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1:19 AM
Q: Who was following the "liars" in Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 13?

ZapThe same person following Alison m the store and the same person attacking her in the haunted house probably. But who can it be? Is it Mona? But she's dressed as Catwoman. I'm perplexed and can't find out who the stalker person really is... Thanks!

Q: What does "He set's the rules in opposition" mean?

FrontEndTowards the end of the Devil's Advocate John Milton (Satan) makes a long speech to Kevin (his son). In part of this he gives Kevin an "inside information" into God and quotes: He gives man instincts. He gives you this extraordinary gift and then what does He do? I swear, for his own amuseme...

Q: Why were movies shot on film shot at 24 frames per second?

JakeGouldTitle says it all! Nowadays, everything is digital and frame rates vary and are displayed properly by media playback devices. But back before digital, films were (generally) shot at 24 frames per second and then projected at 24 frames per second. Why was 24 fps is the “magic number?” Was it r...

2:19 AM
Q: Why did John Milton bother the guy in the subway train?

FrontEndWhen John and Kevin are riding the subway train John intentionally "gets the attention" of a very hostile commuter. In the shot prior to John pulling the face at him it is clear that the commuter is not paying attention to him at all, hence my assumption that John is the one starting the conflict...

3 hours later…
5:38 AM
@NogShine no I didn't. I said me for DDLJ
1 hour later…
6:58 AM
I was mistaken that you replied to a different message.
@AnkitSharma Are those ears?
or glasses? ;p
tilted hands
Anyways as promised netx Step Up question is almost there
prepares edit and close hammers
@AJ It's a Rakhi
7:08 AM
> some unavailability of access
@AnkitSharma This article showed up in my phone suggestions.
applauds :P
@AJ what?
7:14 AM
So, @AnkitSharma is checking gossips on his phone and posting them here
@AnkitSharma I mean he took so long to say that. ;P
@AJ lol
The show has been on air for years.
7:15 AM
Wish him good morning :P
Q: Was Lauryn McClain's character always supposed to end up like this?

Ankit SharmaWhen Step Up: High Water started, Lauryn McClain as Janelle Baker seems like the main lead of the show and things were revolving around her but with time she got a clear exit and in the second season she never appeared. Was Janelle Baker character always supposed to set up the pieces and never s...

He changed his profile picture?
Not changed, removed.
Not pingeable so can't ask
I can superping him but it's not that important, is it?
7:23 AM
I replied to his tweet yesterday, but didn't get reply.
Maybe eh hates you :P
nah. he hates DC. ;)
But he will neevr admit that :P
Q: Was this pillow joke on Friends intentional or a mistake?

sanpacoOn Friends season 1 episode 4, there is a scene where Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel are all on the balcony telling stories. At one point Rachel sits up from where she is leaning against a pillow on the fire escape and the pillow falls. Rachel takes a moment to let the audience laughter end and then ...

7:37 AM
@coner I believe there is a derogatory term for everything, every race, nation, city-population, and so on. It is bad to be from China? Then why are they called Chinks? Why are Jews called Kikes? Why Yankees? etc. etc. — TK-421 17 mins ago
Is this rude?
good that he didnt turn to blacks. But that doesn't soften this up.
@ankiiiiiii No, it's the opposite of that
It's true that he didn't tiptoe to the point of choking on his own words, as it sadly seems to be the case in the current political environment, but he was merely pointing out that the first commenter's premise is flawed.
But what is derogatory term's relation with the title of the film?
8:31 AM
@NogShine The first comment says "why is there a derogatory term for X people? Are X people bad?"
@TK-421 irrelevant. Some actors/actresses and director is from Dalarna. I believe Maria Blom has a reason to name the film as such. — coner 57 mins ago
Haha no. It's probably just a movie title like "the three idiots".
It's funny when you call your movie's characters a bad thing.
I have no idea what the movie is or what is it about (Can't even pronounce that Mayonnaise word thing) but this reason is probably it.
2 hours later…
10:07 AM
Did anyone watch The Invisible Guest or Badla?
@NogShine later one
liked it
Q: Why does charlie sheen left the show Two and a half men

NickCoderI recently completed seeing season 9 episode 1 of Two and a half men charlie harper died apparently rose kicked him in front of the train but that's not the point I am really confused over why so suddenly they killed him without at least showing how he died?

@AnkitSharma Evaru is remake of that film
@NogShine ohhh remake of remake
10:24 AM
Actually it is an official Telugu adaption of The Invisible Guest
Got the answer for my John Wick question, but it's too late to hit HNQ.
@NogShine did they keep gender same as Invisible guest oir gender swap as Badla <
@AJ lol
@AnkitSharma No gender swap
Only two names.
@MovieReel poorly written right answer and poorly researched question, seems like future is in ruins
Anyway will ask the second question, but needs snaps for this.
10:27 AM
@NogShine ohh ok
@AJ good luck
Might do it tonight.
If there is a bilingual or trilingual film, which tag should we use?
10:55 AM
Q: Why does Anniyan read "Sarvadharmaan parityajya" before killing?

Nog ShineAnniyan (2005) is a Tamil movie which was dubbed into Telugu as Aparichitudu and Aparichit in Hindi. It is based on split personality. Vikram plays three characters Ambi, Remo and Anniyan (Aparichitudu and Aparichit in Telugu and Hindi respectively). Due to frustration caused due to public negl...

Everyone is asking a question. Why not me? ;)
@NogShine usually we do english title for this oen I think go with original name which you already did
@NogShine lol
I watched this film in Telugu.
The character name is Ramanujam shortened to Rama. What is it in Hindi?
11:09 AM
He was called Ambi
1 hour later…
12:36 PM
@NogShine former
loved it. Trilaer of badla seemed lousy and revealing.
Pink was a good combo of Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsi pannu
3 hours later…
3:13 PM
Q: Law and order Criminal Intent S4, E6 In The Dark

Heaven LeighAnyone know which grade crossing elimination was used to film the scene where Goren and Eames are questioning Lucia? There’s blue rail bridge scaffolding in the background and I’ve seen this place as a kid but don’t remember where it was...I was a brat who scurried all around the city.....

Q: REQ: Merging "criminal-intent" into "law-and-order-criminal-intent" tag

BCdotWEBCan someone please merge https://movies.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/criminal-intent and https://movies.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/law-and-order-criminal-intent ? I suppose the first one dates back to the era when long tags weren't possible.

3:31 PM
@ankiiiiiii I didn't watch any trailer, Just went into the theatre.
4:06 PM
@ankiiiiiii great, I watched badla in the theatre without checking the trailer and loved it
4:24 PM
@ankiiiiiii Pink is now remade into Tamil as Nerkonda Parvai. Ajith Kumar is playing the advocate role.
4:37 PM
@MovieReel Spam @Nap could you please nuke the message?
Happy Photography yesterday
Friends question in HNQ
Is the new GoT.
@M.A.R. well well, there is another day today.
@NogShine That makes no frigging sense.
4:50 PM
Ankit still pinned it XD
"Oh yay, we identified it's the female mosquitoes who kill us. Let's honor them by dedicating a day to their hard labor."
If it was Ross day I'd still get it.
Do Einstein and Hawking have a day?
5:03 PM
@M.A.R. categorised under scientists etc?
@NogShine might give it a view, sped up one. ^_^
@ankiiiiiii Hmm? Oh, no, I meant if they have a day dedicated to them
we aren't remembering individual mosquitos either xd
They've done enough that if scientists don't consider them as among themselves, it's the scientific community that'd be losing something
@M.A.R. not necessarily honour. Three are black days too
@ankiiiiiii Doesn't seem like that to me.
More like a random internet guy being bored and thinking "let's make mosquito day go viral".
5:05 PM
Oh, didn't see the definition
@M.A.R. they are necessary to control population
I thought it was solely about mosquitoes, quite dumb of me to think that.
@AnkitSharma world terrorist attack day ?
@AnkitSharma Don't you go freakonomics on me. Yeah, and if we all died global warming would no longer be an issue but that's not helping anything.
@M.A.R. only humans need to die to save earth
You first ;)
I'm saying, what you're saying is completely logical but it doesn't make it a right thing to say
What about cancer then? Is that also a good thing? If so, are attempts at curing it misdirected?
I guess then, that if we could quantify scientific progress, more than 60 percent of it would have been for nothing, if we go by that logic.
@AnkitSharma Another POV: What if the genius that was going to solve the problem of global warming died of malaria at a young age?
5:13 PM
chill @M.A.R. where's movie of the day?
I'm chill
so good that your name has a full stop. didn't need to use any
Hmm, lemme think
Movie of the day: The Devil's Advocate
@M.A.R. supernatural horror, Cute!
Also, there's a post for RO open in TAS
Something you can post Conspiracy Keanu meme for
@ankiiiiiii Someone with more investment in the site would be more apt
5:25 PM
chat is different than site
5:52 PM
Q: In the movie "Before I Disappear", question about Vista

abhiankIn the first scene Shawn says, addressing Vista "...I checked her pulse but she was gone. And the scary thing is it reminded me of you and just like you, she left someone behind" In my first viewing I thought she simply had broken up with Shawn, but him trying to commit suicide through the...

6:24 PM
@M.A.R. too mainstream
. . . fro your taste
6:51 PM
Q: Why do characters flail around when they're shot in old films

theonlygustiWhen characters get gunned down in old films by repetitive fire, they often flail side-to-side while standing... for a loooong time... E.g. in robocop (videos contain "blood") Was this done for comedic effect? Flailing around ...

Q: Why were movies shot on film shot at 24 frames per second?

JakeGouldTitle says it all! Nowadays, everything is digital, frame rates vary and are displayed properly by media playback devices depending on need, requirement or desire. But back before quality digital video was commonplace, films were (generally) shot at 24 frames per second and then projected at 24...

Cool. For some reason it never actually occurred to me I could ask stuff like this!
I already have a question in mind.
Nothing that can't be answered with enough research of course, but still probably a worthy addition to the site.
Will post it later
7:37 PM
That Doctor Strange question hit HNQ? Facedesk
4 hours later…
11:20 PM
can't seem to find it but quite sure someone already asked this but with the Snappening, it erased half of all life in the universe or half of all life for each species (ie. Greet was erased because there is at least a 2nd one of his kind but Rocket could never been erased because he is unique as a species)
wanting to double check to see how fucked Thanos would have been if this happened
@NogShine someone needs to make a regex search for all of @NogShine's posts which are "Happy ____ Day" to see if we have 356 holidays yet

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