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1:32 AM
Q: What Simulations were really Simulations?

Memor-XNear the end of the film we learn that the final Simulation and Graduation Test was not a Simulation but real battle which Ender committed Genocide. In the books from my understanding all the Simulations, not just the final one, were real missions and this is revealed to Ender after the final si...

2:11 AM
Q: In original *The Fast and the Furious", did Jesse have a different disorder than what he indicated?

m1gp0zFor some reason, I got into watching old movies today from the early 00's. The character of Jesse, in Dom Torreto's team was interesting but didn't get much screen time. In a conversation with Brian, he said something about having Attention Deficit Disorder and failing everything except math. ...

2:24 AM
@M.A.R. lol
Q: In xXx, is Xander Cage's 10th vehicle a specific reference to another franchise?

m1gp0zThe Fast and the Furious was released in 2001, and XXX was released in 2002. Vin Diesel played a significant part in both movies. In the climax of The Fast and the Furious, 18 year old spoiler In xXx, Xander Cage is asked to procure ten vehicles from an underground dealer by a secret govern...

@M.A.R. the guy who made one girl for so many boys is not evil?
2:54 AM
@M.A.R. [tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:[tag:]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
3:22 AM
what the fish
@AnkitSharma was trying to how meta we could get
first time was trying to nest meta in meta, sorta like this
6 secs ago, by Memor-X
5 secs ago, by Memor-X
3 mins ago, by Ankit Sharma
what the fish
@Jenayah Lois Lane O.o
@M.A.R. ofcourse alien, lizard people, illuminate all real except moon landing ;)
@Memor-X hmmm ok
1 hour later…
4:52 AM
Q: Why didn’t doctor strange stay in the original winning timeline?

WaffleDoctor Strange experiences 14,000,605 timeline scenarios, one of which was a win. Why does he proceed to return back to his origin point so he can say he already did it once, just so he can do the same thing again? It already happened and he was there, why not just stay there instead of going bac...

5:18 AM
@MovieReel what, nevermind
oh wow, look at how those tags look on the star board. i wonder if the number of tags is still the same and it's just truncated the text
5:51 AM
@M.A.R. tries to find a way to offend M.A.RR.
@AnkitSharma Flashforward
@Jenayah ohhh ok
@Memor-X gone
@AJ throw brick?
@AnkitSharma i know *tear drop*
@AnkitSharma Maybe I should post some jokes in Persian. ;)
@AJ ufff noooooooooooooooooooooooo
5:59 AM
@M.A.R. checks bollywood gossips daily but he pretends he doesn't like them. ;-)
or sing the song Boro Boro. ;p
@NogShine Nah. Last time it was filled with Fox News BS about "men catching weird illness by standing upside down in a cemetery" or whatever.
> Roozi bood asheghe to boodam
Az dastet kheyli razi boodam
Ammah to bad sheytooni kardi
Nazdike man naya to
what the crap?
6:04 AM
It's masterpiece
I might check it later.
That is NSFW
uff kids :P
@NogShine What a surprise. Ankit linking something called "Pen pineapple apple pen" is NSFW. I am shocked.
@AJ Eh? Isn't Nog 30 or something?
I actually stopped caring about this stuff so I don't remember them anymore.
Well, he is here. Ask him.
6:14 AM
@NogShine Eh?
@M.A.R. You are turning to @Vishwa doubling, tripling people's ages.
Oh the horror
@M.A.R. I am 4 years older than you.
24 is close enough to 30.
Not a Vishwa. Yet.
You should know an antidote yourself.
A few months less than 24.
6:17 AM
@NogShine what ?
@M.A.R. The phase has started.
@M.A.R. it's not NSFW but can be counted as weirdly uncofortable
@NogShine Not watching DCEU films?
@AnkitSharma Well, you should not listen to that type of songs in an office. That's what I meant. ;)
@NogShine you are 15 ::shocked::
6:18 AM
@AnkitSharma The last thing I need is for my YouTube recommended list to turn into a list of weird ass music
@NogShine ohhh ok
@M.A.R. my YouTube recomendation is the weridnest as I have a wide specturm of stuff I watch and recomendation seems to eb from 2/3 channel only.........common YouTube did you forgot about rest of 200 channel I watch
@AnkitSharma 8 years ago
@NogShine you said half or three time less. 3 tiem less means @AJ need to purge yoru account
deletes Nog's account Poof! :P
I really loved Step Up: High Water but clifahnger ufff. But my boy Tal got good ending
Now my next scifi name is Tal Baker, not scifi enough
6:30 AM
Q: How and why did Pam Kiss Fake jim in the Asian Jim Prank in the office?

Faizan ShahIn the Season 9 - Episode 3 "Andy’s Ancestry" Jim pulls an epic prank on Dwight where his Asian actor friend Steve comes to the office and tricks Dwight into thinking he is Jim. Not surprisingly, Dwight is somewhat convinced too. Dwight: You don't work here! You're not Jim! Pam: Jim, I got...

@AJ Too late. They've already hacked into the system.
ufff is purged so I have to use as franchise tag but also it's not a film series anymore so better this way
And no question from first film so fine
@M.A.R. nog is mith? But I though nog is shog's bot. Does that means mith is shog's bot's bot?
6:35 AM
I guess Spit Up: High Water makes more sense actually.
Like, how does stepping up help with high water in any way?
@M.A.R. meh old man's lazy joke
@NogShine didn't knwo that @M.A.R. was so young as he always act and talk like 80 year old grumpy grandpa
@AnkitSharma Sorry, I don't frequent 9gag and Instagram and what-not.
@AnkitSharma If being young is following Bollywood tabloids then I'd prefer to be an old grump Clint Eastwood, thank you.
@M.A.R. fixed, I pressed enter too fast
@M.A.R. I am far from Bollywood tabloids, I liek other kidn fo drama more then fake celebirity link up to promote films
Movie of the day: Gran Torino
Sound interetsing
6:40 AM
. . . You kidding me
@NogShine heard whispers on someone calling my name.came from far far away on my griffin. and isn't that shog9's bro NogShine :P
@M.A.R. why
@AnkitSharma 'cause, and I quote, "too mainstream fro your taste"
So I'm wondering how you've not heard of it
Esp. considering what a big fan of progressivism you are
All western films don't get released here and I have left cabel/DTH networks, so eitehr it's on Netflix/Prim or I don't know about it
@M.A.R. that seems sarcastic
7:18 AM
@AnkitSharma no not this once
@AnkitSharma But, but it's Eastwood
1 hour later…
8:48 AM
@AJ in moderator tools. Account still active :P
9:05 AM
@NogShine I spared you. :P (Jaa Simran Nog jaa; jee le apni zindagi) :P
Q: Why the color Red in Us, what is the significance?

atmIn the movie Us, why are all the Tethered dressed in red color overalls? Is there any significance to their dress code and color?

9:22 AM
@AJ lol
@AJ \o/
♪♫ Tintin tintin tin tin tin tin tin tin♪♫
Music starts playing
9:43 AM
Ninja hathodi O.o
Man alan daram farsi harf mizanam ta shoma nafahmid.
You speak farsi and eat shawarma?
10:06 AM
GTranslate told me "I am disappointed in my letter"
@AnkitSharma Nah. He speaks Persian so we don't understand. Most probably because I posted a message in Hindi.
My letters are usually awesome though, if I ever wrote them. So GT must be wrong.
@AJ I am disappointed in my letter.
I am confused
@M.A.R. تو نباید
@AnkitSharma What confused you?
What you both are talking about
@AJ heads up for my next question
10:11 AM
@AnkitSharma He says "I speak Persian so you don't understand" in that Persian message. And it wasn't easy to get it translated properly using GT, probably due to his poor selection of letters.
@AnkitSharma Edited already.
@AJ shoudl I ask another?
I got one or two John Wick 3 questions. Doubt if I should ask.
@AJ ohh ok
@AJ go ask
@AJ I will after seeing how this one get received
Except me nobody ask Step Up question here
@AnkitSharma One is about how they made dogs to bite henchmen without hurting them.
I kinda have doubt about it.
Have you watched that movie yet?
even need to see 2nd one properly again
10:25 AM
Let's see the response it gets.
Is henchmen the right word here?
@AJ Arial sucks amirite.
Who is Arial?
Twitter celebrity.
The font dude.
Q: Is there any cameo from previous Step Up films in Step Up: High Water?

Ankit SharmaI recently finished 2 seasons of Step Up: High Water and I was wondering if I can spot any cameo from Step Up film series in it but failed to do so. Step Up have a trend of cameos of characters from the previous films and sometimes even in prominent roles. Like Channing Tatum in Step Up 2: The St...

Q: How did they film dog bite Berrada's henchmen without hurting anybody?

A JIn John Wick: Parabellum, during the shootout at Casablanca Continental, they engage in a shootout to make their way out. During this entire scene, there are several times when Berrada's henchmen get bitten by Sofia's dogs. There were also instances of dogs dragging and biting on the legs of dead...

I know. I am pulling your leg.
10:34 AM
@MovieReel casting tag too?
You both are extra weird today @AJ @M.A.R.
10:55 AM
@MovieReel One of the few movies where you'd probably need a disclaimer that says "No humans were hurt during the making of this movie"
@MovieReel @AJ Were they getting out of the hotel?
kinda yes
2 hours later…
Q: Why was the mother of the dead baby changed in the Trainspotting movie?

matIn Trainspotting the movie, the mother of the dead baby is Allison, while in the book she is called Lesley. There are a few instances of scenes from the book which are adapted for different characters in the movie, but his was always done to remove small characters and attribute those stories to...

1:26 PM
Q: Does Lemomd Bishop have other children?

Darth LockeLemond Bishop (Mike Colter) is a recurring character on The Good Wife & The Good Fight. He's knowns as the top drug dealer in Chicago, and often the law firm "Lockhart, Gardner, etc", represent his "legitimate" businesses. In the season two The Good Wife episode titled, Ham Sandwitch, Lemond Bi...

1:46 PM
Q: What does Masjävlar mean?

conerI have watched the movie Masjävlar and I wonder what does it mean. I have checked the google translate but no result. What does it and the movie refer to, and what is the essence of the word?

1 hour later…
2:57 PM
@AnkitSharma yes, because who needs scripted crap when you have the obviously superior unscripted brilliance of Logan Paul
i feel so very dirty even saying that sarcastically
though the good news is that going back to using more ads means wanting to make sure as many videos are monetized which means less unpredictability with youtube rules hopefully
Q: The rigged dice, all the way from the factory in Mexico, how did it work?

Sanjok GurungIn the movie when they plan to rig the dice, and the malloy brothers go all the way to Mexico factory where the dice is made to rig it with some chemicals, which in turn would roll to the number of their liking by corresponding to the flip on their lighter. Question is how did it work ??

Q: Story Identification about 3 brothers. Ice Cream. Indian Leg Wrestling. Chicken Pox

King of NESWe read some stories in school-for me around 3rd/4th grade-about 3 brothers. I remember it being from the youngest one's point of view, and I think their names were Steven, Timothy, Johnathon, but I could be wrong on that. I can't remember the time period it's set it-but I think it was civil war/...

4:03 PM
@AnkitSharma No, DDLJ music.
4:18 PM
Happy Photography day
@NogShine meh
@AnkitSharma But you still pinned it :D
1 hour later…
5:31 PM
Photography day eye roll
Or maybe lens roll
There's a day for everything.
More than 500 days in an year
6:40 PM
@M.A.R. B roll
Cardi B roll
Cardio roll
cardiography roll
In film and television production, B-roll, B roll, B-reel or B reel is supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot. The term A-roll referring to the main footage has fallen out of usage. == Film and video production == Films and videos may cut away from the main story to show related scenery or action. Establishing shots may be used to show the audience the context of the story. These secondary images are often presented without sound, as the sound from the primary footage is expected to continue while the other images are shown. The various shots presented without sound are...
1 hour later…
7:43 PM
Q: Is it true that indexed movies in Germany are not actually banned?

Poto_feuWhen I'm doing some research on a controversial movie, it's not that infrequent to see that it is put on an index in Germany. Does it means that it is illegal to watch this movie in Germany ?

1 hour later…
9:02 PM
Q: Can a private company make decisions over prisoners' freedom?

Chris MelvilleIn Orange Is the new Black, the prison is bought by a private company - MCC (later known as PolyCon). There are numerous instances depicted whereby this privately-owned company makes decisions over the prisoners' freedom. For example, MCC employees decide to keep an inmate in prolonged segregati...


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