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@AJ I think he's enormously over-rated as a film-maker.
He got his hands on popular movie franchises such as Mission Impossible, Star Wars and Star Trek.
And they've all been better without him.
But I think these franchises were already hit before he came, so I had an idiom in mind for him, but I forgot.
Mission: Impossible 3 is good, but it's not as good as Mission: Impossible, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol or Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation.
Star Trek (2009) is OK, but it's not as good as Star Trek Beyond, and Star Trek Into Darkness is real bad.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens had some good bits, but it mostly just really derivative of other Star Wars films.
12:04 PM
@AJ I tried it twice but didn’t got the flow
Hell, here's my review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens when it first came out. screennerds.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/…
Mayeb because of experience from previous 7
@DrRDizzle he is hit or miss for me.
Got second bronze for my wildly wonka question
@DrRDizzle My point.
> director JJ Abrams brings the world of Star Wars to life better than ever before
@ABcDexter you didn’t answred my yesterday’s questions
12:13 PM
i was busy
So what’s going on
Episode VIII
Star Wars...
@ABcDexter so we know Thanos gets the Space and Destruction stones atleast
and the Tesseract's going to get turns into that little thing
or maybe Thanos is like Superman who can crash Coal into a Diamond, but in Thanos's case he crushes the Tesseract and Ether into small stones
@Memor-X I remember seeing collector vs thanos scene somewhere maybe in trailer so yes
collector is a joke in MCU
So do grandmaster
12:18 PM
@AnkitSharma well he didn't have either one. wasn't he given the Ether and Star Lord kept the Destruction Stone?
(haven't seen Vol. 2 yet)
Thanos is a BADASS
@Memor-X when did he given aether ?
someonw will get kiled
@AnkitSharma I didn't spot the Collector anywhere.
@AnkitSharma post credits of one of the films. couple of Thor's buddies went to The Collector to give him the Ether because they had the Tesseract already and it wasn't a good idea to have 2 Infinity Stones in the same place
wasn't it you who suggested to me that he might have been planning on getting them himself?
12:20 PM
@Memor-X That's after Thor Dark World
@DrRDizzle then it must be some behind the scene pics or some TV spot or smoething which I remember
@Memor-X He probably starts the film by destroying the Nova Corps to get the Power Stone. Then, he ambushes Thor to get the Space Stone. Then, he travel to Earth to rip the Mind Stone from Vision.
@JarkoDubbeldam yeh i lost track of the post-credits now
I recently rewatched that one, so ... :P
@Memor-X warrior three gave away aetehr to collector, so aetehr is still with him
12:21 PM
@DrRDizzle yeh, Vision is going to die before the end
@Memor-X Possibly.
because the film wont be complete until Thanos has all the stones and there is a huge fight to stop him using them
and maybe we'll see Death
@Memor-X In comics colllector like collecting stuff and is a badass too but in MCU he is joke and thanos can kick his ass easily, so he surely want to collect but most probably going to fail for now
i got my money of her looking hot rather than all boney. because Shelob in LotR can turn into a hot woman so so can Death
@DrRDizzle I guess aetehr come first and then earth in last
@Memor-X he is robot , so tony can make him again I guess
@Memor-X no fun with death until you got deadpool ;)
12:24 PM
@AnkitSharma I bet he doesn't get his hands on the Aether until the very end of the film, if at all. That's the Reality stone, which is probably the single most powerful one.
@AnkitSharma sorta. he's a robot created using vibranium stolen from....what that place Black Panther comes from. if Tony could rebuild him i would think he's use the vibranium for his own suits
also Vision was made with what was left of Javis's code that Ultron tried to kill
Vision dies so does what's left of Javis and it wont be Vision without that Javis feel'
@DrRDizzle all are powerful in there own context and we haven't even seen the last one yet
@AnkitSharma wait, does Deadpool encounter Death in the comics?
Collector has any guesses for who's gonns play Death?
@Memor-X or maybe when viison killed, some chip inside him remains which help tony making him again
@Memor-X yes Thanos love death but death loved deadpool
12:26 PM
Collector has some hidden skills, mabe he's the one to die
Thanos vs collector
@ABcDexter I don't think he will be killed but beaten up at best
Gimme my stone, Sharon stone ;)
oh okay @AnkitSharma
@AnkitSharma lol, that is going to be funny to see on the film. especially if Death is all boney
> Deadpool: why would i be interested in you? look at you!
Death: have you looked in a mirror?
Deadpool: yes, i look like shit. but atleast i still have shit on my bones!
> In an interview with Fandango posted on Monday, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige hinted that we could eventually see the Grandmaster (played by Jeff Golblum) meet up with his brother, the Collector from Guardians of the Galaxy who was played by Benicio Del Toro.

“It would be awesome man. It would be great,” Feige said. “We love the idea that they’re brothers. If you go on the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout attraction at California Adventure in Anaheim, you will see a picture on Collector’s wall of he and the Grandmaster playing some sort of a space chess game, which right
@ABcDexter lol
@Memor-X lol
@AnkitSharma I know that. The Space Gem lets you teleport extremely long distances. The Mind one offers mind control. The Power one makes you super strong. But the Reality one lets you rewrite time and space how you see fit. It's inarguably the most powerful of them all.
12:29 PM
@AnkitSharma she doesn't look that bad
@DrRDizzle we got all 5? what is 6th one for?
anyone up for the missing stone at Wakanda ?
nice fan art
It can work in film
Black panther comes in Feb
12:31 PM
@DrRDizzle but could the reality stone mess with time that's being messed with by the Time Stone
@ABcDexter would make sense
@ABcDexter I think they will keep last one for infinfity war, I expected it to be in Thor 3 but ti wasn't
most secretive place on earth with the strongest metal known to man also has one of the greatest artifacts in the universe
i thought it was Heimdall whohad the soul stone
but yes, nothing came up in Ragnarok
Ohh next one is Orange(Soul Stone), so I guess Resurrection? that lame speedster or someone else ?
@ABcDexter me too orange stone was in his sward
@AnkitSharma Thor introduced the Reality Stone. Guardians introduced Power. Captain America introduced Space. Avengers introduced Mind. Dr Strange introduced Time. i would think another series will introduce the last stone
12:34 PM
but what Heimdall do with his sword have nothing to do with soul stone
@Memor-X hmmm
@AnkitSharma Wakanda being tribal and thus could worship spirits could have the soul stone
or it's power is resurection and Deadpool has it has a form of irony
He is the soul stone
Lets see if they do gold and pink stone in future or not
12:36 PM
@ABcDexter Deadpool?
but that speculation turned out to be false
maybe Wakanda has one
@ABcDexter I know, I know
The Black iPanther title,
@ABcDexter if he was then the Warrior's three knew nothing about it
12:37 PM
passed onto generations
is the soul "stone"
@Memor-X except Odin and hemidell, all Asgardians are ignorants
@AnkitSharma yeh and i think it would have been Odin who would have sent the Ether away
@ABcDexter similar to The Phantom
yeh that would really be cool. already with the Ether it's shown that the Infinity Stones, in their current forms, aren't always stones. so why not one being an idea or concept
@Memor-X I think the Reality Stone can do almost anything. It's absurdly OP.
I expect the Soul Stone to show up in Black Panther, even if it's just an end-credits scene.
I mean, read the descriptions of each gem here. It sounds to me like the Reality Gem alone would let you do all the things that the other gems can do.
Q: Why is the Big Brother called Bigg Boss in India?

ITguyThe American show Big Brother is called Bigg Boss in India. It is legally owned by the same company. I think it is because the Indian audience might not understand what Big Brother really means in American English. It means someone who is always watching you (can also be used in a negative way e...

@ABcDexter lol
@ABcDexter so what is the exact plan if we are going ?
Dunno, i will go in the morning. send me your contact number via facebuuk
oh wait, i am not using social media for a while
email your phone number :P
@ABcDexter you are going with your friends?
i will meet some friends there.
from college, quora and you
11 am it is right,
i will leave at 10:00 hours
1:07 PM
I am alone and might get bored so that's why asking exact plan
so stay with me
i am going alone,
send me your number, anubhav@abcdexter.xyz
@MovieReel stupid answer
@ABcDexter ping me when you get time
number begins with 968 right??
did you got multiple mail O.o
If you want I can purge out your email from chat
nope, i didn't check the email.
1:21 PM
there is nothing in mail body
I am too lazy too type anything which have no relevance
@ABcDexter you bought ticket already ?
yes, the day it(superfan pass) came.
Did you get my text?
@ABcDexter yes, sorry got busy with soem office call
@ABcDexter wow, nice
Okay then. see ya...
1:36 PM
replied you there
Q: Movie about ants that eat everything and grow to be huge

Lord FarquaadI watched this movie on TV in California roughly 20 years ago. I can't remember if it was in black and white, but it's possible. The bits and pieces I remember were that a man (he might've been in his 20s?) had an ant farm of what appeared to be regular ants. I'm pretty sure he shortly fell into...

2:13 PM
Q: Ending of episode from Black Mirror

TrivediIn S01 E01 if the TV series Black Mirror what does they try to depict in the end of the episode? We see that the prime minister is praised by the people, Princess Sussanah is also safe and living happily. Prime Minister makes public appearances with his wife. But later when they enter the house ...

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3:30 PM
Q: What movies are quoted by "Hello" (by Matthijs Vlot)?

peppeTake a look at the great: https://vimeo.com/35055590 What are the movies quoted in the video (in other in which they appear)? I can recognize them all, but can't remember some of the movies...

Looks like everyone went to celebrate Friday
4:33 PM
Q: Horror movie where buried people and animals come back to life

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4:48 PM
Q: A movie about a serial killer

Mohamed Habib ElkordySaw this movie young.want to know its name.had a unique murder weapon in the form of a device that kills tv hosts and guests through the tv signal and the protagonist is a police detective after this killer.might have been a french or German movie.anyone knows it?

@AnkitSharma yess
Q: How did Cobb’s crew know about Saito’s apartment?

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5:32 PM
Q: Movie in which a girl comes out as catholic

Aditya ShuklaI can't quite remember the name of the movie. It was some kind of a romantic drama film set in the modern age in an urban setting. One scene I distinctly remember isnthe girl saying "I'm catholic!" and the boy being surprised. She goes on to mention she got baptized or something.

6:08 PM
@NogShine great
6:21 PM
Q: In There Will Be Blood, in the 'yes he doesaaahhhhhrghh' scene, did anyone else notice the terrible editing?

Chicken PermissionAccording to the script, it's Eli who does the "aarrgghhh" noise. However, the noise plays over him saying the word 'he' that's a part of the next line for him. When I first watched the scene I was confused where the sound came from, since it also plays over something Daniel says. Is it just bad...

7:06 PM
Q: How did Bill Denbrough know that at the end?

AdamIn the new movie IT (2017), how did Bill Denbrough know at the end that he was not really talking to Georgie but to the clown? Was anything not correct that the fake Georgie said?

I asked a question and not sure about plot tag or realism tag.
Hope it's not an off-topic question.
I guess answer is no but no source
Uff I should sleep, tomorrow is comic con
This is not an off-topic one, Isn't it?
I should sleep too.
Who is your hero?
@NogShine nightwing
@AnkitSharma comic con?
7:16 PM
@NogShine he look badass, nothing else
@DForck42 yes I am going, hopefully will meet abcdexter
Poor question.. :'(
answer is bleh
Dress properly, take a nice pic of it and put it as a pic for Winterbash
I will put pics in insta and FB if get any good one, else nowhere :D
@AnkitSharma neat! any guests you're excited for?
7:21 PM
Nov 28 at 9:41, by Ankit Sharma
Looks like I can get 50k before next bounty post
@DForck42 no good guests come in comic con india
@AnkitSharma ahh, that's unfortunate
I think I can get to 3400 until next bounty post.
@NogShine I will, I got one month, I almost missed rep cap today
@DForck42 Yeah.. it is not popular among many. Only the software guys, some comic fans do it in malls etc.,
7:23 PM
don't know who they are :D
People know about movies but not much famous for comics. People still see comics as children's stuff.
wrong link
Q: Are cars really allowed to join the race in the middle?

Nog ShineIn the climax scenes of Cars 3 , there is a wreck on the race car track. There's a dialogue between two cars. Well, the green light is on and the pit road is open. Everybody is coming in. At that point of time, many cars which are not the contestants of the piston cup also join the race. ...

As expected.. it is a poor question :'(
Let's see where it reaches when I wake up.. I hope it doesn't go to - two digits..
Scott Hampton looks little famous
@NogShine not really
7:28 PM
Good night @AnkitSharma
good night
And Good day to you @DForck42
@NogShine ello!
^ this is what I will get
@AnkitSharma have fun!
7:29 PM
some stupid Archie comics , JL poster and some marvel/ star wars zones etc
@AnkitSharma I mean, if you don't want the poster send it my way, my dad would love it
so many guest but none of them famous enough to get excited :D
@DForck42 Not sure about the quality, this comic cons are too small compare to US ones. they started form few years and are not as much famous as it's there
They do it in 4 big city but at small scale
It's official subsidiary of comic con US and costume winner get free stay and participation chance
ofcourse I am going plain :D
Maybe a V for vendetta t-shirt or just a plain shirt :D
7:45 PM
@AnkitSharma should still be fun
at the con I've worked at the last 5 years I've made several new friends
I am going for the first time
and I can't make new friends like that
and I look ugly :p
@AnkitSharma 1. so? 2. yes you can. and 3. no you're not
nothing, I just wanted to go, never got company to go with
It used to happen way near to me but now shifted far, lets see how much I like it
@AnkitSharma so during the honeymoon, wife and I went to a cat café. ended up talking with an... interesting... individual who was there. he ended up talking about the con that I volunteer at, and I told him I personally knew the people he was talking about. he got super excited and asked if I'd talk to my friend to possibly let him do the drag show. was weird
I am way introvert
7:55 PM
@AnkitSharma I'm about 60% introvert, 40% extavert
basically, I don't seek people out, but I can make friends basically anywhere
I am 90% introvert but when I start I talk a lot :D
@DForck42 I can make enemy easily :D
@AnkitSharma lol
really I can
I get irritated easily and can't keep my opinion shut
@AnkitSharma lol
8:17 PM
where is @steelersquirrel, did she left me alone in this wicked world
@DForck42 I want to see a drag show once, they look colourful
@AnkitSharma they're fun
at my con we do a cosplay dragshow, so they're dressed up as characters rather than just their drag persona
sound fun
India is still not open enough to have stuff like drag shows
@AnkitSharma :(
8:38 PM
@AnkitSharma WUT?
Well, someone's in a good mood ;)
@Catija Hehehe! I am on my millionth cup of coffee and I am actually getting into the Christmas spirit this year! I haven't been in the Christmas spirit for the past few years, so I am starting to come around :)
@steelersquirrel hai!
@steelersquirrel lol
@steelersquirrel in theory we might get our wedding photos this weekend
8:41 PM
@steelersquirrel Awww, yay!
Does this work:
Napoleon will be gone all weekend, so we can totally burn down chat. Hehehe! ;)
@Catija cute!
@Catija AWWWWWW! OMG! Does he understand what Christmas is? He probably just wants to rip into everything! Hahaha!
@steelersquirrel He just wants to play with the balls.
Christmas is soooooo fun with kids around!
8:47 PM
@steelersquirrel "open all the things"
@steelersquirrel can confirm, source: am kid
@Riker My son! How are you?
pretty good
still busy w/ school, especially the weeks before christmas break
Oh, I can imagine!
@AnkitSharma I'm Here! Ping a ling!!!!
@DForck42 OMG! How cool! What a good idea!
8:51 PM
@steelersquirrel :-D
@steelersquirrel from willy wonka and chocolate factory
@steelersquirrel nice
@steelersquirrel belated hello my internet friend
@DForck42 wow
@Catija awww so cute, how did I missed it
@steelersquirrel holy moly
@AnkitSharma I posted it not too long ago? Also, that photo of you from last week or a few days ago was really nice :D
@AnkitSharma Awesome! I just saw it!
8:57 PM
@Catija that was my brother in law’s friend, he is good photographer but mostly click girls’ pic 😂
:D I like it a lot.
Very pensive.
@steelersquirrel didn’t got this much vote form a long time
Did I miss a pic of Ankit?
There you go
It’s on Instagram too
@Catija thanks
Wow 1/2 vote away form rep cap
@AnkitSharma that's a pretty nice pic
9:02 PM
I am sexy and I know it :p
@AnkitSharma yeah, good photo!
But not good enough for winterbash
Hats work better with front face
Anyways good night
Q: Why save the kid?

DForck42In the first episode, we see Frank living as isolated as possible while also working. He ends up overhearing about a planned robbery from his coworkers. Also, the coworkers end up roping the new, younger employee into helping them in the robbery. The robbery goes sideways when the kid accident...

9:20 PM
@AnkitSharma OMG! That's an awesome pic!
9:45 PM
Q: I'm looking for a movie horror black white 70s/80s/90s

hantaroI'm looking for a movie, a boy enters a village with lepers or blind people, I can not remember for sure, the movie is black and white and in the end it happens to a dragon / monster(stop motion) flying near the moon, the people in the village wore a cape

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11:26 PM
Q: What kind of weapon is Lippe using against Bond in "Never say Never Again"

Thorsten S.Lippe, played by Pat Roach, is a thug ordered to kill Bond. As you will see, he is very strong and tough, but not on a level with Jaws or Oddjob (Bond can at least hurt and move Lippe in contrast to the other foes who simply ignore Bond's best efforts). What is ...

11:41 PM
Q: How are Modern Movies recorded (digitally)

FrezzleyWhat I mean, are they recorded "fully" RAW or do they use some kind of Log? The new Sony, Canon and ARRI cameras all have a Log recording mode.

11:55 PM
Q: Will a DLNA home theater system be able to show menus for ripped Blu-Rays?

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