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12:07 AM
@Catija All of them? Uh...not sure about that.
Q: What is the name of this movie about sleeping and death?

Khanh TrinhThe thing I remember most is this saying in the film "When you fall in your dream, you die in real life". The protagonist is a patient in some kind of hospital. In the last scene (or near the end, I'm not sure), he (the patient) jumps out of the window of the hospital.

2 hours later…
1:45 AM
@NapoleonWilson I know. I agree it's a but much, I'm just pointing out what I think it would be a good method to standardize the film titles... that's why in my answer I mention that option but focus on only dating the titles that are duplicated.
2 hours later…
4:02 AM
Is it sad that I spend my Friday evening writing extended answers to questions about extras?
4:33 AM
@Catija that will look clumsy and long movie name can't allow year padding
Q: Impractical jokers ever gotten into serious trouble?

TivepHave the guys from the show Impractical Jokers gotten into any major trouble because of the nature of their show? Eg: have they been physically assaulted or has anyone thrown a law suit on them?

1 hour later…
5:47 AM
@Maximilian hi
Whats up
Just sitting in office, stuck with uninteresting work
6:03 AM
That sucks
I just watched Transformers and I am also working, but I make apps so Im at home doing it
@AnkitSharma How does it look clumsy? I get we have a limit of 25 characters for tags but most films don't need that much.
Anyone see Chappie? I heard it bad:[
6:29 AM
@Catija unnecessary longer tag doesn't look good and year padding in every movie name will just raise the unnecessary work and every movie doesn't have remake
@Maximilian didn't excited me at all from trailer
@AnkitSharma ... Which I've already said several times... I'm not pushing for all of them to have dates, just noting that it would be neater.
No good movie to go for today
Or kingsman maybe
3 hours later…
9:28 AM
Curious... apparently there's a method for awarding rep to question askers: meta.anime.stackexchange.com/questions/2281/… Is this something that could be used to incentivise the weekly topic challenge?
10:03 AM
Greatest plot synopsis of all times?
"And your very own mother"???
@Walt That's pretty off the wall.
10:19 AM
@Catija Yeah, I've seen that. But it's a bit around the corner, picking an unrelated answer of the asker to award the bounty. And of course you need someone to pay the bounty, and I'm not sure the organizers of the topic challenge are willing to do that each time, even if they can't help themselves with their tons of reputation.
But I already planned to give a bounty award for the best answer in the upcoming two-weeks unanswered pre-graduation question challenge.
@NapoleonWilson Ah, ok. I wasn't sure of the method, just saw the topic when I was browsing that stack.
I agree that their method is very messy... I'd just assumed there was some magical way to award rep from some mod thing... but I guess that could lead to a mod going rogue and giving someone a bunch of rep for no reason.
Though, if it was really straight forward to award a bounty to a question, I might even be willing to do that for each challenge, at least the minimum 50 bounty. Afterall I don't really need it that much anymore (and the post scores are more important than the actual rep outcome anyway). But as long as it is that cumbersome, it doesn't seem reasonable enough to warrant the effort to me.
I'm sure I can find this somewhere but do you stop earning rep for stuff after you hit certain milestones? For example, editing posts... once you can do them without requiring approval, do you stop getting the 2 rep per edit?
@Catija Probably just someone (the director?) having a larf. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the actual plot.
@Catija Yes, but that's pretty much the only thing you stop getting rep for (and it makes sense, once it isn't peer reviewed anymore, you could just make 5000 edits).
10:26 AM
@Walt Quite possible. Still silly.
@NapoleonWilson Ah, ok. I totally agree, just was curious.
I think there once was some discussion (on the main meta maybe?) about mods being able to generate bounty awards out of thin air but I don't remember it really.
@NapoleonWilson Always meaning to award some bounties to good answers but failing to find the time (I want to be thorough)
Found out not long ago that I actually garnered 10. Might be time to admit I have a serious problem. :O
@Walt You certainly have enough rep to do that! Garnered 10 bounties?
Mostly ID though
You know, I really respect your diligence in answering them... Most of the time I'm so lost, I wouldn't know where to start looking for answers. They get a bad wrap but I think someone should answer them... and, you don't get much for it because the answers are rarely upvoted.
10:34 AM
Bah, I just saw that I once even used the word "trope" in an answer. ;-(
@Catija It's a tricky thing, finding great answers that are about things I totally understand, yet that went unappreciated
@Catija You're too kind. :) "someone should answer them" Yeah, that's mainly why.
@Walt But you got great support from @TrishLing, too.
I watched a lot of crap when I was younger and tried to make up for it by watching a lot of quality stuff later on. Definitely not recommended. ;)
Trish definitely pulls her weight with the identify questions, too.
@NapoleonWilson Yeah, there are actually plenty of people doing the good work.
*"very similar harmonically, they are not the same"*. Sorry, still a huge distraction. Was this ever tackled on SE?
Speaking of good work, seems about 200 ID were cleaned up. @NapoleonWilson Your doing?
10:43 AM
@Walt Yes, 185, due to the updated maintenance policy.
Q: Extend the policy for deleting inactive identification questions

Napoleon WilsonThe impact of identification questions has been discussed by and large already and I want to concentrate here on a particular aspect whose reasons and counter-measures have been largely agreed upon already. One of the biggest advantages of identification questions has always been their potential ...

So is there a bot that you can set up for that or do you have to do it manually?
@NapoleonWilson Well done
@Catija Never thought about that, I always did it manually (but ok, that might as well be from the days when I still had to use flags for this). But I don't think that's easy to do in the SE framework right away. But fortunately the new policy simplified things quite a bit, I don't have to click each and every user and can concentrate on the question alone.
Huh? This being deleted gave me a point? SE, you weirdos
Wow, that's some maintenance if you have to do it all manually. Nice job.
10:46 AM
@Walt Seems you downvoted it, and got your -1 downvoting penalty back
Oh, I see
@Catija Well, it's only due to the big change. In the future it'll be a gradual process, like deleting some 3-5 questions a weekend or so. And fortunately there's ways to sort and filter questions, so you only have to skim throug ~300-500 questions and can take an easy fast look at the activity from the list right away.
Give it up, it never happened:
@NapoleonWilson Hopefully only 3-5 per weekend. With the regularity of bad identify questions we get, I'd estimate 1-2 per day minimum which is 7-14 per weekend... but still not a bad number.
It also helps that I immediately see ID questions as grayed out anyway.
@Walt Never noticed this, but in general I long thought that he can tend to repeat himself stylistically, which isn't a bad thing though, at least it shows a recognizable style. That much worse that he didn't get the Oscar for totally reinventing himself recently.
10:56 AM
@NapoleonWilson It's not as bad as, say, Williams, and I actually like a lot of Zimmer's stuff, but it's not exactly prudent when I'm watching an intense drama about slavery and all I can think of is Inception
@Walt Hmm, there has been some discussion about the music being a bit inappropriate to the movie, as well as the movie itself being inappropriate for the topic, since it somewhat served all those old Hollywood clichés about blacks. But I enjoyed it quite much, though.
@NapoleonWilson I think it's legit if they're presented in a critical POV. I liked the film too.
Classic trailer time:
...So what was it called again
That "elect- air" skip is a classic
Almost reminiscent of Tebaatusasula
How do you even find this stuff?
11:12 AM
Sadly, I used to seek it out :O
Excited about this. Haven't really been pulling my weight here lately and will try my best to contribute
I like the idea... what do you think about excluding questions that have answers but were asked by someone who never came back after asking the question, so they were not ever accepted... the answers already submitted could be perfectly valid and not need any additional.
I just realized that my question about Switch is the unanswered question with the most votes. HA HA HA
Yeah, I understood it more to be about questions with no answers or with answers with a negative score \ that the OP specifically stated are incorrect
If you're talking about that challenge?
@NapoleonWilson Yes.
@Catija I'm not against interesting questions without an answer. It's like life itself. ;)
11:27 AM
It won't include questions with any answers. While the SE notion of "no upvoted or accepted answers" is reasonable, it will only mess up things in this case. So it's easiest to just limit it to questions with no answers at all.
@NapoleonWilson Hmm, maybe it should've come before that ID cleanup then. As a sort of last chance
But no matter, a crap question is a crap question
@Walt Well, I can tell you, I explicitly wanted that cleanup to happen before that challenge.
@NapoleonWilson Ok, that's what I was thinking. I was mostly confused by your comment in response to Ankit where you say "check how old its answers are". So this should really be "check if it has any answers".
Should the score be a factor? Highly rated unanswereds given a priority?
@Catija Uh, no. I meant that in order to gather the results afterwards, you have to check that the question is sufficiently old and all its answers are new (i.e. from the challenge period).
11:31 AM
@NapoleonWilson Oh, you're talking about the "how do you score" the final tally. gotcha.
[trying to help Catija out with that Switch Q ;)]
@Walt Much appreciated.
The problem with score being a factor is that people could inflate the scores by upvoting the questions they answer.
@Catija Huh, how's the question score relevant?
@Catija Hey, I once heard an explanation of the entire plot of Mulholland Dr. that actually made sense. Anything's possible
@NapoleonWilson I was responding to Walt's comment asking
@Walt Wow... that's amazing. I wouldn't have thought that possible.
11:34 AM
@Catija Well, it's just a challenge, I don't think people will try to juke the stats
... and it's 5:30 am. Really have to go to bed. Have a great day, guys.
@Walt Once you dig that up, you know where to put it!
@Catija I forgot it, of course. :( But she was amazing. Jaw stayed down for quite a while.
@NapoleonWilson Not to offend Shawn, but it went way deeper than that.
@Catija Good night then, I'll fetch some lunch meanwhile.
Though I vaguely recall it was about homosexuality or coming out.
@Catija Night
11:38 AM
Hmm, I've only seen that once a looong while ago, but it was pretty interesting, albeit utterly confusing, well, Lynchian so to say.
@NapoleonWilson Yes, I remember it as one of the good Lynch flicks, though could understand why people were annoyed by it
I don't mind weird myself, as long as it's consistently weird. ;)
Well, the Kimmy Schmidt trailer deflates pretty quickly. Starts out hilarious and bizarre, but turns into some cutesy New Girl clone at the 30 seconds mark. I hope the actual show is better.
7 hours later…
6:27 PM
Um, this may have been addressed before, but why do we have a 'tv-shows' tag? Our site is clearly about TV in general, it's right there in the title. I mean, there's no 'movies' or 'cinema' tag (thankfully). So this seems rather pointless and potentially confusing.
6:58 PM
Maybe for questions about tv shows generally?
That's my point. This site is already about TV shows generally, so what's the point?
Tags are for specific things (like a specific show or aspects like photography and production or topics like violence)
Not sure why this tag contains 63 questions already and why it even exists
@Walt I would argue it should only be used when not talking about a specific show like : movies.stackexchange.com/questions/31442/…
I'd argue that most of the use of the tag is incorrect.
Which is why it's confusing and pointless
Not a life or death thing, really, it's just weird to me
Q: TV-Shows tag, should it stay or should it go?

TylerShadsWe actually blacklist the movies tag because it is felt as too meta of a tag and has limited use. Do we want to do the same to tv-shows?

Q: When to use the TV-Shows Tag, a learning guide

TylerShadsWhen should I use the tv-shows tag?

I guess I don't see it as pointless because questions like this: movies.stackexchange.com/questions/29936/… really need it, I think.
7:12 PM
@NapoleonWilson Thanks. So what happened?
@Catija Why? What does it possibly add?
@Walt It's about aspects of the specific nature of TV-shows as a TV-aired serial programme and their production.
@Walt I would argue that maybe the production tags need to be broken up into tv-production and film-production
@Walt Well, nothing happened, as usual.
@NapoleonWilson Bummer. Awful tag, or at the very least an awful and confusing tag name.
They're generally different and it's worthwhile to separate them.
7:14 PM
@Catija Except when they're not, though. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Yes, but both of the questions I linked to are TV specific.
Hmm. I guess that's what happens in a site that bunches 2 media together.
It also doesn't necessarily need to be about the production of TV-shows only.
So what you're saying is that basically, it's there to separate questions about certain general aspects (like production) from film by marking them 'tv'?
@Walt Well, not "separate", but "characterize" maybe.
7:18 PM
It's... not ideal. Oh, well.
@Walt Something like that. Airing order is irrelevant to films but it's important to TV and (personally) I tend to assume that non-obvious TV questions are about films.
I'd still vote to get rid of it if I had the chance. Again, we don't have a 'films' tag, and for a good reason. And getting rid of it might encourage better tagging
BTW @NapoleonWilson
@Walt Well, the votes aren't closed and you're free to provide some arguments in an answer to the respective question to be considered.
"So it's easiest to just limit it to questions with no answers at all." How? The 'Unanswered' page mixes in questions with no upvoted answers too
@Walt But also has a tab called "no answers"? And afterall, we still got the search function. Seems way easier than assessing if the older answer to a question once had 0 votes when the challenge started.
7:27 PM
'No answers' tab? Where's that?
Oh, right, forgot about it. I went to questions->unanswered first, sorry.
But note, that the "Unanswered" section does not include negatively voted questions (while the "unanswered" tab in the "Questions" does). In fact the search option is the most accurate way.
But nevermind, I also had my problems sorting that out. ;-)
Q: How do the various means of finding unanswered questions differ?

Christian RauThere are various ways to find unanswered questions on a site, but all those ways come to totally different results and I'd like to understand why this is. Note that I am very well aware that under some circumstances SE defines "unanswered" as having no upvoted or accepted answers. I'm not here t...

Only 296 with no answers? This challenge is a cakewalk
@NapoleonWilson I'll just upvote like crazy. Even the 'bruned' ones. :P
@Walt Well, it'd be more of a cakewalk if it presented more opportunities for answering, though. ;-)
7:31 PM
How do you mean
Anyway, it'll be less than 298, since we'll limit it to pre-graduation questions.
@Walt Just that your comment sounded as if it is a cakewalk because it's only 296. While more questions, thus more answering opportunities, would make the challenge even easier.
You're twisting my mind into a pretzel
Kind of a similar argument in the comments here:
Or would people prefer it to be pre-2015 questions rather than pre-graduation (Jan 28) questions? I think the latter would have a more celebratory and special appeal to it.
@Walt Maybe, but makes a difference to me (and I'd rather get rid of that damn comedy-central).
8:02 PM
@Walt the question is not about Comedy Central, so the CC tag should not be used.
And the part of the argument about the TV tag is missing the point that, if properly used, the TV tag should not be used half the time, only rarely in general TV topics that don't relate to a specific show only.
8:20 PM
Q: House of Cards Season 3 episodes

Garg AnkitAre all the episodes of the complete season (Season 3 to be specific) of "House of Cards" released on the same date, i.e., Feb 27th, 2015. If no, how many are released already? If yes, why did the producers adopt this strategy? (Unlike other shows like Castle, 24, where it is released episode-by...

8:42 PM
@MovieReel Coincidentally I just interrupted watching House of Cards to answer that question.
@NapoleonWilson Nice. I can't watch it... it makes me too angry. We watched the first 3-4 episodes and I was so furious after, I just couldn't go back... though, I felt the same way after the first two episodes of GoT and finally got back into it. Just had to acclimatize to bad stuff happening to good/innocent people/creatures.
@Catija Huh, do you mean because Spacey's too evil or the morality of the show is too low? I love it, though.
@NapoleonWilson More that I have too high a regard for how I think politicians should act that I don't want it showing me people who spend their entire lives perverting the system.
@Catija Hmm, fair enough, to each his own.
In general, it seems really well made.
9:37 PM
@NapoleonWilson For what it's worth: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… It looks like Lilyhammer was first but that was a Norwegian show.
@Catija It was the first time they released something exclusively in the US. But it aired on Norwegian TV before. And it wasn't produced by Netflix either.
Ah, that makes sense. :D We watch Hemlock grove, actually. It's pretty good.
9:58 PM
Q: Why Doug Stamper murdered Rachel Posner?

vladonWhy Doug Stamper murdered Rachel Posner? And why Frank Underwood was pleased with this? What she knew about Frank?

10:12 PM
So... I really enjoyed Archer on Netflix, but according to the Help Center, recommendation questions are off-topic. are they on-topic in this chat?
10:22 PM
I think you can chat about pretty much whatever you want here... Have you watched Venture Brothers?
Not available in Belgium
@NateKerkhofs Awww, sorry. Thinking...
Netflix recommends some stuff itself that's like archer: Bojack Horseman, Knights of Sidonia, Ricky Gervais is Derek, Trailer Park Boys, Doctor Who, Harlock Space pirate, Family guy, From Dusk till Dawn, Anchorman, Sin City, Video Games: The movie, Jim Jefferies: Bare, Little Britain and Misfits
which of those would you recommend?
Netflix makes recommendations based on what people who like a movie or show like in addition to the show you're looking at. I wouldn't say that many of those are similar to Archer... if that's what you're going for. Some of them are good shows but I don't see a relation to Archer.
Arrested Development maybe...
Not in Belgium
10:33 PM
Doctor Who is great, Misfits is good... it's dark and very off-kilter, so it definitely has some similaritles.
I'm looking for something lighthearted
Misfits is lighthearted... it's really funny.
Archer was really fun because it had a serious setting with a completely not serious premise
I'm not a fan of anchorman but I know a lot of people who love it... but it's a single film (and a sequel), so you won't get much out of it...
I'm considering watching Anchorman, actually, but i'm also looking for a series to fill my evenings with
Something I can watch 1 or 2 episodes a night of
10:38 PM
Of the stuff on that list, I'd go for Misfits ... Family Guy & American Dad are both animated if that's what you're looking for and they're (obviously) really popular but neither of them were interesting to me.
Family guy only starts at season 8 on netflix, so I'd prefer to watch the first 7 seasons on DVD first
I get that... if it helps, I think the show is pretty much episodic, so you likely don't have to worry too much about missing something by skipping the early seasons.
10:57 PM
Q: Does the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises have a unified timeline? If not, is it possible?

SeibThe Power Rangers franchise is similar but not the same as the Super Sentai franchise; while they have many similar aspects, the former was actually derived fromt the latter; and the latter had also been around since the mid-1970s[1] while Power Rangers first started in 1993.[2] However, I know ...

Q: What is this movie about a prisoner kept in a cave with a bull and an old man?

chikeng leeI watched this movie when I was a little child. I remember a little bit of the movie. There was a prisoner who get thrown into a cave where a bull lives and an old man. The prisoner and the old man met each other and the old men taught him how to survive in the cave by eating rats. At the end, ...

11:30 PM
Q: Continuity vs Chronology

CatijaSo I'd like to discuss these two tags: continuity : Question regarding the continuity of events in a film or TV series. chronology : Question regarding order of occurrence in a film or TV series. First off, defining continuity with continuity is brilliant. Secondly, as currently used in many...

11:58 PM
@Catija Meh, watched two episodes, didn't really grip me.

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