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12:21 PM
Q: Is "Mr Puzzle Wants You to Be Less Alive" a Netflix production?

Sean DugganI've seen several articles claim that Mr Puzzle Wants You to Be Less Alive is an official Netflix release done in conjunction with Keaton Patti. Netflix explains, “We worked with Keaton Patti to make a bot watch over 400,000 hours of horror movies and then write its own horror movie. This is wha...

Dunno who created this one but this tag looks like more about the character than the movie.
if we skip and and the we can do udner 35 character
also loki tag somehow became about character in description
was fixing mcu tag description as it's stale now with issues
1:29 PM
Suggest a synonym
Thanks AJ
Anyways how is life?
1:44 PM
nothing much. 10 to 7 work from home. got the senior position last year as a few seniors left the company.
for me no more wfh
trying hard to get a new job right now. gave interviews at companies like Accenture, wipro but no luck
@AnkitSharma ohh. may be we will also be back to the office after diwali
need fixing tooor synonym with devil made me do it
@AJ going home on diwali but to avoid drama made teh trip short with excuses
remove second the
@AJ It have a demand now so keep trying
@AJ then conjuring 3 should be synonym of this with secodn the rmeoved
I miss my tag powers :'(
Also shit I missed wishing steeler her birthday, now 18th
2:04 PM
@AnkitSharma you not only forgot steeler's but someone else's too
sorry I guess
no worries
@AnkitSharma done too
2:29 PM
@AnkitSharma I forgot yours too due to covid crisis I had at that time, so consider us equal. ;)
2 hours later…
4:28 PM
Q: Timing of commercials? Same time of commercial breaks?

prosody-Gab Vereable ContextI never/rarely watched a cable/broadcast network TV before, and have noticed a pattern that my "commercial breaks" are mostly/always (a majority/over 88.11% of the time) at just/only the 7, 17, and 37 minute (every hour for a year+) mark, even when watching "live" TV shows like/including CNN. It ...

2 hours later…
6:07 PM
Q: How much does a movie have to gross to break even from box office revenue?

feetwetIMDB gives "Box Office" figures for movies that include "Budget," "Gross US & Canada," and "Gross Worldwide." I assume "Budget" is the total cost of producing the movie, and that is the amount of net revenue that the movie would have to earn to break even. So what proportion of "Gross box office ...

6:57 PM
Q: Bow and Gift Box symbolism throughout Squid Game

Johnny BonesThroughout the 9 episodes of Squid Game (2021), there are several instances of gift boxes with bows on them. The main character, Seong Gi-hun, tried desperately to retrieve a gift box from a coin operated machine in the first episode, which was eventually done for him by a child. The police off...


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