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3:00 PM
Civil War was great. That's all I care about. Fox and DC have lost me.
@RogueJedi I'll still go see anything, cos I see all films basically, but as for films I actually care about? I'm with you.
I'll probably wait until Apocalypse is inevitably on FX every week.
Which means that the main villain of Justice League was introduced to us in... a deleted scene from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.
It's BMD, they are mostly wrong for DC
Slow clap.
3:04 PM
And they used unrelated poster image as always
@AnkitSharma After the amount of undeserved flack they've gotten about DC recently, there is no way they are running this unless they are 100% sure.
steppenwolf isn't very menacing.
@phantom42 That hair is menacing.
steppenwolf can at best be a minion in first half
Maybe they will end the film in cliffhanging, killing steppenwolf and then someone come out of boom tube
DC will have a major problem with Darkseid. They'll have to make him very different from Thanos.
3:08 PM
Go with comics look
@RogueJedi Maybe that's why they aren't using him?
That will be different and cool both
@DrRDizzle They will eventually
@RogueJedi Probably, but I doubt he'll look like Darkseid.
Darksead is way better character then Thanos in comics
Now it's upto WB, how to use him
Avoiding him will be stupid decision
3:09 PM
@AnkitSharma I wouldn't know.
But based on what WB have put out since the Dark Knight trilogy, it won't be any good.
Is it not thanos ripoff of Darksead ?
@AnkitSharma Probably, in the early days Marvel copied a lot of what DC were doing (or so I've heard).
Yup, DC mostly bough rights from other small comics and Marvel copied few and DC did copied too
Q: How did Bucky reach great age without visible ageing?

Arif BurhanWe know how Captain America and Black Widow , both of whom are older than they look , stayed youthful looking - both have used a kind of Soldier Serum which causes rapid healing from injuries and slows down ageing. But how did Robert 'Bucky' Barnes , who was a childhood friend of Steve Rogers ( ...

@AgentObie free rep to whoever wants to answer it:
A: How is Bucky so young?

Jason BakerBecause Bucky was also frozen for most of that time: Dialogue from The Winter Soldier makes it clear that Hydra put Bucky back into suspended animation after completing each mission, and only unfroze him when they needed him: Zola: The procedure has already started. You are to be the new f...

3:19 PM
done ;)
A: How did Bucky reach great age without visible ageing?

Ankit SharmaFrom scifi.se's answer on similar question Because Bucky was also frozen for most of that time: Dialogue from The Winter Soldier makes it clear that Hydra put Bucky back into suspended animation after completing each mission, and only unfroze him when they needed him: ...

3:52 PM
I like that we have the movies.se feed, which allows us to just dominate those tags because we already have the answer there.
I mean here.
i thought they were suppoed to re-ask questions that were asked over here?
or is the same person not supposed to ask on both sites
Good evening folks!
Did I miss something?
3:58 PM
Anyways, I see that our regulars are dominating those questions, so I'll upvote them. Rep is only a zero sum game on this site.
@Himarm dupe questions by different users is fine. dupe questions by same users is heavily discouraged
point is to avoid crossposting
Inter-site dupe is fine till they are not intentional copy paste to earn rep
4:12 PM
Q: How is Vibranium molded?

TimpanusAccording to the Wikipedia page on Vibranium, The Wakandan isotope possesses the ability to absorb all vibrations in the vicinity as well as kinetic energy directed at it. This, along with the ineffectiveness of projectiles against Captain America's shield and Black Panther's suit indicate...

@GreenObie Out of clay, just like Wonder Woman.
4:29 PM
@GreenObie I know how it get scratched ;D
Q: Vibranium material properties

SeanRFollowing this question about Captain America's Shield. It made me wonder the following about Captain America: Civil War: How were Black Panthers claws able to scratch Captain America's shield if it is pure Vibranium? As vibranium comes from Wakanda, I would have thought that BP's claws were m...

I feel like we had a similar question by SS when Age of Ultron came out.
Something like the impossible attributes of the metal would make it impossible to reshape into something else.
Is SS left scifi.se
Q: Why is Captain America's shield called indestructible if Vibranium can be broken down for microscopic applications?

SS-3First, "if Vibranium is indestructible, how was Captain America's shield created (melting and hammering shouldn't work)?" type questions should be trivial. Answer can be similar to that of Adamantium: Just after extraction, it can be molded just once. The shape would be permanent after that. (If...

Time to watch flash and gotham
> If Vibranium was truly indestructible, then it would only be seen in its natural form as an ore, and would be unshapeable and probably unusable. Unless we happened to find a shield shaped piece of ore somewhere.
4:38 PM
@JackBNimble nice point
@phantom42 Didn't got any ;D
Should there be a "Captain America's Shield" tag?
There are a bunch of questions about it.
@RogueJedi ohhh lord
One more tag to feel bleh about
That description is a misnomer. It is either the US government's shield, or Howard Stark's (because Tony says "That shield doesn't belong to you, it was made by my father"). And Sharon Carter (or Black Widow?) says that both the shield and the flying suit are US property.
Can we have a tag for superman's underwear?
Although I would think Raven's shield is now more Stark tech than the original thing they stole from that fort.
4:47 PM
We can ask question like why it's red? is it fireproof? bulletproof? Size? etc
yes. let's make (just in case of misspellings) and just to be safe,
hint: you're in the wrong room if you're asking if tags should be created.
@AnkitSharma ss was suspended again.
I'm fine without making new superfluous tags.
@phantom42 Ohhhh, is it a weekly process or monthly. Better not discuss it then
@AnkitSharma pretty certain he was suspended for a year
4:54 PM
dont know/remember details
it was back in january i think. i dont recall any particular drama with him at the time, but i was generally avoiding his questions/posts.
he threw a fit over the elections i think
i forgot about this one
Q: Is Captain America gay?

SS-3First, if you are thinking that this question is a joke or troll, I'd like to welcome you to the 21st century when the mankind is discussing legality of gay marriages. Now, if you look at the sexuality (I'll keep it clean) of all the Avengers minus Captain America: Iron Man: Well, he is a bill...

@phantom42 give him noble prize
5:04 PM
nothing noble about him
I'm pretty sure SS's suspension is also my fault.
@phantom42 Yeah I updated that last night. and then this morning realized I had updated Thaddeus's answer, and not my own.
@JackBNimble lol whoops
@KutuluMike let's just blame richard dizzle the speed force
right. the speed force did it.
my boss just gave me two Doctor Who comic books from FCBD
except it's two copies of the same issue
with different covers
@ankit Remainder!!
5:07 PM
Flash!! Flash!!
@KutuluMike Better hang on to them, they might be worth like $0.02 someday.
@MAFIA36790 net is back, i am going to watch it soon with gotham
Based on watching the Flash engineering is only as hard as writing a huge equation on a piece of glass.
@phantom42 lock option B from my side
5:08 PM
Once that happens, you can immediately build a working version of that equation into a device.
@MAFIA36790 Stupid roomamte watching IPL and i am being lazy to change room to watch Flash
@AnkitSharma Don't know... maybe a coincidence... my net speed was 900mbps... now 3-4mbps ;P
@AnkitSharma I've stopped watching IPL.
@MAFIA36790 I am not much of any sports fan.
@AnkitSharma sara din kam karne ke baad kaun kambkat room change karega ek serial dekhne ke liye.... hmmm LAZY
5:13 PM
@MAFIA36790 hahaaahaaahaa
I was serious ;_;
back to h bar
bye folks!
Would discuss Flash tomorrow @ankit.
@MAFIA36790 surely
5:29 PM
Q: How was the star design formed on Captain America's shield?

Random832In Captain America: The First Avenger, we see that the shield (in unpainted vibranium) was manufactured with concentric rings that line up with the red and white stripes, but no sign of the central star. But in later appearances, we can see that the outline of the white star, along with a less...

@GreenObie by paint
I was going to say paint
Maybe it is Vibranium paint though.
That doesn't add up though, because I heard it is impossible to use Vibranium for anything.
He is asking for carving but why can't they make star carving if they can make circular ones
5:36 PM
i think the idea is that vibranium can be "shaped" but not "etched"
and we saw the blank, shaped shield without a star.
they must have melted it back down and recast it with a star, they just never mentioned it
Obviously a wizard did it. A wizard named Howard Stark.
The Speed Force did it.
True enough
Is the edge of the shield sharp, or is Captain America just so strong he can throw it and embed it into things?
If it was sharp, he couldn't bounce it around like he does.
On the other hand, if it is dull, how does he break bonds and cut things with it...
if vibranium absorbs kinetic energy it shouldn't bounce at all.
Something doesn't add up about this magic shield in a place that doesn't exist.
5:42 PM
Q: How does Captain America's shield bounce?

cnimIn the first Captain America movie Howard Stark says "Vibranium. It's stronger than steel and a third of the weight. It's completely vibration absorbent." If the shield completely absorbs vibrations, how does it bounce? I'm looking for MCU references primarily, with current comics being a close...

I call bs
5:54 PM
@phantom42 Better question is "Is daddy stark gay" and use this image:
6:10 PM
not gay to think chris evans shirtless is perfection
6:50 PM
Q: What authority does Tony Stark has to claim back the shield of Capt. America?

Prahlad YeriSpoiler ahead: Capt America: Civil war At the end of the movie Capt America: Civil war, we see that Iron man wants to claim the shield of Capt. America. According to Iron man: "It does not belong to you Steve, my father built it". And the Cap, being altruistic and all even hands his shield over....

@Himarm touching him sensuously maybe ;)
7:18 PM
does tony say he wants the shield?
i remember him saying it doesnt belong to cap
but not that it belongs to tony
he says something along the lines of leave the shield its not yours, i dont think he (stark) takes ownership,
thats how i recall it too
and earlier in the movie its comment that its owned by the government right?
along with sam's wings
7:36 PM
there is some line in there about "my father built that"
i do remember that
He says:
> That shield isn't yours. It was made/built by my father.
which makes no sense, since lots of people own things they didn't make.
Well, it doesn't matter. His new pal Black Panther can make him a new one.
is tony going to give back all his clothes to the children of the poor Malaysians that sewed them?
@KutuluMike yeah, but people are claiming that tony said "it belongs to me" or some crap
7:42 PM
true. that he didn't say.
@GreenObie this smells like an ss question
the language
8:11 PM
Don't speak that name.
He is dead to me.
i think that is generic southeast-asian-english, TBH
it ranges from SS on the bad end to Ankit on the good end
Q: Can Captain America be killed?

RincewindThis question comes from watching a number of the MCU movies staring Captain America and seeing all of the buildings, airplanes, high places,, bombs, etc that he has been through threw, blown up by, punched through, jumped from etc without being killed. Yeah I know he is a super soldier but at ti...

8:35 PM
@GreenObie pretty sure this is a dupe. original was talking about how he was jumping/falling obscene distances like onto the carrier in TWS
8:55 PM
Speed forced can talk
Speed force is Jay Garrick
it makes sense.
the speed force is everything, and everything is jay garrick.
arrow season 5
> “James,” an “irrepressibly charming” contemporary of Oliver’s who is described as “a man on a mission” — out as he is to avenge a tragic, violent loss from his own, years-ago past. The casting call seeks an actor of any ethnicity,
> in his late-20s to 30s and who comes across as a physical threat. The character is said to “just as easily shake your hand as your best friend or break your neck as your worst enemy — and you never know which one is coming. Either way, he’s more than capable of having a good time as he does it.”
2 hours later…
11:14 PM
Q: What happened to the magnetic return for Captain America's shield?

RedCaioIn Age of Ultron, Captain America has some sort of magnetic thing to call the sield back to him (kind of like what Thor does with his hammer). Then, in Civil War, he no longer has any such device. Is there any in or out of universe reason they got rid of it?

11:28 PM
i love when the tv guide blurb for a show spoils the show
cliff hang from last Flash: is barry dead? What happened?!
blurb for this Flash: "Barry struggles to return to his old life."
11:48 PM
martin released another chapter for winds of winter, stated the book isnt close to being finished yet
stupid git
to busy double fisting hams into his face
watching shield. yoyo just walked in. she's got that cross on
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