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1:58 AM
@MovieReel A question I can answer!! Yay!! And I already knew it and didn't even have to google it!! I am the smartest person alive!!! :P
@AnkitSharma Is that your sister standing next to you? She's super pretty! Awwwwww!!! You guys are both so frigging adorable!!!
@steelersquirrel Ankit is adorable
/s --- for posterity the above message used to say "can we pin 'Ankit is adorable'"
@Riker Hehehehe!
I totally would if I could ;)
2:57 AM
@steelersquirrel no my sister is more pretty then that :D
This one is a girl at comic con , she was having some fun competition which I won
My sister is not in such things
@steelersquirrel lol
@Riker wow , really. Thanks
3:17 AM
@steelersquirrel anyway nice answer
@AnkitSharma You should have asked her out! She's super cute!
@AnkitSharma Awwwwww! Thanks :)
@AnkitSharma She even has her arm around you!!! You totally could've made a move!! ;)
I have a bunch of questions that I want to ask, but I kinda want to wait for the hat thing. I don't know what to do!!! When does the hat thing start @AnkitSharma?
I'm totally pingfesting you!!!! ;)
@steelersquirrel you forgot that I am introvert
@steelersquirrel check starboard, there is a winterbash link with countdown, click on it
@steelersquirrel hahhaha, she was just having this completion and then disappeared too soon after it
Or I am just having my introvert excuses 😏
3:42 AM
@AnkitSharma I can't see the starboard anymore because of this stupid new internet browser that I have now :(
The bottom bar on my screen covers all of it up.
Now I have nothing to do today
@steelersquirrel I am thinking to watch stuff from my pending list for winte bash but I think I should have kept my willy wonka was question for winte bash
@AnkitSharma YAY!!!!
@AnkitSharma I was kind of exaggerating. I only have a few.
@AnkitSharma I will be in here all night!!!!
I am just thinking which photos to post from tomorrow for now ;D
I am addicted to this Instagram shit
@steelersquirrel lol
3:59 AM
Q: Avengers : Infinity War

Oscar A. EsparzaCan anybody tell me what moves I should watch before this? Only the important ones. Thank you

@AnkitSharma ...and Napoleon is gone, so we can totally burn the place down ;)
4:15 AM
Wow! Jaws question made HNQ!
@MovieReel with this wording you might suffer
@steelersquirrel holy moly
@steelersquirrel great
Are you familiar with this actor?
Kumail Nanjiani
He is absolutely frigging adorable in the movie that I just watched last night... The Big Sick
I totally love him!
I didn't know that the movie was based on a true story on how he met his actual wife and their first year of dating. It was super awesome!!! And it's on Amazon Prime!!!
He is some standup comedian I guess
@steelersquirrel ohh nice
Now nothing to ask or answer
Maybe time to watch Bigg Boss
4:30 AM
@AnkitSharma I hadn't heard of him before last night. I just didn't know if he was big in India.
@steelersquirrel he is Pakistani not Indian ;)
@AnkitSharma Well...aren't you guys neighbors?
Neighbors who hate each other :D
Didn't Pakistan used to be a part of India?
4:32 AM
He talks about the same things that you do...arranged marriages and stuff with that kind of culture.
We were same once single country, so we do have similar culture
I can never keep track of who hates who ;)
I just know that we apparently hate North Korea.
As expected Thanos's colour change question is in HNQ
It's new hot topic after Superman's mustache
of course... ;)
Wow. Still no pro-ID people coming around to the meta post! Hmmmmm...
@steelersquirrel During britishr time, In India Muslim and hindu had lots of differences which britisher kind of used to make us weak, in the end when we got freedom, muslim demanded different country and then lots of slaughter happen blah blah blah, bad relationship
@steelersquirrel good for us \o/
4:41 AM
I know! Awesome!
Black Hawk Down question doing quite good, still in HNQ
And still my Willy wonka question standing strong \o/
Party time!!!
<confetti falls from ceiling>
I should have saved it for winterbash
surely have given me at-east 2 hats
I know! Those are the popular questions. Unless...we can ask some GoT questions ;)
I would totally whore myself out for a hat ask some GoT questions for winterbash ;)
I will sell my soul and win
4:51 AM
Hehehe! We're total savages! ;)
radom pings @Memor-X heloo o/
@AnkitSharma how the hell did you do that
i only just switched to the tab
I got eagle eyes ;)
400 more for 50k \o/
Oh, sweet! Mike is even over on the main site!
and then bounty post in January to loose it all :D
@steelersquirrel Mike do answer Marvel/DC stuff all the time
4:59 AM
@AnkitSharma Ahhhhh...I guess that I usually don't pay attention to that stuff, that's why I usually don't see him around.
fair enough
I should probably head over to slack. I haven't been there in a few days.
I need to keep abreast of the goings on of Himarm's cat ;)
I am there right now but nothing interesting to talk there
@AnkitSharma Agreed ;)
5:47 AM
Q: 60's or 70's western horror film that goes from B/W to color

Tim WIt's an English language film made in the 60's or early 70's. I saw it around 1978. The only scene I recall in it is where 3 characters are in a bedroom with a large mirror attached to a dresser. The male character looks in the mirror and maybe realizes that one of the 2 females in the room is a ...

@AnkitSharma yep, Home Release is superior
@Memor-X I want to see Zack Snyder cut for sure
actually i just realized this is warner bros, this is at all not suppressing
probably a calculated move to force the sale of DVDs/Bluray
> we'll release the movie in the cinema with cut footage that we'll had to DVDs and Blurays. but it wont be the same footage between them so anyone who wants the full movie had to get both
fair guess
6:32 AM
Ankit and I are both rockin' HNQ right now! Woooot!!!
6:45 AM
But no rep cap to me :D
7:21 AM
Have a skiing squirrel for entertainment!!!
That’s adorable
That was me a few days ago!! Skiing squirrel!!!
Where are others today ?
Too silent
I don't know. I just know where Napoleon is.
he's passed out sleeping right now, anyways ;)
No sleep time to me and I am bored and already had two argument with sister and one with colleague on phone
Better if I had any plan to go out
7:28 AM
Awwwww. I'm sorry :(
Hahhaha it’s usual don’t worry
I signed for this shit myself 😂
OMG!!! I can totally see your emoticon on my desktop now!! I never used to be able to see them before!!
No question to answer on site
Go answer an old one so that Napoleon will forget to reward you for it ;)
giving bounty to me make no sense
specially when it's from another mod to appreciate more participation from others
1 hour later…
9:12 AM
@steelersquirrel shouldn't that be smartest woman or smartest squirrel? ;)
9:49 AM
@Tinkeringbell the weather is too weathery here
@Memor-X IOW, jinx
@AJ no
@AnkitSharma I can't remember whether I was happy when you posted that message. Is that a problem?
@M.A.R. sound fancy enough to enjoy
After months of exasperation, I got to watch War for the Planet of the Apes.
@AnkitSharma ohai
@M.A.R. lol
@M.A.R. then ?
Man, Matt Reeves is this close to becoming Nolan
Is it a good thing or bad?
9:55 AM
Am I a Nolan fan or not?
That awesome feeling you get after a Nolan movie -- The feeling after watching War for . . . was pretty close to it
But there was this thing that because he aimed for a blockbuster, he explained stuff more than Nolan would usually do
got it
@M.A.R. how do I know :p
Jeez, how many effing times did we have Nolan-related conversations?
Oh cool
Just noticed the new review icon
Much better than the previous one
but still not doing it for me
1 hour later…
11:23 AM
Q: I'm looking for an anime film I saw on TV in Austria about 5 years ago

B. Bob I've been looking for this film for such a long time I'm considering it might have been a fever dream, but maybe one of you know what I'm looking for :) The protagonist was a teenage boy with black hair who had a normal life, but suddenly was sucked into some fantasy world? He received a sword a...

12:00 PM
@M.A.R. same for me
@steelersquirrel and no downvotes anywhere
if it ends up having a decision and no pro-id request answers were made, i make the following prediction. someone is going to bitch how it was unfair that no "regular" users got a say in it
in which case you can use this reply
> the Meta Question was up for [INSERT TIME] and that entire time the question was displayed to on the main site as such it was visible to anyone on the site, including "regular" users. if you wanted to keep id requests why didn't you post an answer? you as just as capable as anyone else to
Q: What did the soldiers mean when they replied "exactly" to Tom Cruise's question "Where is the safety"?

AnonIn the movie "Edge of Tomorrow", when Tom Cruise is getting suited up into the mechanised fighting suit, a soldier tells him about "the safety", to which Tom asks "Where is the safety"? The others just laugh and say "exactly". I didn't get the joke. Why did they say "exactly"?

@M.A.R. only jinx if it was said at the same time. you can look at the timestamps to show it's not at the same time, as such i don't owe you a heat tap
12:59 PM
@Memor-X lol
1:38 PM
@Memor-X Exactly!!
@NogShine Yeah, but the smartest woman or smartest squirrel wasn't in Billy Madison ;)
I mean...whenever it's time for my nieces and nephews to go back to school, I always, always, always have to sing the "back to school song" from Billy Madison. It's tradition! ;)
2:01 PM
Loopy time! Loopy time! Loopy time!
Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!
2:13 PM
Done posting comic con pics on Instagram
So what did I missed
Looks nothing 😂
Wow congrats.
It doesn't take much to excite me...I know ;)
Oh, look! A piece of paper blowing in the wind!! OMG!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! Hehehe!
Ufff I post so much pics lately that I did in last whole year
Anyways a girl called Tabitha looked so amazing as Wonder women but it was charged to even get her autograph and pics which was weird as she is not really a celebrity
Time to check Ricky and morty, looks like already to weird for my taste
Probably because guys like you knew how hot she looked and would pay to get her autograph ;)
Gotta go! See you sillies later :)
2:26 PM
Q: How does Channel 5 find the people who live on isolated islands for their show Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild?

Metro Boomin"Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild" is a TV show on Channel 5 where an explorer called Ben Fogle visits and lives with people who have isolated themselves from the rest of society; through means such as making their own solar powered electricity and pretty much not being connected to the grid. No...

2 hours later…
4:00 PM
@AnkitSharma I meant that as a compliment :)
@Riker I know :)
4:22 PM
Q: "What's the best thing about planet Earth?"

Ero SɘnninAt the very beginning of the movie, Justice League (2017), two kids record a video with Superman for their podcast. One of the kids asks: "What's the best thing about planet Earth?" Just as Superman smiles and begins to answer it, the footage just cuts. Is the question answered anywhere el...

1 hour later…
5:24 PM
Q: What "Space 1999" episode was this?

RonnieWanted to ask about a particular episode of Space: 1999 (a British sci-fi TV series from 1970's) that I recall (partially) seeing as a child. This was an episode in which the crew of Moonbase Alpha battled an enemy that had ships or tanks that looked circular (if I remember correctly they rolled...

Everybody slept ?
It's too calm here today
@MovieReel Ufff I could have answered it too but nothing new to add now :/
@AnkitSharma absolutely not why would you think so
sleeping is for people who don't have caffeine
Nothing to edit either
5:35 PM
@Riker you're like 15
Why are you having coffee?
Is he allowed to have coffee ;)
6:01 PM
@M.A.R. Well, the weather here is perfect for staying inside :P
Here weather is telling me to sleep but I am not in mood
@AnkitSharma You don't really need a mood to go to sleep.... Just a blanket :P Go lay down, close your eyes and the rest will come magically :P
6:19 PM
sound so tough
better I watch more crap to feel more sleepy
6:53 PM
@Mithrandir because I have a metric fuckton of work to do
@Mithrandir also I think 3/5 of my family drinks it so
it's not like I'm smuggling bootleg coffee or anything
7:22 PM
Coffee is super awesome!!!
good night all, time to leave
Wut? :'(
Almost 1 AM and tomorrow is Monday :’(
Rokay :)
I guess your son @Riker is high on coffee and still here
7:32 PM
Hehehe! That's my boy! ;)
@AnkitSharma Huh wait... there's like families here??? :D
This is a family friendly room?
7:57 PM
young sheldon,
Elon Musk's cameo
8:22 PM
@AnkitSharma im alive be proud steelersquirrel
@Tinkeringbell i.stack.imgur.com/IDCg5.jpg family diagram
RIP himarm, axel & skooba need img updates, and no clue when rincewind was last seen
(no IRL relation, just online relations)
Q: Comedy about guy mistaken for spy and trained to replace him

ClaudiusI remember seeing a movie where some clueless guy is mistaken for a spy. Since he is not but the spy agency needs him, they train him to speak Czech or Slovak (he's supposed to meet some shady people in Czechoslovakia, quite possibly arm dealers). They first send him to a room with a dictionary...

@Mithrandir you know nothing
@Riker well, aside from squirrel and nap
35 secs ago, by Riker
@Mithrandir you know nothing
@Mithrandir did they get married, or just still dating?
8:31 PM
50 secs ago, by Riker
35 secs ago, by Riker
@Mithrandir you know nothing
@Mithrandir fair
9:02 PM
Q: Two different cameos of Martin Scorsese in Taxi Driver

Sudip BiswasIn the movie Taxi Driver, we see Martin Scorsese in two different cameos. The most prominent one being Travis's passenger. This role is credited as "Passenger Watching Silhouette" and we do have a small cameo at the start too. The passenger cameo is: Well dressed Money isn't an issue with hi...

Ranking the films of the DC Extended Universe. An article, for anyone interested.
9:49 PM
saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 last night. holy fuck Little Groot is cute!
i now want any future Guardians installments to have him
a shame they show him as a Teen in the post credits
10:04 PM
Hmm, I'm sure that could get too much, too.
Oh, I didn't know Zack Snyder dropped out of the DCEU entirely. That's unfortunate indeed.
10:38 PM
Q: In netflix TV show "Mindhunter", how does the "shoe" killer communicate with Ed?

Yu ZhangIn Netflix TV show "Mindhunter", Holden and Tench go around and interview serial killers: The very first killer they brain-pick is Ed, who is very chatty and befriend with the two FBI agents somewhat. Another serial killer they interview is aggressive and in denial of all his convictions, by th...

@NapoleonWilson It's nothing official, but I certainly can't see him returning.
11:11 PM
Q: horror movie about fairies

Siri ChauvauxI'm looking for this movie about a couple moving to thr English country side with a baby and fairies that are actually scary looking (they mostly in the dark) try to steal the baby to which with a changling i loved it and i'd like to see it again! Thank you

11:35 PM
So I got a question, and I was wondering whether it was appropriate for this site.
I hear a lot of people talk about how horrible they think CGI is and how they can obviously tell the difference.
And I hear some people say the same thing about practical effects, particularly an old shows.
So my question, regardless of the quality, is whether there's been any research on whether people actually can tell the difference.
As there has been, for example on audio, where Research indicates that most people can't tell the difference between various qualities of WAV files.
So basically, "Has there been any research on how noticeable CGI or practical effects are?"
Or would this be a better question for Skeptics or somewhere else or not at all?

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