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3:45 AM
Q: Why did the kid yelled "Banzai" instead of its Korean equivalent in Squid Game?

Nilay GhoshIn the opening scene of the Squid Game, it is shown that after winning the "squid game", a kid yelled Banzai in the Korean audio. In this context, it means "victory". But the word Banzai is actually a Japanese word (万歳) and in Japanese, it is a battlecry/a form of greeting used to the Japanese em...

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12:49 PM
Q: Is there some hidden point behind those unorthodox methods?

Shadow Wizard Is Vaccinated V3In the movie The Craft: Legacy, there are two major plot scenes which are very unorthodox: The fourth witch trigger to join the trio was her having a menstruation. The trigger for casting the spell on Timmy was a used condom they found in his room. The story writers could easily come with more ...

1:38 PM
Q: Title: Moby-Dick reference in Mank (2020)

J Mac BrownOrson Welles put Mank under contract to write the first draft screenplay for "Citizen Kane" under the supervision of  John Houseman. Mank is former partner in the Mercury Theatre, Welles's former partner in the Mercury Theatre. At his new residence, Mank recieved a phone call from Orson Welles: ...

7 hours later…
9:03 PM
Q: What is it called when cartoons use a static background to texture a moving object?

Taco タコスNote: The question itself was a bit hard to phrase. While watching Chowder on Hulu I noticed that some items like clothing seem to have a static background while characters move, giving an illusion that the design or pattern on their clothing is changing: I've se...


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