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my MTV icon looks like a piano from Music.SE
3:14 AM
Q: What was actually edible in the Room of Pure Imagination?

Timothy G.I was watching the classic Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and during the iconic scene of when the characters enter the room of Pure Imagination where Willy Wonka sings his famous song, I thought what is actually edible in that room? I would highly doubt that everything was, but there were ob...

3:39 AM
@Mazura is it a good thing or bad ?
@NogShine what is this ?
@Tinkeringbell no, I haven’t seen a movie from Days now
@DForck42 nice
@DForck42 ofcourse chocolates are life
@AnkitSharma I should probably just restart my computer. I've seen some other ones that aren't right either.
I just woke up so... sure! Morning :)
@AnkitSharma A car stuck in a tumbleweed.
4:15 AM
Q: What made "manspreading" acceptable in American movies?

Tom AuIn the 1962 film,the "Music Man," after the librarian Marion Paroo turns down Harold Hill's advances, there is a scene in which the salesman (along with other men) engages in (fully clothed) "manspreading." The movie was considered "G" rated, so I imagine that the display was not too shocking for...

4:37 AM
lulz. Can someone under an Imperius Curse know what is happening? had the Information Security icon
2 hours later…
6:07 AM
@Mazura ohh
@Mazura 11:37 AM here
@NogShine shit
My next avatar will be my own pic for winterbash but not sure which one
11 days and 15 hours, watchout @steelersquirrel
7:06 AM
@Memor-X Yeah :) I think the 'it' is supposed to read is? Anyway, the structure of the sentence is off anyway... But I was just teasing Ankit, and I've been warned not to try that again :P
@AnkitSharma Let's hold a day in celebration of this little guy then: nps.gov/common/uploads/stories/images/nri/20150202/siteadmin/…
7:36 AM
@Tinkeringbell doesn’t look like a chocolate
@AnkitSharma That is the only reason we can have chocolate!
It's the only animal known to pollinate cacao plants...
Very weird trivia
To make it clear we are not insect.se :P
@AnkitSharma I like those :)
@AnkitSharma Hahaha ;) But if you ever again eat chocolate with your movies, you'll now know where it came from :D
or just ignore this fact and enjoy my chocolate :P
@AnkitSharma That would be pretty thankless and disrespectful to the poor critter! It did such a good job! :D
7:46 AM
Q: What movie has a gf or wife cheat on her husband or bf with a stranger? In a hotel/motel

MichelleAll I can remember is a scene where a woman and her friends stay in a motel or hotel which is 1 story tall and I believe if was in a desert looking area. And she meets a stranger and while her friends are are asleep she sneaks into his room which I think is next door and has sex with him. Then th...

I don't want to think about insects who shit on my fav food items
@AnkitSharma Who said anything about shit?
so where did there shit go while they are pollinating
@AnkitSharma This isn't insect.se. How am I supposed to know? :P
Thought you knew something that I didn't.
So it's a win win
lets celebrate with eating chocolates ;)
Time to ask a question
8:04 AM
@AnkitSharma Ugh, so soon after breakfast? No thanks :P I'll save mine for later :D
@AnkitSharma Good luck :)
@Tinkeringbell for me it's lunch time
@Tinkeringbell thanks
@Tinkeringbell done
@AnkitSharma Well, Enjoy :) I'll have to wait another hour or three ;)
1:48 PM here
Here that movie is called charlie and the choclate factory iirc
Oh no, now I see.... the first movie adaptation from 71 was called willy wonka
You might want to edit that in, that you're not talking about the Tim burton movie but the one from 71.... :P
8:20 AM
remake took name from novel, first adaptation changed the name
@AnkitSharma Yep. I see :)
@Tinkeringbell tim burton film have only one question here, original one got 10(11 now)
@Tinkeringbell added film link too
@AnkitSharma Nice :) I'll see what I can google for you ;)
Got it :)
8:22 AM
I will watch both version soon . Seen remake long ago
@AnkitSharma yesss
Chocolate is a necessity of life.
Wikipedia isn't all that informative about it
> However, the title was changed to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
@Mithrandir tell that to @steelersquirrel
@JarkoDubbeldam The Dutch one is :P
> De titel van het verhaal werd echter aangepast naar Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory om beter aan te sluiten bij het snoepgoed dat in de film gepromoot zou worden, en omdat in de Verenigde Staten (die toen betrokken waren bij de Vietnamoorlog) Charlie een spottende bijnaam was voor de Viet Cong.
> "he thought it placed too much emphasis on Willy Wonka and not enough on Charlie"
It seems also to be related to the overal emphasis of the movie
Being more about Willy Wonka rather than Charlie, to Dahl's disappointment
8:27 AM
translate: De titel van het verhaal werd echter aangepast naar Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory om beter aan te sluiten bij het snoepgoed dat in de film gepromoot zou worden, en omdat in de Verenigde Staten (die toen betrokken waren bij de Vietnamoorlog) Charlie een spottende bijnaam was voor de Viet Cong.
translate not working this days :'(
Right, it's been broken for months :/
The title of the story was adapted to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to better connect to the candy promoted during the movie and because in the United States (who were involved in the Vietnam war at the time) Charlie was a derogatory nickname for the Viet Cong.
> However, the title of the story was adapted to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in order to better connect with the candy that would be promoted in the film, and because in the United States (which were then involved in the Vietnam War).
By Google translate^
The title was changed to Willy Wonka and the chocolate Factory to better match the candy that was promoted in the movies. Additionially, Charlie was slang for Viet Cong, which the US were at war with.
@Mithrandir it will be fixed in 6 to 8 weeks I guess
8:29 AM
Ax and you shall receive
@AnkitSharma definitely..
@JarkoDubbeldam Dahl also apparently hated the movie adaption of James and the Giant Peach. He hated it do much that he stood outside the theater with a megaphone and implored people not to watch it.
OTOH, he didn't seem to mind the money he made, seeing the amount of books that were turned to movies
@AnkitSharma I added a sentence in my Hinduism SE profile that I'm leaving the site in 6-8 weeks which made many people shocked.
@Tinkeringbell AJ's answer saying fully different story
8:30 AM
Now, that joke may become real..
@AnkitSharma Yeah... that's funny. I'll be looking for more sources :)
@NogShine I know, noticed that they missed the joke
Q: Translate: tool isn't working

MithrandirThe translate: tool available to mods in chat seems to be broken. It refuses to translate things for me: (this was in the sandbox) This has been confirmed to not work very often for other mods in the TL as well. Can we please fix this, if it's not a problem on the Bing side?

and some missed Nog Shine joke too.
Do note that wikipedia is missing a citation.
8:32 AM
@Mithrandir still no official reply
Q: Why did they avoid Charlie's name in the film title?

Ankit SharmaWilly Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) is a film based on the book named Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But what was the reason for the shift from Charlie to Willy Wonka in the film title? Is it not more of Charlie's journey in the film? Is it for the hint to any supposed deviation from ...

For now upvote to both answer but AJ's one sound more plausible for now
@MovieReel you are so slow that I got two answer before you even posted it here
I think it is coincidental that you have a movie that's named after willy wonka instead of Charlie, and also that Dahl criticized the movie for being too focused on Willy Wonka instead of Charlie.
Seems odd
@AnkitSharma Yeah, I think I'll be deleting my soon.... it seems more and more plausible that it was to promote the sales of real life wonka bars and the charlie part is urban myth :P I might need to go edting a wiki soon ;)
8:35 AM
@Tinkeringbell Here's a source for you pritzkermilitary.org/explore/museum/…
@Tinkeringbell keep it too, just try to find source of what wikipeida said
cc @AnkitSharma ^
@NogShine nice
@Tinkeringbell part of your answer matches AJ's:
> Eventually, they settled on calling the new bar the Wonka Bar, and with that they chose to rename the entire movie after Willy Wonka as a promotional tie-in.
Wikipedia doesn't cite anything for it though :/
@JarkoDubbeldam True... I'll be doing more research on time-lines etcetera, but the info I got now suggests urban myth on the Charlie
8:36 AM
How many % chances are that it will go into HNQ
without the T word... it is 70% :P
hey I asked a question from your fav film, where are you @steelersquirrel
German wiki gives the same reasoning
> Im Gegensatz zur verbreiteten Meinung, der Originalfilmtitel Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory trage einer erweiterten Rolle Willy Wonkas Rechnung – eher das Gegenteil ist der Fall –, wurde der Titel geändert, weil zur Erscheinungszeit des Films „Charlie“ die übliche Bezeichnung im Vietnamkrieg für die Soldaten des Vietcong war (Viet Cong = Victor Charlie).
No citation either
@NogShine T rule don't apply here
8:37 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam Keeps soundling like urban myth.... ;)
@JarkoDubbeldam on a sister site if question talk about toilets, they get more limelight and mostly hit HNQ
@JarkoDubbeldam T word means the toilet.
I'm back into voting..
It's in this list of useless facts though, just like the info @AJ provided...screenrant.com/…
8:39 AM
@AJ about the point that the journey is about Charlie, you could add this criticism by Dahl: Dahl said he was "disappointed" because "he thought it placed too much emphasis on Willy Wonka and not enough on Charlie"
@NogShine for 100% I will ask do Willy Wonka harass kids ;)
@NogShine nice
> A cast of suitably bratty children, Oscar-nominated songs by Anthony Newley and a disturbing, psychedelic boat ride sequence did not prevent Dahl feeling "disappointed" in the movie.

Roald Dahl
Dahl lost faith in Hollywood's ability to do justice to his stories
"He thought it placed too much emphasis on Willy Wonka and not enough on Charlie," said Liz Attenborough, trustee of the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in Buckinghamshire. "For him the book was about Charlie."
Spider ID and Dexter film technique question still in HNQ
Snow might get anotehr rep cap
he/she/it answered both
In HNQ ...
where is movie reel?
11 mins ago, by Movie Reel
Q: Why did they avoid Charlie's name in the film title?

Ankit SharmaWilly Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) is a film based on the book named Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But what was the reason for the shift from Charlie to Willy Wonka in the film title? Is it not more of Charlie's journey in the film? Is it for the hint to any supposed deviation from ...

8:44 AM
@NogShine as expected with two early answers
btw, metabot on Hinduism is posting within 10 minutes for now.
Okay, I am done answering. Work to do now.
Can I add the movie title in the question title? @AnkitSharma
9:02 AM
@NogShine nice
@AJ your choice
Willy Wonka will give you more views
One less 6 to become Satan
I got 3 1s in my rep. What does it say? ;)
@AJ That's got something to do with angels, apparently: google.nl/…
9:10 AM
My birth date is 11.
@Tinkeringbell Nice!
@JarkoDubbeldam 666
@AJ that you are so weak to be a Satan
@AnkitSharma lol
Mine is 15, so 6
My birth date got 1 and 9 only.
9:14 AM
Your question was recently on 111 views when I refreshed it.
Ok. That's enough numerology for the day.
means I love you
One more and you have 12^2
@AnkitSharma I can give numerous other variations of it. ;)
@AJ but remember one thing :
Apr 1 at 14:22, by Sree Charan
8 hours ago, by Ankit Sharma
People born on 15th are best.
9:20 AM
@AnkitSharma LOL. I won't :P
@AJ stop at hate ;)
@AnkitSharma There is more than that. ;)
@AJ that's why I said stop at hate
@AnkitSharma One of them is the last deadly sin from Se7en.
@AnkitSharma I know.
Q: What was the movie The Lure about?

ajay singh yadavI saw the movie The Lure and I am unable to understand it's meaning

Q: Recent movie about alien invaders

Jack JohanssonAbout a year ago I was watching a trailer about a movie in which some spider formed aliens were invading the earth. There is a scene I remember almost clearly: It was night, and there were massive lightning storms happening. The sky was also cloudy or the air was very foggy, since I don't reme...

9:24 AM
@AJ That reminded me this question and it's answer
Q: Was there a specific meaning behind each child in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

Johnny BonesJust curious if each child stood for some specific evil or something. I feel like Augustus Gloop stood for Glutony (his name even has some similarity), but can't quite put my finger on the other kids. Or, was there some other meaning behind each child?

But how Charlie is lust O.o
@AnkitSharma I didn't watch the movie, so I don't know.
A: Was there a specific meaning behind each child in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

CatijaOOOH! I think I got them all... and it's based on their last names: Agustus Gloop - Gluttony, like you said. Gloop is a any thick liquid or sticky substance... sounds like fat? He's constantly eating or complaining of hunger. Violet Beauregarde - Pride. Beauregard means: Respected; regarded hi...

I like Catija's answer more
But upvoted both
yeah me too.
and DVed third
> Author Roald Dahl disapproved of the 1971 film adaptation and declined the film rights to produce the sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Warner Bros. and Brillstein-Grey Entertainment entered discussions with the Dahl estate in 1991, hoping to purchase the rights to produce another film version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The purchase was finalized in 1998,
> with Dahl's widow, Felicity ("Liccy"), and daughter, Lucy, receiving total artistic control and final privilege on the choices of actors, directors and writers. The Dahl Estate's subsequent protection of the source material was the main reason that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had languished in development hell since the 1990s
> Salt was originally a form of money.
that's wrong though
9:34 AM
Tim Burton is making a live action Dumbo O.o
@JarkoDubbeldam what do you mean?
Dumbo is not worth a live action
@Mithrandir I've seen some sources disputing that
Think about it, salt is pretty easy to get by
Take seawater, let it evaporate, you got a bunch of salt
Seawater can be difficult to come by though.
Especially in like the desert.
9:38 AM
Nevertheless, 'worth one's salt' didn't exist in Roman Latin or even in medieval English and dates from as recently as the 19th century.
From that source
Worth noting that Britain is an island.
The following is a list of unproduced Tim Burton projects, in roughly chronological order. During a career that has spanned over 30 years, Tim Burton has worked on a number of projects which never progressed beyond the pre-production stage under his direction. == 1980s == After the success of Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985), and before his hiring of Beetlejuice (1988), Warner Bros. sent Burton various scripts. He was disheartened by their lack of imagination and originality, one of them being Hot to Trot (1988). == 1990s == === Conversations with Vincent === Burton held a fascination w...
wow nice list
Burton's Jurrsic park sound fun
9:57 AM
@AnkitSharma Well, today I am the richest person in the world :P
@Tinkeringbell ufff I need chocolates now
@AnkitSharma Do you have Paypal? :P
Maybe I can transfer some chocolate coins your way :P
@Tinkeringbell no
I have Paytm ;)
@AnkitSharma I don't have that one...
It's Indian company :D
10:10 AM
Q: What movies and TV shows are in this website's banner?

Steven RandsAt the time of writing, the top of this website (ie. movies.stackexchange.com) shows a horizontal repeating banner with illustrations representing 17 different movies and TV shows. I can make most of these out, but some have me stumped. From left to right I think they are: Star Wars Batman ...

Q: Why was this question heavily downvoted for seemingly "technical" issues?

Tom AuThis is the question I am referring to. It has several downvotes, so it appears to be "systematic" rather than incidental. I believe that there were two "technical" issues involved with my question, both perhaps deriving from that the fact that I was born in 1957, which means that 1) I much less...

@MovieReel not again
@ABcDexter hello o/
@ABcDexter what is this O.o
10:16 AM
thats a thing
@JarkoDubbeldam It's probably not much worse than that tyre thing...
doubt that
Sorta kinda reminds me of Hataraku Maou-Sama
Is anime on topic here? I know there's a separate stack for it, but still
@Tinkeringbell hai is japanese for yes
10:28 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam It's a Dutch informal hello, don't blame me :P
@ABcDexter sugoi
10:44 AM
@AnkitSharma That's two weeks from now \o/
@AnkitSharma I showed that to my gf, and she one-upped me with this:
@MetaReel I didn't care about it.
@DrRDizzle Hi! 0/
Q: An electric sparkle in air kills humans

SrinivasLong time ago i watched an Hollywood film but i couldn't recall its name. Story: No electricity in the city, An electric sparkle kills humans inside a city and it moves through electric wires, few friends trying to save themselves but finally only two are able to escape, i think and the film from...

11:00 AM
@MovieReel Sooo... there's 8 points in the help center that a good 'Identify X' post has... How many may be lacking before the downvoting starts?
@Tinkeringbell lol
@JarkoDubbeldam anime is on topic here, genre don't matter here, any kind of TV shwo or film is on topic here which comes on TV, theater or websites/apps
@NogShine Yo
@NogShine your birthday? wow
@JarkoDubbeldam uffff, hell no
@NogShine I do, that's why I asked it here first
@DrRDizzle 'hello o/ wassup
@AJ Salman Khan O.o
Tubelight is a 2017 Indian Hindi language war drama film written and directed by Kabir Khan. The film is produced by Salman Khan and Kabir Khan. Set in the 1962 Sino-Indian War, it stars Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Zhu Zhu, Matin Rey Tangu and Om Puri. Shah Rukh Khan appears in a cameo in the film. Julius Packiam and Pritam scored the music of the film, with the former composing the film score and latter composing the songs. It is an adaptation of the 2015 American film Little Boy. The film released on 23 June 2017. This marks the last film appearance of Om Puri who died on January 6, 2017, shortly...
11:07 AM
what's up
Nothing is up, just work.
@AJ Ceiling
@Tinkeringbell there are lot of meta due to the identification stuff only , three featured at the moment
@DrRDizzle ohh
@AnkitSharma there is a tubelight before ceiling
I've nearly finished writing an article where I rank the films of the DCEU from worst to best. Hoping to publish it tonight.
@DrRDizzle Seriously 1 star?
11:09 AM
@AJ not exactly above my head, I can give you proof if you want :P
@AJ ?
@DrRDizzle I am scarred :P
@DrRDizzle for JL. I read your review.
I should have saved my question for winterbash, surely would have given me hats
@AJ Oh, OK. Yeah, 1 star.
11:12 AM
@AnkitSharma From worst to best: Suicide Squad, Justice League, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel, and then Wonder Woman.
@DrRDizzle For me, SS, BvS, MoS, JL and WW.
Coincidentally, Wonder Woman I gave 4 stars, Man of Steel I would've given 3 stars, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Cut) would get 2 stars, Justice League I gave 1 star and Suicide Squad would have gotten 0 stars.
MoS and JL can be interchanged.
@AJ Interesting.
11:15 AM
@DrRDizzle that I can agree with most of ti if you switch BvS with JL or we considering BvS ultimate edition ?
@AnkitSharma I'm using the Ultimate Edition, but even the theatrical cut would put them on about equal footing for me.
@DrRDizzle I like JL theater cut more then BvS theater cut but extended cut make it better then JL for me
Maybe JL extended cut change it again for me
Anybody checked Suicide Squad extended cut? , I heard it made it worse in some reviews
and few reviews said it add nothing as good to change any opinion
Also RT ranking of MCU Movies @DrRDizzle @AnkitSharma
But I don't agree with it.
How come Homecoming has 92%?
11:23 AM
@AJ holy moly, can we jail them for saying DR Strange is better then Winter soldier
And how stupid Ragnorock on 2nd number
Uff I hate that list
You ruined my mood by that list
@AnkitSharma No hard numbers there... is it just guesstimating?
I am devastated
Here is another one, but it's also bad.
> Dear ankitsharma,

This is a message from the IT Department.

The web site you are trying to access:
is listed as a site within the category Games

Current Internet Access Configuration for you does not allow visiting sites within this category at this time.

If the website has been erroneously blocked, please submit it for re-evaluation.
In conclusion, don't trust what critics say and enjoy the movie.
11:25 AM
Hence proved RT is dumbshit
@AnkitSharma Ah./
@AJ how can I star this chat msg more then 100 times ?
@Tinkeringbell I am confused
I don't know.
pinned ;)
We don't have much to pin either
Q: Does Homer dream of killing his father?

user598527There's an episode from around 2005 in which unconscious Homer dreams of suffocating his father (however, I personally think that some of the modern episodes shouldn't be considered as canon). Does this scene confirm that Homer wishes for his father to die, or even would like to murder him with h...

11:29 AM
@MovieReel you are ruining the front page again
@AnkitSharma I read the meta's ;-) I was just curious (since I can downvote now apparently) if ID questions get downvoted when 1 of those 8 points in the Help Center are missing, or 2, or 3 or 4.... ;-)
Or if I have go guesstimate :P
@AnkitSharma All Rotten Tomatoes tells you is what percentage of critics liked a film. It doesn't tell you how much they liked it. As long as you keep that in mind, Rotten Tomatoes is a fine tool - but it's not the be all and end all of criticism, which some people treat it as.
@Tinkeringbell ofcourse guesstimate
@DrRDizzle site which tell me Dr Strange is better then Winter soldier is dead for me
@Tinkeringbell I guess that's mostly dependant on how answerable the question is without the missing information
@AnkitSharma They're literally just aggregating and analysing data, it's not like it's their choice how that data pans out. If it makes you feel any better, they both have 89%, but the average score for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is 7.6/10, but for Doctor Strange it's 7.3/10
11:42 AM
@DrRDizzle IMDb work more the RT for me and RT audience score are better for me mostly
Audience scores are inherently unreliable, because most people only bother to rate things they either really love or really hate.
@JarkoDubbeldam not answerability but quality, I can ask “movie with sparkling vampire” where Answer is way to easy but detailings are bad so closed
So everything ends up being weighted towards one extreme or the other.
@DrRDizzle so I go with RT + IMDb average score or just my instinct
If I enjoy it then critics don’t matter
@AnkitSharma I agree with that. Hell, I liked Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets more than Dunkirk or Baby Driver.
11:49 AM
I loved Time machine and paycheque, critics told me to hate it
Critics didn't tell you to hate them. They just told you they didn't like them.
but they bashed both film so so much that I can’t relate at all
You don't have to relate.
If I can’t relate, I can ignore
That’s what I do now
@DrRDizzle Are you up to watch The Last Jedi?
11:54 AM
@AJ I am not :p
@AJ is it out where you are?
@AJ Of course. I'm (hopefully) rewatching Star Wars: The Force Awakens over the weekend in preparation for it. Rian Johnson is a really good director, and I'm hopeful for it.
@Memor-X no
@Memor-X No.
@AnkitSharma yeah, know I do. :P
@DrRDizzle And what's your opinion about J J Abrams?
I can watch it if any good plan come my way but I will never try specifically
11:58 AM
Q: Is Popeye shown in the Narcos Series?

AdamI recently found out about Popeye. I do not remember anyone with that name in the Nacros series. Is he even in there? If so, who is playing him?

@AnkitSharma ok
If I hadn't watched Rogue One, I'd never try Star Wars.
Rogue One was cool
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