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12:12 AM
Q: Why was My Uncle Napoleon banned in Iran?

Rand al'ThorThe satirical novel My Uncle Napoleon by Iraj Pezeshkzad was briefly banned in Iran in the 1970s. Presumably this was because some aspects of its portrayal of Iranian society were considered undesirable by the new government. In order to find out whether or not I'm likely to enjoy this book, I'd ...

I bet you didn't know @Napoleon was my uncle :-P
12:41 AM
@Randal'Thor Napoleon, why were you banned from Iran?
I didn't know you had an Uncle Napoleon. Why don't you ask him about the time he was banned from Iran? — Shokhet 18 mins ago
12:58 AM
Sony continues to prove why they're jerks.
Too lazy to click the link summary: they're offering "clean" versions of some of their films, aka edited versions to cut out objectionable content.
1:11 AM
@Randal'Thor Hehehe! Well, not only is he your uncle, but he is banned in Iran because of his top secret spy shenanigans ;)
Q: What is Jack Sparrows name?

user8032968Minor spoilers for Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Men Tell No Tales ahead. In the aforementioned movie we learn from Captain Salazar that when he saw Captain Jack in the crows nest of his ship he looked like a bird and was given the nickname "Jack the sparrow". This begs the question - What is...

A: Can Wonder Woman die?

FernandoNo she will never die this is comics it will be like batman one more and more

Spam ^^
What a bad way to hide that link. User added a link to a single character to make it not look spam.
Smoke Detector couldn't even picked this one.
What is the link to? I'm just afraid to click on it ;)
It's a locksmith website or something.
Oh, ffs!
1:52 AM
@Memor-X Wow. I had no idea that Jack Sparrow's Father's name was Edward. I don't remember that being said in the movies, but I really didn't like the 3rd one where he is in it the most and I haven't seen the 5th one yet.
Either way... +1 :)
@steelersquirrel Edward has only appeared in the Game version of the third movies and later used in a book. the films have yet to confirm this but the point of including it was that Teague is his last name (to which i saw your comment after i posted seeing how you wasn't sure if it was his first or last name)
@Memor-X Hehe! Yeah...I deleted my comment after I saw your answer :)
when i saw the question i knew the answer was with his father but i wasn't sure what his name actually was. then i found the wiki and tried to look up where his full name appeared just to confirm
Yeah, that's why I thought that his Father's first name was actually Teague, because I just assumed his last name was Sparrow. I guess we now know that Sparrow was a nickname, which makes it kinda cool!
2:09 AM
@steelersquirrel well when he is first called in the third movie Barbarossa says "I call on Cap'n Teague, keeper of the code." but when i think of that scene it gets merged with the 4th Harry Potter movie where what's-his-name names Barty Crouch as a Death Eater, everyone gasps and look at him before he then adds Junior.
so the merged version in my head goes "I call on the Keeper of the Code, Captain Sparrow *everyone gasps and looks at Jack*....Senior *queue music*"
Hehe! Well, I don't know anything about Harry Potter movies. I have seen the first 2, I think, but I wasn't paying attention to them ;)
2:24 AM
Can't believe that spam is still there.
I flagged it...
@AJ probably not enough people to flag
It requires one more spam vote.
Not many people are around right now...
That POTC post should've got more views/upvotes, imo. So, it's just kind of a dead time right now, I think.
2:53 AM
Q: What is the meaning of Wizard words to Caroline about "Conjure of Sacrifice" record?

user52188Context: Caroline now taking care of Ben who is under wicked wife Violet, so she want to save him from her. but Caroline has Vinyl Record so she can save him even easy way. Caroline went to wizard woman how to use it. Caroline: What does it do? Wizard: It keeps you from dying. Not foreve...

@AJ done
@Randal'Thor wow this is crazy
@MovieReel how can we answer this
@steelersquirrel lol
@AnkitSharma Also remove that message.
3:21 AM
@AnkitSharma I got +1 rep for un-downvoting an answer, but I didn't un-dv any. Can you please look into it?
@AJ was the answer removed?
@Memor-X no.
4:14 AM
@AnkitSharma You know what don't mind.
Q: looking for a funny and inspirational hindi movie

FoRs Stadisanyone could help me to find the movie i watch around 2007-2008. all i remember to this movie are the following. 1. an actor rule i think a civil engineer or contractor 2. the girl she like didnot like him because hes skin is dark so he paint hes skin into white. when ever he go to work on site h...

@SS Sorry.
@AJ It's OK. But don't write an answer. I am writing it. :P
@SS I already am.
@SS I wrote the answer.
No problem.
4:27 AM
Actually I discarded it.
You can post it.
Why? o-O
You can go ahead and post it.
I have to go.
Q: mystery surrounding Ichabod's mother

ironmanIchabod's mother is an "innocent child of Nature". What does this allude to? Also, is it implied that she was insane and this was misinterpreted by his father that she was a witch?

Q: Why Was the movie Rangoon Flopped

Akhil KumarRecently i saw the Bollywood movie rangoon recently. it seems very good to me . i found it a great movie still it was flop. it was far better than bogus salman khans kick like movies, have better stories, good acting and nice picturization of British India. still it was flop why

4:49 AM
5:10 AM
Adding a tag alone is a valid edit?
@SS yes. not sure if you're seeing it at your current level but at some point you'll see an edit tags link which only makes the tags editable
@SS yes
@Memor-X At my current level. A user who doesn't have editing privileges.
@SS you can suggest edits though. just wasn't really sure when the edit tag link shows up or if it's tied to being insta-approved edits
@AnkitSharma Oh! I was rejected three edit suggestions. Two because they conflicted with subsequent edit and other because it was a tag edit.
5:27 AM
Q: How did Odin come to leave the Tesseract on Earth?

ironmanThe Tesseract is taken by Johann Schmidt only because he could find it on Earth. How did the Tesseract come to be on Earth? Which explanation is correct? : Odin lost it during a war. Odin left it on Earth for (safe?)keeping.

@MovieReel wait. did Odin even say he knew that the Tesseract was on earth before Shield started to fuck with it?
5:42 AM
@SS ohhhh, if tag is required then tag edits are fine
6:19 AM
@Memor-X don't remember now
As expected dupe
Q: How did the Tesseract end up in Norway during the events of Captain America?

user4840As asked on Quora: The film opens with Red Skull breaking into a church and stealing a hidden Tesseract. But why was it there in the first place? Is there a possibility it was a gift to the vikings by Odin himself? Surely such a powerful object wouldn't be hidden behind a brick wall i...

@AnkitSharma ahhh. it would probably then explain why both Time and Space Stones would be on earth but the Asgardians don't want to keep the Reality Stone after they get back the Space Stone
either that or it's just so long as Asgard don't have 2 Infinity Stones close together
@Memor-X Asgard never had more then one stone I suppose
@AnkitSharma or at least 2 stones that they knew of. i think they just plain forgot about The Aether when Odin sealed it
like the 2 who went to the Collector with it did so after the Tesseract was already sent back to Asgard
@Memor-X Aether was not sealed in asgrad but in some random realm, so technically they have only one
Giving aetehr to collector was little weird to me
@AnkitSharma oh i thought it was in Asgard
@AnkitSharma why?
6:29 AM
@Memor-X Collector is a psycho guy who keep people in prison and Asgard trust that kind of guy?
@AnkitSharma The Collector is one of the Elders of the Universe in the comics. assuming the movies are doing the same with him he's one of the oldest beings in the universe and sorta predictable so they probably thought he would not only know how to properly store the stone but want it to add to his collection since it's such a unique item
and he's not that bad. he did ask Groot for his permission to have his body after he died
it wasn't like "oooo, a Groot. mine mine mine mine mine *kills everyone but Groot* mine mine mine"
and honestly, you want Howard the Duck roaming free?
@Memor-X he is keeping her old assistant in prison and many other species, I don't think they will like it
@AnkitSharma i get the feeling that the MCU Collector gets them fairly, you know as apart of deals with them
if it is that then it's their own fault for not reading the contracts
@Memor-X I don't trust a guy who look like that
@AnkitSharma he looks like Zoolander. how can you not trust that?
6:41 AM
I don't even trust Zoolander
@AnkitSharma that would explain it
ultimately it comes down to who else can you go to? The Collector like to collect things and probably wont let anyone steal from him
@Memor-X I am sure he will be a villain in future MCU films
Almost all elders are evil in marvel comics
just looked up on the wikia and there's another Elder of the Universe in the second Guardians of the Galaxy Movie who will also show up in Thor: Ragnarok and it's fucken Jeff Goldblum! oh yeh!
@AnkitSharma more or less. not saying he isn't evil. just less likely to want to use the stone to destroy the universe
because that would mean destroying his collection
6:49 AM
@Memor-X Jeff was not in GotG 2 o.o
@AnkitSharma The Grandmaster
@Memor-X yeah he is just super crazy not world destroying crazy
@Memor-X I knwo, I know but not seen him in GotG 2
@AnkitSharma i don't get you
@Memor-X "just looked up on the wikia and there's another Elder of the Universe in the second Guardians of the Galaxy Movie who will also show up in Thor: Ragnarok and it's fucken Jeff Goldblum! oh yeh!", I didn't noticed him in GotG 2
@AnkitSharma ahhhh. that's what you mean
6:52 AM
> Footage of Jeff Goldblum dancing as the Grandmaster from the set of Thor: Ragnarok appears briefly during the end credits, with Feige explaining that Marvel "thought it would be fun to put it in there" and hint at the connection between that character and the Collector, who appeared in the first film
ohhh I missed that scene
@Memor-X yesh I know he is grandmaster but missed his scene
Even taking all that at face value, it sounds like suicide would work. — user2357112 10 hours ago
7:15 AM
@steelersquirrel hey people made 20+ score, where are you, you will loose ToW
8:14 AM
Mornin' all
@AnkitSharma It wasn't a full scene, it was just one of many little animations that played as the credits rolled.
@DrRDizzle Mornin'
@DrRDizzle I watched them but they were so unwanted and to the face that I didn't played attention
@AnkitSharma Well yeah, they're hardly vital information. But I did notice Jeff Goldblum there.
I will try to catch it tonight
My mind is not at one place right now. In HNQ list, I misread Do Wonder Woman's br%#!ts have special powers?.
8:24 AM
holy moly
8:34 AM
Q: Interstellar movie

gopinathWhat interstellar movie actually explains.From my view, they are doing time travel.Anne Hathaway while travelling sees herself in opposite direction and gets surprised when the space shuttle separates which shown in the climax part of the movie.Whether is it possible to look in our past as cooper...

@AnkitSharma Good Question.
9:08 AM
@AJ I think I am leading ToW
@MovieReel what the fish
Q: 1980ish video about a spaceman rescuing musicians from Atlantis?

David GivenBear with me, this one's really obscure. Back in, probably, about 1980 in the UK, I saw an short animated film on TV, possibly a music video. It was about the fall of Atlantis; we see the city sinking beneath the sea, and an Atlantean orchestra calmly playing music as the waves roll in... and th...

Q: Why kattappa didn't killed Bhallaladeva

Sagar VIn Bahubali 2 (The Conclusion), Amarendra Bahubali killed by Kattappa as ordered by Rajamata because of trying to kill the King(She believed so). Then after realising the truth, Rajamata Shivagami Devi announced Mahendra Bahubali(the baby) as the king. Then Bijjaladeva asked his men to kill Raj...

@MovieReel I read it Why Kattapa killed Baahubali first ;D
@SS Maybe you can add this in you answer
@AnkitSharma Did he mean it seriously? I think no.
speaking of Baahubali
9:21 AM
is putting someone's bare foot on your forehead an Indian thing I'm not aware of?
@Ixrec yes
Pranama (प्रणाम praṇāma) is a form of "respectful salutation" or "reverential bowing" before something, or another person - usually grandparents, parents, elders or teachers or someone deeply respected such as a deity. It is found in Indian culture. == Etymology == Pranama is derived from Pra (Sanskrit: प्र) and Anama (Sanskrit: आनम); pra as prefix means "forward, in front, before, very, or very much", while Anama means "bending or stretching". Combined pranama means "bending, bowing in front" or "bending much". In cultural terms, it means "respectful salutation" or "reverential bowing" before...
Called Pranāma
@AnkitSharma I too read about this. When did he say it? I thought it was a gossip.
@SS I think you can add both the quotes, Rana's sound like joke but with director's word it will make more sense
@Ixrec Pranāma is mostly done to elders, teachers (guru), older in-laws etc to show respect and to get Blessing in returns . Kattapa was kind of slave so him doing it make sense too but that one looks more like his submission towards him
at the time my guess was that it signified loyalty or servitude since nobody else ever did it
so that's interesting
Mostly we touch feet with hands like this only:
But knee bending has been lost with time now
9:30 AM
@Ixrec He did it because he promised t his mother that he will put him on his head. So he did it when Mahendra bahubali is born and also did it when he found him alive. This shows his loyality towards the family of Baahubali. But generally, it is not seen anywhere. People only touch the feet or bow down to the feet of elders.
@Ixrec this is our prime minister touching her mother's feet ^^
@SS people do used to touch feet with there head, and even to girl childs during navratra puja etc
The director said in an interview that scene was inspired from an old singapore gangster movie where the assistant finds his boss's heir after a long time whom he thought dead. @Ixrec
re: Bhallaladeva’s wife, it seemed pretty clear to me in the second movie that the implication was he remained obsessed with Devasena the whole time and so probably didn't marry anyone. I guess this is only a big question because of the time gap between movies where it was unclear?
9:33 AM
@AnkitSharma Yes, They touch forehead to feet but not like Kattappa did.
@SS I have seen people doing same thing Kattapa did to with girl childs
@AnkitSharma Oh! interesting.
It might be because they are considered as Lakshmi or Durga form.
@SS yes , that's why
@SS Girl child before 18 age are considered holy in our side, we don't even allow any girl to touch our feet if they are below 18, after that she can touch feet of her husband and elder in-laws but still not in her own family
Even ion our side Girl child don't even touch feet of guru.
@AnkitSharma Great.
Not even guru?!
@AnkitSharma I added it
Now a days, no one are bowing down to gurus.
@Ixrec Add that as an answer instead of a comment. That's the only reason.
@MovieReel Not sure whether on-topic
9:51 AM
@SS yes
10:04 AM
@SS great, can't upvote more
10:23 AM
Q: Can anyone tell me some of the best web series of all time ?

rohit sharmaI wants to know the list of some of the best web series(English or Hindi) of all time.

10:37 AM
Q: Coffee stir waves interpretation by AI machine

Avinash GolechhaSome movie in which a super computer is so smart that it interprets rippling in Coffee mug in words and concludes that its makers are planning to shut it down. Which movie is it?

@MovieReel no thanks
@MovieReel @AnkitSharma Say thanks to this one too.
@AJ it's not even worth it :p
Form past so many hours only Kattappa question is worth it
@AnkitSharma and my answer to this too. :P
@AJ nice +1
@DrRDizzle don't be a slacker, ask some good DCEU question
10:53 AM
@AnkitSharma OK, here's one:
"Why did it take over 4 years for the DCEU to finally release a good film?"
@DrRDizzle because of pressure form crazy fanboys
Now ask teh real one on main site
11:04 AM
@AnkitSharma OK
Q: Was Hippolyta telling the truth about Diana's origin?

Dr R DizzleAt the start of Wonder Woman, we see Diana's "mother", Hippolyta, tell Diana that she was made out of clay and given life by Zeus. This is repeated by Diana at least once. We later learn; Because of this, I began to assume that Hippolyta had lied, and that Zeus was actually her natural father...

'Can't answer that :D
anywya +1
Q: Was Hippolyta telling the truth about Diana's origin?

Dr R DizzleAt the start of Wonder Woman, we see Diana's "mother", Hippolyta, tell Diana that she was made out of clay and given life by Zeus. This is repeated by Diana at least once. We later learn; Because of this, I began to assume that Hippolyta had lied, and that Zeus was actually her natural father...

2 hours later…
12:56 PM
Q: Older American movie name about two friends

VitoWhen I was little I saw some (probably American) movie about fat kid who lives with his grandparents. His new neighbour is boy with some leg disability. They become friends and helps each other until fat kids father steal his son. I dont remember what happens further. Does anyone know the name of...

Q: Does Ben Devereaux suffering from stroke saved him from becoming Papa Justify?

user52188In The Skeleton Key (2005), Ben Devereaux suffering from stroke, he always tries to escape from his wife, Violet Devereaux. Actually his wife is possessed with spirit of Cecile & her Lawyer Luke is possessed with Papa Justify. Does Ben Devereaux suffering from stroke saved him from becoming Papa...

1:56 PM
2:07 PM
@AnkitSharma just got free from office.
I am leaving office in few minutes
@AnkitSharma Why it got removed?
Because it was not so constructive for chat and I don't want any drama at all
2:12 PM
@AnkitSharma Now that sounds like my neighbor's goat. :P
Your neighbor have a goat O.o
Yeah two.
For milk or for eating?
> On September 15, 2015, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Sony are rebooting the film with Elizabeth Banks both producing with her producing partner and husband Max Handelman and the studio are in negotiations with her to direct the film. On April 13, 2016, Sony has confirmed that Banks will direct the reboot. On May 23, 2017, the reboot was scheduled for a June 7, 2019 release.
No reboot Charlie's Angels :(
I want old angels
2:44 PM
Q: Why Baahubali didn't feel any pain when Devasena torched him?

user52241In Baahubali Conclusion (2017), Devasena torch Baahubali for reveals his true identity, but fire exactly reveals inner armour by burning the upper clothes & also Baahubali didn't feel any pain for it. Why didn't he feel any burning pain?

2 days ago, by Ixrec
because Baahubali is magic, don't question it
His armor was fireproof
there was still a lot of exposed skin though
But the hit if the torch was on his chest.
Why didn't you write an answer to the kattappa question today?
2:57 PM
@KaranKaran what is this?
‌Is Baahubali so good a film to warrant such detailed hair-splitting?
most hair-splitting is not warranted on any good or bad piece of fiction, we do it because we enjoy it
@KaranKaran - here's a warning: if you continue to post strings of characters like this, like you did yesterday in Spyfall, you will wind up getting suspended very soon. You may not be familiar with the SE rules, so how about you read the chat FAQ?
Q: In which movie, IN intends for INDIANA?

MattiaI remember about this action movie, or TV series, in which the main character (a man) was looking for the meaning of the acronym IN. At some point in the movie he discovers IN intends for the state INDIANA. Could someone remember the name of the movie, please.

@Mithrandir Wow! How in the world did you cross-correlate it? You have got a top-quality system here. Sorry, I won't spam again.
3:35 PM
Q: Do Patients feel taste during Brain surgery?

user52241In Robocop (2014), Robocop feels tasty something in his mouth during Brain Surgery. It tastes like peanut butter. He is not taking any food, just surgery creating a taste in his tongue, does it happen really?

Q: Movie that has two characters fight villain in boiler/cremation room

DrWhiners999English language movie, either late 1990's or early 2000's. Likely made in US. I think the movie was a thriller/drama/action, any of the three or a mixture of one or two of those. Story points: The villain likely had medium-long black hair and wore black The villain enters a room of an elderly...

@Ixrec lol
@KaranKaran is it some coded spy msg
3:55 PM
Q: Late 90's Mecha Anime on Cartoon Network

nmrivera06Ok, so I saw a Mecha anime on Cartoon Network. There was a kid, he was taking a test of something with other kids up in space after leaving Earth. It was him and a girl, who really liked him. There is a scene at the beginning where they were attacked or something. The male character is on a b...

3rd rep cap in a row.
4:20 PM
4:45 PM
ToW is the reason for that. #ToWrocks
4:57 PM
A: Married man and salesman have very pleasant conversation after marital argument

Allyzahmmh. that's hard to find out what movie it is. But I can recommend a nice movie Fight Club (1999) his an insomniac office worker, looking for a way to change his life. It is very a nice story :) bestwritingadvisor

Is this spam? ^^
@SS lol, what is that
@AnkitSharma Reason for AJ hitting rep cap three times in a row
@SS gone
@SS lol
5:32 PM
Q: Was Miss Beadle the inspiration for Clara Clayton in BttF3?

OmegacronWatching "Back to the Future III", I realized that Clara Clayton - the schoolteacher that Doc Brown falls head-over-heels for, is a dead-ringer for Miss Beadle, the schoolteacher for much of "Little House on the Prairie". The two women share the same profession, the same style of dress, the same ...

@AnkitSharma @AJ Did you watch "Meri Beti Sunny Leone banni chahti hai"? short film by RGV?
I didn't
Don't watch it. It sucks
It has more dislikes than likes
6:14 PM
Q: Movie about A.I that shuts down when searching on humanity

user52250Movie about A.I - an AI located in an old warehouse wants to kill mankind but shuts down when the google humanity or something on it, so the computer sees all good and then destroys itself - what movie is this? Hope you all can help! :)

6:48 PM
Q: Can you help guess this movie?

Chloethis movie is about a guy who videos different apartments and also records him and his girlfriend Then there's a murder in one of the apartments but He can't tell the police because he's not suppose to be filming, but his girlfriend suspects it's him...

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8:11 PM
@AnkitSharma WUT?!?! What happened?
OMG! You're leading the ToW now!!! Your question even got Phantom to give an answer!!! WUUUUUUT?!?! :P
I'm going to have to get my act together now! ;)
@SS yes. This is a known spammer.

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