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3:56 AM
Q: I forgot about an old movie i watched

silver shrewi forgot about a movie.i think it was about a bridge being broken into 2 and everyone on the right side was trying to cross to the left side. only one person made it through, a girl with blonde hair, while the rest tried but failed in the process

4:40 AM
Q: Exactly why doesnt Voldemort have a nose?

Ero SenninI was wondering why the Dark Lord has a very different appearance. The bald head, white skin and ofcourse the nose. He has slits for nose. Is there an explanation to his appearance?

4:59 AM
@Catija I skipped the approval of your Cinderella tag because it only addresses the 1950 animated Disney film, but next week there will be a new live action movie about the same character with the same title.
I actually thought about that with the Cinderella question the other day, in that, should it be a single Cinderella tag for both movies saying it can be used for either, or should there be some kind of distinction? Should it be the latter, how would they be differentiated?
1 hour later…
6:14 AM
@MattD I don't know if/what the practice is here... generally I'd assume adding the year would be the correct choice.
@MattD It looks like that's the appropriate option... for example clash-of-the-titans-2010 movies.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/…
6:31 AM
Anyone think that the Thor tag should be changed to thor-character so that the thor tag can be given to the film? I feel that, as the site is about films, it's appropriate for the film to get the less specific tag and the character to have the appended one.
7:04 AM
Q: Standardized practices for Film Tags

CatijaI think there should be some documentation about the use of tags that relate to films, particularly in the case of films that have multiple versions (not sequels). It seems that the appropriate method would be to create tags that include years to clarify which of the films the tag represents... ...

2 hours later…
9:09 AM
@Catija In fact the character tag is more or less useless anyway.
@Catija The currently practiced practice is, that whoever gets a question first gets the clean tag, whoever comes later gets a year appendage. But a clearer rule set has already been suggested here (which your question might very well be a duplicate of):
Q: Rules for multiple media using the same name

Crow T RobotThere's been a couple of discussions in the past about whether specific series or movies should get the -tv or -2001 (or whatever year) extensions due to their being a remake or a duplicate title in general. For example Shameless UK vs. US or this very old question about movies with different yea...

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11:59 AM
Q: Why is Frank shooting against Jackie in the election debate?

Markus KleinIn House of Cards, S03E11, Frank attacks Jackie (that her step-children go to privat school). This seems to be without any logical reason. Jackie has proven herself to be loyal as she was attacking Dunbar on all levels in the debate. Also, she seems to be the only one standing behind Frank in th...

12:21 PM
Q: movie with an "escape necessiting organ removal" scene?

jenniferAmerican movie, from maybe 6 or 7 years ago? As for the genre, i would say "very near future sci-fi", like the island. I only remember the end of the movie, where the two protagonists (a man and a woman, who fell in love with each other) are trying to escape from a huge complex, and have to remo...

12:38 PM
@MovieReel Ummmmmm repo men?
1:12 PM
Q: Drummer is called one hour earlier on day 1 band rehearsals in Whiplash

ManWhy does Terence Fletcher (the instructor) call the Andrew (protagonist drummer) one hour early on the first day of rehearsal in the band? In the movie they show Andrew rushing to the rehearsal room thinking he is late, only to wait after reaching there for about an hour before everyone else com...

1:27 PM
Q: Has any highly successful, non (comic) book movie had a sequel that wasn't directed by the original director?

JonathanReezThere are many examples of movies which are considered screwed up by the original director: The Matrix 2/3, Speed 2, Star Wars 1-3, Godfather 3, etc. This got me thinking - has any highly successful movie had it's director removed for the sequel? I'm aware of plenty of movies based on previously ...

1:41 PM
Q: A 90s film with where the hero falls off a building and doesn't get hurt

Olivier GrégoireI'm looking for a movie I saw in the 90s, maybe early 2000s. From what I remember the atmosphere of the film it's an American movvie, also, I think that the main character is played by Tim Robbins. From my recollection, the movie is either a drama or a family movie, definitely not a comedy one. ...

2:33 PM
I was about to suggest that if a movie has a same named remake or even a same named but different movie (which I'm not even sure how often that would occur), then all tags for those categories would get switched to include the year. So you'd have a tag in addition to and tags, and could have a more generic tag for Godzilla for questions about the franchise and/or the character of Godzilla itself.
But then it hit me that people would likely start typing the name Godzilla, which would likely bring up the singular tag without a year appended to it, and simply always tag with that, meaning people "in-the-know" would have to retag appropriately.
2:59 PM
@MattD While comprehensive, such policies have the extreme disadvantage that they would require an adaptation of already existing tags after the fact.
@MattD That is unfortunately often the case anyway, since noone gets the tag system who isn't a site veteran.
3:15 PM
@NapoleonWilson Oh yeah, totally agree, site vets here or on other SE sites are the only ones who usualy get the tagging system. And yeah, I figured it would make it more complicated than necessary, which is why I didn't suggest it on meta. I'm all for the suggestion of the earliest movie gets the generic tag, and all same named movies after that get their year appended to them.
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4:31 PM
Q: When will the site get Community Promotion Ads?

Napoleon WilsonThis site has graduated over a month ago now and I'm wondering when we are to expect the post for Community Promotion Ads. Please don't misunderstand this question as complaint or making any pressure on the SE team. I just like to know if there is anything formal that stands in the way of getting...

5:28 PM
We could just start making tags with years for all movies and slowly update the the older tags. I don't think it makes sense to willy-nilly award the undated tag to whichever film gets the first question. It should be standardized to one rule and the rule that prevents people arguing about it is just dating all of them.
4 hours later…
9:36 PM
Q: Legal implications of shooting a movie along a public sidewalk with dozens of people

tcrosleyIn a lot of movies and TV shows, there will be a scene where an actor will be walking along a busy sidewalk, and there will be dozens of people behind them, and perhaps even one or two people coming up alongside them and perhaps moving ahead. In this case, the person's head will be clearly iden...

10:31 PM
Q: Marine Movie cant find it

eAgLeeYe112Im looking for a movie I have seen a while ago. It starts with someone who is a marine or something like that But he gets fired. And during the movie he starts working as a security guard or something like that. That's all I know can someon please help me ?


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