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12:04 AM
Smali has an IntelliJ plugin
12:58 AM
^--- I made a thing
I call this piece of art "Coke Zero gets spilled".
Don't forget to subscribe to m— oh oops, wrong site
1:22 AM
@NathanOsman I like it! The name is good.
1:39 AM
Q: How to make Linux safer (spoof)?

SuperChargedHoeHow do I make the latest version of linux, Ububtu 16 temporary? meaning I want everything to be changed on each reboot (hardware ID, HDD ID, mac address local ip address, etc). I am okay with booting from a USB, without installing the OS. Maybe If I "try" linux, without installing it, it would ch...

1:54 AM
Q: Struggling with always restart the networking

J.DoeFor the moment, each time I restart my computer and login, I need to run sudo su echo -e "nameserver\nnameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf service networking restart To make a long story short, yesterday my internet connection worked perfectly fine. This morning I wasn't able to loa...

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