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12:21 AM
Sounds like an interesting question. Of course care should be taken to neither be "primarily opinion-based" nor "too broad". But you're a grown-up SE user and I'm sure you'd be able to do that. At its core sounds quite reasonable, though.
I can't speak for Skeptics at all, though. They might very well be taking and able to answer that, too.
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3:00 AM
@ABcDexter yeah noticed
@NapoleonWilson he was ther for trilogy only and I think it was I need after BvS that JL will be his last DCEU film
@Tinkeringbell not really
@Tinkeringbell yes
@DrRDizzle Man of Steel of #2? I didn't like the film that much.
@Riker I only know four of them.
3:44 AM
Q: Is there no movie for Roald Dahl's The Twits?

user3306356A lot of books get made into movies and/or tv. Is there no adapation of Roald Dahl's The Twits? The Wikipedia page has this info: Film Since 2003, a feature film adaptation of the book has been in development by Vanguard Animation and its founder John H. Williams. As part of multi-pict...

Q: Is there any way to track down a particular episode of to Tell the Truth

userLTKI'm 99% sure the answer is no chance cause I've done some looking into it. Here's the story, sometime around 1975-1976 (I think it's in that range), my father was a guest on To Tell the Truth, a gameshow where 2 or 3 guests tried to pretend to be the person who wrote a book or discovered somethi...

Listening to old school Taylor Swift cc @steelersquirrel @AJ
@Riker I though I got the spot of ugly grumpy Uncle who nobody likes :p
4:31 AM
Q: 1980-1990s thriller mystery movie with a female detective

Anu7Probably this is going to be really vague, but i cant remember anything apart from these scenes. The movie is probably from 1980s or mostly from 1990s. English, saw it on HBO/Star Movies almost 10 - 13 years back. I cant recall the actress but i this she may be famous. The movie has a scene in ...

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5:46 AM
Q: Is there a name for a trope where protagonist's family members are kidnapped in the climax of the movie?

Nog ShineWe often see in films that the villain kidnaps the protagonist's family members (or girlfriend) and threatens to come to him. Otherwise, they will be killed. This usually happens in the climax of the films. The protagonist comes there, fights with the villains (or kill them) and takes his family ...

Q: movie where friends win a resort stay after answering a quiz

ArchanaHi im trying to recollect the name of the movie where two friends win a resort stay after answering a quiz on a phone call. Later they find out the resort is empty and they're set up by a killer.

6:32 AM
Q: How did Captain America knows about Iron Man's parent's faith

KDeogharkarIt may be Spoiler for some people that In Captain America:Civil War's(2016) climax scene Zemo showed Iron Man that how his parents actually died and Winter Soldier was responsible for that. After that Iron Man asked Captain America that did he know that? and Captain America said that I didn't kn...

@MovieReel Spoiler for a 2016 film? 🤦
@MovieReel I guess you mean fate not faith
@AnkitSharma I'm editing it..
Anyway, you did it
Ofocurse I did ;)
anyway I don't think it's much of spoiler
so keeping the title
I'm removing italics for character names and also removing "it is a spoiler"
6:45 AM
as you wish
I am searching a trope name for you
what is positive word for Anvilicious?
@NogShine failed for now :'(
@AnkitSharma Is your pic present there?
@NogShine no :(
Feb 27 at 0:42, by Riker
user image
I was once there :D
7:10 AM
Is Fox chain steerler's daughter?
Rincewind is
I don't know fox Chan
No idea where is ricewind this days
7:36 AM
HNQ Report: Jaws still in HNQ and Captain America question joined now and my own question kicked out :P
7:51 AM
Expected Captain America in HNQ
Good for that answerer.. He might hit rep cap
I was watching Spiderman 3 yesterday and that made me ask that trope question.
Poor MJ.. always gets kidnapped
It's Spider-Man not Spiderman
Why is it not consistent for all the heroes?
It is superman and not Super-man
I am sure there is a question about it.
8:01 AM
On M&TV or SFF?
Q: Can anyone tell me what movie is this?

NaveenI have been searching for this movie. Please let me know

@NogShine not sure, anyway I got your troope answer, let me make that first
@MovieReel that picture looked like a shoe XD
@NogShine Oh, it doesn't end here. 2 more to go. However, I won't be able to attend the second one as it is in another town. So, I will try to visit him before wedding.
1 hour ago, by Nog Shine
8:07 AM
@AnkitSharma abhi to meri umar hi kya h. Not that soon. ;-P
@AJ lol
@NogShine done
@AJ Acche din aane wale hai.. :P
@AnkitSharma Nice pics.
@AJ thanks
yesterday, by Ankit Sharma
@AnkitSharma The sad kid is here too ^ :D
8:13 AM
@NogShine he have seen more on instagram
@NogShine can't find, maybe I am mistaken, you can even ask it ehre if you phrase it well
nevermind got it
Q: Why are "Batman" and "Superman" both one word but "Spider-Man" is hyphenated?

PriestVallonBatman and Superman are always spelt as all one word but Spider-Man is separated into two words. Is there any reason behind or is it just the way it is?

The reason is bleh!
> I didn't want anyone confusing him with Superman!
@AnkitSharma like me. ;)
Have you heard about Spider-Man India?
@AJ lol
@NogShine you got another answer
8:18 AM
Q: Kidnapping movie identification

bballboy8I watched this movie once when I was little and I can't remember the name or any of the actors. I remember it was about a guy who kidnapped a boy in a store. There was a main scene where he forced him to eat green beans and he began smoking at around age 14. When he was almost grown up, the guy k...

@steelersquirrel lol
@DrRDizzle Meh. R rated article. :P
Done with my pingfest.
Going to The Awkward Silence.
But it has been awkwardly silent, so nothing much to cover.
8:40 AM
@AJ lol
@NogShine that's not fare, he is adding stuff which was never in question
@NogShine It is not known if the robot could fly or it had friendship with kid from the picture.
@NogShine done
8:44 AM
There is exactly the same robot in Super robot monkey team hyperforce go
@steelersquirrel especially if . . . I actually forgot which message I was responding to
@NogShine similar but not same
Oh . . . the coffee thing
I liekd bit of Super robot monkey team hyperforce go but ti's sequel was bleh
Well, my favorite is Nescafe gold
8:45 AM
@M.A.R. noted down
Will use this notes If I ever invite you for coffee
I am in a room full of CII -- Central Intelligence of India -- agents. Who knew
I don't even know it had sequel.
@NogShine black monkey kind of died anad then they uploaded him into silverish I guess and the kid become monkeyish
@NogShine Not sure what the point is of salvaging that question.
@JarkoDubbeldam answerer trying to save it but ofcourse he can't, specially after giving answer
8:48 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam increasing the number of overall site edits by two
@JarkoDubbeldam The editor answered that question before it was closed and looks like they are trying to save it.
Dang, who wouldn't recognize Iron Giant?
@NogShine ohhh it was not sequel but some seaoson thing
On the sidenote we have no Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! questions
Winterbash is coming and I don't have any questions..
to ask
Reverse image search immediately gives the movie as well :/
8:52 AM
@NogShine watch something good then
or bad
@M.A.R. lol
@AJ You might wanna take a look at all those metas there ;)
@Tinkeringbell Is @AJ a member of IPS meta expert team?
Q: Movie 1980-2000 ish

ShelbyThere are two boys sitting on the side of a hill smoking a cigarette the older boy stole from his mom when a man pulls up in a black car and puts a hose in his tailpipe and then in his window trying to kill himself .

@NogShine He's certainly been around long enough to give an opinion :)
We don't really have an expert team ;)
@NogShine Actually, I wanna add an answer suggesting Transformers
8:56 AM
@NogShine I have one question but don't know if I can wait or not
@M.A.R. lol
@M.A.R. then I will suggest Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
But that would be even more apt for "hiz i looking for movie wher 10870 different particles move on screen @ da same tiem"
@AnkitSharma Go where? I only take commands from my chief
@Tinkeringbell When there's Catija, there is an expert of and . I think you also have Rand...
@M.A.R. your chief is kidnapped
@AnkitSharma PROCESSING 'KIDNAPPED' . . . You mean he was made to nap like a kid?
@NogShine Sometimes.... but I have a feeling that since Catija is a moderator, she doesn't want to answer a lot of metas on IPS
9:00 AM
@NogShine I haven't seen Rand around much on IPS tbh
@M.A.R. should I be afraid
@AnkitSharma Of course you should... women and feelings aren't a good combination :P
@NogShine Neither did I. It's still better than the rest though.
9:03 AM
@AnkitSharma You're too busy chatting to ever be a threat
And too adorable, I hear
@Tinkeringbell I hope @steelersquirrel is feelingless ;)
@M.A.R. awwwwwwwww
27th Famous Question badge \o/
@AnkitSharma I am not jealous
The fact that I'm swearing and spitting right now are irrelevant
And the fact that I don't say "cograts" is because I am saying awesomer stuff that actually have a meaning
@M.A.R. you should be ashamed, you are Breaking Bad fan and have no question and answer on a site abut Movies and TV shows :P
I'm not a fan
Maybe a molecule, but definitely not a fan
9:08 AM
@AnkitSharma I am fully ashamed
Like, 55 percent
@M.A.R. then go ask good question or make some answers
@DrRDizzle I watched BvS till half.. I didn't have any opinion on it.
Underrated movie of the day: Out of the furnace
@AnkitSharma whenever the hell did being ashamed implied doing some action?
I just wanna stay ashamed
and low profiled
@M.A.R. bummer
9:11 AM
@NogShine The theatrical cut is hot garbage. The Ultimate Edition is tolerable, but it's still not good.
@NogShine The theatrical cut is okaish. The Ultimate Edition is good.
I always see that blasting court scene.
@DrRDizzle hot garbage sounds delicious
McDonald's? McDonalds'?
Hey now
Be nice to garbage
9:16 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam Yes, please be nice to me :D
Is thinking garbage is rubbish racist?
@Tinkeringbell I'm not sure what to think of this
WHy I am Sprx-77 as per quibblo.com
@JarkoDubbeldam It's a joke, I didn't put a smiley there for nothing.... :/
@JarkoDubbeldam neither do I but I got free stars
9:19 AM
The smiley didn't help. It only made it worse :S
@AnkitSharma What is that? A space ship?
@JarkoDubbeldam Okay, well, now you know it's just a joke. File it under 'self-depracting humor' :P
@M.A.R. Super robot monkey team hyperforce go member
@Tinkeringbell that can work for me
Self-depracating humor is self-defeating. You make too many jokes and you can't make jokes anymore
9:22 AM
Hmm, this chatroom seems like an easy to to getting an outspoken badge
@M.A.R. you are being too strict today
Yes, it is easy.
@JarkoDubbeldam I am bored and I got stars
@M.A.R. True and false ;)
@AnkitSharma when am I not being too strict?
9:27 AM
@M.A.R. when you talk about weird movies of day which nobody heard about :p
Oh yay, I can downvote again . . . >:)
@M.A.R. you need to recast as an integer so it can be 0.5
@M.A.R. who? whom ? where? why? why are you so excited about it ?
@AnkitSharma mod abuse
@AnkitSharma like "Lori Chi"?
9:30 AM
@Memor-X M.A.R. is not a abuse, so call it muggle abuse :p
@AnkitSharma if @M.A.R. isn't abuse that means he can still mod lol
but yeh to some new users higher rep than them = mod
@AnkitSharma who you calling "Muggle" you . . . you . . . I actually don't know you enough for an appropriate adjective
Q: In recognition of your invaluable help

SaraThis is not a question. It's a love message from across the ocean. I know this breaks the site rules and probably will be removed migrated, but it's important for me that you know how much I like you. I can't resist this overwhelming desire to get it out. It's important that Andrew, J.R., StoneyB...

Basically epic.
oh man, seeing new South Park and how old they made Phillip and Terrace is heart breaking
@M.A.R. what is that O.o
Nobody give me gratitude here, only pin pointing my bad English
@AnkitSharma *pinpointing
@Memor-X Are you telling me cartoon characters actually age?
9:40 AM
@M.A.R. yes
On the other hand,
Q: Homeopathic medicine for obesity causing gut-bacteria

user376724I have been requiring a consultation in homeopathy and really want to know more about the homeopathic medicine for obesity causing gut-bacteria?

i feel old
@Memor-X Should I now link to that XKCD thing about making you feel old?
@M.A.R. yes, XKCD is relevant in all situations
Well, I won't link it just to annoy you
9:42 AM
@Memor-X I only saw 3 seasons.
There is no such thing as a "homeopathic medicine". — Carpetsmoker 33 mins ago
@Tinkeringbell I will check them later. Kinda tired.
ahem ahem
And you would probably not be annoyed just to annoy me
And the cycle goes on
Tell me when you get tired
@AnkitSharma a ham?
@AnkitSharma Ahem 3
9:44 AM
Does anyone here know much about mobile phones? I broke mine yesterday so I need to buy a new one today, and I think I want a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.
Don't buy Samsung! Google will take over your mind
@M.A.R. My J5 served me well... right up until I dropped it.
@steelersquirrel Haha!
@DrRDizzle I don't like the fact that they want to know about or control every damn thing I do online
Becoming like FB in that aspect
Other than that, it usually does its job well
@steelersquirrel holy moly
9:49 AM
@NogShine your trope question in HNQ
@M.A.R. There isn't a technology company in the world that isn't doing that.
@DrRDizzle the reassuring thing is for us uninitiated people, there is a vast range of specifications in digital stuff that can please us
@DrRDizzle But they are becoming more and more greedy in doing it
@M.A.R. That's capitalism for you.
IOW, we're probably not gonna push it to do hard labor . . . except maybe throwing it off of a roof of a 15-story building
9:52 AM
@steelersquirrel night shift or too much coffee?
@AnkitSharma What if it's both?
@steelersquirrel Looks like you had a fun weekend :P
@Tinkeringbell lol
@AnkitSharma I prefer the "Why not both" thing
Q: HNQ for the metas [feature-request]

Simply Beautiful ArtWhile browsing math.meta, I noticed that the HNQ section was on the side: But that isn't what I come to a meta site for. Perhaps, could we have an HNQ chosen from meta posts replacing this?

Does that even make sense?
@steelersquirrel LOL indeed
9:56 AM
@M.A.R. No, but I didn't downvote.
@M.A.R. I need feature to downvote feature request like this 100 time
@AnkitSharma With 1 vote. Great!
@NogShine I can give only one vote per post
@AnkitSharma I need a feature to downvote your feature request 100 times
OK, that's a loop
@AnkitSharma reactiongifs is not blocked
Which is amazing
9:59 AM
@M.A.R. giphy is blocked for me now so you will only get reactiongifs from me
@AnkitSharma blocked at work?
@DrRDizzle Nor iPhone.
why FB and Instagram not blocked but giphy is O.o
@M.A.R. yup
@AnkitSharma Neither. Bad dream. Going back to sleep now :)
10:00 AM
Sees new meta question
@AJ saw that one
@steelersquirrel ohhhh, good night then , sweet dreams
I did actually yawn
In fact
I see
10:01 AM
@steelersquirrel Did you dream of vandalizing light bulbs?
@M.A.R. what O.o
16 mins ago, by steelersquirrel
My TL bought a new iPhone. Now whenever someone's phone rings, all 6 people check their phones.
Sorry. iPhones.
@AnkitSharma ^^
@AJ Generic rings suck
Gawd, remembering a few years ago when everyone had a Nokia around here
Life lost its meaning way too early for me
Q: Was a detailed answer down voted because the question was off-topic?

Sudip BiswasIt is regarding this post: Can anyone tell me what movie is this? Points I want to mention: The question was of course insufficiently framed and was off-topic too. Immediately after I posted my answer I also left a comment asking the user to improve the question by adding details as much as h...

Hmm, giving the post a read, the guy seemed to answer their own question
@AJ mine always on vibrate during office hours
Q: Why are UFOs almost always shown as round (flying saucer type shapes)?

ITguyI understand that the shape of a flying saucer must have come from the earlier 'sightings' of UFOs or even from fictional representation of UFOs in films and/or novels. My question is that since we have even till today stuck out with this shape in general (yes now we see bigger more sophisticate...

Q: Was a detailed answer down voted because the question was off-topic?

Sudip BiswasIt is regarding this post: Can anyone tell me what movie is this? Points I want to mention: The question was of course insufficiently framed and was off-topic too. Immediately after I posted my answer I also left a comment asking the user to improve the question by adding details as much as h...

The thing is the OP of that ID question rolled back the edit instead of adding details.
@NogShine Man, don't you love that when it happens?
I someone want to hit some online people with a cricket bat
@NogShine I seriously thought I was looking at a spaceship :) Now i see it's a big robot looking at the sky...
10:15 AM
2 hours ago, by Nog Shine
@MovieReel that picture looked like a shoe XD
Many people and different point of views..
@AJ why this meme getting popular now, seen few version before
@NogShine Nah, sorry.... not enough imagination here to see a shoe ;)
@M.A.R. that went dark
@MetaReel I am sure it's dupe
@AnkitSharma It's very understandable though ;)
I see little point in you posting this: There are no strict rules governing voting, merely guidelines; and they're not always followed. You could have gotten a downvote because some bird pooped on the reader's car, or because someone didn't want your answer to prevent such a badly formed question from being deleted by the Community bot. Unless someone is directly targeting your posts regardless of the content, no kind of voting for no reason would be abuse. — M.A.R. 5 mins ago
I got no car, so maybe I should downvote some of M.A.R. 's posts :P
10:19 AM
@AnkitSharma if he posts something, we will. :P
What great chat friends I have made
Hugging Ankit
hugging back
Bring it on!
Hugging Ankit harder
don't choke me
10:48 AM
@MovieReel Why is it deleted? for 1 close vote? come on!
@NogShine 2 now ;)
@AnkitSharma Haha.. may the votes increase more and you may hit the rep cap..
11:43 AM
Doesn’t look possible
I don’t really care till winterbash starts
@AnkitSharma Huh? repcapping is impossible? I see a lot of people celebrating repcapping, is it really that rare here?
@Tinkeringbell It's really easy to not repcap though
11:58 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam Hmhm... But does that make repcapping such an extraordinary prestation?
Given that I went a year on the network without repcapping... somewhat
Hmm... 28 times in 4 months on IPS.... and once here, in 1 week...
So, statistically speaking, I repcap once or twice a week
12:35 PM
@Tinkeringbell My point was , it's difficult with nog's question which might get out of HNQ soon. Else Rep cap si not tough if you get the pattern
@JarkoDubbeldam lol, agreed
@Tinkeringbell I heard IPS do rep cap way more then any other beta site, so don't count stats based on that site
@AnkitSharma :( You make it sound like I didn't put any effort into it! :(
But yeah, it's a bit too easy to rep cap there... we're working on it though
@Tinkeringbell now now, that's not what he meant, what he meant to say was that he could've done that way better
(make titles less clickbaity, so less HNQ should mean less rep, get a good voting culture going where answers that aren't backed up don't get a lot of upvoted)... Takes time though :/
yep, less titles about furries and pornography
sounds like a plan
@Tinkeringbell so sorry if you felt that but HNQ give you rep cap and HNQ work very weirdly, I can give you examples where that much vote were not deserving and betetr Q/A which got less due to nto hitting HNQ
Q: What does “covfefe” exactly mean?

Yoichi OishiThe Washington Post (May 31, 2017) reports that “[President] Trump targets ‘negative press covfefe’ ” in his tweet: MORNING MIX: Trump targets ‘negative press covfefe’ in garbled midnight tweet that becomes worldwide joke / Trump tweets ‘covfefe,’ inspiring a semi-comedic act of Congress ...

12:39 PM
if they didn't hit HNQ, were they any good to begin with?
464,882 view for pointing out Trump's spelling mistake
One of the greatest enigmas of modern era
@JarkoDubbeldam clickbait stuff hit HNQ all the time, does they make them good?
In a few years, Dan Brown will write a book about it
@JarkoDubbeldam yeah Robert Langdon will prove that covfefe is a secret code for KKK
12:41 PM
@Tinkeringbell to make it clear I haven't seen your question and answer but majority of HNQ are made form controversial stuff and click baits rather then quality
Gotta have Tom Hanks in a movie fighting the KKK Kingsmen-style
Look at this:
Q: Why do castle gates in GoT open inwards?

JediThe gates of Dragonstone open inwards (Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 1). Why? Isn't it easier to ram down when it can be pushed open? The hinges are high enough to be inaccessible, and could easily be reinforced/hardened during wartime.

With blaring Lynyrd Skynyrd
@AnkitSharma Yeah, we're having that over on IPS as well, I'm spending about half my time there editing question titles nowadays...
12:42 PM
@AnkitSharma oh lol yeah
is it worth 128 upvotes ?
but IPS is a very 'gossipy' site. Lot's of drama in the questions..
Q: How to redirect a real-life help vampire to an alternate source of food... um... assistance?

TinkeringbellI've recently had some troubles with a help-vampire in the office. She's about my age (late twenties), from India and she doesn't speak Dutch. She works in the same office as me, but not on the same project/team. She was hired on a recommendation by somebody on my team and is currently learning t...

I did that on purpose though..
@AnkitSharma lol, it had 30 downvotes?
and top voted answer got 284
Before we decided to ban em all
12:44 PM
@JarkoDubbeldam yes because it was controversial topic those days people were irritated that question with keyword "gate" hitting HNQ too quick
And people asked more of those
hmm and it was pretty borderline offtopic for SFF
Q: Why are castle gates in GoT generally double doors?

JediThe gates of Dragonstone have two doors (GoT Season 7 Episode 1). Why? Wouldn't a gate be stronger if it had a single door, even if it were to open inwards (harder to ram open using the principle of moments, since aiming a battering ram at the edge would now be much harder). The only reasons ...

and then this happen ^^
So to get HNQ, people observe patterns and hit them rather then asking good stuff and which end up with bad answer and question getting to many upvotes
@AnkitSharma Hmmmm... I think what hits HNQ from IPS are the question where the title isn't really descriptive, or the problem is nice and gossipy...
Ofcourse I like getting upvotes but don't like the culture of HNQ
@Tinkeringbell like workplace.se?
@AnkitSharma I think it's a nice feature, but it gives some problems..
12:48 PM
@Tinkeringbell congrats, you worked out how to rep farm
@AnkitSharma They might very well have the same troubles ;) Only they are no longer a beta site, so they have a better voting culture on bad answers etc..
@Tinkeringbell agreed
@Memor-X Hah, I would never abuse such powers :D
But sort of the same is happening here.... The willy wonka question hit HNQ, was that because of it 'being a very good question'? Or because the answers were mentioning it may have been because of racist reasons?
This is what I asked when I was drunk and got pushed to prove my HNQ theory
Q: Can Beast Boy mate with animals?

Steve HarringtonCan Beast Boy mate with any animal? He can fully transform into any animal, with the exception of having with green skin, scales, feathers, hair, etc. Is it possible for him to mate with an animal of the opposite sex?

and ofcourse I hit HNQ
@AnkitSharma Wait... you're writing things on here while drunk? :P
12:55 PM
@Tinkeringbell or maybe because people really appreciate Willy Wonka film, that film do have a big fanbase
First thing I do when there's alcohol is lock all electronic devices away...
@Tinkeringbell only once or maybe twice
@AnkitSharma Yeah, I was just wondering aloud :)... Because once we get answers at IPS that are sorta sensational, things also hit HNQ...
In early days only controversial question hit HNQ in hinduism.se
Like this :
Q: What does Hinduism say about masturbation?

Kiran RSSemitic religions such as Islam and Christianity consider masturbation to be a sin. What about Hinduism? Please give some authentic quotes for the answers.

for a beta site
it's huge amount of views
I got 39 upvote and 11 downvote for touching that topic, I expected more downvotes then that
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/6080/… .... Sparked a lot of discussion about what was unwanted attention, or harassment, or even sexual harassment.... And spent more than a week in HNQ if I remember correctly...
12:59 PM
@AnkitSharma I remember seeing the same question on Islam SE.
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