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12:57 AM
Q: Looking for the name of a British TV series where celebrities were pranked?

The Real OneProbably early-mid 2000s, celebrities were interviewed to appear on shows that did not exist or appeared as judges on fake talent shows. There was one fake talent show where a guy played the drums and sang "You're gonna get your f****** head kicked in!". Nicholas Parsons was one of the judges an...

1:18 AM
Q: Show on netflix.

Ym48I found a show or a mini series on netflix and now I can not find it. The only things I remember about it was that it was during the Civil war times. And for some reason I remember the title being '2 sides' but I still can not find it. Possible the description said that it was about not just th...

1 hour later…
2:45 AM
@AnkitSharma Awesome.. yes.. use a front face pic for winterbash
@steelersquirrel thanks
@NogShine thanks
And insta video from @Catija too. Cute 🤗
3 hours later…
5:26 AM
Abusive language alert ^^
And in Hindi
5:38 AM
@AnkitSharma may be later..
I got to edit Napoleon's post. ;)
5:55 AM
Anyways time for comic con
C u guys later
3 hours later…
8:32 AM
Q: Lessons from Fight Club

Moisés Briseño EstrelloFight Club is an amazing movie that changes our perception of our daily life, goals, and the things that really matter. At least I think so, but I feel that my opinion isn't very clear. I want someone to help me answering more exactly what are those lessons learned from Fight Club about our own...

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11:25 AM
Also with abcdexter
2 hours later…
1:03 PM
Q: Alien motives in the Re-imagined V series?

MiscellaneousUserIn the original 'V' series in the eighties, the Visitors motives were to control our planet turn us into an army for their planet steal our water supply turn us in a food source. What were the Visitors objectives in the re-imagined series?

1:51 PM
O.M.G. Just watched The Big Sick. Frigging hilarious!!! Best romantic comedy movie EVER!!! I was seriously dying laughing through almost the entire movie. I thought it was going to be the typical Judd Apatow movie, but it's totally not. I absolutely love the main actor in it. It's on Amazon Prime. EVERYONE MUST GO SEE IT NOW!!!
@AnkitSharma OMG!!!! Wait. Wuuuuuut? Are you saying that ABCDexter is a stormtrooper? ;)
@steelersquirrel Sorry. Busy.
@steelersquirrel He hired a bodyguard. ;)
Q: Weird animation short from 90s

staggartI'm trying to find an unreachable adult animation short that I watched sometime around 1996-97 in a TV shorts show, I don't remember the year exactly. This short told the story of a couple in crisis where he was a ludopat and he played a rare futuristic slot machine when he was going to work. T...

Q: How far from reality is this Black Hawk Down scene?

pat3d3rDisclaimer I already asked this question on Politics SE, but it did not fit the guidelines there, so it was put on hold and I was referred to Weapons SE, where I unfortunately do not have enough reputation to post it. Also, someone gave his thoughts on the matter in this answer in another post....

2:09 PM
@steelersquirrel no :D
2:37 PM
Q: Why did Joe give cigars to Team Flash?

ThunderforgeIn The Flash 4x04 “Elongated Journey Into Night”, there is a scene in the final act when Joe arrives at Star Labs and shows a box of cigars to Team Flash, handing them out to everyone. The scene is silent except for some music, so we can’t hear anybody. However, they seem super excited in a way t...

@steelersquirrel that was mobile proportion storm trooper, we didn’t done any cosplay
3:09 PM
Q: Need to identify the movie by photo/ clip

developerI have tried searching google by photo and searching movie sites, but couldn't find the movie. A small clip (ignore the audio) can be found here. Few images are below, Does anybody know the film name?

3:42 PM
Now where is everyone ??
Right here
@AnkitSharma busy
I'm here when no one else is :P
Cousin's wedding
Hm, never been to a wedding in so long
3:53 PM
@Avantgarde hey hi, how are you
@AJ ohh
@AnkitSharma Okay, you?
Hopefully not another boring Saturday
Just tired
Going back from comic con
Still not clear lol
@Avantgarde not at all, it was fun day
3:57 PM
I love contests and I love seeing cosplay etc
You participate as well?
Not in cosplay
I shared my pic already above
@AnkitSharma Nice pic!
Anyway nice meeting you @ABcDexter
I've never been to a comic con.
Is it like a one day thing, or goes on for a few days?
4:07 PM
In India it’s way small compare to US but still fun
@Avantgarde 2 day thing
@AnkitSharma I see. Well, as long as it's fun.
Quality>Quantity :)
Here no celebrity come and no movie promotions, only local comic promotion and small competition and then cosplay winner go for national comepetition and national winner go to US
But daily winner get 50,000 Rupees
Which is nice amount
wow that's a lot
I am sure national winner get more then that’s and free stay in US for SDCC comic con I guess
But ofcourse winner do a lot
One guy came as amazing blastoise and still lost
That was a funny sentence
4:16 PM
That’s third guy from left to right won
What hero is that?
My fav either lost or got goodies only
@Avantgarde Dota game character I guess
oh ok
never understood the craze behind that game. Looked awfully boring
No idea what is that
Not a gamer
@Avantgarde it's not bad actualy
if you don't like that style of game then it's really boring yes
4:20 PM
I've seen a couple of friends spend a lot of time on that. It seemed overwhelming.
Do you like it?
I don't play dota but I play league
But there were better cosplay to win :(
which is basically the same thing afaict
@AnkitSharma :(
@AnkitSharma When's the next one? 2018?
@Avantgarde yup
4:22 PM
So once a year?
nice to meet you too @AnkitSharma
@Dexter reached home ?
@Avantgarde yup once a year for 2/3 day per city in top 4 cities , not sure how they do national level selection
@Dexter anyway thanks 😊
@MovieReel is it not dupe ??
4:49 PM
Many dexters and ABC dexters ,, is it the time to bring back the Sinister?
As you like
@AJ You're enjoying daily.. cousin's marriage one day and friends's marriage another day.. Keep it up!!
5:39 PM
@NogShine I wonder when he getting married ;) @AJ
i thought this room was apolitical
We talked about politics some months ago when there's brexit and UK elections
guess who:
5:52 PM
@AnkitSharma Stormtrooper
I thought it was you @ABcDexter :D steeler also did.
NOT me
@AnkitSharma yes, handled
6:20 PM
what's HULK's height in MCU ?
no idea
8 feet.
> In The Avengers Banner is 68 inches tall while Hulk is around 96 inches tall (8 feet). So he grows to be roughly 1.4x his normal height.
Hulk can grow much taller
his anger determines it all
I think so too
6:31 PM
what was the best part of Comic Con?
Wow Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory question become my forth highest upvted questiono
@ABcDexter I liked watching cosplay
for you?
@ABcDexter lol, nice FB tag :D
already said in FB post
i am totally drained now
might sleep whole day to rejuvenate
I am still not sleepy enough
6:38 PM
should i send the Drowsy pokemon
will roam around SE
@ABcDexter where was that O.o
no, we had blastoise right
so will look for drowsy tomorrow
i wish i could cosplay
@ABcDexter me too but I am broke af :D
haha, am anti-broke
And I am not so talented
6:42 PM
gonna buy iPhone-X soon
Hey did you know we made Ravana cosplay in office competition, it's on instagram and facebook
@ABcDexter wow, I can;t
@ABcDexter In office for Dashehra competition, it's on Insta and facebook, just scroll a bit
6:43 PM
ok, letmme check
am too sleepy
I did more of supervision but it was team work
and surprisingly we got 2nd
@ABcDexter there you go ^
We were ill prepared, else would have done better then this
those 9 heads were too tough to stick
@ABcDexter I mean in office competition, our team was 2nd
I shared insta link too
I will post more pics later, for now only graphic India and storm trooper
Why this kid is making sad face and spooling my pic 😂
And when did SE started Instagram oneboxing O.o
But only app link working, website link doesn't
7:22 PM
Q: Can Thanos change his color?

irshaThanos appeared three times in post credit scenes of MCU films and lastly in Infinity War trailer. Each time MCU used different colors for Thanos. Why is that? I am not a comic book reader, Can he change his color?

@MovieReel expected that question
7:51 PM
Q: 90s movie about substitute teacher

Master YodaI remember watching a movie about 15 years ago about a white female teacher being asked to substitute in an all black/latino community school. The students are mostly just rude to the teacher and don't respect her but a few of them are in gangs and take a violent turn with her. There is also ...

8:06 PM
Q: 90s movie about detective stalked by crazy ex gf

ClaudiusI have some memories about a movie that's really bugging me and I can't find it via Google searches. I saw this and other movies when I was little/teen, in the late 90s and early 2000s. Here's what I remember: There's this detective who has a female partner called Diane or Diana. He is suddenl...

8:49 PM
Q: Acapulco H.E.A.T start of episode song from season 2

ClaudiusHere's the music I want to identify , it is played during each episode at the start. It's different from the show's theme song which would be here Both are quite catchy. The soundtrack on imdb or elsewhere only points to the sec...

2 hours later…
11:15 PM
Q: What's the significance of the shooting star in Jaws?

CharlesOn the night/early morning that Hooper, Quint and the Chief Brody encounter the great white shark (when the shark begins pounding on the boat), just after the shark goes away there's a shooting star in the corner on the scene; twice, in fact. What's this supposed to mean? ..that they were save...


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