/questions/883173/…
Is there any reason why we don't greet users coming here?
@luk3yx Usually we greet new users.
2:42 AM
If the nations refugees came from were treated fairly the refugees wouldn't be flooding into Canada, USA or EU... but then again perhaps you want refugees to clean your government toilette?
@luk3yx Hi luke sky ubuntu walker, welcome to chat room!
@luk3yx because not everyone wants to be greeted. I personally can find it annoying more often than not.
@Seth waves
@luk3yx but welcome!
@Seth any users or first time users?
@NathanOsman do you have a chat interface written in go?
I was hard pressed for luke skywalker reference :)
@NathanOsman first time users, I guess. It bothers me a lot less if it's someone I know.
@Seth you got a rave review from @Serg on your silentcast 4 days ago.
@NathanOsman awesome! I'm playing with the idea of creating a share hook in android for sharing images with SE chat. Really don't want to have to do the heavy lifting wrt auth myself though
My package is just the thing you need then.
As long as the account uses standard Stack Exchange email/password auth, you're good to go.
(OpenID login isn't yet supported by my package.)
2:46 AM
Android SE Chat can use improvements whatever you two do gets my vote!
Ahhh. Rather large caveat for large scale distribution, but I personally use an SE openID anyway.
Only problem is getting go binaries for Android. Not sure how hard that will be.
SSS Time....bbl
That's totally possible, but yes, a tad tricky.
What you need to do is cross-compile the Go app for ARM (this part is easy) and then write Java that interacts with the Go app.
I used this technique for GitDroid back in the day.
I compiled the Git binary for ARM and then used Java to run it.
I had to explain this to the OP:
More GHz is not always better. Take for example the AMD FX-9590. It is an 8-core chip running at 5GHz and draws upwards of 200W of power. And yet, the Intel i7 7700K which is a 4-core chip running at 4.2GHz and which draws less than half the power, completely blows it out of the water in terms of performance. — Android Dev 1 min ago
I needed the NDK for compiling Git but Go doesn't use any C library, so you should be good there.
2:49 AM
He thought a 3GHz P4 was powerful :)
Pentium IV != powerful :P
At least not in today's standards.
And it lacks NXbit too
Clock speed doesn't translate directly to execution speed.
Exactly. It's all about IPC and efficiency
Which is why I told him this:
More GHz is not always better. Take for example the AMD FX-9590. It is an 8-core chip running at 5GHz and draws upwards of 200W of power. And yet, the Intel i7 7700K which is a 4-core chip running at 4.2GHz and which draws less than half the power, completely blows it out of the water in terms of performance. — Android Dev 3 mins ago
2:51 AM
@AndroidDev Why Xubuntu?
@luk3yx As opposed to Lubuntu?
@AndroidDev To Ubuntu MATE, for example.
@luk3yx shrug No particular reason. They're both 2D DEs
But to tell the OP to go find a 2D DE he likes wouldn't work out very well
@AndroidDev I guess...
And XFCE is layed out very similar to Windows
Although MATE is too I guess
At least on my RPi
Don't know if it's the same on the desktop version of MATE
2:55 AM
By default, Ubuntu MATE uses a layout similar to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
@NathanOsman yeah it seems doable.
Android apps are a pain..
@Seth Tell me about it :P
Sidenote: I am working on a chat app for Android using my library.
@Seth Because you have to write them in Java?
So we'll see how that goes.
I'll be running the program in a service since it will need to run continuously.
Or, if I'm feeling really ambitious, I may just rewrite it in Java and be done with it.
The Stack Exchange chat uses both polling and WebSockets, so I can alternate between the two depending on whether the app is in the foreground or background.
@AndroidDev well, Java can be a pain but Android development in general is, IMO.
3:00 AM
@Seth For example.... ?
I've never developed for iOS so I have nothing to compare it to
@AndroidDev well I haven't done much Android development but I just found all of it pretty painful. XML templates, java everywhere, Android studio, etc.
I'm more of a scripter so I'm not used to tons of overhead for something simple.
Hah, I just realized you are Android Dev haha.
@Seth Yeah, I decided that I needed to broaden my knowledge base a year or two ago, so I gave Linux and Android development a go, and here I am :)
@Seth I thought Android was Linux?
If they can make a Ubuntu Touch Phone and they can make a Ubuntu for Windows, I'm sure they can make a Ubuntu for Android when Android is based on Linux in the first place :)
3:16 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix if only it was that simple.
^^^ see tags.... simple to request!
Windows users won't love Ubuntu... but Android users just might....
After all I'm an android user :)
Mind you I think Android is at Linux Kernel 3.11 or something like that shrugs
3:45 AM
"This does not work in the Nintendo 3DS browser." https://t.co/NGAxHFfcsi
Hashtag dev horror stories
4:35 AM
What the heck?
4:57 AM
@NathanOsman do you have brave installed on your phone?
I can't log into github with 2FA enabled. Bumps me back to the login screen every time.
@Seth Lemme try.

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