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12:35 AM
Hi @MartinSleziak
I think I saw messages moved from one room to another before. Do you know how to do that? I ask because there have been quite a few off-topic conversations in the GENTLE which are more appropriate for the meta room I think.
7 hours later…
8:00 AM
@Jack Speaking of Math Meta Chat, I think your message here is also an example of something which would be more suitable for that room.
Anyway, here's a post which has some screenshots: Chat: how to move a message to another room?
Q: Chat: how to move a message to another room?

Levi MorrisonI am a room owner in PHP and occasionally people ask me to delete things. As I understand it, room owners can't and probably never will be able to do that. However, according to https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/87773/170584 I should be able to move messages to another room (such as bin). I have...

I would recommend to test moving messages in some other room. (Maybe even room just created for purpose of testing how messages can be moved.)
If somebody plans to move some messages, especially from the discussion which is a bit heated, one should be careful not to make mistakes. So it might be useful to get used to the interface a bit before doing that.
1 hour later…
9:22 AM
@ArnaudMortier For closed questions I found a query in an older post on meta: Which tags have the largest proportion of closed questions? It seems that this query does not include duplicate close votes, only other closures. I have tried to create a query of my own which can be restricted by date range and counts also duplicates. — Martin Sleziak 9 mins ago
I think that creating similar query for deleted questions might be more difficult. Or at least it cannot be done in a similar way as the above query for closed posts - the PostTags table does not contain deleted posts. I have asked in the SEDE chatroomMartin Sleziak 8 mins ago
9:39 AM
For deleted questions I guess it makes sense since only users above some rep threshold can see them. Thanks for the links, that's awesome. I'm surprised that some tags with high expected closed rates such as collatz don't appear at all in the list - oh, got it, that's because of the min question count which is currently 1000. — Arnaud Mortier 4 mins ago
@ArnaudMortier Perhaps it would be better to continue this in chat, so that we don't leave too many comments here. — Martin Sleziak 9 secs ago
Regarding collatz - notice that I have restricted my query to tags which have at least 1000 questions.
For this tag I get 38 closed questions and 343 questoins in total, so above 11%.
If I use my query restricted to tags with >=250 questions, (collatz) is there with 11.08%, 38 closed questions of 343.
Of course, we can go lower and check tags which have 100+ questions.
But if we put very low restriction some rare tags will appear there, such as or , both with 20%.
But the fact that 20% questions out of 5 (or 15) are closed probably does not say too much about the tag. (It is better to have a large sample to draw some conclusions.)
Sorry about the extended comments, I'm not familiar with the chat at all.
I'll try to get used to it rather than pollute answers. Anyway thanks for sharing your expertise in SEDE.
The comments are not a problem, but if they are too many of them, the SE software will start nudging us to move it to chat anyway.
And talking about "expertise in SEDE" is a big overstatement, I know only basics of SQL.
In any case, the fact that (collatz) wasn't shown is explained by the restriction of the query. It is only for tags which have at least ##num## questions and this is set on 1000 by default.
You can change the num parameter either manually in the fields below the query, or by adding ?num=100 (or some other number) into the url - as I did in the above links.
I'll be leaving for lunch now - but feel free to post here if you have something else on this. I'll have a look when I have a bit of time.
10:00 AM
Yes I'd figured that out (for the 1000 restriction). Bon appétit :-)
And thanks again!
2 hours later…
11:59 AM
And if we want to see close rate among the largest (most popular) tag, we can change this to tags with 10000 and more questions.
12:12 PM
Q: About divergence and curl from diagram

maths student So given picture I have to check whether divergence and curl is positive, negative or zero. So I check vector field at some point ; for figure b I can see that vector field goes outward so divergence is positive but for figure a I am not able to predict. Also how to conclude about curl?

12:54 PM
@ArnaudMortier I got some help in the SEDE chatroom.
Percentage of deleted questions: tags with 1000+ posts, tags with 10000+ posts.
@MartinSleziak Thanks Martin. I will try.
I was considering whether adding some of those queries into the post - but they are probably not suitable there. (The question is about changes in how big is activity in some tag.)
But I might at least add in the comments also these two queries - unless we wind some kind of mistake in them.
1:14 PM
@MartinSleziak Amazing, thanks. I can see that deleted tags are included as well, showing a 100% rate of deletion, so I guess that if a question was not deleted, but only the tag removed, it counts as well? That would be quite a large bias.
I mean, this seems to be counting the rate of question-deletion + tag-edit.
No, those deleted questions still have the tag.
I.e., the questions which are count in these stats are the questions which had the tag at the time of deletion.
Let us take as an example. This tag was completely removed from the site and blacklisted.
So among questions with are not deleted, there are no questions with this tag.
But on deleted questions, the tag still remained, you can check some of those questions using the links from here: data.stackexchange.com/math/query/845253/…
So it's (amount of questions with tag and deleted)/(amount of questions with tag).
It makes sense.
Another one with 100% is (proof-strategy) - that one was blacklisted too.
From the top of my head, I am not sure about (differential-equations).
I see. So it's still kind of biased in the sense that some tags that are not blacklisted might still have been subject to a massive tidying up that will not affect deleted questions.
But I guess there no much to be done there.
*is not
Well, those are the data which we have at our disposal. (Deleted questions are in SEDE with the tags that they had at the time of deletion.)
If they were mistagged and it wasn't corrected before the deletion, the question will be shown in incorrect tag. But I'm pretty sure that also among the questions which are not deleted, there is plenty of incorrectly tagged questions.
1:26 PM
I'm sure of that yes.
Thanks for your time. Plenty of data to ponder upon.
5 hours later…
6:39 PM
@MartinSleziak Do you know why was one of my comments misplaced in a discussion on Math Meta Chat? yesterday I replied to a user at certain time and right after his comment and today I realized that my comment was moved to different place. How is that possible? Also another 2 users moved lot of comments to that room
Did they move my comment?
7:02 PM
@ellisaba Several comments were moved from GENTLE to Math Meta Chat.
If you actually go into the Math Meta room, you'll see small arrow next to messages that have been moved there.
2 hours later…
9:16 PM
I know. I think I didn't express myself clearly.
See.Yesterday I commented* right after a user's comment. And that's it. Today I realized that a bunch of comments were moved to Math Meta Chat. And my comment* was moved to a different place. It's placed among the moved comments.
//nevermind. I think I know what happened. Those moved comments from one room to another were written before mine. So when there were moved to the new room, they were placed before mine.

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