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12:00 AM
I am not entirely sure what to think of the question, though, especially his weird alternate explanation he offers. But well, I haven't seen the film yet either.
Q: Semen eating scene in Toni Erdmann

Sergey ZykovSomewhere in the middle of Toni Erdmann the main character (a lady) eats semen of her lover (the scene is disgusting, but it is not the point). And she does it not at the end of an intercourse but instead of one. I am wondering what is the point of this scene. Is it an attempt to show how distu...

Q: What are these tights that EFFY wear in SKINS series?

JunoooooeIn Skins, Effy Stonem wears these shiny plastic tights - what are they called? I've seen them a couple places, on the internet and on a meme even.

And coincidentally they're just interviewing the people from Toni Erdmann on the red carpet.
Maybe he should ask them about that semen scene. ;-)
12:27 AM
Q: Logan - the guy from X-men

gsamarasI just saw the trailer of the movie Logan, where a female kid has the same supernatural power as Wolverine and does some pretty bad things (nasty killing etc.). I saw that and my hear squeezed, but in the making some sort of computer graphics should produce what we see. So my question is: Is th...

12:42 AM
@AnkitSharma shitty but family tree
cc @steelersquirrel
context for others:
Feb 22 at 17:39, by Ankit Sharma
@Riker you should make a family tree now
2 days ago, by Ankit Sharma
@steelersquirrel your son was suppose to make a family tree by now cc@Riker
yesterday, by Ankit Sharma
@Riker don't show me ur face until u have a family tree :p
@NapoleonWilson could be worse, I could have put your avatar in there
That context seems sorely needed indeed.
@Riker Wasn't there at least a fifth child too?
shit did I miss somebody
@Randal'Thor nope idts
checked my img, nobody is missing
12:45 AM
Also, shouldn't the line to the kids come down from the link between Skooba and Steeler, rather than just from Steeler?
bleh was never a steelerfan though he was added accidentally once
@Randal'Thor im lazy ok
but yeah it shoudl >_> will do later
mainly because preview (mac default img editor) doesn't do lines good if they're not 90° angles
And I assume Himarm is the uncle on Skooba's side and TerribleFan is on SteelerFan's side.
@Riker It can still be a ninety-degree angle. Just shift the line itself to the left a bit.
hm true
i gtg for right now I think tho, just will leave the img here ;p
12:47 AM
And I think Rince is the oldest child.
nitpick nitpick nitpick :-P
@Randal'Thor not in order
you guys watching the Grammies ? Yeah I mean Oscars
@William No, the Oscars.
@Randal'Thor it's actually that they were in order
but my name was abnormally far to the left, screwing up the symmetry
so I moved it to the right, but that killed the order
<shrug> oh well, but I do have to go now so see y'all
@Riker Wut? You can't be the oldest!
@Riker OK, see you later :-)
12:51 AM
Bye, have fun.
my friend went to the Grammies
not the Oscars
which is better Oscars or Grammies
Oscars of course, we no care about no music here. ;-)
I no care about no music or no films.
In contrast to films music is something where I have a rather specific (even if not too specific) taste and that doesn't really comprise the majority of pop stuff.
Besides that, I can't help but feel the music industry is just way too pretentious. I know that this is a subjective thing, though, and that the film industry in reality isn't really much different in that regard. I just never really cared about it.
Which is not to say people aren't allowed to be excited about the Grammies. That's just my very own feeling.
Interesting well said. I think movies do cater to a larger audience.
1:01 AM
Oh, Fences is already Washington's 3rd directing act?
Good to see Mel Gibson got his act together and seems to be generally appreciated by the industry again.
Sup movie nerds?
Anyone joining our Oscar chat event: be sure to check out the survey Catija provided!
@MattD The Oscars are.
Eh, still red carpet stuff.
Thought this thing started at 8....
Yeah, but ours doesn't suck. They have more than just dresses. ;-)
(Even if the dresses scarily grow in significance here, too.)
Though, I think it might be over soon and they'll switch to the original live stream.
@Randal'Thor no reverse order
rincewind is oldest iirc
1:11 AM
Hoping for a good night, as it'll be the last night with something interesting this week until Thursday when I get my Nintendo Switch, and then Friday when I see Logan.
Also, if La La Land wins then 2016 meant nothing for film.
@Riker Yep: Rincewind, then the twins, then you. (Probably not actually twins, but I think they're around the same age.)
@MattD Oh, so you agree with the whole "empty false nostalgia" criticism?
@NapoleonWilson I guess. Saw it Friday and if you took away the musical numbers and Classic Hollywood Nostalgia (TM), you just have a bland girl meets boy and they both wanna be stars story.
My wife let me choose between that and Hidden Figures. Swing and a miss for me.
Like I literally apologized to her for the decision.
Well, I haven't seen it yet, but could get behind that criticism, I guess.
Unfortunately, though, this is exactly what the Academy goes effin' wild over.
(Apart from false authenticity.)
@MattD Hmm, I don't have too much interest in Hidden Figures either, though. I'm not that much of a historical period piece person, especially when they political message might be a little too on the nose. But I admittedly haven't seen it yet either, I don't say it's a bad film.
@NapoleonWilson Just like my Star Trek question.
Is Oscar Chat started?
1:20 AM
@AJ Sure.
@NapoleonWilson Played big here because it's American history, and features a strong cast of black women, making it kind of a big deal after the election.
Well, you also live in John Glenn country, if I remember correctly. ;-)
@MattD Well, there's many "racey" things nominated this year, even if it might do Fences and Moonlight injustice to reduce them to that aspect.
@NapoleonWilson That I do. They literally renamed the airport last summer to be the John Glenn International Airport.
Yay! Napoleon isn't alone!!
@MattD Right, wasn't that in honour of his death?
1:24 AM
Are you staying for the entire show @MattD?
@Riker HAHAHA!! Nice!! Did Napoleon sigh at you yet? ;)
@steelersquirrel I "Urgh"ed, without a smily.
@NapoleonWilson No, he died in December of last year, so it was about 6 months or so before his death.
I think there is only a few Oscar winning movies I watched
I see.
@steelersquirrel That's the plan.
1:26 AM
@AJ Yeah, me too.
@NapoleonWilson Hey...your girlfriend Emma Roberts looks hot!
Waiting for the wife to bring me leftover Mexican food from youth group tonight.
@MattD Hooray!! Is your wife watching with you?
Arrival, Zootopia and Kubo might even be the only ones. (If we don't count some of the blockbusters that surely made it into the technical categories at least.)
1:27 AM
@steelersquirrel She might, also might knock off as she's pretty tired.
@steelersquirrel Awww, I didn't see her! :'(
Was confirmation Sunday at church today, so she's been busy all this week.
@AJ OMG!! You're here!! Are you staying?
@MattD Oh! Are you guys Catholic?
@steelersquirrel No. Methodist.
My autocorrect suggests Wilde every time I type Oscar.
1:28 AM
Though, I really wanted to watch Hell or High Water and might want to watch Hacksaw Ridge.
@steelersquirrel Possibly.
@NapoleonWilson She looks hot. So does the other red head...from Spider-Man.
@AJ Maybe your computer wants Olivia Wilde to win an Oscar. ;-)
Though I can't watch the ceremony.
@steelersquirrel Oh, I think I saw her at least. Our guys even got to interview her, I think.
1:30 AM
Guess Timberlake may be the one taking Original Song tonight.
Oh, Justin Timberlake making a song-intro. Wut?
The hottest by far is Taraji P. Henson. OMFG!! Phew!
@MattD Hehe, you think? ;-)
@NapoleonWilson This song is nominated soooooo....
@NapoleonWilson Hehe! Sadly, she isn't nominated. ;)
1:31 AM
@NapoleonWilson I'm hoping for Moana to win for Original Song. I want LMM to get his PEGOT.
But I don't think he'd be upset to lose to JT.
@MattD I would even have to look up who's nominated.
BRB, wife is getting home.
@MattD What's the "P" stand for? I thought that it was just EGOT...
@steelersquirrel I think we had this discussion before. Pulitzer?
Oh, really? Why would that be lumped in with the others?
1:33 AM
I hope they reintroduce the thing where the orchestra plays all the Score nominees.
@steelersquirrel Well, I don't know. ;-)
I might as well be talking crap.
There's your girlfriend ^^
That being said, the few films I did watch were really nice, so I wouldn't have a problem with them winning, primarily Arrival.
@steelersquirrel Woot, I didn't even know she did red! O_O
Or...orange! O_O
Well...there ya go!
Hehe! Awww, I'd definitely take you with me to the Oscars over her!
1:37 AM
@NapoleonWilson Hehehe! Nice save ;)
If I leave abruptly, it's because of WiFi issues... :'(
Hottest woman at the Oscars...HANDS DOWN!!
Oh, cleavage to the win. ;-)
Cleavage and leggage ;)
1:39 AM
> Black people save NASA and white people save jazz.
She kicks Angelina's stupid ol' leg any day!!
Poor Meryl Streep.
But well, she has become pretty much Oscar staple. You don't get around that.
So what's Lou Gossett upto nowadays?
Oh, they did that first last time, too. I thought they'd vary it up a little.
Is it just me or does it sound like the names are pre-recorded?
Any bets that's to prevent the Idina Menzel repeat...
Hmm, I don't know.
Adele Dazeem.
1:48 AM
Yeah, that one.
Oh, God. I'm like 20 minutes behind :(
Wut, why?
Did you do like me and forgot that you timeshifted for a smoke break? ;-)
Three people got that correct.
Twelve people and five media franchises have won all four major annual American entertainment awards in a competitive, individual (non-group) category: the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Respectively, these awards honor outstanding achievements in television, audio recording, film, and theater. Winning all four awards has been referred to as winning the "grand slam" of American show business. The acronym EGOT was coined by actor Philip Michael Thomas. == Winners of all four awards == To date, twelve individuals have won all four awards in competitive categories. Notes: === Additional ma...
Basically he'd only be the third person to have all five awards. Super super rare.
@steelersquirrel yes
1:54 AM
Oh, now I understand why you like him so much, he did that Hamilton thing.
urgh counts
@Catija Is there a link to just the results?
@NapoleonWilson Yes.
@Randal'Thor yah
@MattD Yeah. Gimmie a second.
1:58 AM
With that attitude you're never getting it!
And still just 3 for the technical categories. Drgh!
Booooo Suicide Squad booooooooo.
Nice film.
@Catija :(
Suicide Squad was pure hot garbage.
No, it wasn't.
2:00 AM
Probably the worst movie I saw in 2016.
As usual, make-up: SF&F, costume: period pieces.
I think that sould work...
@Catija Seems to.
And after looking at it, did literally no one else but me see Manchester by the Sea?
Guess not.
But only 11 people even took it.
user image
@MattD Apparently.
2:04 AM
That's a lot of non-functioning watches....
@MattD No, someone else did.
Anyone who think Ryan Gosling should win for Best Actor is wrong and clearly didn't see Manchester by the Sea.
Swear of Afleck doesn't get is another reason 2016 will be a waste for film.
That more so than La La Land getting Best Picture.
I don't think I voted in that category.
I probably just guessed.
Oh, song guessing time again. Wut wassat?
Moulin Rouge?
2:08 AM
Oh, Officer and a Gentleman now.
Love Lifts Us Up (Where We Belong)
@MattD Yeah, I meant the one after the commercial, though. Was that the same?
@NapoleonWilson Oh, I dunno.
Maybe you have different commercial breaks.
She's so sparkly.
@MattD Yes, but not different orchestra intros when the commercials are over. ;-)
2:10 AM
@Catija out next generation mod
Oh, that dress is...enticing.
Her skin just glows...
Is oscar still going on
Why is it most movies that won best picture award are of Romance/drama genres?
Still? It started about half an hour ago.
2:12 AM
@AJ Since when?
@AJ Not always.
Wow I woke up not early
I'm pretty sure that Deer Hunter wasn't a romance... or Gladiator...
@AJ is there any online site where I can watch oscar live ?
@Catija or black swan
That lady is staring at the camera...
2:14 AM
But it's no secret that category is growing heavily pretentious and of false depth. 2015 was a milestone there. Though, 2016 improved things again.
That is a huge bow tie.
Well, it's a huge guy. ;-)
Are most of?
This is a pretty damn great song.
2:15 AM
@AnkitSharma I don't know. I'm not watching it live.
I'm sure there's a way to watch it.
@AJ bummer
I think the abc web stream is even free...in the US, though.
Looks like Hotstar have it
@NapoleonWilson most of those site don't have Indian version
@AnkitSharma Does it?
2:18 AM
Nice composure... just got hit in the head and kept going.
@AJ it saying so, but still not started playing it Andy loading going on
She's cute, though.
@Catija ???
Someone already asked lion question
2:19 AM
Well, I made sure to say "cute", not "hot". ;-)
@MattD He's the one who started it...
Is Silence even nominated for anything?
@Catija No I mean where did that comment come from? Who're you talking about?
@MattD He just said that a 16 year old is cute... and we all know what he means by "cute".
@Catija Ah, the singer for the song from Moana.
2:21 AM
Ooof, his skin looked fake.
Any updates about Oscar ceremony?
Germany's favorite actor looks like his skin is plastic.
@NapoleonWilson Best Cinematography
@AJ Commercial break.
2:21 AM
@Catija No, you don't. I honestly thought she looks cute.
@Catija Who would that be?
@NapoleonWilson The Hoff.
Urgh! ;-(
Is this the outfit Charlie Brown would wear if he grew up and was female...
Lot of empty seats. Guess they didn't want to pony up for seat fillers this year.
2:25 AM
@AJ still loading, I have seen many live stuff before but oscars are not possible for me on hotstar
Achievement in Sound Editing.
One for Arrival.
I didn't even realize the alien girl from Beyond was the Oscar Bladorius gal from Kingsmen. Speaks...for their make-up department, I guess. ;-)
I guess making up an alien noisescape gets you a lot.
@Catija Really is rife for editing.
2:29 AM
@AnkitSharma Hmm. They can give live updates who are watching it live.
And now Sound Mixing....
I bet this goes to one of the war ones...
There's a lot of layering to put together in war.
Hacksaw Ridge...
@Catija And you'd be right.
Did Priyanka Chopra came yet
I still haven't watched 13 Hours yet.
And military movies seem to be shoe-ins for sound mixing.
2:31 AM
@AnkitSharma Is she supposed to? Is she presenting or nominated?
@MattD Pretty much.
@NapoleonWilson presenting I think or maybe just red carpet let me check
Oh, so is that Shaft or just generic 70s sounds?
Q: Can (Kaiju) DNA be scanned from a distance?

patternsThe Kaiju drift reveals the breach is secured by DNA fingerprinting. From what I can tell, the DNA matching doesn't require taking a sample from Kaiju. I'm only familiar with DNA matching through taking samples: blood from finger prick cells from cheek swab hair follicle (and fictional) blood ...

2:32 AM
Oh wait, it's SWAT, right?
Doesn't say what she's presenting for.
Commercial break.
TV said sorry the video(live streaming) cannot be played, poor laptop still trying
I have massive damn expectations for Beauty and the Beast.
Me be probably gettin' hungry. I'm glad I took at least some food with me from my parents.
@AJ To watch Oscars 2017, tune in to Star Movies, Star Movies HD, and Star Movies Select HD
2:35 AM
@MattD Me too... it comes out on my birthday, so I consider it Disney's birthday present to me, so it better not suck.
Sorry. Can't stay. You guys all have fun :)
Stayin' Alive.
@steelersquirrel Awww, have fun too!
@steelersquirrel I'll think of you when the orchestra plays Take My Breath Away again. ;-)
@steelersquirrel bye
wow so Suicide Squad won
Love Jackie Chan.
2:38 AM
@NapoleonWilson Awwwwwwwww!!! Well, the orchestra doesn't have to play that song for you to take my breath away. You do that all of the time ;-*
@steelersquirrel Hehehe! ;-*
I'm glad that you find that funny... ;)
See ya.
@Catija Indeed, I still have that signature question foavourited for years. One day...I'll try to answer that.
@NapoleonWilson Which one?
Wow, it's streaming on my mobile \o/\o/\o/\o/
@AJ it's working fine on hotstar mobile app
2:40 AM
Dame Judy Dench! <3
@Catija This.
That Damn Judy Dench?
Mark entered
Best Supporting Actress.
Arrival was great.
For a change so many nomination of colour
@Catija I want it to win best picture
2:44 AM
Oh man, this scene in Manchester. Fuuuuuuuuck.
Sorry, I'm sure Michelle Williams is a great actress. But I just can't stand her. I don't really know why, maybe it's from good old Dawson's Creek times.
@MattD looks like mine is few minutes late
Viola Davis
@AnkitSharma If you're streaming it, it is.
@Catija spoilers :p
Finally this years Oscar will not be criticized for being racist
@MattD yes I am streaming
2:46 AM
@AnkitSharma Which...I'm sure is a totally natural development. ;-)
@AnkitSharma .... Yeah... not so much. People have been complaining there's no Hispanic people.
every9one in the oscars are shills
kidding :)
I still hate them for not awarding Brokeback Mountain
She is just crying
2:48 AM
Interstellar, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Redford. Happens.
That's allowed.
Her speech is too real
They wanted it that way. The show is boring if it's just them thanking a bunch of people no one knows.
Also true.
I really liked Matt McConaughey's (will I ever get that right?) speech that he got totally unjustified flak for.
It was quite inspiring while not being too much of the political peace and happiness stuff.
I hate ads
2:52 AM
That Manchester thing does look interesting indeed, though.
@NapoleonWilson seen that film, it's nice but not oscar worthy for me
I event answered question from it
Break ended
I am not sure if clicking on live button made me more upto the mark with oscras
@steelersquirrel Woot! Mr. Kimmel just acknowledged David Letterman as his inspiration. I thought you'd like that, seeing how you think he's a good replacement for Letterman.
What was the deal with that Stranger Things speech? Think we'll get one for Oscars?
Foreign Language....
The flying pizza version was hilarious
2:58 AM
Best foreign Lang film:
That silk is amazing.
The salesman
Yeah, you're still behind.

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