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12:29 AM
Q: Bobby's world episde

PhilI been searching for this episode for ages. For some reason itwas brought up in my mind and I just cant stop thinking about it. I only remember oje particular scene where martha i think is her name, aka bobbys mom, steps oj a toy and then gets angry and says something about her head getting blo...

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2:35 AM
Q: A horror movie from the early to mid 1970s

SKDI am trying to identify a movie my aunt saw in the movie theater when she was young, sometime between 1970-1975. She recalls that it was a horror movie but she admits that it could have been a campy film she simply found scary due to her age. She remembers few details about the film but she does ...

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5:14 AM
Q: Who narrates the goldfish commercial "Goldfish in the Car"

hjhartWho narrates the commercial whose advertisement campaign website is below? https://www.goldfishsmiles.com

Q: Is the 2014 Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey available in the Thai language?

Daniel Allen LangdonIs the 2014 series: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey available in the Thai language, either subbed or dubbed?

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7:35 AM
Q: Was Fenton Mikes planning the actions FBI agent in Frailty (2001)?

AhmadThis movie is one of my personal best, and must re-watch list. But I keep wondering how Fenton planned the execution of the FBI agent from the get-go. You see, he happens to be a sheriff somehow, and he must've asked his wife (which conveniently happens to be working for him at the sheriff off...

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9:19 AM
I'm glad that got removed before I arrived at it
9:33 AM
Q: East Europe (Poland?) dystopic, post-apocalyptic movie from the 70'-'80s

mattiav27This is an old movie (about '70s-'80s) from East Europe (possibly Poland). The main characters are two men (I think they were hibernated or something): they find themselves in this post-apocalyptic world in which only women survived, living undergroud. At the beginning the movie is funny, then i...

9:46 AM
@Flyk that was sarcasm, closed that question too.
can you synonym copyright to legal?
@Flyk i am not in much favour of that tag merge request, so will wait for it bit more. Thinning to talk to other two before acting on all that tag request suggestions.
10:04 AM
Q: A guy loses his hands and are replaced with lion's paws

AhmadColor movie, English, late 80s, possibly early 90s. What I remember is that the protagonist loses his hands. (Maybe acid is poured onto them). I am not sure if the hands are severed or simply too damaged. But he gets lion's paws instead, and he becomes stronger than before. I vaguely remember...

@MovieReel He must be a weird looking guy after this.
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12:01 PM
Q: Identify a TV series: factual, about body language, broadcast in the UK, around 2010

Bad_BishopI'm looking for a TV series about body language that I really enjoyed. These are the facts I remember: Broadcast by Channel 4 (so the audience is the UK) There were 3 presenters: an older white male, a younger white male & a young black lady The TV series contained about half-a-dozen episodes o...

12:51 PM
Q: Why the character name "Johnny Utah"?

chaitanya89Lately watching this incredibly inspiring film Whiplash (2014), I've heard this name "Johnny Utah" in the movie. When Andrew Neiman was late for the competition, he tries to convince Fletcher for being late and Ryan interrupts in the middle then Andrew says, Hey, f*** off, Johnny Utah. Tur...

Q: What was the point of Marie's shoplifting

JonIt always seemed to me that Maries shop lifting was an arc in the show that the writers abandoned. So why was Maries shop lifting arc abandoned after the third season or so? How did the stealing fit in the theme of things?

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2:06 PM
Q: How and when do movies cast real persons to play themselves?

Tom AuOne situation is when the movie features a famous person, especially with a relatively small part. Then they might want to have that person play himself/herself for a "walk on" appearance instead of getting a professional actor, if for no other reason that the original would be more "authentic." ...

Q: Russian movie - man gets stuck forever in small village (70s? 80?)

BizarroThat must be a hard one... I remember having watched a movie which must be from Russia, eventually from the 70s or 80s. A bald man with mustache is travelling and the car gets broken. He goes to next small village and try to get help. For the rest of the movie he gets involved into many situati...

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3:12 PM
Q: On the plane, what exactly Lucy does to her computers?

Fadh NhzIn the movie 'Lucy', When Lucy is on the plane, she does something to her computers (2), typing with both hands. What exactly are those things she wrote? Is it something like already existing way (in real life) of programming? If it is, what is the type of that shell and the whole thing?

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5:09 PM
@NapoleonWilson Have you actually read my answer? 90% is about the process of casting real people for roles.
The OP himself said that the answer was just what he was looking for.
@NapoleonWilson Can we move the convo here please?
@Catija There is a link under the answer to move the discussion to chat, which would have notified me quite a bit more directly, though.
@Catija Yes, I did. Please read my latest comments and say if your chat message still applies.
It is great that the OP says that's the answer to the question he thought about, doesn't help though if it isn't the one to the question he actually wrote. (Though, that sounds a bit harsh for the sake of rhetorics. I think your answer is pretty good and not completely off, just slightly.)
If you don't like my answer, just downvote it. I based my answer on my interpretation on what the OP was actually looking for and he seems to like the answer. The fact is that, regardless of who gets cast, they're still playing a character to some degree, unless they're a famous person literally playing themselves... and even then, they're often playing a pastiche of themselves, not their actual selves.
The only problem I have is that you silently make the move from casting a waitress as herself to casting her as some kind of waitress without making clear in the answer that there is an actual difference and that you rather like to concentrate on the latter since the former is not usual.
@NapoleonWilson I address that when I say: The person is still playing a character. The character doesn't have their own name, for example, and the director is still often telling the person how to perform a scene to get the performance they want.
The OP makes the move himself by intimating the casting of someone younger in the role to play that same waitress.
"If you don't like my answer, just downvote it." - Duh, I thought with a constructive discussion we could avoid such reactions. Nevermind, I'll not downvote it, even if you ask me to, since I always said it is a reasonable and good answer.
5:30 PM
@NapoleonWilson I think the issue is that I don't see the difference in what you're talking about. Could you explain in another way.
@Catija The only problem I have is that you silently make the move from casting a waitress as herself to casting her as some kind of waitress without making clear in the answer that there is an actual difference and that you rather like to concentrate on the latter since the former is not usual...
...But anyway, your comment about that character part of the answer might make some sense, maybe it just didn't spring to my attention right away that this was the part where you made the actual distinction. I might as well move on from this question, it will probably be the best answer he'll get on this anyway.
I guess that the reason I skip over that is that what any screenwriter thinks of a person (and then writes into their script) is just the surface characteristics of that person. They are still a character and a role is written making certain assumptions that may or may not be correct for that person...
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6:51 PM
Is there a bit of back and forth on the suggested edit for this answer? movies.stackexchange.com/a/17060/5733
I pushed one through, apparently, but in trying to edit it properly I noticed it would drop in and out of the review queue. Seemed to me the person editing it was trying to only refference the book title for Deathly Hallows, but this being a movie site it's important to note if the event was in Part 1 or Part 2, so I sought to improve the edit to maintain that fact.
@MattD I just skipped that one, since it fixed some things but did other things I wasn't really sure about. Especially it seemed to remove the part that the diadem was struck with the basilisk fang before being kicked into the fire. Since the movie actually seemed to avoid the necessity to explain what fiendfire is and that it kills horcruxes by just having someone stab it with a basilisk fang beforehand, which might have gone lost now.
7:15 PM
@NapoleonWilson Ah, gotcha. Guess I missed that part in the edit. Feel free to roll back my edit if you want.
@MattD Meh, don't really care, that's your beer. ;-P
7:50 PM
Q: Are there two separate versions of Hugo Stiglitz's background in Inglorious Basterds?

Dr. MVI've seen Inglourious Basterds a few times. I recall that the Samuel L. Jackson voice over, which gave a background of Hugo Stiglitz, was "As a German enlisted man, he managed to kill thirteen Gestapo officers; mostly Majors." Upon subsequent viewings the "mostly Majors" part was dropped. I ...

8:03 PM
@NapoleonWilson "That's your beer?" Is that some sort of German expression? :P
@MattD Yeah, sorry. "That's not my beer" means "That's none of my business"/"I don't care". Sometimes I'm too lazy to look up proper English idioms. I first wanted to write "that's your soup to eat up", but I guess English doesn't have that either.
HA HA HA... I don't actually know that we have a phrase... other than maybe "It's not my job"...
8:23 PM
Q: Identify TV series with supernatural elements

matt_blackI was stuck and standing on a very crowded train when I observed a seated passenger watching what I presume was a TV series on an iPad. It seemed intriguing, so i'd like to work out what it was. The key elements (visuals only as the passenger was wearing headphones): There was an visually stri...

9:02 PM
what about "none of your beeswax"?
@TrishLing But it'd be none of my beeswax in this case, since Napoleon was bowing himself out of the situation.
@Catjia Indeed.
@Catija "Fuck it, I don't care." That has the right amount of American arrogance in it, I think.
@MattD Sounds perfect.

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